Friday, October 31, 2014

I'm killing my first companion.


Yep. I'm sending off Sister Hwrd today :( Sad day. But I guess we'll survive somehow. This week flew by once again.

Monday, we just did the normal P-Day stuff...went to Fishers to play...then we headed off to Homeplace. We were supposed to have an appointment but she cancelled because her son was sick and we ended up having to go get our phone charger, so we taught our neighbor who is a Seventh-Day Adventist pastor and charged up our phone. Then we went out to the Bmn's for dinner. They weren't home yet and it was like 7:45, so we grabbed Arby's and then the Bmn's came back and Sister Bmn cut Sister Hwrd's hair, I made French Toast for them, and then we shared a message. Kinda crazy, but it worked :)

Tuesday, we found a new investigator named Nl that morning tracting. He was in his house belting a song. So we knocked and he said he was singing himself to sleep. haha He's awesome. Then we saw Stcy and put her on a baptismal date for December 13th! Hopefully her husband has his heart softened so she can get baptized and hopefully her kids too. They need it! Then we taught the Flnrs and Sbrn then did some contacting. We went and saw Mnc with Sister Crzr. She is pretty stubborn and not too open, but she knows she needs to be open to what God tells her is true. Hopefully this week will go a little better haha. She's willing to listen, so we'll see what happens. Then our next appointment didn't show, we had dinner with the Brk's (they had this glaze stuff from Costco called Blaze should get some. It's delicious – I have tried it at Stacy's house – it is good.), then went and taught Ang with Sister Hwll. Seriously, so golden. Nothing else to say there. She's just awesome.

Wednesday, we went and gave trainings at 2 district meetings over in Fishers that morning then had lunch then went and painted trim for Sbrn. She's getting all ready for the baby so we're helping her paint. Then I don't remember what we did...but we ate with the Hvl's and Brother Ml that night. It was super fun. I can now say I've been in their house and ate with not only 1, but 2 NFL players :) They're awesome people. Both Brother Ml and Hvl played for USC. Then after that, we stopped by a member and his non-member roommate and set up a church tour.

Thursday, we had some cancellations in the morning, so we just went out visiting people with Brnn Sdr (who just got off her mission to Utah). We ended up seeing Ik and he was as funny as ever. He just can't grasp that God and Jesus Christ are two separate people. He taught us basically the Plan of Salvation and told us there are levels in heaven (we know Ik) and he just still doesn't get the trinity. If he could grasp that they're 3 separate, he'd be golden. But we're still workin' on him. Then we had lunch with the Smth's (new senior couple from the office) at City BBQ. Not as good as GoodWood, but it was still pretty good. Then we weekly planned and went out visiting with Brnn again. Then we had an appointment cancel so we went and saw Bn. His wife had her baby and all is well so we get to see him this next week again. Then we went to try some less-actives down by our dinner appointment and ended up at the Elder's dinner appointment with a less-active. Guess God really wanted us all to see her that day hahahaha. Then we had dinner with the Jhnsn's, taught a guy in their parking lot, and taught Pl over the phone.

Friday, we got to see Moroni go up on the temple! It was awesome! We went right after studies and they were prepping him for it. We were supposed to be at District Meeting at 11 but we saw that they were getting really close to lettin' him fly so all of our district just came to the temple hahaha. So then we had like a 30 minute District Meeting. No one was supposed to know about the Moroni, but a bunch of people from the ward work there, so there's no hope of keeping it secret. So like, the whole Carmel Ward was there. It was awesome :) Then we went on a blitz of Zionsville. Me and Sister Rh got to go out contacting. It was fun! Then we had all appointments cancel that night so we ate dinner then went out and saw Nl with Sister Tlls and then we went and saw someone else but I don't recall remember who...haha...Oh just kidding yes I do. His name is Ehb. He is Egyptian. They hadn't seen him for like 3 months, so we taught him about the Book of Mormon. It was great.

Saturday, we gave Brother Bll and his roommate a church tour, went and saw a less-active, went and helped Sbrn cause she was ridiculously stressed, went and saw a museum that Brother Flnr volunteers at, had a "funeral party" with the Pilling's for Sister Hwrd, then went visiting with Brnn down in Indy. We weeded out a couple of our  people, set up an appointment with a lady we had been needing to see, and found a new investigator named Lrn! Her and Ang are twins, I swear. They need to just be taught together haha. Both truth seekers that don't want anything crazy. Then we had dinner with the Klly Clan (Klly, Hlblng, and the Stglrs) and had a going away party with them for Sister Hwrd. Then we went and gave Ehb his Book of Mormon. This time, his wife, who is a devout Coptic Christian, was there. He was like a completely different person. It was crazy. He was not too fond of the Book of Mormon or reading that stunk. But maybe he'll come around.

