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Hellllloooooo from Carmel, where it's finally like 40 degrees and sunny. WAHOO! Hopefully winter stays like this. And we finally found out that the temple is getting dedicated in August! Wahooo! So exciting!

This week was definitely filled with some memorable moments. Love, love, love it. The mission seriously never has a dull moment.

So Monday, I don't think anything really out of the ordinary happened. We just went about our P-Day like normal and played at Fishers. We said goodbye to the missionaries leaving, so that was sad. Then we went to Sister Steadman's for dinner and FHE. She's so much fun. I love that lady.

Tuesday, we went and decorated Elder Smith's door for his birthday. It was adorable. We are definitely his favorite sisters for sure now. I don't remember what we did right after that, but then we had lunch and went to teach Jay. Sadly, he moved, but only 1 area over, so we can keep tabs on him. He'll do well I think. The Elders over there will teach him now. Then we got our new car. Wahhoo! 2015 Subaru Legacy. We forgot to take a picture so we'll do it next week. It's so pretty. Then we went and met a member who just recently moved in, so we got to chat with her a bit and get to know her. We then taught Justin. He had read all the intro and first 4 chapters of Nephi and we had a sweet lesson with him. He is legit and is a lot like Angie in how he is just super accepting of everything. We then had dinner at Ted's Montana Grill with the Moalas. Bison Burgers...yum. The Moalas are so funny. Sister Moala didn't know pickles were made from cucumbers hahaha. It was a fun night. Then we went to take Christian his set of scriptures from Sister Hales.

Wednesday was transfer meeting and we had some stuff we needed to get to people and just wanted to go, so we went there in the morning and had lunch at Subway. (Neither Sister Hales or Sister Christensen were being transferred) Then we went and taught Sabrina and Sister Stiegler and helped them take down their Christmas Tree. We did some tracting after and got to see Larry again, but he ditched on our follow-up appointment, but he was super stoked to see us. Hopefully we can catch him again soon (he's the guy who basically taught us the Restoration but hates religion because man has changed it...he just doesn't realize Christ's church is back...yet!). Then we had dinner with the Smithharts and went to YW at the Garner's.

Thursday, we started our weekly planning, went to teach the Fleeners, had lunch, then went to teach a lady named Lindsey who was a former investigator and is seeking again. We worked more on weekly planning and taught Zach, who has been MIA for a few weeks, so that was a miracle. We taught Justin again that night and he had already made it to 1 Nephi 17. I almost don't know how to react when people keep their commitments so quickly haha. He is definitely golden! We had dinner at the Helbling/Kelly's after that and then I don't remember who we went to or if we went to anywhere after that...

Friday, we had District Meeting in the morning. We learned all about the first 3 hours of the day with exercising and breakfast. I actually do pretty good with LL Cool J's 9 healthiest foods...I eat quite a few. Elder Orth has been on an LL Cool J kick lately haha. Then we helped the assistants put together 200 binders for the mission and went to lunch at Panda. We taught Johanna with Sister Steadman after that. Johanna drinks 30 beers a day and is the funniest drunk person I have ever met, but definitely has convinced me to NEVER, EVER drink. The Word of Wisdom was definitely inspired. It's so sad how caught up she is in it, but she is so ready to quit and find the truth. Hopefully soon, without dying from withdrawls would be good too. We told her she had to read a scripture before every drink and she texted us back and told us she was exhausted from reading hahah. So it worked. It at least made her think! We then taught this guy named Mike who we could not understand cause he was from Egypt. He thought we could find his wife a was super weird. We stopped by the Coleman's then had dinner with Angie at Applebee's (Thanks for the giftcards mom and Judy! :) ). Angie's family is taking the discussions again and she is going on a mission! Wahoo! Hopefully to Utah :)

Saturday, we finished up Weekly Planning in the morning and then did lunch and some family history with the Fleeners. We are finding such good stuff! Now we just have to get them to the temple. Bro. Fleener is having surgery on the 2nd though, so we'll see how soon that can happen. They're getting their patriarchal blessings this Sunday though! Wahoo! Then we went and saw Brother Dorff, who is in the hospital with complications from a knee surgery and previous health issues, with Kylie. He told us stories for an hour. He's so great. We had dinner with Jackie and Carol that night. Kung Pao Chicken and Rice and Chinese Salad. YUM. And afterward, we saw Sister Clervoix. She is so hilarious. Never a dull moment I tell ya.

Sunday was a lot of meetings. We had our normal ones, went about church (Justin came and loved it. Wahooo!), then had another correlation meeting after. We were going teaching with Sister Parsons after and our appointment didn't show so we went and taught the Fleeners with her cause none of our back-up people worked either. Then we stopped by for a few minutes to see Johanna and then had dinner at the Switzers. Sister Switzer is Sister Smith's (from Tremonton...Will's mom) sister. They're a super cute family. We went and saw Sister Jones after that and helped her daughter to start cleaning her room (we do all sorts of service haha) and then had popcorn/game night at Sister Steadman's.

Yesterday, we did the normal then went shopping at Charming Charlie (dangerous...), Stein Mart (new maxi skirt!) and Bath and Body Works. It was goooooood. Got good stuff. Then we played at Fishers, had dinner with Sister Neal (crepes!) and then taught the Smithharts.

And here we are at today. We found a new investigator this morning, helped Sister Heston take down Christmas decorations at the Cemetery, and taught Johanna at the Fleener's. Wahoo!

Something I learned this morning was from 3 Nephi 14. In verses 21-24, it talks about how we have to DO the will of the Father to be able to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Believing and even acting, but without the right intentions, will not get us there. I feel like this teaches a lot about the Atonement and grace. The only time we can get grace is when we actually do all we can with the right intentions and do our best, THEN we can receive that power. Obedience brings miracles.

To answer letters:

Way to listen to the spirit on the lesson momma. You're the bomb. (My lesson in YW went well. I had a whole different lesson prepared and had the impression to incorporate my sugar cookie recipe – using special tools to make the cookies – and liken it to the Holy Ghost which is a special tool we have to help us return to our Father in Heaven – I gave the YW cookies and also the recipe. I had one YW already tell me that she has made the cookies so now I know it is possible to follow my recipe and make good sugar cookies unlike the people who keep telling me the recipe doesn't turn out the same way – no more fooling me people – you can make sugar cookies!)

I'm so mad about the toaster. That had the best chapels in it. (The famous toaster – church on USU campus – is not more)

It does resemble this toaster!

Homecoming is good for the 15th. I don't really care what day it is. haha. (Homecoming is schedules for March 15 at 12:30 pm at the Tremonton Stake Center, 660 N 300 E)

Hopefully the Ags can keep a winning record this year. That would be lame if they couldn't.

Congrats on the new job dadio! Love you! (Works at the same place – just a promotion)

Go Bears. Beatin' Juan Diego. Wahoo.

LOVE YOU! Have a great week!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

With Elder Brinkerhoff before he left.

With Elder Combs before he left.

 With Elder Smith's door.
Notice the guy fishing at the bottom.
Pretty legit cause Elder Smith loves fishing. :)

With Frances, Elder Jacobson, and Elder Russell.
The Plymouth crew!
Love these people.

Sister Fleener with her headband. She loved it. 
(A Christmas headband I made)

 At the hospital. Had to gown up!

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