Monday, December 22, 2014



I feel like I just wrote a Christmas email home..too bad it was a year ago! haha :) I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas filled with the spirit of Christ and a whole lot of family time!

So last Monday, we just did a regular ol' P-day...played at Fishers...then we had dinner at Chick-fil-A with the Bmn's. The tradition is back. It was fun. They're always a hoot. Then we went and saw Sbrn and her new baby Elijah! He is adorable! SO much hair! I wish I could hold him. I have to come back after I get home so I can hold him. (They are not allowed to hold babies)

Tuesday, we went and did family history with the Flnrs and then we had lunch then we went and did a little less-active hunting but they had all moved, then we contacted a referral that the Flnr's had given us. She told us at first that she only let us in because it was cold outside, but she ended up loving having us there and we got to teach her a little bit and share He is the Gift with her. We're going back today to visit her. She was really excited for us to come. I don't really remember too much after that...we just tried people. Then we went to Greek food with Sister Tglr. Yum. We stopped by and saw Crl. She's still just Crl. Don't know why she dropped us still. We didn't have too much time since we had to drive to Lebanon, so we couldn't get into too much detail. Next time we'll get to the bottom of it! After that, we drove to Lebtucky!

Wednesday, I was on exchanges with Sister Oskns. It was 22 degrees and we walked everywhere to save miles. But we had a really good day! We got to teach a lady named Tffny who would be baptized already if her job would let her come to church every Sunday. Then we did some tracting, found a sweet lady named Nn who is Jehovah's witness and we found her cause she had a weird statue in the front yard so we asked her what it was and just taught her. Then we had dinner with a part-member family, Sister Plc and Sister Hls, and the trio of elders, so 7 of us missionaries. It was a ton of fun. This guy is trying to get goin' for baptism. He's just had some bad health issues, so he hasn't been able to come to church. Then we did an exchange review and drove to Franktucky (aka Frankfort. Go Hot Doggers!).

Thursday, we had Christmas Conference! We rode down with Frankfort to save miles, so that was lots of fun. Christmas Conference was a blast! I can't believe it's been a year since the last one. The spiritual stuff was really good, the talent show was awesome, the food was good, and I loved my present mom! (We sent her a box full of packages of the candied almonds we make – she didn't want anything that she would need to bring home – hopefully she enjoyed sharing them) I've been giving them out like crazy! Thanks for not sending me something I have to pack home! :) But yeah, it was good. Kinda strange realizing that some of those people I might never see again, but I got to see everyone at least before I leave! We went to Olive Garden afterward and headed back to Frankfort for a third night on a mattress on the ground! :)

So Friday, I was on exchanges with Sister Sndbrg. She's only been out for about 9 weeks, but she is awesome! We got to do service at the Frankfort petting zoo in the morning and then we had a lesson with their investigator who got baptized yesterday. So we got her all ready to get dunked. Then we did some tracting and trying some formers...nothing too crazy. We went to dinner at Dairy Queen to see the lady who is getting baptized's daughter. Then we went caroling with their Branch Mission Leader and his wife. It was tons of fun! Then we came back to Carmel! Finally got to sleep in our own beds! Wahoo!

Saturday, our furnace went out, so we weekly planned and the guy worked on it. He thought he had it fixed but when we tried it later that day, it didn't work again. So he brought us space heaters at like 11:00pm. They came and fixed it this morning, I hope hahah. So after weekly planning, we went and saw some less-actives, saw the Flnrs, went to Bb and Str's with them and showed them He is the Gift, then we went down to White River for a baptism of one of Sister Hls investigators from YSA. It was a lot of fun. He was super excited. He couldn't stop smiling. Then we went to dinner at Five Guys with the member who took us down.

Sunday, we had Ward Council (I swear I'll never go to a more entertaining ward council than here.) then went about church. Our investigator Jy came to church! I think he really enjoyed it! Definitely had a lot of questions, but hopefully we can answer them all :) We took our lunch, went to teach Sister Hstn, went visiting teaching with her to Sister Knsly, Sister Hls forgot her bag at Sister Hstn's so we went to grab it, then we went to dinner at the Cprs. Crock-pot roast is the best. Then we went caroling with their family to a few people from the ward. They just have the cutest family. Love them. We stopped by Sister Stdmn's after to give her her candy and to meet her family who is visiting.

And here we are at Monday once again. It'll be a little crazy since we only have half of one and we started off with a service project, but it'll be great! We have a dinner and some caroling tonight to do.

