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Wow. Time is so strange. I feel like it's been an eternity since last Christmas, yet it's been so fast. WEIRD.

This week went by really, really fast. I swear Thanksgiving never even happened.

So last Monday, after we got the norm done, it was time to go to work! We went and met with Tn (She is a little bit crazy. Turns out she wasn't interested in the gospel again, she just wanted help finding a gas meter because she thinks her downstairs neighbors are plotting against her and sending electricity through her floor). She got really offended cause I responded by telling her we could look around but the only thing we could really offer is the gospel...didn't take it too well...but whatevs). We went and helped the Pllngs with their house. They bought it for really cheap and were fixing it all up and had to be in by Saturday, so they needed all the help they could get! It looks really good though! Then we dropped off some papers to President and we were supposed to have dinner delivered to us, but she forgot so we ate then headed to Ang's to teach her and then the member ended up delivering pizza there. haha. So it all worked out.

Tuesday, we started out by teaching Sbrn (which Sbrn got baptized in August to answer your question momma) and she loved her blanket! (I sent her a fleece blanket for the baby) She's just really ready to have the baby. Then we had lunch and went on a little Kolache (Kolache [plural] is a type of pastry that holds a dollop of fruit rimmed by a puffy pillow of supple dough.) date with Sister Smth. It was yummy. Then we went and saw some members and less-actives and ended up catching a lot of them, which was really good cause we hadn't seen like any of them before. We contacted a referral that Sister Jhnsn had given us and she is awesome! Her name is Shryll and she just wants to add to any truth she has. It's so awesome. She definitely has real intent and doesn't know anything of the crazy stuff about Mormons so it's great. Then we had dinner with the Fts, went and taught Shlby with Sister Hthwy (Stcy's health is not too good, so we just taught Shlby outside) then we taught the Flnrs and showed them the beauty of Gospel Library and Mormon Messages.

Wednesday, we weekly planned in the morning then ate and Sister Sssns wasn't feeling good so she took a nap and I finished up our map. Then we went and saw the Kngs, who we hadn't been able to see FOREVER! They're still so awesome. And their daughter loves us, so we have an in. :) Then we went to Kona Grill with the Brwn's and I ate sushi for the first time...just a California Roll and some shrimp thing, but it's a start! :) Then I don't remember who we stopped by after that...we saw a lot of members that day, I just don't remember who....haha. Oh one was the Brghms...we stopped and shared a Thanksgiving message with them...I don't remember the other one...

Thursday was Thanksgivin'! It was a fun day, just seriously went by quick. We ran to Walmart to print a picture (of us and it said love, your Assisterants) for the Assistant's truck and grab a couple other things. Then we went and played skip-bo and dominos with the Smthhrts and helped them get ready for Thanksgiving. Sister Stdmn, the Flnr's, the Smth's, and the Assistants all came and we ate. Yum! Then we played Farkle then we headed down with Ang to her Mom's for a Dominican dinner. We had rice and beans and lasagna and Russian Potato salad and Flan and wrapped babies (they're these lettuce wrapped things...really good!). Then we had dessert at the Smthhrts.

Friday, we got our car back and then we had District Meeting. Last one of the transfer...unreal! Then we went to Olive Garden and went to the Flnr's to help them with family history. Their tree is like a jackpot for baptisms. We gotta get them to the temple! Then we did some contacting, went to dinner at the Hlblng's but only ate with Sister Klly and Sister Stglr (everyone else abandoned fort for one reason or another) and then we went teaching with Sister Ft and went to see Ang at Sister Jhnsn's.

Saturday, the morning was spent helping the Pllngs and Ang move. It was crazy, but we got it all done. We got back from Ang's just before 4, which is when we had a training with the Sisters from our stewardship at Sister Smth's. It was a lot of fun. We just did a couple little trainings and ate and had fun. I think we all needed it. Then we had dinner and went and visited Jckie Hu and her mom Crl Wu. haha :) They are adorable. They're from China and Sister Wu teaches Chinese at IUPUI.

Sunday, we went down to White River to support a missionary who has to go home for health reasons. She sang in their Sacrament Meeting. Then we came back to our ward for church. We had a Thanksgiving dinner with the Tylr's (the ones from San Diego) and then went out teaching with Brnn.

And here we are at Monday again! We are gettin' our hair cut and just hanging out with the other missionaries since everyone's leavin'!

Something I learned this week was a lot about following the will of God. I was reading in Alma about when he and Amulek get put into prison, get persecuted and beaten, then eventually they were able to break the bands and the prison fell. Then a couple chapters later, Ammon and the sons of Mosiah all follow Alma's example and decide to give up everything and preach the gospel. I love their examples and it's definitely something I needed this week. It's all about what God wants for us, not what the world or what our natural man wants for us. We all just have to learn to overcome that.

To answer questions:

Go Aggies. Hopefully they're hosting the MW Championship. I'll be waitin' to hear. (too bad Boise put an end to that hope)

Pie is better than Turkey anyway, right Dad? :) I'm excited about your PMG reading! You're crusin' right along! Thanks for always sending me your insights. I love it!

I didn't know you finally found an entry way table. It looks good. I can help ya paint it when I get home.

We have had a little bit of snow. Nothing too crazy yet.

I still get to drive. Salt Lake hasn't called. At this point, I don't think they will. Wahoo! (She had a little run in with a post at her apartment's carport) You have to watch some video to get approved to drive the 12 passenger, so we just took the truck! (I teased her that she should drive the 12 passenger van since she used to do that at AFY – Adventures for Youth at BYU-I)

Wahhoooo to Stacy and Mike! Congrats! They better wait til I get home! (Mike proposed to Stacy on their Thanksgiving cruise!!!!!)

Give Celester and Paul and everyone hugs for me! I miss them all! I can't believe she's already home! (Her friend Celeste just returned from serving in Brazil)

Love you all! Have a fantastic week and stay warm!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc
Me and the Turkey!
(I sent her a turkey stuffed with caramel corn
and Lindor truffles)

The Assisterants. 
(Driving the Assistants truck
while car was being repaired)

Thanksgiving with Ang and her fam!

Sisters meeting

Me and Sister Rh in our twinner dresses. I'm going to miss this lady!

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