Yesterday, we had meetings and church. Ang came to church and just commented up a storm in Relief Society. It was so great. She fits right in. Then afterward, Sister Knsly fed us lunch and we headed out. We taught Ndn and her daughter, Angl. Angl is very interested in getting baptized but Ndn is not. So we'll see how that turns out. Angl is 10 and read the whole Restoration pamphlet and remembered just about the whole thing. It was so great. Then we tracted some mansions (one answered and the servant or butler or whatever said "The lady of the home is not in." What age are we living in?), had dinner with the Cprs, went and said bye to the Flnr's and Sbrn, and planned.

And this morning, we got all cleaned up and got Sister Hwrd packed and I think everything is good to go! I'm staying here in Carmel, so I didn't have too much to worry about.

Something I learned this week was today from Jacob 2. It's interesting the contrast between 2:8 and 2:23. The Word of God has whatever effect we decide it can have. If we have no desire to repent or change, then the Word of God is going to make us feel guilty and burdened. But if we want to use the Atonement, the word of God heals us, no matter how wounded we are. So make sure you give Him all your heart, might, mind, and strength and He will heal you! Wahhoooo! :)

I forgot your letters at home...I can't remember what any of the questions were...

Love you all! Hope this week is rockin'!

Peace and Blessin's!
-Sista Darc

With the Fishers District

Tony Moroni!

With Sister Hwrd and Sister Rh photo bombing.

Carmel District!
With all the missionaries that were at the temple. (This computer won't let me see the pictures hopefully that's a good one...)

With Emly Rpr from the ward! She was a trooper and took pictures for me! :)

With the first stoplight in Carmel!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Church is true. The Book is blue. God's a Mormon. And Jesus too. :)


It's week 6 of this transfer already. Can you believe it?! Woo doggies. It flew. (Her companion Sister Hwrd will be returning home next Tuesday so Darcie will take her to the mission home on Monday and then one of the other sister missionaries whose companion is also going home will stay with her until transfers Wednesday)

This week was pretty sweet! Last Monday, we did the normal P-day stuff then we picked up the Fishers sisters (Sister Wlknsn – a former companion is in Fishers now! Woot woot!) and headed down to Cumberland to play some soccer. It was pretty fun. Then we headed out on exchanges. We dropped Sister Hwrd and Sister Wlknsn off in Fishers then Sister Plc and I went out to Chick-fil-A with the Bmns then went to their hotel/apartment/house/ share a message!

Tuesday, we had a crazy day! We taught Rch in the morning and he dropped us. He's just researching for the history and proof, so he's not going to feel the spirit doing it. But he'll come around eventually! Then we went out and tried to contact some referrals, went and taught our investigator Crl. She's doing really well! She's excited about everything! Then we shared a message with the Flnrs. Their 2 Lhasa Apsos are so cute...don't really look like Daisy (our dog that we had for 12 years) though. We stopped by and saw a less-active couple that are getting married on Halloween (well, they're workin' on it...) Then we had some ice cream for lunch and then headed to an early dinner appointment with Sister Plmr. Her little kids are hilarious. Then we went and tried to teach Bn but his wife is having/had twins and they were leaving so we only got to share a snippet of a lesson. Then we contacted some referrals then Sister Stdmn picked us up and we went and contacted our miracle of the week! Her mom and step-dad are being taught in White River and she was interested in learning so she sent in a referral but we never got it (turns out the Elders did but they couldn't contact her because the number was wrong and the door was locked to her apartment building) so she told the White River Sisters and they texted us and we went and taught her and gave her a baptismal date right then on the first lesson. It was awesome. She is so excited and so prepared. Miracles happen! Then we had an exchange review in the car drivin' back and exchanged back! Wahoo!

