Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Last week of the mission.


I really don't even know where the last 1 1/2 years have went... woo wee. I wish I could list all the things I have learned, but I don't think I'll ever have enough time in this life to write down all the blessings. I'm excited to work hard and kill it this week. I'll definitely miss this place and these people. A lot. :( But I'm excited to see ya'll! :)

This week was super weird. We couldn't keep track of what day it was. But it was a really good week! We started off on Monday with a weird P-Day. We did the usual then went to Fishers and practiced our musical number with Sister Smithhart. Then we were going to play but pretty much no one showed up other than our district, so we did some line tag and yoga and that was about it haha. Pretty lame, but it's alright. Then we went to the church and had dinner with the Holts. Sister Holt is a hoot. She knows the beauty of day old Jimmy John's Bread. (Jimmy John's sells their day old bread for 50 cents and it is yummy) Then we went and saw Sister Fleener. She's doing pretty good still. Just tired.

Tuesday, we were supposed to see Betty in the morning but she had a nurse over or something. It was super funny cause we were waiting for Sister Palmer (member) to get there and a lady pulled up with sunglasses on and it looked just like Sister Palmer. But she stayed in the car for a minute doing some paperwork, which we thought was weird but still just waited. Then she got out and we realized it wasn't her and just awkwardly said hi. Then Sister Palmer came and we took her tracting and talked to some people. It was awesome. Sister Palmer is great. Then we had lunch at Panera so we could visit Amber then we taught Johanna with Sister Smithhart. Johanna's niece and mom picked her up in the middle of the lesson and Johanna thought something was wrong so she went with them and then didn't text us til Wednesday night late and so we were panicked but it turned out they just celebrated her niece's birthday. Heart attack for nothing! She just acted like it was nothing...for the love Johanna... then we went and saw Brother Fleener and took him to Bible Study. We learned about Psalms and taught a couple of the people about the temple. We did a little tracting then went to Warrick's baptism. Justin came too, so that was sweet. The musical number went really well. We saw Sister Heston after and then the Smithharts fed us Greek's Pizza. It was super good. Almost as good as Pizza Plus. Almost. :) (I notice she didn't compare it to Fredrico's so hopefully that is still her favorite!)

Wednesday, we had Zone Conference in Fishers! It was great. We learned a lot about Family History and contacting and members and such. We got to have a basketball clinic afterward too. Coach Cleveland worked us pretty good! It was tons of fun, especially since I missed it last year. We had some Haitian food with Sister Clervoix afterward. She makes the best food. Fried plantains! We tried to go see Johanna after but she wasn't there then we went to YW.

Thursday, we had an exchange with Crawfordsville. I spent the day with Sister Herzog! Wahoo! We went and saw Betty and dropped her in the morning, FINALLY got to see Johanna, had lunch, then went to teach Sabrina. It was awkward cause they had some people from some family thing there and we didn't know how long they'd be there and it ended up being a long time...but we finally shared a message! haha. Then we had an exchange review and sent them back off to Crawfordsville cause they had an appointment. So we went tracting then went and taught Justin at the Kline's house. We taught him the 10 commandments and he's still just as golden as ever. The Klines fed us all afterward too. It was super great. Love them. Then we had a Relief Society activity after. We learned about healthy eating and exercise. I'm excited to apply it when I get home when other people aren't feeding me every night :)

Friday, we weekly planned in the morning then after lunch we went to see Carole. She says her only concern with baptism is that we don't have a cross in the church....interesting... but we're going to do some service for her on Tuesday so hopefully she'll have her heart softened :) Then we went and decorated Elder Steab's door for his birthday and did some family history then we went to the Ropers for dinner (I think you got a picture from them). We went to see the Smiths after that cause we hadn't seen them forever. Sister Smith started crying! It was so sad! I'm going to miss them so much!

Dinner with the Ropers

Saturday, we cleaned Sister Steadman's apartment in the morning with the Smithharts since she is in North Carolina for a funeral. Then we had lunch with Sister Heston and went around with her delivering a few Valentine's gifts. She is one of the most charitable people ever. Hopefully someday I can be like her! Then we went to play BINGO with Brother Fleener for a Valentine's date. He has been in better spirits and getting stronger lately, so hopefully he'll be out soon. Then we taught Christian (recent convert from YSA), had dinner with the Smithharts, and went heart attacking a few members with the Elders. Definitely almost got caught a few times, but it's okay! It was way fun!

Sunday, we had meetings and church. Johanna came to Westfield's ward and it was great cause we were able to send her with members and go to our meetings and she did great! Then Justin came to our ward and got to meet with Bishop. Super great. I love these people! Then we had lunch after church and then headed out to work! Taught a guy on house arrest in the parking lot of an apartment complex and then saw a less-active with a huge boxer that shed all over us. But he was cute! Then Katie Priddis got baptized so we went to that and then the Coopers fed us yummy pulled pork. Their family is adorable. I'm going to miss them! Then we tried to teach the Kelly Clan about family history but family search was not cooperating and Sister Kelly can't remember her email password hahahaa.

And here we are at Monday. Last official Preparation day. Insanity. We're going to go ice skating today, so that should be fun! And the Moalas are feeding us. Love them.

Something I learned from it this morning was from Boyd K. Packer's talk "The Atonement". He says, "That is the promise of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the Atonement: to take anyone who comes, anyone who will join, and put them through an experience so that at the end of their life, they can go through the veil having repented of their sins and having been washed clean through the blood of Christ." And that is our purpose as missionaries and members. We want to bring others closer to Christ through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Atonement is what makes those steps actually work. Each day, I become more and more grateful for the Atonement and its strengthening power. Happiness=application of the Atonement. Hopefully I've been able to share that every day of my mission.

I don't think I have anything to answer from letters other than congrats on the new calling dad! That's exciting! You'll do great!

Be good this week! See you soon!
Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc


Brother Fleener with his mohawk we gave him.

With Sammi Adams.

 Love this place. 

 What the temple looked like
when I first came to Carmel...crazy, right?

Elder Steab's door.
Look close at the light sabers.
And our hands have the may force be with you sign thingy...

With Emily Roper

 With Brianna Roper
 With Sister Herzog 

 With Kami Roper 

With Lindsey Roper
Sister Steadman's door.

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