Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Church is true. The Book is blue. God's a Mormon. And Jesus too. :)


It's week 6 of this transfer already. Can you believe it?! Woo doggies. It flew. (Her companion Sister Hwrd will be returning home next Tuesday so Darcie will take her to the mission home on Monday and then one of the other sister missionaries whose companion is also going home will stay with her until transfers Wednesday)

This week was pretty sweet! Last Monday, we did the normal P-day stuff then we picked up the Fishers sisters (Sister Wlknsn – a former companion is in Fishers now! Woot woot!) and headed down to Cumberland to play some soccer. It was pretty fun. Then we headed out on exchanges. We dropped Sister Hwrd and Sister Wlknsn off in Fishers then Sister Plc and I went out to Chick-fil-A with the Bmns then went to their hotel/apartment/house/ share a message!

Tuesday, we had a crazy day! We taught Rch in the morning and he dropped us. He's just researching for the history and proof, so he's not going to feel the spirit doing it. But he'll come around eventually! Then we went out and tried to contact some referrals, went and taught our investigator Crl. She's doing really well! She's excited about everything! Then we shared a message with the Flnrs. Their 2 Lhasa Apsos are so cute...don't really look like Daisy (our dog that we had for 12 years) though. We stopped by and saw a less-active couple that are getting married on Halloween (well, they're workin' on it...) Then we had some ice cream for lunch and then headed to an early dinner appointment with Sister Plmr. Her little kids are hilarious. Then we went and tried to teach Bn but his wife is having/had twins and they were leaving so we only got to share a snippet of a lesson. Then we contacted some referrals then Sister Stdmn picked us up and we went and contacted our miracle of the week! Her mom and step-dad are being taught in White River and she was interested in learning so she sent in a referral but we never got it (turns out the Elders did but they couldn't contact her because the number was wrong and the door was locked to her apartment building) so she told the White River Sisters and they texted us and we went and taught her and gave her a baptismal date right then on the first lesson. It was awesome. She is so excited and so prepared. Miracles happen! Then we had an exchange review in the car drivin' back and exchanged back! Wahoo!

Wednesday, we did a little contacting in the morning, went and taught Sbrn, then headed to Fishers cause we got to see Meet the Mormons again! It was even better the second time. It's just filled with the spirit. Then we went to the Grnr's for dinner. Turns out Brother Grnr's brother lives down on the water skiing lake in Fielding/Riverside (by Hampton Ford) in one of those Mansions. Brother Grnr also went to USU. Go Aggies. We just went and stopped by a few people and met with the Bishop to go through the ward directory after that.

Thursday, we went and saw a lady named Stcy, who we stopped by on Wednesday night. She was a former investigator who anti-ed herself. But this time, she was very open and she wanted a Restoration pamphlet and we came back Thursday cause she wanted to give away some of her skirts and it ended up she had read the pamphlet and wanted another one, so we gave her the Plan of Salvation. YAY! Hearts change. I love it. The spirit is working on her! And then we went and taught a referral the Stglr's gave us. Her name is Alc and she cleans their house. She's actually from Sheridan in the Zionsville Branch but she's always in Carmel. She is awesome. Then we weekly planned, went and saw Anl (he watched conference and we taught him about the priesthood. We're pretty sure he felt the spirit but just kind of like with Rch, he's in the gray area. It was funny because he was like "If you can't answer my questions, we're going to have to get a priest from the seminary or something." We proceeded to tell him we didn't have a seminary and he didn't believe us hahaha). Then we went to the Hwll's for dinner, then went and taught Ang with Sister Bmn. Seriously, she's so prepared.