Wednesday, we did a little contacting in the morning, went and taught Sbrn, then headed to Fishers cause we got to see Meet the Mormons again! It was even better the second time. It's just filled with the spirit. Then we went to the Grnr's for dinner. Turns out Brother Grnr's brother lives down on the water skiing lake in Fielding/Riverside (by Hampton Ford) in one of those Mansions. Brother Grnr also went to USU. Go Aggies. We just went and stopped by a few people and met with the Bishop to go through the ward directory after that.

Thursday, we went and saw a lady named Stcy, who we stopped by on Wednesday night. She was a former investigator who anti-ed herself. But this time, she was very open and she wanted a Restoration pamphlet and we came back Thursday cause she wanted to give away some of her skirts and it ended up she had read the pamphlet and wanted another one, so we gave her the Plan of Salvation. YAY! Hearts change. I love it. The spirit is working on her! And then we went and taught a referral the Stglr's gave us. Her name is Alc and she cleans their house. She's actually from Sheridan in the Zionsville Branch but she's always in Carmel. She is awesome. Then we weekly planned, went and saw Anl (he watched conference and we taught him about the priesthood. We're pretty sure he felt the spirit but just kind of like with Rch, he's in the gray area. It was funny because he was like "If you can't answer my questions, we're going to have to get a priest from the seminary or something." We proceeded to tell him we didn't have a seminary and he didn't believe us hahaha). Then we went to the Hwll's for dinner, then went and taught Ang with Sister Bmn. Seriously, she's so prepared.

Friday, we had Zone Meeting down in Cumberland. We got to go out and PC in an apartment complex there. We met this guy named Jms and he was definitely high and we talked to him for a bit and then said something about being Mormon and he completely turned. Sister Hwrd said her dad baptized her and he said "Oh you're going to have to be rebaptized then" hahaha. And we told him Jesus is Mormon and he said "No way is Jesus Mormon" And we said...wellllll not necessarily Mormon but He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ which at this point is the Mormons. haha Missionaries are supposed to go back there soon, so we'll see how that goes. Then we had lunch and headed back to homeplace. We had a couple appointments cancel, so we saw a less-active and taught a few random people then headed to dinner with the Bmn's at Bazbeaux's. We had shrimp pizza and mexican pizza. It was pretty good. Then we saw the Vn Brgn's and a potential and taught a guy over the phone (who must have been drunk because we set up an appointment with him the next day and we showed up and he had no clue hahaha).

Saturday, we gave Crl a church tour, ate at the church and finished up weekly planning then we headed out to see the said drunk guy who owns a limo company. We're supposed to go back Tuesday, so we'll see if he remembers. Then we just went out and talked to a bunch of people, shared a message with the Flnr's because it was their 61st anniversary, went to the Fts for dinner, taught another member family, then went and taught Ang again. It was so funny because her friend tried to anti her and she just couldn't understand why her friend was being so close minded hahahaha. She seriously is ready to be Mormon.

Sunday, we had meetings and then church. It was the primary program and it was adorable! Ang came and loved it and made some good friends already! Sad thing is that she might move back to White River soon :( But it's all good. Then after church we ate (Funny story. We forgot to grab any food from the apartment so on the way to the church, I jokingly said "Heavenly Father, please let someone bring leftovers to church for us" and lo and behold, our ward mission leader, Brother Brghm, showed up with some leftovers for us. God answers prayers.) then went to teach Ndn (the one from Jamaica) but only her husband was home. He said she would be back soon. So after an hour of talking to him and her not showing up, we had to leave for our dinner appointment with the Bry's. Then we went to Why I Believe. Sister Flnr spoke and did so good! It was awesome! And we got to see the Schmlfldt's again. He's going to practice and bring me Molasses bread (I sent him the recipe – it is one of Darcie's favorites) at the next Why I Believe. Wahoo! Oh and we also got mooned on the way to Why I Believe. Always an adventure in the ghetto of Indy! :)

And here we are. Something I learned this week was from 2 Nephi 25. I love how Nephi talks about how we need to serve with all of our might, mind, and strength. The difference between someone who just goes through the motions and someone who is actually a disciple is someone who puts their heart into something. If you don't have heart, then we don't really ever see the blessings from going through the motions. But if we give everything we have and are (reference to Mosiah 2), we really do become instruments in God's hands.

