Tuesday, November 4, 2014

First snow? Check.


That's right. It officially snowed on Halloween so the winter has begun. Wahoooo! It was fun. I'm excited for the snow, not so much for it to be dark at like 5 but it'll work out. :)

This week was great...definitely a learning one, but a great one :)

So last Monday, we did the normal P-Day stuff then we went to Fishers to play. We played some serious Zone Dodgeball. It was pretty intense :) Then that night, we had dinner with the Bmn's at Chick-fil-A and then shared a message with them then we stopped by a less-active's and ended up teaching her mom and got a return appointment to go see them both. Wahoo!

Tuesday, we started out the morning and taught a lady named Shrn...she basically talked our ear off then when we tried to teach she told us she wasn't interested...but we planted the seed, so that's all that matters! And she knows this famous person that Sister Sssns loves, so it made her happy haha :) Then we had lunch and went to do service for Sbrn. We about got the room done. She did start having cramps yesterday, so we were worried that we wouldn't be able to get the room done, but she's good. So we'll hopefully get it wrapped up this week. Then we went and taught Bn with Dmnk (she just got baptized in May) and it was great. She was the perfect fellowshipper and could relate to a lot of his concerns. Then we were supposed to teach a lady with Sister Clmn but the lady bailed so we went and saw Ik's lady friend and it ended up that Ik moved out so we taught her and have a follow up appointment with her this week. Then we went and ate dinner with Ang (she cooked us Dominican...SO GOOD) and taught her about baptism and she's moving it up! Wahooo! November 15th! She's so ready and we asked her what would be holding her back from us moving up her date and she said she was scared God would give her too many blessings and she'd be too happy...seriously...this girl kills me. She's READY! Wahooo Again! :)

Wednesday, we were on exchanges, so I was here in Carmel with Sister Frncs. It was a good day! We started off teaching Tn, but she basically dropped us because she needs to figure her junk out I guess. She could be so elect but she wants to be a hermit. But soon, she will be golden :) Then we went to teach with Sister Hthwy but our appointment fell through so we went to see a less-active with her, who came to the trunk or treat and church! Wahoo! Miracles happen! Then we went out contacting. Nothing too crazy. Talked to some people...a guy with burrito running all down his face and hand...the usual...haha :) Then we had dinner at the Jhnsn's with Ang, taught Grtchn with Sister Wshbrn (she is excited about the Book of Mormon!), then went and taught the Mllr's, which Sister Mllr just got baptized last December and Brother Mllr works on the temple.

Thursday, we did weekly planning, went to teach Crl with Sister Ft and she is getting it and realizing the importance. She'll have to meet with us more often to make her Nov. 22nd date, but I think as she studies the Book of Mormon more consistently, she'll get there! Then we finished up Weekly Planning and then went and carved pumpkins with Sm Stglr and taught him. They were pretty sweet pumpkins. Then we had dinner at Mud Bugs with Sister Hwll. Those hushpuppies are bomb. Then we had a cancelled appointment so we saw Sister Clssr then picked up Sister Smthhrt and went to teach Ang. She LOVES the Law of Chastity. She's gotta be golden, right? :) Everything just logically makes sense. It's the best.

Friday, we went and got our flu shots at CVS (a little sketch...think I'll stick with Walgreens from now on...haha) then we had district meeting. I dressed up like a pumpkin...aka I wore an orange shirt with a green scarf. I hate dressing up. :) Then we went to Panda for lunch, went to teach Sister Bmn cause she had a rough day Monday, went and taught the Flnrs, then tried a couple people...totally tried to tract on Halloween and convinced some people we were trick-or-treaters dressed up as Mormon Missionaries and they believed us (one we thought was a member's house but turns out it wasn't so it was pretty funny. Whoops. Then we got to hang out at the Prdds' for a little bit and have pizza and hand out candy and then we went to stop by Sister Hstn to do the same. It was pretty fun. Pretty cold weather for trick-or-treating, but it's like Utah where you need to make your costume big enough for the snow suit to fit under. Not many people here do that.