This week, I just want you all to watch the He is the Gift video and to share it. Make sure to remember the true meaning of Christmas. It really is all about Jesus Christ. We can't ever take Christ out of Christmas! :)

To answer letters:

You can already call me Darcie, mom! :)(I always start her letter Sister Christensen – just said that soon I could call her Darcie again)

No the Flnr's didn't have any children, so no grandchildren. Just adopted ones like me :) (She loves the Flnr's – so lucky to have people who live in Indiana love our children like their own)

LOVE YOU! Merry Christmas! Have a fantastic holiday!
Peace and blessin's
-Sista Darc
Pictures (there's a lot this week): 

With Sister Oskns 

With Elder Chrstnsn and Sister McCmbs 

With my favorite Plymouth People! Elder Jcbsn,
Elder Frmn, Sister Hnsn, and Sister Chdstr!

With Elder Lndhrt.  He is like 2 feet taller than me haha.

With Sister Rchrdsn 

With Sister Wlknsn and Elder Brwn

 With Elder Hddn

 With Sister Tlmn, Sister McMlln (she was my VT in college), and Sister Rchrdsn

Elder Mlls, Elder Ester, Sister Blmn, Sister Rchrdsn, and Sister Hndy

 With Elder Rssll

With Sister Odrmtt

With Sister Hnsn. Sister Chdstr trained her. Doesn't she look just like Celeste?(Darcie's friend ) Seriously, they're the same person. She's the best.

Selfie with a lemur!

Selfie with a donkey!

Selfie with a llama!

Selfie with a goat/deer thing! :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

16 Months.


I feel like I always open these the same way...talking about how time flies and I can't believe it's already halfway through December and all that...Well, turns out, I have nothing else to say, so this one is going to start out the same way...HALFWAY THROUGH DECEMBER?! Holy Lanta. That's also true that I hit 16 months this week...woah.

Well on Monday, we had a regular ol' P-Day and then after we played at Fishers, we went to dinner with a lady who lives next to some members that we tracted into a couple weeks ago. She comes off as really nice but I really think she just wanted to convert us haha. She brought her two daughters and they're all really devout at their church, but the daughters were more open to listen than their mom was. I just love what crazy ideas people have about the church. If they would just read the Bible (like REALLY read it), they would know that the church is true. The Book of Mormon just confirms that. But all that stinkin' anti-material out there tries to make things seem crazy. But in the end, we just committed her to read the Book of Mormon (since she said it was wrong yet she hasn't even read it and says that it talks about a different Jesus) and she committed us to read the New Testament (which I'm already doing). It was definitely interesting. Made me know even more that the church is true! Love it! Then we had to pick up some things from the Smth's so we shared a message with them.

Tuesday, our appointments didn't answer, so we did some tracting and found a new investigator who was out walking his Lhasa Apso. Then our investigator who had cancelled in the morning called us and we were able to go meet with her. Her name is Jd (don't remember if I talked about her last week...) and she believes a lot in meditation and spirituality, so we just talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and why it's important to also have religion. Then we had lunch (it took like 40 minutes to drive 10 miles cause of a wreck) and went and visited the Jhnsns and had dinner with the Ft's. Then we stopped by and saw Sister Prsn. The members here are so great. I love them.

Wednesday, we had to take the car in for an oil change, so we weekly planned while we were there then our afternoon appointments fell through, so we had lunch then went out finding. It was awesome cause no one was answering then we ended up stopping and talking to this guy at a bus stop then this other lady who was at the bus stop came over to talk to us and Sister Hales ended up teaching the guy (who is possibly already a member) and I ended up teaching Briana, who is really interested in learning more! She goes to a great and spacious church...I mean a Mega church...haha and just doesn't love how big it is and wants to be able to question. THEN we knocked on a duplex door and both doors ended up answering so I taught one whose name was Jstn (his family is all Christian and he's went to church his whole life but he hasn't really found somewhere he belongs) and Sister Hls taught the other one named Jy (he actually had run into some elders recently so we taught him more and he's now on a baptismal date for Jan. 31!) Then we had dinner at Sister Nl's and then after that we had a Stake Meeting in Fishers.

Thursday, we went and did some Family History with the Flnrs cause they had been sick all week and then we had lunch, went less-active hunting with very little success but did teach a couple other lessons along the way, took Ambr Kyn a birthday card, had dinner with the Smths, and taught Sister Knsly.

