Monday, October 6, 2014

The boots have come out.


It's coolin' down here in Indiana! That means the leaves are beautiful. Not loving that it's getting cold, but it'll be alright :)

So last Monday for Sister Hwrd's birthday, we went to lunch at MudBugs. It's cajun food. I have officially had hushpuppies and beneight  (I think she means beignets) I don't know how to spell's those powdered sugar things from Princess and the frog.... they were gooooood. Then we hung out with the Zionsville Sisters, went to a cake ball factory (you should sell those mom...they charge 2-2.50 for them.)(I do like to make cake balls), went to Texas Roadhouse with the Bmn's, then went and exchanged with the Brownsburg Sisters!

I finally got to spend a day in Brownsburg! Wooo! I was with Sister Crpntr (we forgot to take a picture) from Rupert, Idaho! She's awesome. We spent the morning with a less-active then did service at the library (I totally tore the front off one of their binders...whoops.) and then we taught another less-active right after lunch. We went out and did some finding then headed off to pick up a member for a lesson and we totally got taken on this like 15 mile detour which made us cut it really close on miles since it was the last day of the month so we ended up having to get a ride with a member to exchange back hahah. It was pretty funny. Sister Crpntr was stressed. We made it home with 1/2 mile to spare! Budgeting miles at its finest. Anyway, so when we finally got the member and went to the lesson, we taught a lady who had been in a house fire about 3 years ago. She's having trouble deciding whether to leave her Methodist church or not. She knows it's all true though. Then we had a 20 minute dinner with some members cause we were late from the detour, taught a part-member family with another member, and then did an exchange review and hitched a ride to the Brownsburg church to exchange back!

Wednesday, we were on exchanges again, this time with Sister Fln from Westfield Ward (she's originally from Long Beach, California) and I got to stay in Carmel. We had a week of cancelled appointments, but it turned out great anyway. God was teachin' us something, but we got the most member presents ever even with all our cancelled appointments! Wahoo! So we spent the morning finding, found 2 new investigators in the afternoon by following up with potentials and talking with everyone (including potential's wives and setting up return appointments to teach them both...THE BEST!) and then went out with Sbrn to teach and had another cancellation but we taught that before mentioned wife and then taught her and her mom. Then we went to dinner with the Bmn's, went and taught an investigator with Sister Prdds that we hadn't seen for like 4 months (miracles happen when appointments cancel) then exchanged back.

Thursday, we found an awesome new investigator named Stphn who is doing her doctorate at Ball State then taught Sbrn with Brother Grnr then did weekly planning. I don't remember who exactly we saw after...I think we went and contacted a bunch of referrals, had another cancelled appointment but actually ended up teaching Ik's wife and got her as a new investigator! Then we did some more contacting and had dinner.

Friday, I had my first MLC (Mission Leadership Council) meeting. It was fun. All the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders get together for trainings on what is upcoming in meetings and such. We received lots of revelation for our area and our Sisters. Wahhoooo! And we had to role play the Plan of Salvation in front of everyone. Sister Hwrd loved that. haha :) It was great though. We also got to watch Meet the Mormons! It's SO GOOD! Everyone go see it! Afterward, we had a couple cancelled lessons but we taught a hilarious drunk couple with Sister Hthwy and another potential with her. It was great. These people were crazy. And hilarious. They kept telling us "Happy Friday!" Then we took the Fishers Sisters with us (Sister Wlknsn is now here in Fishers! Wahhooooo!)(Sister Wlknsn is a former companion) to the Prdds's for dinner and had pizza.

Saturday, it was mostly just reminding people about General Conference, watching General Conference, and following-up with people. Nothing too exciting. We did get to go out for priesthood-session night with Sister Stdmn and Sister Smthhrt and went and saw the Flnrs. It was super fun. We went out to eat at a place called McKenzie River and I got bacon-wrapped meatloaf. So good....still not as good as yours mom. But maybe you should try the bacon with yours just to make it even better. A little bacon can't hurt, right? :) (I will try it)

Sunday was more conference, tried some people with Sister Stdmn, taught a lady in a towel (every time we go over she's always in a's so funny. The first time we met her husband he was in a towel too.), ate with the Strns, and put Crl on a baptismal date with Sister Flnr there! Wahooo! She's so prepared it's ridiculous. Our Buddhist Monk investigator watched conference and I swear it was all for him. Super sweet.

And that about wraps it up! Hopefully you all had a great and revelatory conference! I loved Elder Christofferson's talk about discipleship. Being a disciple is not convenient, but it's always worth it. We have to work hard so God has something to work with! GENIUS! My commitment this week is to read/watch/re-read/re-watch conference! There was so much good in there!

And that's about it! I haven't got your letter yet mom, so I can't answer questions. And I forgot yours at home dad...whoops...(I promise I sent it on Wednesday – I even added extra postage to it)

Love you all! Hope you have a great week!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

Eating at MudBugs

Me and Sister Fln

 Sister Hwrd during conference

(She watches conference the same way I do - Diane)

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