Saturday, we went and taught Ambr and her friend in the morning. Her friend is interested in learning more! Wahoo! They both came to the trunk-or-treat that night too. Then we went and rode with Ang down to White River for a baptism. It was all in Spanish, so Ang understood it, but not us hahaha. It was awesome though. Definitely clicked for her. We got to see Elder Hjlm, Elder Estr, and Elder Ws, so that was fun. Elder Ws gave a talk in Spanish. You'll have to tell his family that he's doing really well! Then we went to lunch at Applebee's (finally used those giftcards), went and saw a less-active, and then went and gave a church tour. We ended up helping set up the trunk-or-treat after and then I judged the desserts and Ang judged the cornbread. It was a fun night and we had a really good turnout. I dressed up as Brother Flnr with his trucker hat and suspenders. Grandpa would be proud. :) Then we went to see the Smth's to take them our miles and share a message. He's the Car Czar and we were talking about accidents and then when we pulled into our carport, I hit the stupid pole in the middle of it. So I have officially caused damage to a mission car :( I was super ticked, but we'll see what ends up happening. I may not drive for the rest of my mission. But whatevs. Then we tried to find the phone to call him and we couldn't find it, so we used the Smthhrts, planned, and enjoyed our extra hour of sleep.

Sunday, we headed to church and had the prompting to look on the front lawn for our phone and we found it with a layer of ice on it! But it works! Wahoo! Then we went about church, Ang and Crl and her granddaughter came, had super good lessons, good fast Sunday, just a good Sabbath :). Then we had a lesson that Sister Hwll took us to but she ended up having to cancel because her grandma had just had a stroke like seriously 30 minutes before we got there so we went to teach Ang. Then we went and taught a lady named Lnd whose brother was learning from the Elders before he died and wanted to be baptized, so one of the Elders talked to her about baptism for the dead, so we went and talked to her about it and got the info and hopefully will be teaching her! But not til December cause she works from like 9 am - 8:30 pm...crazy. Then we had dinner with the Rprs, saw Sister Drff, and went to see Sister Stdmn cause she had just got back from North Carolina.

And here we are. We had to go get an estimate on the car this morning and will finish up our normal p-day stuff and see where life takes us. Should be good.


Yes it was Zach's Birthday Letter. I already told him it'd be late. (a letter for Zach came to our house – she must have forgotten his address)

I'm glad you got to see Meet the Mormons. It was so good. Spirit-topia! (It was really good – I judge a movie on whether or not I stay awake – Never nodded once!)

I've had 1 companion from Utah, which is the crazy part. Lots from Idaho. (Also Colorado, Arizona, & North Carolina)

Well something I learned this week is from something called "The Fourth Missionary" by Lawrence Corbridge. It's so good. You should all read it cause it applies to more than just full-time missionaries. He talks about in Mosiah 2 (same chapter as last week...evidence that Mosiah is the best) where it says that we are IMMEDIATELY blessed when we obey. We lots of times think blessings are things we'll have to wait for. But the blessing really does come immediately and that is the blessing of change. As we obey, we change. Our character changes and we refine ourselves, which is our whole purpose of being here on earth. So always remember that you are IMMEDIATELY blessed for obedience! Totally worth it!

LOVE YOU! Have a great first week of November! Time flies! It's Christmas music time!

Peace and Blessin's...
Sista Darc

The speedway! We accidentally drove by on Saturday.

With Brother and Sister Flnr.

With the car. Darn it all...

With Sister Frncs

With Sm carving pumpkins. 
Glad I paid attention to how you did it Dad.
No one really knew how to do it efficiently! You taught me well! :)

With our pumpkins.

Halloween district picture. Sister Rh tried to make me look like a pumkin
but I look like a gypsy...haha.

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