Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Carmel is sweet.


This week was crazy good. It flew by. I swear yesterday was Monday. We taught the most lessons ever on my mission this week...WAHOO! We still haven't got anyone on date, but we found like crazy so it was awesome! This transfer is going to fly...well it already is flying.

So last Monday, we did the usual then went to Fishers and played. It was fun to finally be back around missionaries so we could actually do something on P-Days haha. :) Then after, we went to the Bmn's for dinner and shared a message with them. I don't remember if I said last week, but he's a stoneman for the temple and is working on the baptismal font. He has done it for the Nauvoo and a bunch of other temples. Sweet right? Tons of people in the ward are working on it. It looks SO GOOD.

Tuesday, we went and saw an investigator with Brother Flnr in the morning (we ended up dropping him...he believes in reincarnation and just isn't sure or committed) then we had lunch, taught Sm (dropped him too...) and Sbrn, and then taught our investigator Bn. He is super cool and super normal haha. He has been reading the Book of Mormon! He even read it while walking through Toys-R-Us, so he's also being a missionary hahaha. He committed to baptism, but as far as a date, he's a little skeptical. But he'll get there. We're going to hopefully meet his wife this week too. Then the Moala's brought us dinner (Bro. Moala plays for the Colts. I think he's doing rehab right now, but have you heard of him? I think he played for USC.) and we went and taught Dn (the one we found last week) and he accepted baptism! He's just crazy busy right now, so scheduling appointments with him is a little hard. Then we headed to Zionsville for exchanges.

So on Wednesday, I was in Zionsville with Sister Blmn. She is from Iowa, so she's only like 8 hours from home. Crazy, right? But for most of the day we just PC'd and contacted. It was super sweet. We just talked to everyone. It was awesome. We also taught a less-active and a member and had dinner at a member's house. Zionsville is an adorable little town. It's been said to be the most difficult area in the mission, but I know that miracles are just waiting to happen there! There's tons of people, so I'm excited for those sisters to be there. They're going to tear it up!

Thursday, we spent the morning visiting some members to set up church tours and PC'd, weekly planned (I got to call the Tckrs! They are adorable! They're still doing good, the missionaries just haven't been coming around since I left the little stinks...)). Then we went and visited more members and did more contacting, went to the Sdrs for dinner (They have a daughter in the Ogden North Mission but she's never served in Tremonton) and then we had a cancelled appointment that night and I don't really remember what we

Friday, we had District Meeting, went to Chick-fil-A for lunch, and then went and found 3 new investigators at a hoppin' complex in Indy! It was super sweet. Our appointment cancelled so we just PC'd and saw miracles! Then we saw a less-active and then went to the Vn Brgn's for dinner and then saw a new family in the ward who is from Russia. They're pretty sweet.

Saturday, we had a church tour in the morning with the Cprs and then we were going to give our investigator Ik a church tour but he got into anti and ranted about that so we just resolved concerns there. He was telling us all about how God created women as the weaker vessel and that Jesus is black. Legit. The member we brought with us was like...uhhh...haha I love the mission. Then after that we saw a couple potentials and got a new investigator (he's Buddhist and ridiculously open to anything) and then we saw a less-active then headed to Plainfield for Jn's baptism (Sister Rh and Sister Hwrd taught her.) It was pretty funny because Sister Frncs also taught her and Sister Blmn and Sister Rh and Sister Hwrd all taught her and I served in Plainfield and we're all in the same district. It turned out awesome. And we got to see all the Plainfield people, so it was great. Then we taught A when we got back and had an 8:00 dinner.

Sunday, we had meetings (Ward Council here is hilarious. It always ends up crazy funny.) and went about church then tried an investigator, had lunch, went to a member's and he was harvesting honey so we got to watch (and taste...YUM) them extract it. SUPER SWEET. Then we had 2 more church tours, had dinner with the Cprs, then went out visiting with Sister Hwll. Our appointment cancelled and our 1st backup didn't work so we went with the spirit and stopped by an investigator and we were just what she needed cause her mom died a week ago. It was awesome. We're teaching her again this week and she knows she needs it. Miracles are THE BEST.

And here we are again.

My thought this week comes from the Bible Dictionary under Sabbath. You should all go read it. The Sabbath is really the key to everything we do. As President told us, the Sabbath is the "big game". You work your whole week up toward Sunday so that you can worship and show that God is whom you trust because you're willing to give up a day for Him. Love it. Seriously, go read the definition in the BD. It'll change your life. Hopefully. haha :) But I know that the Sabbath is SO IMPORTANT and that we really receive so many blessings from simply setting apart time to gain our spiritual boost for the week.

To answer letters:

I Loved Ellie's letter! Adorable!

I am still hardcore, don't worry! :) (I asked her if she was getting soft!) And being a Sister Training leader basically just means we go on exchanges with all the sisters in our leadership to provide training and we help with stress/emotional issues and just basically are there as a support. (Just wondered what a Sister Training Leader's responsibilities were)

I have been getting Zach's emails the past couple weeks, but for like forever before that I hadn't been. (Some how Zach's emails have not been reaching her!)

I think it's Will's mom that is related to the Switzers. They kind of look alike, so that would make sense. (Someone we know from Tremonton are related to the Switzers – small world)

Lou fixed some Puerto Rican chicken and rice and bread and deviled eggs (aka evil eggs according to him.) (I had asked her what the man from the library had fixed them to eat)

The Blueberry festival shirt is gray with Blueberry Hank on it. (wondered what the Blueberry festival shirts looked like)

The Hodges leave on October 1 I think. (Missionary couple who work in the Mission Office)

My favorite picture of you two I think is on facebook...I think I had an album called oldies but goodies or something...It's also on my iPhone as long as you haven't deleted anything. (It was Chuck and I's 25th wedding anniversary on September 16 and Darcie has this one picture of us that is hilarious to everyone but me! I was going to share on fb but I couldn't find it)

I'll send pictures in another email cause Google Chrome still isn't letting me..

LOVE YOU! Be good! Church is true!
Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc


All of us Plainfield Sisters and Jn.
Exchanges with Sister Blmn

Us with Jrdn (from Plainfield...she got baptized while we were there)

With Sister Brgsn!

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