Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happy Groundhog Day!


I hope that winter doesn't last forever longer...but I am glad we got some snow finally! It took long enough! The funny thing is that people panic here like crazy everytime there is snow in the forecast. Everyone said this storm was going to be horrible and the power could go out and such....1 inch later, we have snow. haha. The grocery store was probably bought out of milk, bread, and fruit. Every time. Good ol' Indiana.

Another week blazed by! On Monday, we had the regular ol' P-Day. We played some soccer and volleyball at Fishers then we had dinner at the Adams. After that, I went to the Smith's to do all that scholarship stuff. Yuck. Real life. haha :)(Had a scholarship application that she needed to fill out)

Tuesday, we taught Johanna in the morning with Sister Kelly. Johanna is getting it; it just is super confusing to her because of the alcohol. Gotta kick that to the curb! There's a reason God inspired Joseph Smith to write down the Word of Wisdom. We had some lunch after that then went visiting teaching with Sister Foit to a couple of ladies from the ward. She made some sweet homemade lamps to go along with the 10 Virgins obedience lesson. It was pretty sweet. I wish I was that creative. Then we went and taught LuAnn, who was a referral from Donna that we found last Friday on exchanges. We had a super good lesson with her and Sister Steadman. The only problem was she had a friend tell her we were a cult. We worked on overcoming that, but she called us a couple days ago and said she had been reading on the internet and talking to her friend and said she doesn't want to meet with us :( Stinkin' anti! It's amazing how much Satan works against the truth. Stinkin' Satan... Then we went to see Brother Fleener. He was still a little loopy...definitely not as funny and sassy on drugs haha. Then we went to dinner with Sister Tegeler at the Greek place and went to teach Justin with her afterward. We taught him about obedience and started in on the commandments and following the prophet. Somehow, Sister Tegeler said something about giving up tea and he was like, "We can't drink tea?" Which we hadn't taught him the Word of Wisdom yet, but we just talked him through it and he ended up being defensive about it and being like, "I don't even really drink that much tea. I prefer water. No big deal." So Justin is set and we haven't even taught him the Word of Wisdom yet hahahaha. He is THE BEST! I'm so sad he won't be baptized til May when his wife comes home from Basic. Maybe Sister Hales and I will road trip back out.

Wednesday, we went and taught one of the Westfield Elder's investigators cause Elder Mathias had the flu. He was super legit. Definitely wants to search, not super willing to give up his church, but willing to learn. Then we had lunch, went and taught Betty (Jehovah's Witness from a couple weeks back) and it stinks cause a lot of our doctrine is way too similar to JW's, so it's hard to have something unique, so we're still workin' on that haha. Then we taught Sister Fleener cause she's been pretty stressed and tired. The Klines, who just moved out from Utah, fed us Cafe Rio tacos that night. Yum.

Thursday, we weekly planned in the morning, had lunch, then went to teach Johanna with Sister Steadman. About the same story here. Johanna is Johanna. Her favorite word this week is "Doggonest". She is hilarious. Then we taught a few other lessons out tracting, went to dinner at City BBQ with the Starnes for a fundraiser for a little girl with an immuno disorder that is in the ward, went and saw where Sister Starnes works, then went to the Priddis' for a little birthday party for Katie. She turned 8 so she'll be getting baptized in a couple weeks. She's really excited.

Friday, we had District Meeting in the morning. We had an awesome training by Brother Cheek from the Lebanon Branch. He just loves to talk to everyone about the gospel and taught us about cinnamon rolls being filled with love. He also gave us a new CD, so that was fun. Then we had lunch at Jimmy John's and went to teach Sister Miller. Her husband is about getting done working on the temple and she has a daycare and they're just awesome. Then we did some tracting, stopped by to see the Brigham's, Sister DaBell (from Park City) fed us dinner, and then we dropped off a birthday card to Sammi Adams and helped with some of her birthday party preparation.

Saturday, I don't really remember a lot of what we did cause I forgot my planner at Sister Fleener's that night so I didn't circle what I accomplished the morning, we saw a sister who just moved in recently. Her visiting teachers showed up right after. It was pretty funny. We have a knack for doing that. Then we went to see Sister Massella and ended up having lunch with her. We did some family history after that and got a new couch and broke the old one in the back parking lot with the elders. We tried a few people after that...taught a lady while she walked her dog, went to see Brother Fleener, who was much more spry and funny, had dinner, then did some more family history for Sister Fleener.

Sunday, we had meetings in the morning, went about church (Justin came! And stayed the whole time. We didn't lose him before Sunday School this time. A guy named Mark who was a former investigator called us and came to church too!), taught Gospel Principles, went to see Brother Dorff for his birthday in the hospital, went to see Sister Clervoix cause she just had surgery, had dinner with Sister Crozier, picked up my planner, and had popcorn night at Sister Steadman's.

And here we are again today. We had a laundry fiasco this morning cause the dryer quarter machine thing was jammed, so we went to use another dryer and it didn't really work, so our clothes are hanging everywhere in our apartment. I'm so excited to have a non-coin laundry machine. haha.

Something I learned this week was in Mormon 2:13. He teaches us about the difference between Godly Sorrow and just being sorry we got caught. The people were starting to repent and Mormon was excited, but he realized that these people were sorry that God wouldn't give them happiness in their sins. We all have to have this realization at some point to be able to see that God always gives lasting happiness when we do what is right. We only get temporary happiness when we choose wrong.

To answer questions:

You better put some pass along cards in your purse mom! (I do need to stick some in my carry on)

I'm glad I have jobs for the wedding already. I'm ready. haha :) (Stacy wants her to be her assistant)

I'm glad the Aggies are doing semi well. Sister Cleveland was all for President coaching at USU, but she says it's a year too early. They need a temporary coach for a year then he'll come. :) (USU's coach is retiring this year)

Dad, what did you tell the ward about me? haha Hopefully all good stuff! (I wasn't there so I couldn't tell on him – he spoke in church)

Love you! Be good!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

With Ian and Katie on Katie's Birthday.


Sister Hales bought this drink last week. 
She only broke the Word of Wisdom a little bit. haha
She was in the kitchen and just started saying
"I did a bad thing!" and showed me this. Whoops. haha.

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