Thursday, December 4, 2014

Winter Wonderland.


We got like an inch or so of snow/ice last night. Wahoo! Just in time for our car to go into the shop tomorrow...wahoo..?! haha It'll be a great week though.

This week was a pretty great one! We had a baptism! Wahoo! I was out of the area a lot of the week because of exchanges, but it was great!

Monday, we had a regular ol' P-day...spent some time playin' in Fishers, went out to eat for Sister Rh and Sister Frncs' Birthdays...think that's about it. Then our dinner appointment cancelled, so we ate at home and then headed out to work. We taught Ang at Sister Jhnsn's house and then headed out to exchange with the Brownsburg Sisters.

I got to spend the day Tuesday in Brownsburg with Sister Rndll from Saratoga Springs. She's is such a boss missionary. Definitely knows what she's doing. So we spent a lot of the morning and early afternoon just talking to people, tracting, and stopping by investigators. It was an awesome day. We taught a couple less-actives, had a dinner appointment at the Chldrs, and then did an exchange review and switched back! Then I headed to Zionsville.

I then got to spend Wednesday in Zionsville with Sister Rh! Wahoo! It was just like Plainfield. We had a lot of fun. We did some random service in the morning helping a lady walk her dog and then put pink flamingos in Rubbermaid containers and then we studied then a member took us out for lunch then we finished up studies in the library and a random guy who used to be a preacher in Denver came over and kinda told us we were cool but bashed us and told us we were wrong. I'm totally fine with people trying to tell us we're wrong, but he basically told us that 15 million people had been brainwashed into believing there is a prophet. Irritating. I can't wait to meet him on the other side. Better yet, I can't wait til he meets Joseph Smith on the other side. It'll be awesome. hahahaha. Then we went out PC'ing and tracting, taught the same less-active I've taught all 3 times in Zionsville and she's still not coming to church, and we had dinner and an exchange review.

Thursday, I had accidentally left my bag in Zionsville, so my planner doesn't really say what we did...but I'll do my best :) So in the morning, Sister Smthhrt took us to Zionsville to get my bag, we went and taught Crl (she's bein' weird...supposedly still wants to get baptized but the whole 3 hours of church thing is throwing her off.), had lunch and made applesauce with Sister Hstn, weekly planned, Sister Hlblng brought us dinner, and we went and taught Ang with Abr Brwn.

Friday, we had Zone Meeting in Cumberland then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings (first time). Me and Sister Sssns both won BINGO so the Zone Leaders bought us lunch. It was great. haha :) Then we went and saw the Lcvcs (I can't spell it...he's from Lithuania). They are SO AWESOME! She's a less-active member and he's not but he might as well be. He defends the Mormons all the time, knows the Book of Mormon is true, everything but for whatever reason, he's not baptized. But they loved us. They said we were a lot less uptight than other missionaries...they even gave us a referral and Sister Lcvcs took us over to meet the lady. It was legit. Yay for part-member families! Then we tried another less active and taught Sister Jhnsn then we went with Ang down to Eagle Creek to eat Dominican food from her mom. It was yummy. I had fried eggplant. It was really good. And we shared a message. Of course. :)

Saturday, we helped out with a scouting thing in the morning and talked to a bunch of the parents then we got all ready for the baptism. It was so good and so many people from the ward came! It was awesome. I had to speak and play the piano and help with a musical number. Kept me busy! But seriously. It was the greatest. Ang shared her testimony and totally just bore it straight to her friends that were there. They're all going to be baptized, just wait. Then we went to Ang's and taught her friend Rbyn who just moved down here from Milwaukee so we get to baptize her! Wahoo! Then we had dinner with Sister Bmn, went to a church open house they had, and then taught Sbrn. We hadn't seen her all week and she's all stressed with school and baby stuff, so we went by.

Sunday, we had our regular meetings in the mornin' then we had church. Ang got confirmed and it was so great. She's already seeing blessings from it! Rbyn came to church and so did Ang's family, so definitely a good experience for all of them. Then afterward, we went and taught Ambr and then went out contacting and found a new investigator who wants us to come to a bible study and to teach her more cause she has Mormon relatives! Woot woot! Then we went to dinner at the Adms' with Ang and then went out teaching with Sister Prsns. We got to see Stcy for a couple minutes and then we taught the Flnr's cause I hadn't seen them all week. Then we had to run back to the church for a folder we forgot...I swear I'm getting old and forgetful. And it snowed! Wahoo!

But here we are back at Monday!

Something cool I learned this week was in Mosiah 25: 19-22. It talks about the organization of the church that Alma and Mosiah set up. They had their different "churches" or wards/branches led by a "priest" or a bishop and all of these "churches" together made up Christ's Church, under the direction of "Alma" or the prophet. And every single one of these churches was being taught the exact same doctrine. SO COOL. The Book of Mormon really was written for our day.

To answer letters:

The curtains look good and I like the name cards for Thanksgiving. I'm glad Gracie loves Tremonton so much. She should just move there. :) (I just made a roman shade for the laundry room and Gracie came and stayed with us for a couple of days. We had fun)

Yes it's the maxi dress and yes the spaghetti came out! Woo!

Love ya'll! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving-eve week! :)

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

Pictures. . .

 Sister Rndll and I. Sister Sssns took like 4
and we look weird in all of them...
I think this one is the least weird.

Sister Rh and I's service...

Us with Ang 
Me and Ang 

 Ang with Elder Cls. She kills me. 
And she hugged him after the baptism and
Elder Cls did not know what to do. Hilarious.

Me, Ang, and Elder Hjlm.

Me, Rbyn, Ang, and Sister Sssns.

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