Monday, January 12, 2015



Wahooo! We finally have snow! It's so great. It's been stinkin' cold this week though. It was like -30 for two days. Needless to say, we didn't have much luck finding since we couldn't really tract, but we had a great week of getting people progressing and to church! Wahooo!

Monday, I think we just did all the normal P-Day stuff...We played at Fishers for a while. I played frisbee with an elder I was so sore the next day. Who knew frisbee was a workout haha. Then we went to the Smth's to dinner with the Westfield Elders and then shared a message then we went to see Sister Knsly. She lives just up the road from us and makes some good Filipino food. She lives by herself, so we usually just drop by to see how she's doing.

Tuesday, it had snowed quite a bit, so we went out and tried some people then we had to drop by the mission office and went to see Crl. We shoveled her walk and cleaned off her van and shared a message. She wants to continue learning, but she also thinks she wants to go get baptized in the River Jordan. I guess we just have to make sure we send a priesthood holder with her so she can get baptized by the proper authority! :) I don't think she quite understands that yet...we just gotta start meeting with her consistently again. After we had lunch, we went to teach Jhnnh at the Flnr's. It was such a good lesson. Jhnnh was sober, so it was AWESOME. Such a better lesson than we had had before. And it was good to be in the Flnr's home where the spirit is. Afterward, we went to see Dnn with Chrstn, the recent convert from the YSA Branch who we just went to the baptism for. Dnn LOVES to talk. I don't think she's really interested in the gospel...she's just lonely. But we're going to give her a shot and hopefully she'll feel the spirit!. I totally biffed it outsider her house in the snow while I was trying to get snow to throw a snowball at Sister Hls. Karma. We then went to teach Chm. She is a recently returning member from...I think it's Nigeria...she's awesome. Then we had dinner with the Klly Clan. Sbrn's baby is seriously so cute. I got to wrap all of Sm's birthday presents too, so that was fun. He is prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse with all his new guns and such. We went to see Sister Hstn after that. She's a busy lady and is a saint. She serves so many people. It just stinks that she isn't able to make it to church very often. Hopefully soon.

Wednesday, it was FREEZING! So we had a family history day. We started off helping the Flnr's, as usual. We found some good stuff. Sister Flnr is crusin' on hers. They have so many names to do. Then after lunch, we went and taught Sister Bmn how to index and said goodbye to her cause she's moving to North Carolina. We then attempted to teach Chrstn how to do family history, but he didn't really have enough info to find anything, so that was his assignment haha. We had dinner with the Strns then went to Young Women's.

Thursday, it was bitter cold again. We started out the day weekly planning then went to see some people with no success so we went and taught Sister Prdds and showed Sister Hls the hammocks in the basement. We stopped by and followed up with Jstn and he's been reading the Book of Mormon (WahooO!) and we set up a follow up appointment so we can actually go inside since his wife is at basic training. We had dinner with the Hthwy's and dropped off some stuff of Sister Stdmn's.

Friday, we taught Jhnnh at the Flnr's again in the morning. It was SUCH a good lesson. She's getting it, definitely feeling the spirit, and committed to a baptismal date of Feb. 14th! Wahoo! And she committed to her friend to stop drinking by Jan. 22nd. We haven't even taught her the Word of Wisdom yet. We had to head to Frankfort right after to ride with the Sisters up to Lafayette for Zone Meeting. It was a pretty good meeting. Sister Hls and I's training went rather well, I think... We came home after and went to the Brwn's for dinner then taught a part-member family from China, Jck and Crl. They are hilarious.

Saturday, we were in a trio with Sister Sndbrg because her companion went to the temple. We started out the day with the Klly Clan teaching Sbrn. Eljh was good through most of it until we tried to share a message haha. He's a terrible baby for them. At least he's cute! We had lunch then taught the Flnr's cause everyone who is new that comes to Carmel has to meet the Flnrs. We did some contacting after that then went to Wstfld's baptism with Jy. He didn't really want to go at first, but I think he really liked it and felt the spirit. We had dinner with the Brghm's after that (boneless ribs...YUM) and went to see Sister Clrvx. I definitely fell AGAIN outside her apartment. Sister Hls and Sister Sndbrg were dying and Sister Clrvx and her son both saw too. Pretty hilarious. I'm already up to #2 of falling in a week. I'll set a record this year!

