Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Happy December!


It's officially 1/4 of the way through December already. It's flying way too fast!

So Monday, we had a normal P-Day, said goodbye to all the missionaries, and had dinner at Sister Jhnsn's with Ang. She always makes good food. Yum. Then we went to Mtt Strns' farewell party. He flew out to Brazil on Tuesday. So we ate some good pie there!

Tuesday, we started out the day doing some family history with the Flnr's. They have SO MUCH to do. It's so awesome. I'm loving it. Then we went and taught Sbrn. She keeps getting strange reactions to being pregnant and getting all these 1% diseases like something that means she's allergic to being pregnant and some sort of cyst thing and it's crazy. Poor girl. Then we stopped by to give Sister Cpr her dishrags (I know I'm slow Mom but at least I got them there :) ) then went and taught Sister Klly and Ambr, went to the Hwll's for dinner and taught the Prdds'.

Wednesday, the first half of the day we spent at transfers and went to Q'doba for lunch then we swung by the mission office and the grocery store, Sister Hales did some unpacking, and we went to work! We tried a less-active and did some tracting then we went and saw Mable and Donny then went to the Brokamps for dinner. Then we went to Young Women's and got to do some yoga and learn how to crochet and tie die. I love the YW here. They're so fun!

Thursday, we did our weekly planning then went and taught the Flnr's so Sister Hls could meet them. Then we taught Zch (recent convert who had moved but just moved back here). He is a little lost right now, so we're gettin' him back to the basics. Then we got to see Shryll that Sister Jhnsn had referred us to, ate at Fazoli's, were supposed to teach the Lcvcs but they ended up having something so we taught their neighbor Gn and got her as a new investigator! Wahoo! She's really prepared. She had some good contact with mormons in Arizona and is ready to learn. We stopped by a LA who wasn't very happy with us but gave us a Greg Olsen puzzle anyways. Then we taught Sister Crzer and went and taught a new investigator Krsty with Sister Knsly. She's pretty involved in her church but she's willing to learn and read a little bit to find out more truth. So hopefully she listens to the spirit and wants to learn more!

Friday, we had MLC at the mission home for most of the day. It was a good meeting. We ended up getting a new stewardship of sisters so we cover Crawfordsville, Lebanon, and Frankfort, so a little far away, but it'll be good. We ate at ANOTHER chinese buffet for lunch (seriously, when I get home, never again.). After MLC, we went and tried a referral but he didn't answer so we knocked on his neighbor's doors and we ended up teaching a couple people. One of the guys is an Indy car driver. His name is Jy and he's from London...does anyone know who he is? He was pretty cool. Then we went to Sister Clrvx's house for dinner then went and taught the Kngs. It was their daughter's birthday so we took her a card and had some cake. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday was interesting but turned out being good! We went and helped out the ward raking leaves at one of the Sisters' in our ward's house. We probably filled up like 50 bags. It was crazy. I've never seen so many bags of leaves. Then we studied at starbuck's cause we didn't want to drive all the way home (haha...we smelled like coffee the rest of the day) and then found some new investigators while trying to find a less-active. Pretty sweet. They're moving though :( but it's all good! Then we taught Sister Jhnsn with Ang and it ended up being a tender mercy for her and for us cause our lunch ditched so she fed us. It was awesome all around. Then we got to see Crl with Abr. She still just is holding back for whatever reason. We're going to get to the bottom of it. :) Then we went and made some jello,

ate dinner at the Brghm's, then took the jello to Sbrn cause she had to go to the hospital so we visited her there.

Yesterday, we went to ward council (seriously, it's so entertaining. I love this ward.), went about church (Ang came to sacrament! I miss her!), had correlation meeting, contacted some referrals, then ate dinner with the Adms. They are hilarious. And she made such good rolls. Holy hannah they were awesome. And swedish tea bread. Yum. Then we stopped by and saw the Ghr's then watched the Christmas devotional at Sister Stdmn's. That's gotta be one of my favorite devotionals. It's always good. It was good to hear a little bit of David (Archuleta) before too. haha :)

And here we are at P-Day again! Wahoo! Time is flyin...Christmas is so soon.

Something I loved from this study this week was from Alma 30:60. This is the end of the story of Korihor where he was going around, trying to convince others that Christ won't come and that Jesus doesn't exist. But after asking for a sign and realizing he was wrong, he got trampled and the chapter ends with this verse. It simply says that God has our back 100% of the time and Satan always hangs us out to dry. We get some instant gratification from following Satan, but in the end, he never upholds us. It's so black and white. That's what I love about the gospel.

To answer letters:

Thanksgiving looked like it was a blast. The gingerbread houses are cute. I missed your stuffing mom!

We ate Kolache at one of the restauraunts.

I hope my flight is on time too. Gotta get to the basketball game haha. Sister Smthhrt just booked my flights. Crazy, right? (The Aggies have a basketball game on the schedule for the day she flies home!)

I loved my Aggie shirt! I've been wearin' it!

Love you all! Have a fantastic week!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

I only have one picture with the Flnr's dogs this week. You'll just have to count all the ones everyone sent you this week cause I haven't taken many. I'll try to be better this week! :)

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