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I feel like I just wrote a Christmas email home..too bad it was a year ago! haha :) I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas filled with the spirit of Christ and a whole lot of family time!

So last Monday, we just did a regular ol' P-day...played at Fishers...then we had dinner at Chick-fil-A with the Bmn's. The tradition is back. It was fun. They're always a hoot. Then we went and saw Sbrn and her new baby Elijah! He is adorable! SO much hair! I wish I could hold him. I have to come back after I get home so I can hold him. (They are not allowed to hold babies)

Tuesday, we went and did family history with the Flnrs and then we had lunch then we went and did a little less-active hunting but they had all moved, then we contacted a referral that the Flnr's had given us. She told us at first that she only let us in because it was cold outside, but she ended up loving having us there and we got to teach her a little bit and share He is the Gift with her. We're going back today to visit her. She was really excited for us to come. I don't really remember too much after that...we just tried people. Then we went to Greek food with Sister Tglr. Yum. We stopped by and saw Crl. She's still just Crl. Don't know why she dropped us still. We didn't have too much time since we had to drive to Lebanon, so we couldn't get into too much detail. Next time we'll get to the bottom of it! After that, we drove to Lebtucky!

Wednesday, I was on exchanges with Sister Oskns. It was 22 degrees and we walked everywhere to save miles. But we had a really good day! We got to teach a lady named Tffny who would be baptized already if her job would let her come to church every Sunday. Then we did some tracting, found a sweet lady named Nn who is Jehovah's witness and we found her cause she had a weird statue in the front yard so we asked her what it was and just taught her. Then we had dinner with a part-member family, Sister Plc and Sister Hls, and the trio of elders, so 7 of us missionaries. It was a ton of fun. This guy is trying to get goin' for baptism. He's just had some bad health issues, so he hasn't been able to come to church. Then we did an exchange review and drove to Franktucky (aka Frankfort. Go Hot Doggers!).

Thursday, we had Christmas Conference! We rode down with Frankfort to save miles, so that was lots of fun. Christmas Conference was a blast! I can't believe it's been a year since the last one. The spiritual stuff was really good, the talent show was awesome, the food was good, and I loved my present mom! (We sent her a box full of packages of the candied almonds we make – she didn't want anything that she would need to bring home – hopefully she enjoyed sharing them) I've been giving them out like crazy! Thanks for not sending me something I have to pack home! :) But yeah, it was good. Kinda strange realizing that some of those people I might never see again, but I got to see everyone at least before I leave! We went to Olive Garden afterward and headed back to Frankfort for a third night on a mattress on the ground! :)

So Friday, I was on exchanges with Sister Sndbrg. She's only been out for about 9 weeks, but she is awesome! We got to do service at the Frankfort petting zoo in the morning and then we had a lesson with their investigator who got baptized yesterday. So we got her all ready to get dunked. Then we did some tracting and trying some formers...nothing too crazy. We went to dinner at Dairy Queen to see the lady who is getting baptized's daughter. Then we went caroling with their Branch Mission Leader and his wife. It was tons of fun! Then we came back to Carmel! Finally got to sleep in our own beds! Wahoo!

Saturday, our furnace went out, so we weekly planned and the guy worked on it. He thought he had it fixed but when we tried it later that day, it didn't work again. So he brought us space heaters at like 11:00pm. They came and fixed it this morning, I hope hahah. So after weekly planning, we went and saw some less-actives, saw the Flnrs, went to Bb and Str's with them and showed them He is the Gift, then we went down to White River for a baptism of one of Sister Hls investigators from YSA. It was a lot of fun. He was super excited. He couldn't stop smiling. Then we went to dinner at Five Guys with the member who took us down.

Sunday, we had Ward Council (I swear I'll never go to a more entertaining ward council than here.) then went about church. Our investigator Jy came to church! I think he really enjoyed it! Definitely had a lot of questions, but hopefully we can answer them all :) We took our lunch, went to teach Sister Hstn, went visiting teaching with her to Sister Knsly, Sister Hls forgot her bag at Sister Hstn's so we went to grab it, then we went to dinner at the Cprs. Crock-pot roast is the best. Then we went caroling with their family to a few people from the ward. They just have the cutest family. Love them. We stopped by Sister Stdmn's after to give her her candy and to meet her family who is visiting.

And here we are at Monday once again. It'll be a little crazy since we only have half of one and we started off with a service project, but it'll be great! We have a dinner and some caroling tonight to do.

This week, I just want you all to watch the He is the Gift video and to share it. Make sure to remember the true meaning of Christmas. It really is all about Jesus Christ. We can't ever take Christ out of Christmas! :)

To answer letters:

You can already call me Darcie, mom! :)(I always start her letter Sister Christensen – just said that soon I could call her Darcie again)

No the Flnr's didn't have any children, so no grandchildren. Just adopted ones like me :) (She loves the Flnr's – so lucky to have people who live in Indiana love our children like their own)

LOVE YOU! Merry Christmas! Have a fantastic holiday!
Peace and blessin's
-Sista Darc
Pictures (there's a lot this week): 

With Sister Oskns 

With Elder Chrstnsn and Sister McCmbs 

With my favorite Plymouth People! Elder Jcbsn,
Elder Frmn, Sister Hnsn, and Sister Chdstr!

With Elder Lndhrt.  He is like 2 feet taller than me haha.

With Sister Rchrdsn 

With Sister Wlknsn and Elder Brwn

 With Elder Hddn

 With Sister Tlmn, Sister McMlln (she was my VT in college), and Sister Rchrdsn

Elder Mlls, Elder Ester, Sister Blmn, Sister Rchrdsn, and Sister Hndy

 With Elder Rssll

With Sister Odrmtt

With Sister Hnsn. Sister Chdstr trained her. Doesn't she look just like Celeste?(Darcie's friend ) Seriously, they're the same person. She's the best.

Selfie with a lemur!

Selfie with a donkey!

Selfie with a llama!

Selfie with a goat/deer thing! :)

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