Friday, we had Zone Meeting in Lafayette since all of our sisters are over there, so we drove to Frankfort and carpooled with them over to Lafayette. It was a pretty good meeting and I think our trainings went pretty well...nothing too crazy. It's fun to be back around people from Kokomo so I can hear about people there! Oh and P.S., the Tckrs are probably going to the temple in January! So I hopefully can go! Wahooo! Then they'll get sealed when the Indy temple opens! Wahoo! Then we had lunch at Jimmy John's, traveled on back, went to see Gn with Abr (hopefully we'll get to teach her officially this week! She's in the middle of probably changing jobs) and then went to the Ward Christmas Party. This ward is filled with talent. There are so many people who play instruments and sing and do magic and everything. So fun. And we had some good food. And Ang came. So it was good all around! :)

Saturday, we did some contacting in the morning after we had a 10:30 lunch because of a weird schedule and saving miles... then we went and taught Jd with Ang (it was so good...Ang needs to go on a mission!) and then we went and taught Jy and Jstn and tried to teach Brn but she ended up getting off late so we didn't get to see her :( Then we ate with Sister Knsly and went to teach Crl and Jck (the ones from China).

Sunday was busy. We went about church (none of our investigators could come :( But hopefully soon!) and then we had a Stake Correlation Meeting in Fishers then we had dinner with the Strns and then we went to Why I Believe in the party van (Which turns out the APs got in a wreck in it while we had the it's been in the shop too. So it all comes back to me hitting that pole haha). I got to see the Knpps from Greencastle, so that was fun! I love these meetings!

And here we are at Monday again! This week will be crazy with two exchanges and Christmas Conference, so I think it'll fly by.

Something I learned in Alma 37 today is about the power of the scriptures. It really is by small and simple means that God makes great things happen. At the end of the chapter (vs. 46), Alma talks about us not being "slothful because of the easiness of the way". I think this is so true with the scriptures and prayer and going to church. It really isn't asking for that much of our time and it's really not that hard, so I think a lot of time, it just doesn't make it to the top of our priority list. BUT, this is the reason why we stop seeing miracles in our lives (vs. 41). We just need to take the little bit of time each day to read and pray and we really will see a difference in our lives.

To answer letters:

Sbrn had her baby Friday morning at 12:36 or something like that. He's 7 lbs some sort amount of ounces...21 inches...doin' good. They got home yesterday.

Yes we get to skype. We'll figure out a time and I'll let ya know next week. (Yipee)

Our stewardship is all really far away. Crawfordsville is like 45 miles, Lebanon is 25, and Frankfort is 35.

I still don't want a pet dog either. (I thought with all the dog pictures she has been sending she might want a dog)

Sounds like the Aggies will hopefully have a good season. I'm sad they lost to the Cougs, but it was at least a close game.

Love you all! Hope you have a great week before Christmas!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc
I made Elder Cpnr a birthday cake again! It's tradition now. 2 years in a row.
(She made a cake for him last year)

Sister Hls and I with Ambr on her birthday.

My Posterity! Sister Wlknsn and her new trainee
(my granddaughter) Sister Thlmn!

Cutest picture ever with Brother Flnr!

Happy December!


It's officially 1/4 of the way through December already. It's flying way too fast!

So Monday, we had a normal P-Day, said goodbye to all the missionaries, and had dinner at Sister Jhnsn's with Ang. She always makes good food. Yum. Then we went to Mtt Strns' farewell party. He flew out to Brazil on Tuesday. So we ate some good pie there!

Tuesday, we started out the day doing some family history with the Flnr's. They have SO MUCH to do. It's so awesome. I'm loving it. Then we went and taught Sbrn. She keeps getting strange reactions to being pregnant and getting all these 1% diseases like something that means she's allergic to being pregnant and some sort of cyst thing and it's crazy. Poor girl. Then we stopped by to give Sister Cpr her dishrags (I know I'm slow Mom but at least I got them there :) ) then went and taught Sister Klly and Ambr, went to the Hwll's for dinner and taught the Prdds'.

Wednesday, the first half of the day we spent at transfers and went to Q'doba for lunch then we swung by the mission office and the grocery store, Sister Hales did some unpacking, and we went to work! We tried a less-active and did some tracting then we went and saw Mable and Donny then went to the Brokamps for dinner. Then we went to Young Women's and got to do some yoga and learn how to crochet and tie die. I love the YW here. They're so fun!