Questions from letters:

Some of the people who work on the temple live here and some move to different sites of temples. Just depends. We have a good mix of both. (I had asked about the people working on the temple, if they lived there or come and live during building and then move somewhere else)

Is Brother Hvl on the Colt's roster? We're eating at their house this week. Maybe I'll become a fan. Who knows. (He is on the reserve roster)

Chick-fil-A is still just pretty alright. Don't love it. Don't hate it. (Always told me she didn't like it but I never understood why)

Yes I did tell Brother Frstne Mark's son was in the mission. I didn't get to talk to the Snowville lady long enough. I'll have to find her again. (Brother Frstn used to live in Snowville and played football with Mark Weese - Mark's son is now serving in the Indiana Mission)

Yes I did do a secret grandma thing in YW. I actually think Dora was mine. (I had told her that our YW were starting a secret grandma activity. Sister Dora Peterson – our YW president's grandmother – was Darcie's secret grandmother. Sister Peterson passed away last Friday – she was always one of our favorite ladies.)

Hopefully someone from a foreign country looks up the church because of my blog! :) (I told her that her blog shows some foreign visitors)

I have only had children come to the door naked. Possibly some adults hiding behind the door naked, but no full nudity. Other than being mooned this week haha.

I think that's it...

Love you all! Have a fantastic week! Happy Columbus Day! Read 1 Nephi 13 in honor of the prophesy of Columbus coming here! :)

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

 We found the weirdest looking fruit, so we impersonated Eve.

In Rcky's Limo.

 Sister Plc and I

 With the Schmlfldt's!

Monday, October 6, 2014

The boots have come out.


It's coolin' down here in Indiana! That means the leaves are beautiful. Not loving that it's getting cold, but it'll be alright :)

So last Monday for Sister Hwrd's birthday, we went to lunch at MudBugs. It's cajun food. I have officially had hushpuppies and beneight  (I think she means beignets) I don't know how to spell's those powdered sugar things from Princess and the frog.... they were gooooood. Then we hung out with the Zionsville Sisters, went to a cake ball factory (you should sell those mom...they charge 2-2.50 for them.)(I do like to make cake balls), went to Texas Roadhouse with the Bmn's, then went and exchanged with the Brownsburg Sisters!

I finally got to spend a day in Brownsburg! Wooo! I was with Sister Crpntr (we forgot to take a picture) from Rupert, Idaho! She's awesome. We spent the morning with a less-active then did service at the library (I totally tore the front off one of their binders...whoops.) and then we taught another less-active right after lunch. We went out and did some finding then headed off to pick up a member for a lesson and we totally got taken on this like 15 mile detour which made us cut it really close on miles since it was the last day of the month so we ended up having to get a ride with a member to exchange back hahah. It was pretty funny. Sister Crpntr was stressed. We made it home with 1/2 mile to spare! Budgeting miles at its finest. Anyway, so when we finally got the member and went to the lesson, we taught a lady who had been in a house fire about 3 years ago. She's having trouble deciding whether to leave her Methodist church or not. She knows it's all true though. Then we had a 20 minute dinner with some members cause we were late from the detour, taught a part-member family with another member, and then did an exchange review and hitched a ride to the Brownsburg church to exchange back!

Wednesday, we were on exchanges again, this time with Sister Fln from Westfield Ward (she's originally from Long Beach, California) and I got to stay in Carmel. We had a week of cancelled appointments, but it turned out great anyway. God was teachin' us something, but we got the most member presents ever even with all our cancelled appointments! Wahoo! So we spent the morning finding, found 2 new investigators in the afternoon by following up with potentials and talking with everyone (including potential's wives and setting up return appointments to teach them both...THE BEST!) and then went out with Sbrn to teach and had another cancellation but we taught that before mentioned wife and then taught her and her mom. Then we went to dinner with the Bmn's, went and taught an investigator with Sister Prdds that we hadn't seen for like 4 months (miracles happen when appointments cancel) then exchanged back.

Thursday, we found an awesome new investigator named Stphn who is doing her doctorate at Ball State then taught Sbrn with Brother Grnr then did weekly planning. I don't remember who exactly we saw after...I think we went and contacted a bunch of referrals, had another cancelled appointment but actually ended up teaching Ik's wife and got her as a new investigator! Then we did some more contacting and had dinner.

