Sunday, January 24, 2016


It feels like I just updated this thing yesterday...turns out it was 5 months ago. Wowzer. My first semester back at school couldn't have really went any better or faster. I thought mission time went fast but I think real time goes about three times faster. I feel like the day is just getting started and then realize it's time for bed.

What I really can't believe is that it's sneaking up on 1 year of when I returned home from the mission. How in the world did I get so old? I had the best experience possible though to celebrate my nearly-one-year-of-being-back-iversary:

I got to go back to the motherland of Indiana! 

Me and my mama got to go back to visit the first week of January because Angie went through the temple to receive her endowment and I served as her escort. I was talking to a sister from the Indy YSA branch presidency and she said, "Your cup of joy must be running over!" or something along those lines. And really, that statement doesn't even begin to cut it. I think it was more like my cup of joy was trying to fit the ocean in it. To see someone go from not even really knowing Heavenly Father's plan for us to seeing her go through the temple and learn exactly about and embrace that topic in just over a year, SO GOOD. I love Angie and her ability to soak in every bit of knowledge. She was beyond excited to go and it was a perfect day (other than she got rear ended right after...).

I also find it funny because Angie always thanks me for teaching her or people are grateful that I taught Angie so they could meet her or whatever it may be, but it really wasn't up to me. I just acted as an instrument, shared what I knew in the way I thought was needful and the way the spirit directed, but really, anyone could have done it. But for some reason, God put me, Angie, and my companion in that place at that time for a reason. We all needed each other. If God's sole purpose was that He just wanted Angie (or any other convert for that matter) to get baptized, He would have found a lot more efficient way to do it than for me, a 21 year old, naive, single college student to go out and teach older, wiser people about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I didn't get "a ton" of baptisms compared to maybe what a lot of people "got" (which I think is a strange concept that we judge by anyway...). But He needed all of us to be shaped in a certain way by each other. I needed to be on a mission and meet all the people I did to be able to teach me better how to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the rest of eternity. He wanted me to realize that I can change, progress, and be happy through Him. I still have to remember that every single day, but as I remember that no growth comes in the comfort zone, I can push myself to be better.

It's awesome to see how the mission has changed my priorities and focus. More of what I do and the reasoning why I do it is so much different than it was before. I have a better eternal perspective and a better grip on my Heavenly Father's plan for me and from the experiences I had, I KNOW that the Gospel is the way to success and happiness. And it was so great to see that Angie knows that too. God definitely shaped us both through the friendship that all started with: "Hey, is this Angie? We're on your porch and we're here to share a message with you," followed by the fastest mile running home by Angie in history. Gotta love the way things work out.

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