Thursday, we did our weekly planning then went and taught the Flnr's so Sister Hls could meet them. Then we taught Zch (recent convert who had moved but just moved back here). He is a little lost right now, so we're gettin' him back to the basics. Then we got to see Shryll that Sister Jhnsn had referred us to, ate at Fazoli's, were supposed to teach the Lcvcs but they ended up having something so we taught their neighbor Gn and got her as a new investigator! Wahoo! She's really prepared. She had some good contact with mormons in Arizona and is ready to learn. We stopped by a LA who wasn't very happy with us but gave us a Greg Olsen puzzle anyways. Then we taught Sister Crzer and went and taught a new investigator Krsty with Sister Knsly. She's pretty involved in her church but she's willing to learn and read a little bit to find out more truth. So hopefully she listens to the spirit and wants to learn more!

Friday, we had MLC at the mission home for most of the day. It was a good meeting. We ended up getting a new stewardship of sisters so we cover Crawfordsville, Lebanon, and Frankfort, so a little far away, but it'll be good. We ate at ANOTHER chinese buffet for lunch (seriously, when I get home, never again.). After MLC, we went and tried a referral but he didn't answer so we knocked on his neighbor's doors and we ended up teaching a couple people. One of the guys is an Indy car driver. His name is Jy and he's from London...does anyone know who he is? He was pretty cool. Then we went to Sister Clrvx's house for dinner then went and taught the Kngs. It was their daughter's birthday so we took her a card and had some cake. It was a lot of fun.

Saturday was interesting but turned out being good! We went and helped out the ward raking leaves at one of the Sisters' in our ward's house. We probably filled up like 50 bags. It was crazy. I've never seen so many bags of leaves. Then we studied at starbuck's cause we didn't want to drive all the way home (haha...we smelled like coffee the rest of the day) and then found some new investigators while trying to find a less-active. Pretty sweet. They're moving though :( but it's all good! Then we taught Sister Jhnsn with Ang and it ended up being a tender mercy for her and for us cause our lunch ditched so she fed us. It was awesome all around. Then we got to see Crl with Abr. She still just is holding back for whatever reason. We're going to get to the bottom of it. :) Then we went and made some jello,

ate dinner at the Brghm's, then took the jello to Sbrn cause she had to go to the hospital so we visited her there.

Yesterday, we went to ward council (seriously, it's so entertaining. I love this ward.), went about church (Ang came to sacrament! I miss her!), had correlation meeting, contacted some referrals, then ate dinner with the Adms. They are hilarious. And she made such good rolls. Holy hannah they were awesome. And swedish tea bread. Yum. Then we stopped by and saw the Ghr's then watched the Christmas devotional at Sister Stdmn's. That's gotta be one of my favorite devotionals. It's always good. It was good to hear a little bit of David (Archuleta) before too. haha :)

And here we are at P-Day again! Wahoo! Time is flyin...Christmas is so soon.

Something I loved from this study this week was from Alma 30:60. This is the end of the story of Korihor where he was going around, trying to convince others that Christ won't come and that Jesus doesn't exist. But after asking for a sign and realizing he was wrong, he got trampled and the chapter ends with this verse. It simply says that God has our back 100% of the time and Satan always hangs us out to dry. We get some instant gratification from following Satan, but in the end, he never upholds us. It's so black and white. That's what I love about the gospel.

To answer letters:

Thanksgiving looked like it was a blast. The gingerbread houses are cute. I missed your stuffing mom!

We ate Kolache at one of the restauraunts.

I hope my flight is on time too. Gotta get to the basketball game haha. Sister Smthhrt just booked my flights. Crazy, right? (The Aggies have a basketball game on the schedule for the day she flies home!)

I loved my Aggie shirt! I've been wearin' it!

Love you all! Have a fantastic week!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

I only have one picture with the Flnr's dogs this week. You'll just have to count all the ones everyone sent you this week cause I haven't taken many. I'll try to be better this week! :)

Thursday, December 4, 2014



Wow. Time is so strange. I feel like it's been an eternity since last Christmas, yet it's been so fast. WEIRD.

This week went by really, really fast. I swear Thanksgiving never even happened.

