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I swear I was just writing about Halloween last year...

Well I'm here in Carmel here with Sister Sssns! Wahhooo! She was companions with Sister Hwrd and served by Sister O'Brn. So it's pretty sweet. Lovin' it already!

Okay, so Monday, after we got done emailing, we washed the car and then just played at Fishers and then I said adios to Sister Hwrd. It was sad, but she was getting more excited to go home, so she held it together pretty well haha. So afterward, Sister Blckr (she killed off her companion Sister Nmnn too) and I came back to Carmel, went to the Wllms' for dinner, had FHE with them, and then went and taught Crl. She finally answered after she dropped off the side of the earth for a week. Yayyyy! :)

Tuesday, we had a busy day. We went out and taught with Sister Hthwy in the morning, had to pick up a prescription for Sister Blckr, had lunch with the Smthhrts (they made us omelettes! Yum.), then went and taped (Prepared for painting) for Sbrn. We're gettin' there on getting her room done. Taping takes FOREVER. Then we had an appointment cancel and no backups were home so we taught the Flnr's then we went to see Mnc with Abr Brwn. Mnc dumped us. She totally felt the spirit and got scared and wouldn't take a Book of Mormon. Darn. But we planted a couple three seeds, so it's alright. She'll come around :) Then we were supposed to see Bn but he wasn't home so we talked to his wife a little bit and got to see his baby then we did a little bit of tracting and found a new investigator named Trn. It was pretty awesome because she happened to be over at her 99 year old neighbor's house helping her and we got to teach her and then went to get her actual address and they have a no soliciting sign on the door, so we wouldn't have been able to knock her door. Miracle. Then we went to see a part-member family, the Kng's. They are SO COOL. Brother Kng got jaded when his ex-wife was basically not a very good Mormon, so he hasn't been to church in a long time, but he's willing to give it a shot and his daughter wants a Book of Mormon and to come to church and I'm pretty sure his wife would come with. Wahoo! I love part-member families. They're the bomb. Then we went to the Bmn's for taco night in their little hotel room.

Wednesday, we had transfers. Then we had lunch at Subway. Then we had our STL meeting. Then we came back, grocery shopped, dropped off luggage, and then headed out to work. We went tracting, which Sister Sssns is terrified of, and we found 2 new investigators! Wahoo! It was awesome! Then we saw the Hymre's and taught the Flnr's. They want to get their patriarchal blessings. They're so excited. Then we had dinner with Sister Ft then went and taught Ang. We taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it's so hilarious cause she's like basically bored with the basics cause she just knows it all cause of the spirit. I love it. She is like "Where's the meat!?" It's awesome. Love her.

Thursday, we were supposed to go teaching with Sister Hthwy but everyone loves to not be home so we ended up having lunch and weekly planning and then trying to see a lady earlier but our schedule got all crazy. But it worked. haha. Then after weekly planning, we went and saw Anl. He's just getting less and less open and more and more defensive, I think because of the same reason as Mnc. He felt the spirit and knew he had to change so he's being defensive. But whatevs. Then we were supposed to teach with Sister Pllng, but someone cancelled again. I don't remember what we did instead of that...but then we had dinner with Sister Crzr then went back and taught one of the new investigators we had found on Wednesday named Mk. He is SO READY! He was Pentecostal but then they started changing based on the world so now he's a non-denominational, but they're also doing like sermons in pubs and such and he just knows it isn't right. So he is a hardcore truth seeker. He's so awesome. We put him on a baptismal date for Dec. 20th.

Friday, our District Meeting got cancelled cause Elder Rsmssn sprained his ankle... so we went and saw Stcy to set up an appointment and taught Sister Prdds. Then we had lunch, went and taught Crl with Sister Flnr, then we were supposed to teach a lady with Sister Clvlnd but she bailed so we saw the Flnr's with Sister Clvlnd instead. Then we had a lesson at the mission office with a lady named Wndy (she does the senior missionaries' hair). She is just in a really, really low spot and needs the gospel. It was a very emotional lesson for her, probably overwhelming, so we'll see where things go...kinda crazy. But it was good. Then we went to Sister Clrvx for dinner (she had forgotten so she ran and got pizza) then saw Sister Tglr and she gave us the best applesauce ever. Weeedooggies it was good.

Saturday, we painted a ton for Sbrn then went and taught Ang and her friend Rbyn. They are like the same human. So prepared for the gospel. We took Brnn with us. It was an awesome lesson about the Word of Wisdom. They both loved it. Then Sister Clrvx made us fried plantains...definitely different but they were good! Then we had dinner (waffles!) with the Sdrs and then taught Ambr after and someone else but I don't remember...

Sunday, we went about church (Crl, Ang, and Rbyn came and all 3 loved it! Wahoooo!) then we had lunch. We went out and contacted some referrals, went to the Brwn's for dinner, were supposed to do a church tour but they bailed, then we went to see the Hwlls and ended up getting crepes. Then I realized my planner was gone so we went back to the church to find it and we frantically looked all around, prayed, and found it in the parking lot hahaha. Typical. Then we went and taught Rck with Sister Prdds. He is such a faith filled guy, he just needs the confirmation that it's all true. He's the one leaving for Ukraine, so hopefully we'll get him baptized before he leaves!

And here we are, P-Day again! Wahoo!

I don't see too many questions in this week's I guess that's it. haha.

My thought for this week is from Mosiah 2 (probably one of my favorite chapters in the whole BoM). In verse 36, it talks about how if WE transgress, WE withdraw the spirit from ourselves. It isn't that the spirit doesn't want to be with us, it's that we walk away from Him and ignore Him. I like King Benjamin's dedication to being obedient. He definitely was a disciple of Jesus Christ. My commitment is to NEVER postpone a prompting cause we don't want to walk away from the Holy Ghost do we?

Love you all! Have a great Halloween (the worst holiday of the year...) (She has never liked Halloween)

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

With Sister Hwrd before she left. 

With Sister Crpntr since we didn't get a picture before.

With Sister Clrvx. And a fried plantain.
Fried plantains. (reminds me of Cool Runnings "Your bananas are stinking up the place!")

 (Sister O'Brn, Sister Hwrd, Mom, Dad We were able to attend Sister Hwrd's homecoming and met Sister O'Brn, too – So this is Darcie's first and last companions)

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