Friday, I had my first MLC (Mission Leadership Council) meeting. It was fun. All the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders get together for trainings on what is upcoming in meetings and such. We received lots of revelation for our area and our Sisters. Wahhoooo! And we had to role play the Plan of Salvation in front of everyone. Sister Hwrd loved that. haha :) It was great though. We also got to watch Meet the Mormons! It's SO GOOD! Everyone go see it! Afterward, we had a couple cancelled lessons but we taught a hilarious drunk couple with Sister Hthwy and another potential with her. It was great. These people were crazy. And hilarious. They kept telling us "Happy Friday!" Then we took the Fishers Sisters with us (Sister Wlknsn is now here in Fishers! Wahhooooo!)(Sister Wlknsn is a former companion) to the Prdds's for dinner and had pizza.

Saturday, it was mostly just reminding people about General Conference, watching General Conference, and following-up with people. Nothing too exciting. We did get to go out for priesthood-session night with Sister Stdmn and Sister Smthhrt and went and saw the Flnrs. It was super fun. We went out to eat at a place called McKenzie River and I got bacon-wrapped meatloaf. So good....still not as good as yours mom. But maybe you should try the bacon with yours just to make it even better. A little bacon can't hurt, right? :) (I will try it)

Sunday was more conference, tried some people with Sister Stdmn, taught a lady in a towel (every time we go over she's always in a's so funny. The first time we met her husband he was in a towel too.), ate with the Strns, and put Crl on a baptismal date with Sister Flnr there! Wahooo! She's so prepared it's ridiculous. Our Buddhist Monk investigator watched conference and I swear it was all for him. Super sweet.

And that about wraps it up! Hopefully you all had a great and revelatory conference! I loved Elder Christofferson's talk about discipleship. Being a disciple is not convenient, but it's always worth it. We have to work hard so God has something to work with! GENIUS! My commitment this week is to read/watch/re-read/re-watch conference! There was so much good in there!

And that's about it! I haven't got your letter yet mom, so I can't answer questions. And I forgot yours at home dad...whoops...(I promise I sent it on Wednesday – I even added extra postage to it)

Love you all! Hope you have a great week!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

Eating at MudBugs

Me and Sister Fln

 Sister Hwrd during conference

(She watches conference the same way I do - Diane)

Thursday, October 2, 2014



This week fleeeewwww. Again.

Monday, we went to Fishers to play and then went to the Hlblngs/Kllys for dinner. Then we went and saw a member and celebrated Elder Smthhrt's birthday! Wahhooo! We heart attacked their door and there was confetti everywhere...

Tuesday, we headed down to Indy to two lessons but they both didn't show so we just PC'd and found a new guy named Sm, who also flaked on his follow up appointment but texted us yesterday, so that was sweet. After lunch, we went and taught Sbrn and then headed back down to Indy with Sister Brwn to go teach Mssy (the lady we found last week who was super put off but then softened her heart. She was so happy and is quitting smoking!) and Ebny (also found her last week...we almost passed her but we talked to her and now she's on a baptismal date and her daughter is too!) Then we taught Bn with Brother Edwrds. We just haven't quite figured out what his motivation is yet...but we'll get there. We've been trying to teach his wife but haven't been able to catch her yet. Then we went out to Greek with Sister Tglr in Indy then tried some potentials and picked up some temple clothes from Sister Cpr.

Wednesday, we had mission conference with Elder Perkins. It. Was. AWESOME. I loved it. It was fun how involved in missionary work the Perkins' had been with being mission presidents and basically all their kids have served mission, so it was pretty sweet. My ending thought will be from the conference :) After that, Sister Hwrd wasn't feeling too swell so we hung out for a few minutes to try to get her back goin and then we had dinner at the Stglr's (Sbrn totally bashed on Paul George once after he broke his leg. She had no idea it was him. Hilarious.) then I don't really remember what we did...Shoot...haha. Oh yes I do. We went and stopped by some members and set up church tours!

Thursday, we went to see Sm in the morning but he wasn't there, we took Sister Flnr out with us (our appointment with someone we were going to take her to cancelled, but we ended up teaching a guy who was born in Turkey and just saw so much hatred toward women that now he has went complete opposite and believes God is a woman.) After lunch, we weekly planned, then went and taught a Buddhist Monk named Anl. We took Sister Stdmn with us. It was hilarious because he wants to know what makes us so passionate so we taught him about the Restoration but he just wanted to basically know deep doctrine and wouldn't let us leave. He was like "I haven't found the reason you love this so much so pour yourself more juice and you can't leave yet!" It was so funny. We're meeting with him again this week, so we're excited. He's golden, he just doesn't know it yet. He accepted baptism if he finds out it's true! Wahoo! Then we went and visited a former (she's stubborn and said the only reason she talks to us is to be day she'll realize we were right haha) and then we had dinner and headed out to Fishers to exchange.