So last Monday, after we got the norm done, it was time to go to work! We went and met with Tn (She is a little bit crazy. Turns out she wasn't interested in the gospel again, she just wanted help finding a gas meter because she thinks her downstairs neighbors are plotting against her and sending electricity through her floor). She got really offended cause I responded by telling her we could look around but the only thing we could really offer is the gospel...didn't take it too well...but whatevs). We went and helped the Pllngs with their house. They bought it for really cheap and were fixing it all up and had to be in by Saturday, so they needed all the help they could get! It looks really good though! Then we dropped off some papers to President and we were supposed to have dinner delivered to us, but she forgot so we ate then headed to Ang's to teach her and then the member ended up delivering pizza there. haha. So it all worked out.

Tuesday, we started out by teaching Sbrn (which Sbrn got baptized in August to answer your question momma) and she loved her blanket! (I sent her a fleece blanket for the baby) She's just really ready to have the baby. Then we had lunch and went on a little Kolache (Kolache [plural] is a type of pastry that holds a dollop of fruit rimmed by a puffy pillow of supple dough.) date with Sister Smth. It was yummy. Then we went and saw some members and less-actives and ended up catching a lot of them, which was really good cause we hadn't seen like any of them before. We contacted a referral that Sister Jhnsn had given us and she is awesome! Her name is Shryll and she just wants to add to any truth she has. It's so awesome. She definitely has real intent and doesn't know anything of the crazy stuff about Mormons so it's great. Then we had dinner with the Fts, went and taught Shlby with Sister Hthwy (Stcy's health is not too good, so we just taught Shlby outside) then we taught the Flnrs and showed them the beauty of Gospel Library and Mormon Messages.

Wednesday, we weekly planned in the morning then ate and Sister Sssns wasn't feeling good so she took a nap and I finished up our map. Then we went and saw the Kngs, who we hadn't been able to see FOREVER! They're still so awesome. And their daughter loves us, so we have an in. :) Then we went to Kona Grill with the Brwn's and I ate sushi for the first time...just a California Roll and some shrimp thing, but it's a start! :) Then I don't remember who we stopped by after that...we saw a lot of members that day, I just don't remember who....haha. Oh one was the Brghms...we stopped and shared a Thanksgiving message with them...I don't remember the other one...

Thursday was Thanksgivin'! It was a fun day, just seriously went by quick. We ran to Walmart to print a picture (of us and it said love, your Assisterants) for the Assistant's truck and grab a couple other things. Then we went and played skip-bo and dominos with the Smthhrts and helped them get ready for Thanksgiving. Sister Stdmn, the Flnr's, the Smth's, and the Assistants all came and we ate. Yum! Then we played Farkle then we headed down with Ang to her Mom's for a Dominican dinner. We had rice and beans and lasagna and Russian Potato salad and Flan and wrapped babies (they're these lettuce wrapped things...really good!). Then we had dessert at the Smthhrts.

Friday, we got our car back and then we had District Meeting. Last one of the transfer...unreal! Then we went to Olive Garden and went to the Flnr's to help them with family history. Their tree is like a jackpot for baptisms. We gotta get them to the temple! Then we did some contacting, went to dinner at the Hlblng's but only ate with Sister Klly and Sister Stglr (everyone else abandoned fort for one reason or another) and then we went teaching with Sister Ft and went to see Ang at Sister Jhnsn's.

Saturday, the morning was spent helping the Pllngs and Ang move. It was crazy, but we got it all done. We got back from Ang's just before 4, which is when we had a training with the Sisters from our stewardship at Sister Smth's. It was a lot of fun. We just did a couple little trainings and ate and had fun. I think we all needed it. Then we had dinner and went and visited Jckie Hu and her mom Crl Wu. haha :) They are adorable. They're from China and Sister Wu teaches Chinese at IUPUI.

Sunday, we went down to White River to support a missionary who has to go home for health reasons. She sang in their Sacrament Meeting. Then we came back to our ward for church. We had a Thanksgiving dinner with the Tylr's (the ones from San Diego) and then went out teaching with Brnn.

And here we are at Monday again! We are gettin' our hair cut and just hanging out with the other missionaries since everyone's leavin'!

Something I learned this week was a lot about following the will of God. I was reading in Alma about when he and Amulek get put into prison, get persecuted and beaten, then eventually they were able to break the bands and the prison fell. Then a couple chapters later, Ammon and the sons of Mosiah all follow Alma's example and decide to give up everything and preach the gospel. I love their examples and it's definitely something I needed this week. It's all about what God wants for us, not what the world or what our natural man wants for us. We all just have to learn to overcome that.

