Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Church is True.


I don't think I've learned anything on my mission as strongly as I've learned that the Church is true. I'll explain later. :)

Another week has come and gone and here we are at Monday. Typical. haha :)

So let's see....Tuesday last week you heard mostly about...after emailing, we tried a few people without any success then a member dropped of dinner to us. We went to teach Justin that night. Our member was super late because of a rough day at work, but she is HILARIOUS. It was a really good lesson and Justin committed to baptism! Super stoked. Only problem is, his wife won't be home from basic for a while and I don't think he'll get baptized unless she's there, so it might not happen til May or so, but still. He's pretty excited.

Wednesday, we had Zone Conference in Fishers in the morning. It was pretty much recapping last year and how great it was and introducing our "Indy 500" goal for baptisms next year. Pretty sweet. They also talked a lot about family history and how to contact using it. The Spirit of Elijah is going to take over Indiana! Wahoo! Especially with the temple. They then took us out to lunch at a Chinese Buffet (typical...seriously never going to one again.) and we headed to a lesson. We taught Lindsey again. Pretty sure she's trying to convert us. We talked about the Atonement and Grace and at this point, I just don't think she's willing to understand. Which is so frustrating because she'll meet with us, just I don't think with real intent. We went to the Gohier's after that to use their potty and ended up chatting and sharing a message. They're so great. Then we went and saw the Lathrops. Their kids are full of energy! We picked up some sticks with them and got to know them. We caught Donna out in her driveway too and taught her a little bit and told her about the temple open house. She's so excited to tell everyone. She gave us a referral that turned out super sweet too (story on Friday)! We went to dinner with the Elders after that at Wendy's because the member who was supposed to feed us was sick. We went to YM/YW after that and went on a cruise with them since the new theme is "O ye that EMBARK". It was pretty legit.

Thursday, we did the normal Weekly Plannin' in the mornin' then we headed out to work. The Elders came and gave Johanna a blessing to help her stop drinking and they also gave Brother Fleener a blessing in prep for his surgery (he had just fallen over their handrail the night before too, so he was a little bruised and sore too). It was definitely good for Johanna I think. She's down to about 7 cans per day, so things are looking up! We went and taught a less-active, Robin, after at McDonalds. She had had a crazy week, so I think it was a blessing. We taught Amber after that. She was in good spirits and we had a good lesson with her. She's still working on Sundays unfortunately, but she wants us to come visit her at work, so that's good. We did a little tracting and tried a couple other people then had dinner at the Hale's. They just moved last June from Virginia to go to Dental School. They're fun people. We taught Justin afterward at Sister Washburn's home. It was really good. I love having lessons in member homes. The Spirit is just automatically there instead of having to work a little harder to invite it haha. It's amazingly true though.

Friday was an exchange day. Frankfort came here and blitzed. I was with Sister Smallcomb from Springville, UT. She's hilarious. We had a good day filled with a lot of contacting, but it was successful! We went to see Brother Fleener in the hospital in the morning because he had come down with some blood clots on Thursday night and was not doin' so swell. Hopefully he recovers somewhat soon. They had to cancel their Patriarchal Blessings on Sunday and his surgery for the 2nd might have to be postponed if they don't go away soon. Then we had lunch with Sister Clervoix. She made us Tilapia, Black Rice, and Fried Plantains. I love her food. We taught Sabrina and Sister Stiegler after that. Elijah is still just being a terrible baby, but man he's so cute! And big! We went and contacted Donna's referral afterward and her name is LuAnn. She recently lost her husband and is struggling with that but is so ready to come back to church, so it was perfect timing. I love when non-members do missionary work (Good Work Donna!). It's the best. We all had dinner at the Priddis' after (pizza night!) and shipped the Frankfort sisters off. It was a fun day.

Saturday was interesting. We went and painted for Sister Neal and she made us egg rolls in return then we tried a few people but no one was home/available, so we did our 2 hours of family history at the library and then went to Grace Church with Susan. It was interesting that's for sure. It was fun, just definitely didn't feel like church. Half of it was like a Christian-rock concert and then they had like a drama thing in the middle and then the pastor shared a message. I can now say I've been to another church! They have to have policemen out directing traffic for all of the services if that tells you anything. We had dinner with Sister Knisely after that and went to visit Brother Fleener.

Sunday, we went to the Westfield Ward with Johanna and then went to our ward. They had a fun little visiting teaching conference for Relief Society with refreshments and everything (I really can't understand why people don't want to be mormon...). Super sweet. We visited a less-active family after church. They have cute little twin boys. One of them is autistic and has the cutest little laugh that sounds like a minion! They are adorable. Then Sister Steadman fed us dinner and we spent some time playing games with her and a bunch of other missionaries and President and Sister Cleveland.

And here we are at Monday!

Something I learned this morning was in 3 Nephi where Jesus is quoting some chapters that are compared to Malachi. I had never really thought about it, but he was quoting these to the Nephites because they only had the "Bible" up to the point of Isaiah and he says the Father wanted them to know these things since they didn't have the original scripture. I find it interesting that he talks about tithing and Malachi coming back, two things that not a lot of other churches talk about, but it must have been things that He really wanted us to know and carry on and something that was not passed on very well through the Apostasy. I love the Book of Mormon. We learn the doctrines that are important so clearly.

To answer letters:

I forgot a picture of the car again...whoops. But yes. It rocks having a new car. :)

I'm excited to see the tree and take it down. Christmas in March! :) (Yes our Christmas tree is still up – Darcie requested that)

Don't worry about sending more dishrags. I think I'm good. I gotta start getting rid of stuff to pack.

Tell Brandi hello! Can't believe she's getting married! I swear everyone's married now haha. I think I'll be super surprised when I come home and see everything that has changed in 1 1/2 years. (Brandi Summers married Colton Fronk – cute couple)

Go Aggies. Glad they beat Air Force. Go Seahawks in the Super Bowl. Again. :)

What is the Silver Beaver Award Dad? (Chuck is receiving the Silver Beaver Award on February 20 – way to go Chuck!!!)

LOVE YOU! I hope you all have a great last week of January!

Peace and Blessin's.
-Sista Darc


 With Sister Smallcomb. She's such a goof.

With Sister Sandberg cause 
we forgot to take a picture last time!

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