Friday, August 1, 2014

Hoosiers are really large...


You'll get the title when you read the picture description...

Well, this week pretty much FLEW by. I don't know where it went and I don't really feel like anything too astounding happened this week, but we taught a lot and weren't slacking I guess we must have been working hard...haha it just went so fast.

Let's see...Monday was weird with interviews. Already talked about that day.

Tuesday was super off too with it being P-Day...After P-Day, we went out to Leiter's Ford for dinner with the R's then stopped in Argos on the way back to work. We found a new investigator named H out there. He is awesome. He is Wesleyan (The Wesleyan Church is an evangelical, holiness Christian denomination in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Namibia, Asia and Australia. Wikipedia) and wasn't quite sure about us, but we told him about the Book of Mormon and he said "Oh yeah, I know about the Mormons" so I asked him to explain what we believed and how our church started and he couldn't really answer, so he finally accepted to read the Book of Mormon. Pretty sweet. We found him like right before we needed to go home. Diligence works! :)

Wednesday, we finished up our P-Day since we had had to do it in segments with service and dinner and such, then we went out to work. I don't really remember a lot of what we did....just a lot of contacting. Miracle of the day was we went to try a potential, which we actually were going to go do something else because no one was home in the area, but I thought we should try this last one and we ended up meeting a former at that same address. She had been thinking about us right before, so it was kinda crazy! We set up an appointment with her, so hopefully that goes well! That night, we had a cookout for Pioneer Day. And no, the cookout was on Wednesday not Thursday just because that's activity night at the church. It was fun! J came and I think made some friends since it was more of a casual thing, so that was good. We also had a former there who we had been trying to see, so that was super sweet! Good ol' Pioneer Day.

Thursday, we had service, lunch, then weekly planned. Then we went and taught Jmy, went to Culver to dinner with Sister R, and then just contacted after. I got a huge Zucchini from some members, so that was sweet. :) I've been cooking it up with sweet potatoes and broccoli. You should be so proud, mom :). (I am proud)

Friday, we had District Meeting in Plymouth in the morning, went out to try some potentials, had a lesson with A (who is loving the Book of Mormon by the way. We gave her a baptismal date and she's pretty good with it so far other than she feels like it's soon, but she's being stubborn about church, so we will work on that :) ). Then we went to Chinese with Sister F and Sister R, then went and taught our Spanish speaking investigator who is possibly a member with Sister B. She's been reading the Book of Mormon (or should I say Libro de Mormon...). We need Spanish missionaries. Or I need to learn Spanish pronto.

Saturday, we had a meeting in Elkhart for the stake in the morning, studied, had lunch, then went to teach J. She's doing so good. Her daughter is now going to be taught too, so that's exciting! She's now talking about "When she is baptized" instead of "If she is baptized". Then we went and helped a family who is moving to paint (I had it all over me...I am so skilled in painting...) then we went out to Walkerton to visit some less-actives that the branch had assigned us to go see then we had an 8:45 dinner... #missionlife. It was awesome. I love being so busy you don't have time to eat. (Maybe I had better try this method)

Sunday, we had church (J was there, as usual! She's awesome.) And I got to play the organ, so that was new. Mind you, it's just one of those piano things that also makes the organ noise because we have sacrament in what will eventually be the primary room when the expansion is done (no one in Utah has any idea what the difference between a phase 1 building is because only Phase 3's exist out there which are basically only Stake Centers here...haha). Then we had coordination meeting after church then went to the McL's for dinner, contacted a referral, who turns out to be a 7th day Adventist who is willing to read the Book of Mormon to find out what our religion is all about. Then we went to see L because we hadn't heard from her. And we got transfer calls. I'm here in Plymouth for 6 more weeks! Wooo!

And here we are again. It's Monday. We did the usual this morning then Sister F took us out to Bob Evans since Sister O is leaving and then we went to a candy store then we took pictures (see below...)

Something I learned and loved this week was from our "Zone Meeting" with the Stake Leaders and WML/BML on this past Saturday. President Jones used a quote, not sure where it came from, but it said "When we don't commit, we will not come to understand. If we don't understand, then we will fear. When we fear, then we marginalize." I thought that was so great when it comes to missionary work. When we are really committed, as a full time missionary or as a member missionary, to finding those who need the gospel, we will do our best to understand how we can succeed. When we understand our purpose, we don't have to fear. When we have faith and get rid of fear, we don't marginalize or avoid doing the work. I think that's one of the biggest problems in missionary work is that sometimes, we're just not committed enough to it. Hopefully, we can more fully commit ourselves each day to better understand our purpose, and to keep ourselves out of the comfort zone because that is where miracles happen. Life begins at the edge of the comfort zone!

To answer questions (hopefully I get them all mom...I remembered your letter since it just came this morning):

That is ridiculous that there are 220 counties in Indiana. I knew there were a lot but not that many...woo wee... We cover like 5 of them here in this area. (Yes there are 220 counties in Indiana – I learned that at the Mother's Retreat)

There are like 280 missionaries now in the mission I think? Haven't heard an official number lately. (Wow – gotta hand it to the Mission Presidents and their wives – that is a huge responsibility)

It depends on who you are how long your interview is. Mine are usually only like 10 but sometimes people's go for 30 or so. Just depends. (I had asked her how long her interviews with the president are)

Sister O's mom's name is S R. That's probably why you couldn't find her. (That didn't help me find her)

Yes I do remember Elder P. We were in the same zone for the first few months of my mission. Glad he's doing well. The mission misses him! (I had told her I had seen his mother at the Mother's retreat)

I can always take more music as long as it's good and missionary-worthy! haha. One of those CD cases that holds more than one CD (like the zip up ones...) would be nice (probably just like the dollar store or something has one) because my stack of like 10 CD's takes up a lot of space and I don't know where to put them... Yes I do remember the Nashville Tribute Band. I love their "Work" CD. What one did you get?

The hardest thing on my mission...hmm...I would say the hardest thing is really people's agency. You never know if the reason they don't accept or come to church or read or whatever it may be is because of your own failing in teaching, inviting, understanding, etc. or if they're just not ready or if they're just not willing. Everything else isn't too bad. I love the work, it's just hard when you know something will bless someone so much but they're not willing to put in the work to actually see the good consequences.  Hopefully that makes sense. Did that answer the question? I can't say there's a specific event that was "the hardest". It's just overall the disappointment when people aren't willing to work for what's worth the most.

Love you all! Thanks for all you do for me! And just for being you! :)

Peace and Blessin's.
-Sista Darc


Elder Y, Elder R, Elder E, & I. 

District. Sorry Elder E and Elder R got cut off a bit...
The water in the washing machine in the morning. I thought I was going to a place where the water was supposed to be sanitary. Needless to say, my white clothes were a little rust colored since I didn't realize the water was that color until after I had started it filling up and putting stuff in...I think it all came out though.

Hoosiers are abnormally least their chairs are.

Chair again...good ol' Plymouth...

Tryin' to karate kid it on the arm...

Surfin' on the arm...

A few extra pictures – Thanks Sister S!!!!

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