Sunday was awesome! We went to the Westfield Sacrament with Jhnnh because she had to work at 11. It was a little over her head cause it was all about temples and family history, but she said it was good and we've just got to explain baptisms for the dead. She thought we took people out of the grave...whoops haha. Then we went to our own church. Ssn and her daughters (who fed us the first Monday of this transfer and told us we believe in a different Jesus) came to church with us...I think mostly so then we have the obligation to come to theirs, but I think they enjoyed it. They said it was different. They were studying the hymn book. It was definitely interesting. But we'll go to their church probably next weekend. After church, we had Stake Coordination in Fishers then had dinner with the Bry's. They have a homemade version of David and Goliath that they made. It's pretty funny. We stopped by to try a referral and see a member because Why I Believe got cancelled because of an ice storm and everything was definitely icy, so we slipped and slided and decided to just go play dominos and share a message with the Smthhrts haha. I love having the senior missionaries around when it's not safe to drive.

And that's about it. Oh I'm staying in Carmel for the last 6 weeks of my mission!

To answer letters:

Good ol' Stacy. I always want her on my team to get more money haha. (My Stacy is quite the negotiator – she always gets the best deals)

Eh, Steak and Shake is alright. I don't really love their shakes. Their burgers are pretty decent though.

That's funny about Sean. Our whole family basically knows him now. (Someone I met up at my nephew's homecoming in Ammon, Idaho who knows Darcie but ended up that my daughter Heather – from Farmington – had also met him and his wife a few days before. His grandmother lives by Heather)

No news on the temple dates. Probably June, July, or later. I've heard all sorts of things. It looks super good though. The Tuckers will be going through soon though over in Ohio, so if it's after I get home, we might have to come back in March. (I'll be glad for Darcie to get home because it will probably include some road trips)

Sister Hivner was in the MTC at the same time as me, but I didn't know her til I got out here.

Oh and the vacuum ate my straightener cord this I think we'll have to go straightener shopping for my birthday haha. One less thing to pack home. I think it'll work for the rest of my mission though hopefully...I'll just get some electrical tape. (She wants to come home with an empty suitcase)

Dad, I'm up for all those New Year's goals with you. Next year, let's go to Cali. I'm in. And then we can go to the hockey game too. And your interpretations of Isaiah were awesome. Especially the rearward one. I was dying laughing.

Something I learned this week was in Helaman 14:11. This is Samuel the Lamanite when he is trying to tell the people about Jesus Christ coming. He definitely states his purpose. He knew that he was there to help the people to repent and come to God. And that's exactly what we are here to do also. We are so blessed to have the gospel, so we have the responsibility to share it, regardless of the reaction of the audience!

LOVE YOU! Have an awesome week! Don't freeze!

Peace and Blessin's.
-Sista Darc

 Indiana has the BEST sunsets. I'll miss this!

Cute Baby Eljh! I just want to hold him! 

Sm's 10th Birthday. This kid cracks me up. 

With Sister Bmn. I will miss her so much :( 

With Ashdn. He says the best prayers.
Hopefully they move back to Utah soon!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015



Day 5 of 2015. I'd say it's going to be a pretty great year!

This week just cruised by once again. Woo wee.

Alright so last Monday, we had that half of a P-Day then we went and taught Jhnnh with Brother Flnr. Jhnn really is struggling with alcohol, so we've gotta jump that mountain before I feel like she can truly feel the spirit. Hopefully we can help her cause it's a little crazy right now! But Brother Flnr was awesome at sharing the love she needed with her. He's the one who referred her. Then we shared a message with the Flnrs with Abr Brwn because the lesson and the back-ups we had for the lesson she was coming to fell through. We went and helped the Stglrs to re-move back into their house. They thought they were going to move so they put a bunch of stuff in a trailer but now they're staying, so we unpacked it with them. The baby is still super cute! And getting really big! Afterward, we went to the Tylr's for dinner and headed off to Crawfordsville!

