Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy Labor Day!


Or day after Labor Day....whatever. Hopefully you all had a great holiday weekend.
So this week flew by as usual and next week when I email, I'll once again know another fate for transfers...crazy. These 6 weeks has blown by. But we've seen AMAZING miracles, so it's all good! :)

Monday, we just had a regular P-Day then played a bunch of Yahtzee cause the Elders all stayed in their towns. Then we had dinner with Sister Shrwd at the church because it was raining so the Elders couldn't be in her house. Then we had FHE with J's family. We learned about obedience and played some Simon Says and ate carmel corn again! It was a regular ol' chaotic FHE :)

Tuesday, we spent the day in Mishawaka at Zone Conference, which I think you already saw pictures from. We went early to practice a musical number and then we had our conference! It was great. It's always a reminder that we ALWAYS have more to learn. I love it. Then that night, we went to dinner with Sister Smth at Arby's and then tried a couple investigators. Then after that, I don't really remember who we went to see...Maybe J I think cause it was baptism week so we saw her every day.

Wednesday, we had a busy day. We saw our investigators Mry & Pl in the morning with Sister Schndr and it was SUPER COOL cause Pl had heard from his minister that Mormons didn't really believe all that much in Jesus Christ so we were able to blow his mind with sharing 2 Nephi. He's now going to read the Book of Mormon. WOOT! The Book of Mormon is true. Then we tried an investigator with Sister Mllr but the 'gator wasn't home so we went and saw A. She's still stubborn and still not wanting to come to church, but she'll come around. Then after lunch at Penguin Point with Sister Mllr (we went to visit Frncs), we headed to North Liberty and contacted a bunch and had a bunch of appointments ditch, but we did get to talk to a lot of people. Then we took Sister Kln on a church tour, had dinner, then went to Young Women's and watched Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration...but it was different than any that I had seen, so I'm not really sure what it was haha.

Thursday, we had the museum and weekly planning and then went to teach Jrmy. He loved the milk duds, so thanks Mom. :) Your candy supply is coming in handy. Then we got to go to dinner at L's house (he volunteers at the museum). I solicited the dinner appointment. He told us about this stuff he cooked for his wife and I asked him to cook it for us (half-jokingly) and he did. We got to teach him the restoration and he said if we come to his church then he'll come to our church. His wife knows some members here too, so they have connections. We'll see how it goes. They are really funny and we had a good time. Then we went and taught J that night. She was just ready to be baptized.

Friday, we started out the morning at the Frnvll's helping him with wood splitting, loading his shed with the wood, and cleaning up the sawdust piles. The Elders were supposed to do it the past 3 weeks but never did so he finally resorted to the reliable ones. We got lunch out of it too, so it was worth it. :) Then after that, we went to J's and slaughtered chickens. Yep, that's right, I've now tied up, plucked, and butchered a chicken. Brother Rchhrt cut the necks cause we didn't have too good of a knife, but everything else we did. You would have been so proud mom :) It poured too, so that made things interesting. :) We were soaked. Then we went to Sister Rgrs for dinner, went and visited the Rd's, and tracted a bit. Pretty busy day!

Saturday, we taught J and got all her baptismal clothes together, were supposed to do a church tour with Mry and Pl but they had family come so we gave Sister Schndr and Sister Rgrs a tour. It was great. I love church tours. :) Then we had lunch, went to North Liberty and worked around, got poured on so we headed to Lakeville, got poured on again so we resorted to Gn's but it was a good excuse to get to sit down and teach her! Then we went to the Rchhrts for dinner. Love them.

Sunday, we had Branch Council, went about church, and then J got baptized! WOO! It was great. She was nervous, but so excited afterward. She doesn't get confirmed til next week, which is weird, but just the way Plymouth works! :) Then we stopped by to see her after our meeting, went to Sister Smth's, went and contacted a headquarters referral who became a new investigator, then taught Sister Schndr and then Sister Vc. It was a busy but great day! And definitely a day of miracles cause the Atonement is REAL! Wooo!

Yesterday, we went to the Blueberry Festival Parade (this festival draws in like 1/2 a million's huge.) and then walked around Blueberry. It's just a lot of flea market, scentsy, scarves, food, etc. Pretty fun. We even met a lady running a booth from Tennessee who was a member so she bought us food! Small world, especially for Mormons. Then we went to dinner with Sister Flry and then had FHE at the Cntr's.
And that brings us to today. We had the museum this morning then an appointment in North Liberty so now we're in Walkerton emailing. And I forgot your letters, so I can't remember what anything you needed answered was. Whoops.

A thought I loved this morning from Ether was where the Jaredites start sailing toward the promised land and it says that "the wind did never cease to blow towards the promised land" (Ether 6:8). The wind made the journey hard and scary and I'm sure the people thought that sometimes the winds weren't leading them anywhere and maybe there wasn't a promised land, but they never stopped praising God for His tender mercies. We have to do the same in our life. The winds and storms are always going to happen, but if we keep God as the first priority, we will make it to the Promised Land.
Love you all! I'll talk to ya Monday! :)
Peace and Blessin's-
Sista Darc

Lots of pictures. . .

With Sister R
 With Sister H

In front of the wood shed

 This. Is. Indiana.

Chicken #1

Chicken #2. Which is the one I butchered and cleaned

Plucking Feathers

 J's Baptism Day! The whole crew. Her 2 kids, Sister O. Us.
And her two kids' friends.
 Blueberry Festival

The Girls!!!!

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