Friday, October 31, 2014

I'm killing my first companion.


Yep. I'm sending off Sister Hwrd today :( Sad day. But I guess we'll survive somehow. This week flew by once again.

Monday, we just did the normal P-Day stuff...went to Fishers to play...then we headed off to Homeplace. We were supposed to have an appointment but she cancelled because her son was sick and we ended up having to go get our phone charger, so we taught our neighbor who is a Seventh-Day Adventist pastor and charged up our phone. Then we went out to the Bmn's for dinner. They weren't home yet and it was like 7:45, so we grabbed Arby's and then the Bmn's came back and Sister Bmn cut Sister Hwrd's hair, I made French Toast for them, and then we shared a message. Kinda crazy, but it worked :)

Tuesday, we found a new investigator named Nl that morning tracting. He was in his house belting a song. So we knocked and he said he was singing himself to sleep. haha He's awesome. Then we saw Stcy and put her on a baptismal date for December 13th! Hopefully her husband has his heart softened so she can get baptized and hopefully her kids too. They need it! Then we taught the Flnrs and Sbrn then did some contacting. We went and saw Mnc with Sister Crzr. She is pretty stubborn and not too open, but she knows she needs to be open to what God tells her is true. Hopefully this week will go a little better haha. She's willing to listen, so we'll see what happens. Then our next appointment didn't show, we had dinner with the Brk's (they had this glaze stuff from Costco called Blaze should get some. It's delicious – I have tried it at Stacy's house – it is good.), then went and taught Ang with Sister Hwll. Seriously, so golden. Nothing else to say there. She's just awesome.

Wednesday, we went and gave trainings at 2 district meetings over in Fishers that morning then had lunch then went and painted trim for Sbrn. She's getting all ready for the baby so we're helping her paint. Then I don't remember what we did...but we ate with the Hvl's and Brother Ml that night. It was super fun. I can now say I've been in their house and ate with not only 1, but 2 NFL players :) They're awesome people. Both Brother Ml and Hvl played for USC. Then after that, we stopped by a member and his non-member roommate and set up a church tour.

Thursday, we had some cancellations in the morning, so we just went out visiting people with Brnn Sdr (who just got off her mission to Utah). We ended up seeing Ik and he was as funny as ever. He just can't grasp that God and Jesus Christ are two separate people. He taught us basically the Plan of Salvation and told us there are levels in heaven (we know Ik) and he just still doesn't get the trinity. If he could grasp that they're 3 separate, he'd be golden. But we're still workin' on him. Then we had lunch with the Smth's (new senior couple from the office) at City BBQ. Not as good as GoodWood, but it was still pretty good. Then we weekly planned and went out visiting with Brnn again. Then we had an appointment cancel so we went and saw Bn. His wife had her baby and all is well so we get to see him this next week again. Then we went to try some less-actives down by our dinner appointment and ended up at the Elder's dinner appointment with a less-active. Guess God really wanted us all to see her that day hahahaha. Then we had dinner with the Jhnsn's, taught a guy in their parking lot, and taught Pl over the phone.

Friday, we got to see Moroni go up on the temple! It was awesome! We went right after studies and they were prepping him for it. We were supposed to be at District Meeting at 11 but we saw that they were getting really close to lettin' him fly so all of our district just came to the temple hahaha. So then we had like a 30 minute District Meeting. No one was supposed to know about the Moroni, but a bunch of people from the ward work there, so there's no hope of keeping it secret. So like, the whole Carmel Ward was there. It was awesome :) Then we went on a blitz of Zionsville. Me and Sister Rh got to go out contacting. It was fun! Then we had all appointments cancel that night so we ate dinner then went out and saw Nl with Sister Tlls and then we went and saw someone else but I don't recall remember who...haha...Oh just kidding yes I do. His name is Ehb. He is Egyptian. They hadn't seen him for like 3 months, so we taught him about the Book of Mormon. It was great.

Saturday, we gave Brother Bll and his roommate a church tour, went and saw a less-active, went and helped Sbrn cause she was ridiculously stressed, went and saw a museum that Brother Flnr volunteers at, had a "funeral party" with the Pilling's for Sister Hwrd, then went visiting with Brnn down in Indy. We weeded out a couple of our  people, set up an appointment with a lady we had been needing to see, and found a new investigator named Lrn! Her and Ang are twins, I swear. They need to just be taught together haha. Both truth seekers that don't want anything crazy. Then we had dinner with the Klly Clan (Klly, Hlblng, and the Stglrs) and had a going away party with them for Sister Hwrd. Then we went and gave Ehb his Book of Mormon. This time, his wife, who is a devout Coptic Christian, was there. He was like a completely different person. It was crazy. He was not too fond of the Book of Mormon or reading that stunk. But maybe he'll come around.

Yesterday, we had meetings and church. Ang came to church and just commented up a storm in Relief Society. It was so great. She fits right in. Then afterward, Sister Knsly fed us lunch and we headed out. We taught Ndn and her daughter, Angl. Angl is very interested in getting baptized but Ndn is not. So we'll see how that turns out. Angl is 10 and read the whole Restoration pamphlet and remembered just about the whole thing. It was so great. Then we tracted some mansions (one answered and the servant or butler or whatever said "The lady of the home is not in." What age are we living in?), had dinner with the Cprs, went and said bye to the Flnr's and Sbrn, and planned.

And this morning, we got all cleaned up and got Sister Hwrd packed and I think everything is good to go! I'm staying here in Carmel, so I didn't have too much to worry about.

Something I learned this week was today from Jacob 2. It's interesting the contrast between 2:8 and 2:23. The Word of God has whatever effect we decide it can have. If we have no desire to repent or change, then the Word of God is going to make us feel guilty and burdened. But if we want to use the Atonement, the word of God heals us, no matter how wounded we are. So make sure you give Him all your heart, might, mind, and strength and He will heal you! Wahhoooo! :)

I forgot your letters at home...I can't remember what any of the questions were...

Love you all! Hope this week is rockin'!

Peace and Blessin's!
-Sista Darc

With the Fishers District

Tony Moroni!

With Sister Hwrd and Sister Rh photo bombing.

Carmel District!
With all the missionaries that were at the temple. (This computer won't let me see the pictures hopefully that's a good one...)

With Emly Rpr from the ward! She was a trooper and took pictures for me! :)

With the first stoplight in Carmel!

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