Tuesday, we spent the day in Crawfordsville. It's a cute little old town. We got to see Wabash College. It's teeny, but really pretty! So we started the day doing some service at an antique shop that is downstairs from where the sisters live. The lady then bought us pizza for lunch and we got to share a message with her and the lady who was working next door. It was pretty fun. Then we went out to work. We found a new investigator while tracting for about 10 minutes (miracle!) and then we taught a couple who has recently come back to the church and are preparing to be workers in the Indy temple! Wahoo! Then we went and taught one of the sisters' investigators named Tny. She would be baptized already, but she's living with her boyfriend, who's actually a member along with all his family. So who knows when that'll happen. They claim that they don't want to be married by the government or something. Kinda strange. But she's cool! Then we saw a less-active out in the country and did some tracting. And headed back to Carmel!

Wednesday, we had District Meeting in the morning and went to Steak-n-Shake for lunch. We were supposed to have a lesson with Jy after lunch, but he ended up having to take one of the kids he babysits to the hospital with a fever. So we went and took down Christmas lights for the Flnrs and shared a message with them. We then had a lesson with Dnn, the lady we met in her driveway last week, with Sister Stdmn. It was a little crazy and scattered cause Dnn likes to talk but we're going back again tomorrow to teach her! We had dinner with the Bmn's that night at their hotel then went to the Brk's for an open house with a bunch of people from the ward. I got the worst headache and nausea, supposedly it was a bug going around, so we got to stay out til 10:30  with it being New Year's but right when we got home I crashed.

Thursday, we got P-Day, so we started off the day going to Walmart to use some of our giftcards. I took some stuff back from my raffled Santa present (don't tell Santa...I just figured I'd get better use from the money then just leaving the stuff I'd never use behind) and bought a jacket to go under my coat since it's freezing outside! Then we went to Charming Charlie...I spent another $30 on 2 shirts...whoops. That place is the devil. I can't come out of there without something. We had lunch at Sister Stdmn's with the district then we went and played games at the Smthhrts. They fed us dinner then we went and did a church tour with Jhnnh and Brother was a little crazy. She was drunk...again...and she kept swearin' and being bi-polar...interesting for sure. Definitely one of the craziest lessons on my mission Insane! haha. Missions are never boring that's for sure.

Friday, we had MLC for most of the day. It was really good. Crazy to think it may have been my last one or I only have 1 left! They're so fun. And the food is always good :) Afterward, we went tracting a bit, found a new guy named Dn who is the father-in-law of a less-active. We taught him once before but I don't think he remembered that we had. He wasn't interested the first time, but this time he was, so that was sweet. We ate at the Pllng's after that. Brother Pllng made us Canadian Pancakes. We had ice cream and syrup on them. Don't worry, I got the recipe. They were really good. We were supposed to teach Jd after that, but she wasn't home so we just came home and did phone calls and such cause Sister Hls wasn't feeling good.

Saturday, we had Weekly Planning in the morning and had lunch then went and did family history with the Flnr's. Getting stuck is so frustrating in family history. We spent the whole 2 hours on this guy who got married twice and we could not figure out who his parents were or what happened to them. I need to take another class about it. But we're makin' progress! Then we went to teach Jy. It was chaos. The JW's were there before us and they stayed 30 minutes into when our appointment was supposed to be then Jy was super on the defense about everything. Hopefully when we meet with him not on the same day as the JW's he'll be less confused and defensive. Then we had dinner and went to teach Chrstn, the guy who got baptized in YSA a couple weeks ago and is living up by us for the break.

Sunday was great. Love the Sabbath. We had our meetings (Ward Council was entertaining as usual. This ward kills me. They are all super successful and could totally be prideful but they're just hilarious and work off people's strengths and are so giving. I love it.) then went about church. I had a weird realization it's my next to last fast Sunday on the mission. CRAZY! Jy came to church and came out with a lot less questions than last time, which was good. We did some contacting after, ate dinner with the Hwll's, taught Dn with Kyl (super good lesson...just a lot of distractions came up at the very end), and taught Jd with Ang. Jd is actually moving to another area :( But Ang was so good and offered to come to lessons even though they're not in our area anymore. She's such a good missionary. I told her she needs to go on a mission and get called to the Utah Ogden North mission! :)

And here we are at Monday. It's nice to finally have a normal P-Day that we don't have to rush so much on to get everything done in 3 hours. The holiday season was great though! Now it's just supposed to get suppppeeerr cold this week. Polar Vortex #2, here we come!