So Friday, I was in Fishers with Sister McDwll. We ended up moving someone and taught a couple less actives and recent converts and did a church tour, so it didn't leave too much time for anything other than that! Do you know any Freestone's that used to live in Snowville? (There was actually a Freestone girl that was my age) I met one at the move. He used to play football with Mark Weese. Small world. His son is the one we moved into the Fishers ward. Pretty sweet. I met a lady yesterday who used to live in Snowville too...what in the world. haha. (That is amazing considering Snowville has a population of 169 people)

Saturday, we got up at like 4:30 and headed out to the temple with Bishop, Brother Hthwy, and Sister Bwmn. We hit the 8:30 session. It was great! I got to see one of the different movies finally! I love the peace that you feel in the temple. Seriously, nothing like it. I could sit there ALL DAY. Then we were back by 2:00 and went out and tried a bajillion people but no one was home...we did talk to some lemonade stand people so that was fun! :) Then we went to the Relief Society Dinner and broadcast. Wasn't it so good?! (I can't answer that question because I was in Wisconsin and we thought we would be able to watch it at the Marriott but they didn't have BYU-TV. Our hotel in Madison did but not in Milwaukee) Holy day of temples! I loved it! Church is true!

Yesterday, we went about church and meetings...nothing too crazy there...taught a lot of members and church tours, ate dinner with the Jhnsn's (she made Tilapia. It was super good.) and then ate again some Haitian food with Sister Clrvx. We had another dinner scheduled too, but they signed up for next week too, so we cancelled that one haha.

And here we are today. It's Sister Hwrd's Birthday! WAHHOOOOO! PARTY!!!! So we're going to have some fun.

My thought and commitment for today: Think of questions you can ask at General Conference. We talked a ton at mission conference about how any "meeting" (boring, lame, monotonous) can be changed into a "revelatory experience" by just writing down questions before ANY meeting. And if you do, I KNOW they will be answered! So let me know how it goes! :)

And I didn't get any letters this week yet (the mail here is lame) so I don't have any questions to answer...(Dad sent his through Dear Elder and I sent a package)

And I think that's it...

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

Elder Smithhart's door

Me & Sister McD

 Early Mornin' at the temple!

Me & Sister H

 With Sister B!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Carmel is sweet.


This week was crazy good. It flew by. I swear yesterday was Monday. We taught the most lessons ever on my mission this week...WAHOO! We still haven't got anyone on date, but we found like crazy so it was awesome! This transfer is going to fly...well it already is flying.

So last Monday, we did the usual then went to Fishers and played. It was fun to finally be back around missionaries so we could actually do something on P-Days haha. :) Then after, we went to the Bmn's for dinner and shared a message with them. I don't remember if I said last week, but he's a stoneman for the temple and is working on the baptismal font. He has done it for the Nauvoo and a bunch of other temples. Sweet right? Tons of people in the ward are working on it. It looks SO GOOD.

Tuesday, we went and saw an investigator with Brother Flnr in the morning (we ended up dropping him...he believes in reincarnation and just isn't sure or committed) then we had lunch, taught Sm (dropped him too...) and Sbrn, and then taught our investigator Bn. He is super cool and super normal haha. He has been reading the Book of Mormon! He even read it while walking through Toys-R-Us, so he's also being a missionary hahaha. He committed to baptism, but as far as a date, he's a little skeptical. But he'll get there. We're going to hopefully meet his wife this week too. Then the Moala's brought us dinner (Bro. Moala plays for the Colts. I think he's doing rehab right now, but have you heard of him? I think he played for USC.) and we went and taught Dn (the one we found last week) and he accepted baptism! He's just crazy busy right now, so scheduling appointments with him is a little hard. Then we headed to Zionsville for exchanges.

So on Wednesday, I was in Zionsville with Sister Blmn. She is from Iowa, so she's only like 8 hours from home. Crazy, right? But for most of the day we just PC'd and contacted. It was super sweet. We just talked to everyone. It was awesome. We also taught a less-active and a member and had dinner at a member's house. Zionsville is an adorable little town. It's been said to be the most difficult area in the mission, but I know that miracles are just waiting to happen there! There's tons of people, so I'm excited for those sisters to be there. They're going to tear it up!

