Thursday, February 12, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!


Can't believe Valentine's Day has rolled around again...crazy. I still can't figure out where the last year snuck off to...

This week was interesting cause I was a little under the weather, so we didn't go tracting too much and I had to take a few naps to try to sleep off the sick, but we still worked hard and taught a lot, so it was a solid week!

Monday, we had a regular ol' "Diversion Day" (according to Elder Smithhart that's what it's called). We went to Coldstone with the Elders, so that was fun. Did some playing at Fishers. Started taking cold medicine. The usual. :) Afterwards, we went and had dinner with Susan Perdue (the one who took us to Grace church). They are definitely trying to convert us. Not cool. So we just kinda prayed and left cause we were supposed to teach Johanna after that. It ended up that she wasn't home, so we taught Sister Fleener instead with Sister Steadman. Sister Fleener is just super tired from all the running around. But Brother Fleener made it to the nursing home, so he's happier and it will hopefully be less stress for her.

Tuesday, we had an exchange with the Lebanon Sisters. I had my second exchange day with the one and only Sister Place! She's so great. We had a lot of fun and taught a lot of good people. We taught Betty (Jehovah's Witness from a week or so back) the Plan of Salvation. Not sure how much real intent she has, but we'll see I guess. We did some tracting, had lunch, went to see Brother Fleener, taught a less-active and went to see Donna with Sister Browne. Donna just likes to talk. She's definitley not ready to accept the gospel yet, but she is uplifted by our visits so we'll stop by once in a while. Then we had an exchange review, had dinner with Sister Parsons, sent the sisters on their way, then went to the Kline's home to teach Justin. He is stinkin' elect. We taught him the Word of Wisdom and he's cool with all of it. He thinks he may be slightly addicted to caffiene in soda, so he is praying about whether he should give that up, but other than that he's good. haha Seriously so elect.

Wednesday, I was not feelin' super spry, but we went to teach a guy named Vance who Sister Heston cleans for. He's an older guy that doesn't have too many visitors, so that was fun. We had some lunch then went to teach Lindsey. She is also trying to convert us. She slightly told us that we were going to hell...awkward. But I told her that so far the gospel hasn't failed me so I don't think it's going to now. So we kindly dropped her. :) Then we weekly planned, had dinner, then went to YW to take Emily Roper her birthday card and have some fun with the YW. They are crazy fun. Love them.

Thursday, we went and did some service for Sister Fleener in the morning before she scurried off to the nursing home, had some lunch and I took a nap then went to teach Johanna with Sister Steadman. Johanna is doing so good. She is such a different person from when we first met her. She's still tryin' to kick the alcohol, but she's cutting back a lot and it has been so good. She's much happier and the craving is going away. She re-set her baptismal date for March 14th. I think she'll make it! Wahoo! Then we went to see the Pillings because they invited us over for cake and went to see Sister Jacobson, who is a less-active returning slightly active who just got a new foster baby and has a 15 month old. She is super sweet. She has a LOT on her plate, but she handles it with grace! We stopped by and saw LuAnn after that. She got into some hardcore anti, but we testified to her and she felt the spirit again and got scared and said she had to go. Someday she will accept it. I hate anti-. It's so ridiculous. Stinking Satan. Then we had dinner with the Foits and then taught Justin in the Mission Home. It was so great. He accepted to live the law of tithing and fasting. He said he'd have to okay it with his wife but it should be fine. He's seriously the best.

Friday, we had District Meeting in the morning, went to lunch at Red Robin, took Johanna a jumbo set of scriptures (which she LOVES!) and then I took a solid nap cause I felt like poop. I took some Nyquil and crashed until dinner with the Brownes (well the Browne girls cause Brother and Sister Browne were at a seminary thing). That's about it. Not a super good day.

Saturday, I still wasn't feeling so swell, so we went to teach Robin in the morning. Luckily it was really warm so we stood outside and taught her. Then we had some lunch, went to visit the Fleeners, did some family history, had dinner with Grandma Kelly and Sabrina and Amber, then went to the adult session of stake conference. It was all about ministering. Super good.

Sunday, we went and practiced a musical number for a baptism on Tuesday with the Westfield Elders and Sister Smithhart then we watched Stake Conference. It was a POWERFUL meeting, again about ministering and the hastening of the work. Legit. We had our stake coorelation meeting after that then the Priddises fed us cafe rio food. YUM. We went to visit Sister Clervoix after that and then headed to Why I Believe. I got to see a bunch of the Plainfield crew. So fun. I miss them all! Such good people. Definitely won't forget them.

And here we are at Monday.

Something we have been studying a lot lately is about grace and works because of an investigator that we have. I was reading "None were with Him" by Jeffery R. Holland this morning and it talked about Judas Iscariot in there and I found it interesting to think that even Judas Iscariot, who was chosen as an apostle by Jesus Christ, had no excuse for his works that eventually showed his betrayal of Jesus. We've been hearing a lot lately how people believe that as long as we've been accepted by Jesus Christ that it doesn't matter what we do after that, we can't lose our salvation. Judas Iscariot is definitely proof that that is not true. Even an apostle of the Lord affected his salvation by his works, so I'm pretty sure we can do the same. Decisions really do determine destiny!

To answer letters:

I'll keep Annette and her family in my prayers! Hopefully she'll get healthy again soon! (Our good friend Annette has been having some health problems but is home now. We'll keep praying for her full recovery. Go Annette!!! We LOVE you!)

It sounds like you had a fun trip to Minnesota. Crazy time getting home, but I'm glad you made it safe! :) (I spent 12 days there and had a great time. Thanks Stacy, Mike and Ellie!)

And I'm not trunky mom! I don't know how to be. So you don't have to worry! (She claims that but I'll admit I am trunky)

I'm jealous of the 70 degrees dad. Lucky. Do you have any more Fresno trips planned? The Smithharts want me to come visit this summer. (Chuck travels to Fresno quite often for his job)

LOVE YOU! Be good!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc


Brother Fleener and his frog. He's so adorable.

 With Sister Bergesen, my first mission mom! Love her. 

Exchange with Sister Place. It was bright. 

With Sister Pfeil. Also a mission mom. Love this woman! 

With Elder Jacobson. He's serving in Plainfield now!

With the Meachams from Plainfield! 

With Sister Bulman. I will miss this girl! So funny!

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