Something I loved from my studies this morning was from the scriptures for Day 1 in the Atonement Study Guide (I'm a little behind...). But I loved reading in Matthew 27 about Pilate's wife. I don't think I have ever realized that she pled with Pilate to not do anything to Jesus because she had had a dream about who Jesus really was. I love that she trusted in that testament and stood up for what she believed, even with her husband being the governor. Hopefully, we can all have that faith from simple witnesses that Jesus is the Christ.

To answer letters:

That's sad to hear about Bill. How old are their kids now? I think I remember when they were all teeny. Sad stuff. Give them my love! (Our friend Bill Spencer passed away last week. Left a wife and 3 children)

My camera is doing well. I still am on my same card too. I've taken like 1100 pictures. I definitely am excited to get back to my good one, but this one works. Tell Gracie she better take good care of that camera!

How's the sound bar?

There are 250 missionaries in the mission, but it's shrinking to about 200 by about June or July. There's a ton of us.

I don't have a way to update my GPS. I'll definitely bring it home.

I don't really know what I want for my birthday. I'll probably just decide what I need when I get home cause I don't really know at this point...

Love you all! Hope no one freezes this week!
Peace and Blessin's-
Sista Darc

Sorry I didn't take more pictures this week! (I told her I was happy with just 2)
 Me and Sister Hivner

Me and Sister Herzog

HAPPY 2015


I remember when I used to think 2015 was so far away. And here we are. Only 3 days left of 2014. I think this has been the fastest year of my life.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! It definitely was a great one here in Carmel. It's sad that it's my last one on the mission. They're definitely Christmases I won't forget!

So Monday, after we emailed, we went and taught Jhnnh. We took her a Bible and a Book of Mormon cause she lost her bible on a cruise recently. We were able to teach her a little bit about the Book of Mormon. She was a little confused...but that may have been due to the fact she may or may not have been drinking while we were there hahaha. She definitely needs the gospel and just wants to get back to God. Then we ate lunch at the Flnr's and shared a message with them. We finished up our shopping and cleaning and laundry then went to the Rpr's for dinner. We got to go caroling with the Hwlls' afterward. It was tons of fun. They had a good variety of members and non-members to go to, so that was sweet. Then we had some stuff to drop off at the Smth's and shared a message with them.

Tuesday, we went tracting in the morning and taught a girl from Chicago. Too bad she doesn't live here. After lunch, we went with the Elders and two of the Brwn girls to a rehab/nursing home and went caroling. We sang in each of the dining rooms and they loved it. We caroled to a couple individual rooms and shared the Christmas story with the coolest lady named Vr. She's was awesome. It definitely brought the Christmas spirit for us and hopefully for the people we sang to! Afterwards, we went and saw some former investigators and did a little tracting, went and taught Ambr, taught Jstn (from last week...I think I talked about him)'s wife who just got home from basic training, then taught Jy with Sister Prdds. He's finding out answers so quick. He knows the Bible super well and basically just asks us "This is what I read in the Bible but no one believes it. Is that what you believe?" And usually we answer yes and he is so surprised that he's finally found somewhere who teaches what's in the bible haha. Afterward, we had dinner with the Hthwy's then went caroling with the Brghm's. Their kids are hilarious. We did scripture study and had hot chocolate with them after.

Wednesday, Merry Christmas Eve! We had district meeting in the mornin' then Sister Stdmn had us over for lunch with the whole district and her family. Her family loves the missionaries and it's actually pretty sweet how much this had an impact on them because now her grandkids want to go to church and her daughter, who is less-active, wants to get active again. SO SWEET. It was a great week :) So after lunch, we went caroling as a huge group to a bunch of members and investigators. It was like a group of 20. We sounded pretty good if I do say so myself. We went to see the Bmn's after that and share a Christmas message with them. Brother Bmn gave us pieces from the temple floor as a Christmas present! Super sweet! Then we had dinner at the Jhnsns. They went to school in Logan. We got to talk about all the great places to eat. I'm excited for some Fredrico's again. :) Then we went and played games at the Brihm's with the Elders to finish out the night.