To answer questions:

Go Aggies. Hopefully they're hosting the MW Championship. I'll be waitin' to hear. (too bad Boise put an end to that hope)

Pie is better than Turkey anyway, right Dad? :) I'm excited about your PMG reading! You're crusin' right along! Thanks for always sending me your insights. I love it!

I didn't know you finally found an entry way table. It looks good. I can help ya paint it when I get home.

We have had a little bit of snow. Nothing too crazy yet.

I still get to drive. Salt Lake hasn't called. At this point, I don't think they will. Wahoo! (She had a little run in with a post at her apartment's carport) You have to watch some video to get approved to drive the 12 passenger, so we just took the truck! (I teased her that she should drive the 12 passenger van since she used to do that at AFY – Adventures for Youth at BYU-I)

Wahhoooo to Stacy and Mike! Congrats! They better wait til I get home! (Mike proposed to Stacy on their Thanksgiving cruise!!!!!)

Give Celester and Paul and everyone hugs for me! I miss them all! I can't believe she's already home! (Her friend Celeste just returned from serving in Brazil)

Love you all! Have a fantastic week and stay warm!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc
Me and the Turkey!
(I sent her a turkey stuffed with caramel corn
and Lindor truffles)

The Assisterants. 
(Driving the Assistants truck
while car was being repaired)

Thanksgiving with Ang and her fam!

Sisters meeting

Me and Sister Rh in our twinner dresses. I'm going to miss this lady!



I can't believe it's Thanksgiving again. Woowee.

This week was crazy and good and a definitely learning experience. We had just about everyone drop us or we dropped them, but it's time we find and baptize the elect. Wahoo!

So Monday, we had our usual P-day...played at Fishers and took Ang with was fun. Then we went to dinner at Chick-fil-a with Sister Bmn (last one :( She went back to Utah for Thanksgiving and will just come back for a week or so then move back to Utah) and then we went and taught Ang. She's doing well. Satan is definitely trying to work on her, but she's full of faith and knows what sources she needs to turn to for hope!

Tuesday, we had to take our car in, so we started out with doing service at the Pllng's after the Smth's picked us up from the car place. They are moving into a new house so we did some painting and sanding. Then we went to see our referral from that doctor in California with Sister Stdmn. We took her a Book of Mormon and she's excited. It's just a little crazy with the holidays and all of their family coming in. Then we went to lunch at Bub's with all of the senior missionaries and some members from the ward. Then we went out tracting (and it was like 5 degrees) but we talked to a lot of people and found a new investigator! Then we went to teach the Lcvcs neighbor with Sister Smth, but she cancelled so we taught the Lcvcs family. Seriously, they're so awesome. Brother Lcvcs needs to be baptized. Then we went to the Shf's and taught Bn and Mry and had dinner with them. Mry really opened up and we're going to go to her church hopefully on Saturday and hopefully she'll come to ours! Wahoo! Then Ang picked us up and we taught her and she took us home.

Wednesday, we had interviews in the morning, so Sister and President Cleveland picked us up and we went to Fishers. Interviews went well. I was first...wahoo! Then we got to take the Assistants truck and we get to keep it til our car is done. It's legit. They have to drive the 12 passenger van around now. President is the best. hahaha :) Love it. Then we blitzed Fishers, so I got to spend a few hours with Sister Clysn and we got to teach a lot and teach a member. It was fun. Then we had the Wllam's for dinner then went to YW and got Ang to her temple recommend interview. Wahoo! One week baptism, next week, baptisms for the dead! She got to go on Saturday with all the youth. She loved it!

Thursday, we started weekly planning and then we went with Sister Stdmn and taught the Flnrs cause our other appointments fell through (Crl has disappeared and won't answer us :( ) then we had lunch and then went to see our investigator that we met on Tuesday but she didn't show so we visited Anl with Sister Hthwy. He is definitely not ready to accept Jesus Christ, let alone the full gospel. His time will come though! Then we finished up weekly planning. We went and ate with the Smthhrts cause our dinner cancelled. Then we went and saw a YW who was baptized last year. She's originally from China and is just adorable.

Friday, we had District Meeting in the morning then we went to lunch at a Chinese Buffet (yuck. Not my choice. When I get home, I'm never going to one again.) Then we just went out contacting and visiting and I don't really remember specifically who we saw...haha too many days ago. Oh we did see Sbrn. She is so ready to have her baby. She had some sort of allergic reaction to something, so she had hives too :( Poor girl. Makes me not want to ever be preggo. haha :) We saw another couple of investigators that we had needed to see, so that was good. That night, we saw Sister Hstn and then had dinner with the Vn Brgns.