Friday, we had Zone Meeting down in Cumberland. We got to go out and PC in an apartment complex there. We met this guy named Jms and he was definitely high and we talked to him for a bit and then said something about being Mormon and he completely turned. Sister Hwrd said her dad baptized her and he said "Oh you're going to have to be rebaptized then" hahaha. And we told him Jesus is Mormon and he said "No way is Jesus Mormon" And we said...wellllll not necessarily Mormon but He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ which at this point is the Mormons. haha Missionaries are supposed to go back there soon, so we'll see how that goes. Then we had lunch and headed back to homeplace. We had a couple appointments cancel, so we saw a less-active and taught a few random people then headed to dinner with the Bmn's at Bazbeaux's. We had shrimp pizza and mexican pizza. It was pretty good. Then we saw the Vn Brgn's and a potential and taught a guy over the phone (who must have been drunk because we set up an appointment with him the next day and we showed up and he had no clue hahaha).

Saturday, we gave Crl a church tour, ate at the church and finished up weekly planning then we headed out to see the said drunk guy who owns a limo company. We're supposed to go back Tuesday, so we'll see if he remembers. Then we just went out and talked to a bunch of people, shared a message with the Flnr's because it was their 61st anniversary, went to the Fts for dinner, taught another member family, then went and taught Ang again. It was so funny because her friend tried to anti her and she just couldn't understand why her friend was being so close minded hahahaha. She seriously is ready to be Mormon.

Sunday, we had meetings and then church. It was the primary program and it was adorable! Ang came and loved it and made some good friends already! Sad thing is that she might move back to White River soon :( But it's all good. Then after church we ate (Funny story. We forgot to grab any food from the apartment so on the way to the church, I jokingly said "Heavenly Father, please let someone bring leftovers to church for us" and lo and behold, our ward mission leader, Brother Brghm, showed up with some leftovers for us. God answers prayers.) then went to teach Ndn (the one from Jamaica) but only her husband was home. He said she would be back soon. So after an hour of talking to him and her not showing up, we had to leave for our dinner appointment with the Bry's. Then we went to Why I Believe. Sister Flnr spoke and did so good! It was awesome! And we got to see the Schmlfldt's again. He's going to practice and bring me Molasses bread (I sent him the recipe – it is one of Darcie's favorites) at the next Why I Believe. Wahoo! Oh and we also got mooned on the way to Why I Believe. Always an adventure in the ghetto of Indy! :)

And here we are. Something I learned this week was from 2 Nephi 25. I love how Nephi talks about how we need to serve with all of our might, mind, and strength. The difference between someone who just goes through the motions and someone who is actually a disciple is someone who puts their heart into something. If you don't have heart, then we don't really ever see the blessings from going through the motions. But if we give everything we have and are (reference to Mosiah 2), we really do become instruments in God's hands.

Questions from letters:

Some of the people who work on the temple live here and some move to different sites of temples. Just depends. We have a good mix of both. (I had asked about the people working on the temple, if they lived there or come and live during building and then move somewhere else)

Is Brother Hvl on the Colt's roster? We're eating at their house this week. Maybe I'll become a fan. Who knows. (He is on the reserve roster)

Chick-fil-A is still just pretty alright. Don't love it. Don't hate it. (Always told me she didn't like it but I never understood why)

Yes I did tell Brother Frstne Mark's son was in the mission. I didn't get to talk to the Snowville lady long enough. I'll have to find her again. (Brother Frstn used to live in Snowville and played football with Mark Weese - Mark's son is now serving in the Indiana Mission)

Yes I did do a secret grandma thing in YW. I actually think Dora was mine. (I had told her that our YW were starting a secret grandma activity. Sister Dora Peterson – our YW president's grandmother – was Darcie's secret grandmother. Sister Peterson passed away last Friday – she was always one of our favorite ladies.)

Hopefully someone from a foreign country looks up the church because of my blog! :) (I told her that her blog shows some foreign visitors)

I have only had children come to the door naked. Possibly some adults hiding behind the door naked, but no full nudity. Other than being mooned this week haha.

I think that's it...

Love you all! Have a fantastic week! Happy Columbus Day! Read 1 Nephi 13 in honor of the prophesy of Columbus coming here! :)

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

 We found the weirdest looking fruit, so we impersonated Eve.

In Rcky's Limo.

 Sister Plc and I

 With the Schmlfldt's!

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