Thursday was jam packed! We had breakfast and opened stockings at the Brwn's, played some games, and then skyped you. Then we started a puzzle but had to leave to go to the Jhnsn's. We played some games with their kids and ate some good food. We then headed to the Smithhart's, played some serious Skipbo with their son and Sister Stdmn's grandson, stopped by the Hwll's open house, and played games with our Zone Leaders and the Carmel and Westfield Elders at the church. It was a great Christmas!

Friday, it was back to work and we had a rockin' day. We had weekly planning and then we ate and headed to teach Jy. He's awesome. He's reading and praying and getting answers. It's so sweet! I love the gospel! Then we did some tracting and found a lady named Jss who wants to quit smoking and was excited to hear we have a program to help, taught a guy named Lrry who already knows the Restoration but wouldn't accept a follow-up appointment but definitely needs to be baptized, taught his neighbor, then went to see a member but they weren't home. BUT we embraced an awkward situation and talked to these people in their driveway and ended up teaching one of them and then their neighbor, who we were going to knock on the door of but it had a no soliciting sign, was out getting her mail so we talked to her and she's a new investigator! Wahoo! Miracles! Then the Bmn's fed us, we saw the Vn Brgn's before they headed out on a vacation, and had more stuff to drop off to the Smith's.

Saturday, we started off by seeing a less-active who was a little bit crazy. And mean. She may have been one of the craziest ladies I've ever taught on my mission. She's had a pretty rough past though and definitely just needs to come back and get her foundation set. Then we had lunch with Sister Crzr and got to teach her and her son then we did some family history with the Flnrs. We started Brother Flnr on recording a personal history. He has the best stories. We've gotta get him and Grandpa talking. They would be a hoot. Then we just tried people, picked back up a former investigator, then went to dinner with a member and a recent convert from the YSA branch who came up to visit. We also stopped by the Adms' and helped them with a puzzle that they were strugglin' with from Christmas (you know how much I love puzzles...not haha)(she stays as far away as possible from puzzles – never would help Zach or I out with ours)

Sunday was a good day. We didn't have meetings, so we had our full amount of studies then just had awesome church meetings. A ton of singing Christmas music, a ton of good stories, and Jy (investigator) came. So it was a great day :) Then after church, we were supposed to go teaching with Sister Cpr, but we got stood up, so we went and saw a member with her named Chm. She's a sweet lady. We got to meet her son who is less-active, so that was super good too. Then we had dinner with Sister Stdmn, the Westfield Elders, the Carmel Elders, and the AP's, so it was a full house. Then we went and saw the Stglr's. Eljh is getting so big! He was using your blanket Momma. He's adorable.

And here we are at Monday again. It's just a half a p-day again, but we have a lot planned for tonight, so it should be good. And we're headed to Crawfordsville for an exchange tomorrow, so it'll be real good!

Something I learned this week was from President Uchtdorf's "Lord, is it I?" He says: "Being able to see ourselves clearly is essential to our spiritual growth and well-being. If our weaknesses and shortcomings remain obscured in the shadows, then the redeeming power of the Savior cannot heal them and make them strengths. Ironically, our blindness toward our human weaknesses will also make us blind to the divine potential that our Father yearns to nurture within each of us." I love this. If we don't truly humble ourselves and ask God how we can improve, the Savior's Atonement can't really work in our lives. We have to realize our weaknesses and trust that His Grace is sufficient for us to become stronger. I think a lot of this just comes from repenting daily to keep ourselves in check. Definitely a good New Years' resolution!

Love you all! Have a great New Year's week!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc 

Carmel District! Elder Mths, Elder Olsn,
Elder Cpnr, Elder Smth, Elder Orth, Elder Stb,
Elder Andrsn, Elder Lrsn, and us!

Playin' Headbanz at the Brghm's

Our beautiful Christmas set-up.
We stole a tree from the Flnr's.
(I hope she meant they borrowed!)

 Christmas Morning. Sleepy eyes! haha.

My cute new apron from Sister Hstn!

Me and all my presents! I got spoiled!

Opening stockings at the Brwn's with
Elder Orth and Elder Stb.

The Holly Headband! Everyone loves it.
I think I'll just keep wearing it.