Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Pioneer Day!


Turns out Mormons here remember to celebrate pioneer day too, so we get to have a cookout tomorrow! :) Yaye!

It's been a crazy, good week. We had 10 Member Presents cancel (either the member had to cancel last minute or the investigator cancelled) so that made things interesting. But it ended up still being great!

Last Monday, you already heard about the morning. Then after P-Day, we finished up studies since we had had that church tour and then we went to the McLiver's for dinner (pronounced Mc-Leever...not Mc-Liver haha but they said if McDonalds ever makes a liver sandwich named the McLiver, he's suing.)

Tuesday, we started out the morning giving A a church tour with Sister R. It was awesome! She accepted a baptismal date for August 17th, so hopefully we can see her often enough to make it. She's super sweet, just in a crazy family situation right now, so the gospel is definitely needed in her life! Then we went to the museum for service, had lunch, finished up studies, then we went out to Walkerton to visit some newly returning members. She just got her patriarchal blessing, so she was on cloud 9 and says she's going to find us someone to teach! Then we went out contacting and went to dinner at Pizza Hut with Sister S. I think that was the first time I've ever eaten there to be honest...haha. Then we went and saw two less-actives that night.

Wednesday, we went to see P but she was sleeping so we talked to her friend, who just recently got out of rehab and taught her and she became a new investigator, so that was sweet. Then we tried some formers and potentials, had lunch, and went out contacting in this little country town called Inwood. We started by knocking a door that looked like someone was home, but no one answered and their massive dog just about ate us. So we went on down the road tracting. On our way back to the car, we decided to knock that same first door we knocked because there was a car at home. Turns out, L, who lives there, has never been committed to a church because she doesn't feel she's found one that really was true. She is now committed to be baptized on September 7th. Miracles happen when we follow the spirit! Super sick! Then we went to the F's for dinner then went to YW and taught a less-active during it.

Thursday, we had service at the museum, had lunch, started weekly planning, went and saw P's friend S again, went out contacting and set up an appointment (which fell through) with a former who didn't realize we were Mormons for like 10 minutes because he had only met Elders before then proceeded to tell us he had a lot of discrepancies with Mormons so we needed to come back so we could answer his questions about the Urim and Thummim, had dinner, then went to the Relief Society Activity and taught Sister S how to use a mouse so she could index :) She's adorable.

Friday, we went out tracting then had District Meeting here in Plymouth. Then we ate lunch at the church, went and taught J (she's doing so good! She knows there is a Spirit World now which is HUGE coming from a former JW!), went to see Bro. F, who is in a nursing home/rehab, with the F's and turns out he's converting all the nurses, and then went to Knox for dinner. Since Knox is in a different time zone (everyone should look up the boundaries of the Plymouth Branch...they're huge...and yes we have two time zones), we thought that we were supposed to have dinner at 5 our time and 4 their time, but turns out it was supposed to be 6 our time, 5 their time. So we went and visited a less-active out there nearby and then went to dinner at Sister B's with the K's. Then we went and taught our investigator who doesn't speak much English, but it turns out she was supposedly baptized into our church when she was 8 or 9 but her grandma talked her out of staying active after 2 or 3 years. I swear there's never a dull moment on the mission.

Saturday, we finished up weekly planning in the morning, went on an exchange with a member and saw our investigator A (she's LOVING the Book of Mormon) and Sister S, had lunch, went up to Lakeville and La Paz contacting...taught a couple JW's who know the R's from the Branch and they actually took a card, went and taught the J's, and tried a couple people with Sister S since our appointment didn't show. Then we had dinner at Sister S's...she may have sent you a picture mom. Not really sure if she did.

Sunday, we had branch council, P slept instead of came to church, J came, we went about it...nothing too new...had correlation, then went out workin! We got to see L that day with Sister F (that's when she added you on facebook because we were in L's house just waiting while she went out to her backyard and sold a pony...I tell ya...never a dull moment) then went to the R's for dinner.

Yesterday, we taught J again in the morning, went to Penguin Point with Sister S, contacted, then headed to Mishawaka for interviews. President was only like 1 1/2 hours behind instead of 2 1/2 like my previous 2 interviews, so that was good :) Then we went to the R's for dinner and stopped by the K's (who are recently returning too) and then headed home for the night.

And that's about it for this week I think! It's been great! I can't believe there's only one week left in this transfer. It's just flown. So fast. It's been going so fast that I haven't even remembered to take very many pictures haha :) I'll try to be better :) Luckily, I got the Zone Picture!

My scripture from this week is Proverbs 10:4. I love how straightforward it is. If we are lazy, we are poor, which could be literally poor in money, but it could also be poor in spirit, poor in success, poor in miracles, etc. But if we are DILIGENT (everyone go study the Preach my Gospel definition of diligent), we will be rich, whether it be in money, spirit, miracles, success, love, etc.

To answer questions:

No, we haven't heard about what the iPad situation is. (I asked if we needed to buy her an iPad)

Sister Blaisdell's name must have been in the other area book in Koko cause I don't remember ever seeing it. But that's sweet! The only record I've found with a missionary I recognized was Tom Shaffer.

LOVE YOU ALL! Have a fantastic last full week of July! And Happy Pioneer Day!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

 Zone Picture

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