Monday, September 15, 2014

From Branch to Ward.


I'm in a little culture shock right now. I'm used to corn and soybeans and hillbillies and now I'm in one of the richest places in America... God has a sense of humor. And I just can't figure out how to call it a ward with a Bishop instead of a Branch with a Branch President haha :) But I LOVE it already! The people here are so great! A lot more from the west. And I'm with one awesome Sister who may look familiar...SISTER HWRD! Wooo! It's the best! It is seriously flashbacks to like exactly a year ago when we were livin' in Plainfield. Crazy, crazy. (There were 4 sisters who shared an apartment)

Oh and it turns out the Smith's (like Will Smith the white version's parents) are related to some people in the ward here. The Swtzr's? I think that's how you spell it...(of course now it really isn't spelled correctly)

So last Monday, I finished up my last P-Day in good ol' Plymouth. It feels like forever ago...which is weird. Missions are crazy. Past areas seem like a dream and that they didn't even happen... But we ended up playing Yahtzee with the Elders and ate cheesecake dip. They loved it Grandma! All thanks to you! :) (Grandma Lana sent the ingredients for her and Rachel's – her cousin also serving a mission right now – favorite dip) Then we went and tried a potential and saw a less-active family (had to take their little girl a picture of us...she said she's going to save her money and buy me a pilot's license so I can fly to Plymouth every weekend for church.) Then the Klly's took us to Christo's. I tied with Elder Frmn and Elder Rssll in Rib Eating...Rack and a half...lots of ribs...but it was yummy! :) I'm going to miss Plymouth.

Tuesday, we did service at the museum, I took L a Book of Mormon for a gift for dinner (L is the one who fixed them dinner last week) and he was so excited and said he was going to read it. He's awesome. Then we went and had lunch, went and got me a Blueberry Festival shirt, tracted, went and saw A (she's slowly getting it...still not hip on church but she is coming around), taught J, went to the Hnsdl's for dinner, went and said bye to the Rchhrts (they were out eating with the Elders...we almost double dinner-ed it but they were at a buffet so it was a no go...hahah) (She doesn't care for buffets) then went and taught Sister Flry and took pictures with Sister Shrwd. Crazy busy day.

Wednesday was transfer day. We left at 6:30 with Sister Klly and headed to Fishers. We got to see the temple on the way. You should have seen me and Sister H's reactions when we found out we were companions. Definitely the life of transfer meeting. It was a teeny transfer meeting compared to usual. But Sister Rh is here in our District and under our Stewardship as Sister Training Leaders, so it's like a reunion. (Sister Rh also shared the apartment – Only one missing is Sister OBrien but she has finished serving and is home)  It's so great. I love it. We ate at Moe's for lunch (kinda like Costa Vida) and had a meeting then we worked! We also had dinner with a member...other than that, I don't really remember what we did and my planner isn't filled out for that day, so I can't really tell ya haha :) Oh we found some new investigators, so that was sweet.

Thursday, we had to take the car in for a recall in the morning and drop some stuff off to the mission office, had weekly planning, then went and saw the Flnrs. They are adorable. They remind me of the people off of UP (a wonderful movie). They just got baptized about 4 months ago. Super cute. And now Sister Flnr's nephew and his wife are taking the lessons. LOVE IT! The work is hastening! Then we went to the Hthwy's for dinner (30 minute dinner and lesson...most efficient thing ever) then saw a bunch of active members to set up church tours.

Friday, we had Zone Meeting in Fishers in the morning, did some role playing (we got to be investigators) and gave a training about Alma 32. Then we grabbed Wendy's, taught Sbrn (she just got baptized like a week ago) and her 9 year old brother Sm. Their whole family is like all recent converts. It's awesome. Then we went and cleaned for a lady with a bedbug infestation...don't worry, I think we came out with none. :) I love Indiana :) Then we had dinner with the Bishop and his family and then saw Sister Bmn. Her and her husband are out here 'cause he's working on the temple. There's a lot of people working on the temple here in this ward. Kinda crazy, but awesome. The temple looks SO GOOD!

Saturday, we did service in Homeplace (a neigborhood in Indy below Carmel but everyone who lives there HATES Carmel) then went and taught Sbrn's cousin Ambr (we call them all the Kelly Clan) and then went and taught a lady with Sister Hthwy. The lady was a little crazy...she believes in like metaphysics or something and talks about good vibrations in her body and says that there is no devil and evil doesn't exist...kinda weird. Always interesting on the mission :) Then we went and gave a tour around Westfield. They had a lot to do with the Underground Railroad and it told about how the Quakers settled there and stuff like that. It was fun. I had no idea what I was doing since I wasn't here for the dress rehearsal so I just herded people and Sister H talked. Then we had dinner at a place called Blaze Pizza 'cause they sent us a free pizza for advertisement and then we went and saw Brother and Sister Flnr's nephew and his wife, Bb and Str. They're awesome. Bb had a rough time with church when he was younger, so he was really turned off by it, but now we are seeing his heart soften and he accepted a Book of Mormon. They said they see something different in the Flnr's, so it's pretty awesome.

Yesterday, we had meetings in the morning, had church (this ward is huge compared to the Plymouth Branch! haha) then we tried to see some investigators with Sister Ft but no such luck, ate with the Tylr's (they sent you the picture. They just moved here from San Diego.), and then went to Why I Believe with the Hdgs. Brother and Sister Bmn and Brother Flnr spoke and I got to see Sister Jcksn (from Greencastle) and the Schmlfldt's (from Plainfield). It was super fun! I love being here! And I love Why I Believe! Wooo!

And now it's P-Day...

A chapter I read this morning in Romans was awesome. Romans 8: 18, 26, 31, 35-39 are amazing. If we are really dedicated to choosing right and do all we can to invite the spirit into our lives, we cannot fail! God always upholds those who love and serve Him and in return, His love will overcome any trial, tribulation, or anyone that comes in our way.

I didn't have any letters yet, so I don't think there's any questions to answer...(On transfer week we send to the mission home and Chuck sent his as an email – so we weren't slacking off)

Love you all! Hope you have a great week!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc
With the Klly's at Christo's. Love these two.
The are definitely disciples of Jesus Christ.
(Love the people of Indiana – they love the missionaries and take great care of them)

Sister C and I at the museum.

With Sister Flry. This lady is funny. Love her.
(She does love Sister Flry – Thanks Sister Flry – hope to meet you some day)

With Alxs and Sister Shrwd and Sister C. Crazy kids.
(Wow Alxs has beautiful blue eyes – thanks Sister Shrwd)

The temple looks so good! I get to see it all the time now!

(Can't wait to visit)

Thanks to the Tylr's for the picture.

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