Saturday, we spent the morning helping out Homeplace with their Christmas Cemetery decoration. There were tons of boy and girl scouts that came and helped and it rained but it looks good! Then we went and helped the Flnrs put up their Christmas lights. Those two do way too much for being 80 years young. I'm glad we finally convinced them to let us help them. Then we had lunch, did some contacting in Homeplace, saw the Prdds', saw Sister Hwthrn and set up a church tour, then we had dinner with the Smth's (senior couple from the office that are in the Westfield Ward) and Ang. It was a ton of fun. Everyone just loves Ang. They're all so sad she's moving :( But it'll be good for her to go to YSA and help her family out, so it's all good :)

Yesterday was a dynamite Sabbath. Definitely needed it. Ward council was just hilarious as usual in the Carmel Ward and just had awesome meetings. It was a lot about just how we need to be grateful and realize our true potential and do family history and just everything good :) And then afterward, we were able to see a potential and hopefully get a church tour with him and then we had dinner at Sister Stdmn's with the Assistants and the Carmel Elders. Super fun. And she made us a bunch of southern food like biscuits and gravy and chicken fried steak and gravy and chicken pot pie. And pie. Yum. Then we did a church tour with Sister Hwthrn and then went and taught Jhn and Elzbth, a referral from the Prdds family and they are AWESOME! Elzbth is so elect. Jhn is a minister, so he's a little skeptical but he's willing to pray about it. It's so great. Hopefully we'll get them in the Prdds' home and help them feel the spirit even more in their lives. Elzbth travels all around to all sorts of churches singing. She's from Brazil and goes down there a lot too. It's so great. Then we had dinner and went and taught Sister Knsly. Then it was awesome. Tn, investigator who dropped us about a month ago, called us and wants to meet with us tomorrow. Wahoooooo! Miracle!

And today is Monday. And we get half a P-Day since Thursday is Thanksgiving and that'll be P-Day. So just laundry and shoppin' and car wash for us today then it's to proselytin'!

Hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving! Eat lots for me! :)

I don't think I see any questions really in the letters from this week. I'm up for Time out for Women in Indy! :) Is that the time we were going to Vegas? I'm up for whatevs...

My thought for this week comes from President's letter. I loved it. I needed it this week, so I thought I'd share it!

"I Promise Myself....."
To be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person I meet.
To make all my friends feel that there is something worthwhile in them.
To look at the sunny side of everything and make my optimism come true.
To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best.
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own.
To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
To wear a cheerful expression at all times and to smile at everyone I meet.
To give so much time to improving myself that I have no time to criticize others.
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit trouble.
To think well of myself and to proclaim this fact, not in loud word, but in great deeds.
To live in the faith that the whole world is on my side, so long as I am true to the best that is in me.

Christian D Larson

Peace and blessin's! Count your blessin's this week!

LOVE YA'LL!!!! :)
-Sista Darc

With Sister Bmn and Ashdn at Chick-Fil-A

 How Ang visits our apartment since she can't come in hahaha

Winter Wonderland.


We got like an inch or so of snow/ice last night. Wahoo! Just in time for our car to go into the shop tomorrow...wahoo..?! haha It'll be a great week though.

This week was a pretty great one! We had a baptism! Wahoo! I was out of the area a lot of the week because of exchanges, but it was great!

Monday, we had a regular ol' P-day...spent some time playin' in Fishers, went out to eat for Sister Rh and Sister Frncs' Birthdays...think that's about it. Then our dinner appointment cancelled, so we ate at home and then headed out to work. We taught Ang at Sister Jhnsn's house and then headed out to exchange with the Brownsburg Sisters.

I got to spend the day Tuesday in Brownsburg with Sister Rndll from Saratoga Springs. She's is such a boss missionary. Definitely knows what she's doing. So we spent a lot of the morning and early afternoon just talking to people, tracting, and stopping by investigators. It was an awesome day. We taught a couple less-actives, had a dinner appointment at the Chldrs, and then did an exchange review and switched back! Then I headed to Zionsville.