Thursday, we spent the morning visiting some members to set up church tours and PC'd, weekly planned (I got to call the Tckrs! They are adorable! They're still doing good, the missionaries just haven't been coming around since I left the little stinks...)). Then we went and visited more members and did more contacting, went to the Sdrs for dinner (They have a daughter in the Ogden North Mission but she's never served in Tremonton) and then we had a cancelled appointment that night and I don't really remember what we

Friday, we had District Meeting, went to Chick-fil-A for lunch, and then went and found 3 new investigators at a hoppin' complex in Indy! It was super sweet. Our appointment cancelled so we just PC'd and saw miracles! Then we saw a less-active and then went to the Vn Brgn's for dinner and then saw a new family in the ward who is from Russia. They're pretty sweet.

Saturday, we had a church tour in the morning with the Cprs and then we were going to give our investigator Ik a church tour but he got into anti and ranted about that so we just resolved concerns there. He was telling us all about how God created women as the weaker vessel and that Jesus is black. Legit. The member we brought with us was like...uhhh...haha I love the mission. Then after that we saw a couple potentials and got a new investigator (he's Buddhist and ridiculously open to anything) and then we saw a less-active then headed to Plainfield for Jn's baptism (Sister Rh and Sister Hwrd taught her.) It was pretty funny because Sister Frncs also taught her and Sister Blmn and Sister Rh and Sister Hwrd all taught her and I served in Plainfield and we're all in the same district. It turned out awesome. And we got to see all the Plainfield people, so it was great. Then we taught A when we got back and had an 8:00 dinner.

Sunday, we had meetings (Ward Council here is hilarious. It always ends up crazy funny.) and went about church then tried an investigator, had lunch, went to a member's and he was harvesting honey so we got to watch (and taste...YUM) them extract it. SUPER SWEET. Then we had 2 more church tours, had dinner with the Cprs, then went out visiting with Sister Hwll. Our appointment cancelled and our 1st backup didn't work so we went with the spirit and stopped by an investigator and we were just what she needed cause her mom died a week ago. It was awesome. We're teaching her again this week and she knows she needs it. Miracles are THE BEST.

And here we are again.

My thought this week comes from the Bible Dictionary under Sabbath. You should all go read it. The Sabbath is really the key to everything we do. As President told us, the Sabbath is the "big game". You work your whole week up toward Sunday so that you can worship and show that God is whom you trust because you're willing to give up a day for Him. Love it. Seriously, go read the definition in the BD. It'll change your life. Hopefully. haha :) But I know that the Sabbath is SO IMPORTANT and that we really receive so many blessings from simply setting apart time to gain our spiritual boost for the week.

To answer letters:

I Loved Ellie's letter! Adorable!

I am still hardcore, don't worry! :) (I asked her if she was getting soft!) And being a Sister Training leader basically just means we go on exchanges with all the sisters in our leadership to provide training and we help with stress/emotional issues and just basically are there as a support. (Just wondered what a Sister Training Leader's responsibilities were)

I have been getting Zach's emails the past couple weeks, but for like forever before that I hadn't been. (Some how Zach's emails have not been reaching her!)

I think it's Will's mom that is related to the Switzers. They kind of look alike, so that would make sense. (Someone we know from Tremonton are related to the Switzers – small world)

Lou fixed some Puerto Rican chicken and rice and bread and deviled eggs (aka evil eggs according to him.) (I had asked her what the man from the library had fixed them to eat)

The Blueberry festival shirt is gray with Blueberry Hank on it. (wondered what the Blueberry festival shirts looked like)

The Hodges leave on October 1 I think. (Missionary couple who work in the Mission Office)

My favorite picture of you two I think is on facebook...I think I had an album called oldies but goodies or something...It's also on my iPhone as long as you haven't deleted anything. (It was Chuck and I's 25th wedding anniversary on September 16 and Darcie has this one picture of us that is hilarious to everyone but me! I was going to share on fb but I couldn't find it)

I'll send pictures in another email cause Google Chrome still isn't letting me..

LOVE YOU! Be good! Church is true!
Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc


All of us Plainfield Sisters and Jn.
Exchanges with Sister Blmn

Us with Jrdn (from Plainfield...she got baptized while we were there)

With Sister Brgsn!