Tuesday, December 16, 2014

16 Months.


I feel like I always open these the same way...talking about how time flies and I can't believe it's already halfway through December and all that...Well, turns out, I have nothing else to say, so this one is going to start out the same way...HALFWAY THROUGH DECEMBER?! Holy Lanta. That's also true that I hit 16 months this week...woah.

Well on Monday, we had a regular ol' P-Day and then after we played at Fishers, we went to dinner with a lady who lives next to some members that we tracted into a couple weeks ago. She comes off as really nice but I really think she just wanted to convert us haha. She brought her two daughters and they're all really devout at their church, but the daughters were more open to listen than their mom was. I just love what crazy ideas people have about the church. If they would just read the Bible (like REALLY read it), they would know that the church is true. The Book of Mormon just confirms that. But all that stinkin' anti-material out there tries to make things seem crazy. But in the end, we just committed her to read the Book of Mormon (since she said it was wrong yet she hasn't even read it and says that it talks about a different Jesus) and she committed us to read the New Testament (which I'm already doing). It was definitely interesting. Made me know even more that the church is true! Love it! Then we had to pick up some things from the Smth's so we shared a message with them.

Tuesday, our appointments didn't answer, so we did some tracting and found a new investigator who was out walking his Lhasa Apso. Then our investigator who had cancelled in the morning called us and we were able to go meet with her. Her name is Jd (don't remember if I talked about her last week...) and she believes a lot in meditation and spirituality, so we just talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and why it's important to also have religion. Then we had lunch (it took like 40 minutes to drive 10 miles cause of a wreck) and went and visited the Jhnsns and had dinner with the Ft's. Then we stopped by and saw Sister Prsn. The members here are so great. I love them.

Wednesday, we had to take the car in for an oil change, so we weekly planned while we were there then our afternoon appointments fell through, so we had lunch then went out finding. It was awesome cause no one was answering then we ended up stopping and talking to this guy at a bus stop then this other lady who was at the bus stop came over to talk to us and Sister Hales ended up teaching the guy (who is possibly already a member) and I ended up teaching Briana, who is really interested in learning more! She goes to a great and spacious church...I mean a Mega church...haha and just doesn't love how big it is and wants to be able to question. THEN we knocked on a duplex door and both doors ended up answering so I taught one whose name was Jstn (his family is all Christian and he's went to church his whole life but he hasn't really found somewhere he belongs) and Sister Hls taught the other one named Jy (he actually had run into some elders recently so we taught him more and he's now on a baptismal date for Jan. 31!) Then we had dinner at Sister Nl's and then after that we had a Stake Meeting in Fishers.

Thursday, we went and did some Family History with the Flnrs cause they had been sick all week and then we had lunch, went less-active hunting with very little success but did teach a couple other lessons along the way, took Ambr Kyn a birthday card, had dinner with the Smths, and taught Sister Knsly.

Friday, we had Zone Meeting in Lafayette since all of our sisters are over there, so we drove to Frankfort and carpooled with them over to Lafayette. It was a pretty good meeting and I think our trainings went pretty well...nothing too crazy. It's fun to be back around people from Kokomo so I can hear about people there! Oh and P.S., the Tckrs are probably going to the temple in January! So I hopefully can go! Wahooo! Then they'll get sealed when the Indy temple opens! Wahoo! Then we had lunch at Jimmy John's, traveled on back, went to see Gn with Abr (hopefully we'll get to teach her officially this week! She's in the middle of probably changing jobs) and then went to the Ward Christmas Party. This ward is filled with talent. There are so many people who play instruments and sing and do magic and everything. So fun. And we had some good food. And Ang came. So it was good all around! :)

Saturday, we did some contacting in the morning after we had a 10:30 lunch because of a weird schedule and saving miles... then we went and taught Jd with Ang (it was so good...Ang needs to go on a mission!) and then we went and taught Jy and Jstn and tried to teach Brn but she ended up getting off late so we didn't get to see her :( Then we ate with Sister Knsly and went to teach Crl and Jck (the ones from China).

Sunday was busy. We went about church (none of our investigators could come :( But hopefully soon!) and then we had a Stake Correlation Meeting in Fishers then we had dinner with the Strns and then we went to Why I Believe in the party van (Which turns out the APs got in a wreck in it while we had the truck...so it's been in the shop too. So it all comes back to me hitting that pole haha). I got to see the Knpps from Greencastle, so that was fun! I love these meetings!

And here we are at Monday again! This week will be crazy with two exchanges and Christmas Conference, so I think it'll fly by.

Something I learned in Alma 37 today is about the power of the scriptures. It really is by small and simple means that God makes great things happen. At the end of the chapter (vs. 46), Alma talks about us not being "slothful because of the easiness of the way". I think this is so true with the scriptures and prayer and going to church. It really isn't asking for that much of our time and it's really not that hard, so I think a lot of time, it just doesn't make it to the top of our priority list. BUT, this is the reason why we stop seeing miracles in our lives (vs. 41). We just need to take the little bit of time each day to read and pray and we really will see a difference in our lives.

To answer letters:

Sbrn had her baby Friday morning at 12:36 or something like that. He's 7 lbs some sort amount of ounces...21 inches...doin' good. They got home yesterday.

Yes we get to skype. We'll figure out a time and I'll let ya know next week. (Yipee)

Our stewardship is all really far away. Crawfordsville is like 45 miles, Lebanon is 25, and Frankfort is 35.

I still don't want a pet dog either. (I thought with all the dog pictures she has been sending she might want a dog)

Sounds like the Aggies will hopefully have a good season. I'm sad they lost to the Cougs, but it was at least a close game.

Love you all! Hope you have a great week before Christmas!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc
I made Elder Cpnr a birthday cake again! It's tradition now. 2 years in a row.
(She made a cake for him last year)

Sister Hls and I with Ambr on her birthday.

My Posterity! Sister Wlknsn and her new trainee
(my granddaughter) Sister Thlmn!

Cutest picture ever with Brother Flnr!

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