I then got to spend Wednesday in Zionsville with Sister Rh! Wahoo! It was just like Plainfield. We had a lot of fun. We did some random service in the morning helping a lady walk her dog and then put pink flamingos in Rubbermaid containers and then we studied then a member took us out for lunch then we finished up studies in the library and a random guy who used to be a preacher in Denver came over and kinda told us we were cool but bashed us and told us we were wrong. I'm totally fine with people trying to tell us we're wrong, but he basically told us that 15 million people had been brainwashed into believing there is a prophet. Irritating. I can't wait to meet him on the other side. Better yet, I can't wait til he meets Joseph Smith on the other side. It'll be awesome. hahahaha. Then we went out PC'ing and tracting, taught the same less-active I've taught all 3 times in Zionsville and she's still not coming to church, and we had dinner and an exchange review.

Thursday, I had accidentally left my bag in Zionsville, so my planner doesn't really say what we did...but I'll do my best :) So in the morning, Sister Smthhrt took us to Zionsville to get my bag, we went and taught Crl (she's bein' weird...supposedly still wants to get baptized but the whole 3 hours of church thing is throwing her off.), had lunch and made applesauce with Sister Hstn, weekly planned, Sister Hlblng brought us dinner, and we went and taught Ang with Abr Brwn.

Friday, we had Zone Meeting in Cumberland then we went to Buffalo Wild Wings (first time). Me and Sister Sssns both won BINGO so the Zone Leaders bought us lunch. It was great. haha :) Then we went and saw the Lcvcs (I can't spell it...he's from Lithuania). They are SO AWESOME! She's a less-active member and he's not but he might as well be. He defends the Mormons all the time, knows the Book of Mormon is true, everything but for whatever reason, he's not baptized. But they loved us. They said we were a lot less uptight than other missionaries...they even gave us a referral and Sister Lcvcs took us over to meet the lady. It was legit. Yay for part-member families! Then we tried another less active and taught Sister Jhnsn then we went with Ang down to Eagle Creek to eat Dominican food from her mom. It was yummy. I had fried eggplant. It was really good. And we shared a message. Of course. :)

Saturday, we helped out with a scouting thing in the morning and talked to a bunch of the parents then we got all ready for the baptism. It was so good and so many people from the ward came! It was awesome. I had to speak and play the piano and help with a musical number. Kept me busy! But seriously. It was the greatest. Ang shared her testimony and totally just bore it straight to her friends that were there. They're all going to be baptized, just wait. Then we went to Ang's and taught her friend Rbyn who just moved down here from Milwaukee so we get to baptize her! Wahoo! Then we had dinner with Sister Bmn, went to a church open house they had, and then taught Sbrn. We hadn't seen her all week and she's all stressed with school and baby stuff, so we went by.

Sunday, we had our regular meetings in the mornin' then we had church. Ang got confirmed and it was so great. She's already seeing blessings from it! Rbyn came to church and so did Ang's family, so definitely a good experience for all of them. Then afterward, we went and taught Ambr and then went out contacting and found a new investigator who wants us to come to a bible study and to teach her more cause she has Mormon relatives! Woot woot! Then we went to dinner at the Adms' with Ang and then went out teaching with Sister Prsns. We got to see Stcy for a couple minutes and then we taught the Flnr's cause I hadn't seen them all week. Then we had to run back to the church for a folder we forgot...I swear I'm getting old and forgetful. And it snowed! Wahoo!

But here we are back at Monday!

Something cool I learned this week was in Mosiah 25: 19-22. It talks about the organization of the church that Alma and Mosiah set up. They had their different "churches" or wards/branches led by a "priest" or a bishop and all of these "churches" together made up Christ's Church, under the direction of "Alma" or the prophet. And every single one of these churches was being taught the exact same doctrine. SO COOL. The Book of Mormon really was written for our day.

To answer letters:

The curtains look good and I like the name cards for Thanksgiving. I'm glad Gracie loves Tremonton so much. She should just move there. :) (I just made a roman shade for the laundry room and Gracie came and stayed with us for a couple of days. We had fun)

Yes it's the maxi dress and yes the spaghetti came out! Woo!

Love ya'll! Have a fantastic Thanksgiving-eve week! :)

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

Pictures. . .

 Sister Rndll and I. Sister Sssns took like 4
and we look weird in all of them...
I think this one is the least weird.

Sister Rh and I's service...

Us with Ang 
Me and Ang 

 Ang with Elder Cls. She kills me. 
And she hugged him after the baptism and
Elder Cls did not know what to do. Hilarious.

Me, Ang, and Elder Hjlm.

Me, Rbyn, Ang, and Sister Sssns.