Thursday, October 2, 2014



This week fleeeewwww. Again.

Monday, we went to Fishers to play and then went to the Hlblngs/Kllys for dinner. Then we went and saw a member and celebrated Elder Smthhrt's birthday! Wahhooo! We heart attacked their door and there was confetti everywhere...

Tuesday, we headed down to Indy to two lessons but they both didn't show so we just PC'd and found a new guy named Sm, who also flaked on his follow up appointment but texted us yesterday, so that was sweet. After lunch, we went and taught Sbrn and then headed back down to Indy with Sister Brwn to go teach Mssy (the lady we found last week who was super put off but then softened her heart. She was so happy and is quitting smoking!) and Ebny (also found her last week...we almost passed her but we talked to her and now she's on a baptismal date and her daughter is too!) Then we taught Bn with Brother Edwrds. We just haven't quite figured out what his motivation is yet...but we'll get there. We've been trying to teach his wife but haven't been able to catch her yet. Then we went out to Greek with Sister Tglr in Indy then tried some potentials and picked up some temple clothes from Sister Cpr.

Wednesday, we had mission conference with Elder Perkins. It. Was. AWESOME. I loved it. It was fun how involved in missionary work the Perkins' had been with being mission presidents and basically all their kids have served mission, so it was pretty sweet. My ending thought will be from the conference :) After that, Sister Hwrd wasn't feeling too swell so we hung out for a few minutes to try to get her back goin and then we had dinner at the Stglr's (Sbrn totally bashed on Paul George once after he broke his leg. She had no idea it was him. Hilarious.) then I don't really remember what we did...Shoot...haha. Oh yes I do. We went and stopped by some members and set up church tours!

Thursday, we went to see Sm in the morning but he wasn't there, we took Sister Flnr out with us (our appointment with someone we were going to take her to cancelled, but we ended up teaching a guy who was born in Turkey and just saw so much hatred toward women that now he has went complete opposite and believes God is a woman.) After lunch, we weekly planned, then went and taught a Buddhist Monk named Anl. We took Sister Stdmn with us. It was hilarious because he wants to know what makes us so passionate so we taught him about the Restoration but he just wanted to basically know deep doctrine and wouldn't let us leave. He was like "I haven't found the reason you love this so much so pour yourself more juice and you can't leave yet!" It was so funny. We're meeting with him again this week, so we're excited. He's golden, he just doesn't know it yet. He accepted baptism if he finds out it's true! Wahoo! Then we went and visited a former (she's stubborn and said the only reason she talks to us is to be day she'll realize we were right haha) and then we had dinner and headed out to Fishers to exchange.

So Friday, I was in Fishers with Sister McDwll. We ended up moving someone and taught a couple less actives and recent converts and did a church tour, so it didn't leave too much time for anything other than that! Do you know any Freestone's that used to live in Snowville? (There was actually a Freestone girl that was my age) I met one at the move. He used to play football with Mark Weese. Small world. His son is the one we moved into the Fishers ward. Pretty sweet. I met a lady yesterday who used to live in Snowville too...what in the world. haha. (That is amazing considering Snowville has a population of 169 people)

Saturday, we got up at like 4:30 and headed out to the temple with Bishop, Brother Hthwy, and Sister Bwmn. We hit the 8:30 session. It was great! I got to see one of the different movies finally! I love the peace that you feel in the temple. Seriously, nothing like it. I could sit there ALL DAY. Then we were back by 2:00 and went out and tried a bajillion people but no one was home...we did talk to some lemonade stand people so that was fun! :) Then we went to the Relief Society Dinner and broadcast. Wasn't it so good?! (I can't answer that question because I was in Wisconsin and we thought we would be able to watch it at the Marriott but they didn't have BYU-TV. Our hotel in Madison did but not in Milwaukee) Holy day of temples! I loved it! Church is true!

Yesterday, we went about church and meetings...nothing too crazy there...taught a lot of members and church tours, ate dinner with the Jhnsn's (she made Tilapia. It was super good.) and then ate again some Haitian food with Sister Clrvx. We had another dinner scheduled too, but they signed up for next week too, so we cancelled that one haha.

And here we are today. It's Sister Hwrd's Birthday! WAHHOOOOO! PARTY!!!! So we're going to have some fun.

My thought and commitment for today: Think of questions you can ask at General Conference. We talked a ton at mission conference about how any "meeting" (boring, lame, monotonous) can be changed into a "revelatory experience" by just writing down questions before ANY meeting. And if you do, I KNOW they will be answered! So let me know how it goes! :)

And I didn't get any letters this week yet (the mail here is lame) so I don't have any questions to answer...(Dad sent his through Dear Elder and I sent a package)

And I think that's it...

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

Elder Smithhart's door

Me & Sister McD

 Early Mornin' at the temple!

Me & Sister H

 With Sister B!

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