Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy Blueberry Festival Week!


Turns out Plymouth has one of the biggest (blueberry) festivals around...which is crazy cause Plymouth is so small...but Montgomery Gentry is coming to it. Too bad I'm a missionary. Maybe we'll be able to hear it from our apartment haha. We've been told not to try to drive anywhere in town from Thursday - Monday. So that should make things interesting! :)

Alrighty, so last Monday, we just did the usual and then we went and played volleyball and frisbee and football with the Elders. Then we went to dinner with Sister Flory. I had a darn good chimichanga. Yum. Then we went and did a Family Home Evening with the Cantero's. They loved it! I made the infamous marshmallow caramel corn. (Easy recipe: Pop 2 bags of microwave popcorn – set aside. Put 1 square butter, 1 cup brown sugar, 16 large marshmallows in microwavable bowl. Microwave for 2 mins – stir – microwave for an additional 1-1/2 mins – stir – Pour over popped popcorn – Stir – Enjoy!) It was good. We ate it all.

Tuesday was a good and busy day! We started out at the museum (we have been doing a filing project...I'm pretty sure we're keeping the people who make hanging file folders in business...) then after lunch we went to teach a potential with Sister Sch but she didn't show up so we tried a couple people but 3 strikes and we gave up. But it ended up we got back to our car and did a little finding at the perfect time cause we found a new investigator couple, M & P. They are Wesleyan (great and spacious church out here...they have 3 Sunday services and like 750 members or's huge) but they are excited about the Book of Mormon. Then we went out to North LIberty (gold mine I tell ya...) We found another 2 investigators. We've only knocked like 10 doors there, had 2 no's, and like 5 new investigators. It's crazy. We also taught D and J who we found a couple weeks ago. We're going to go out there more often. Then we went to the H's for dinner, worked a little bit in Argos, and I think that's it...

Wednesday, we spent the morning and part of the afternoon finding, met some sweet potentials and found a new investigator, A, who goes to a non-denominational church. Then we went to J's. We went through the baptismal interview questions and she is SO READY! Woooo! The changes in that woman...the Atonement is REAL. Love it. Then we had dinner at the church and then went to Young Women's and taught Sister Sch. She's giving up smoking...the Atonement really is real! She's so funny cause she keeps getting the randomest answers to prayers and she just laughs and tells us how much she is learning. It really is the simple things that make ALL the difference.

Thursday, we went to the museum (still filing), had weekly planning, taught Jmy (we were teaching the law of chastity but by the end, it turned into him being an example to his siblings by making his bed...that house is sometimes interesting haha...) then we did some finding and I totally (gracefully) biffed it in the middle of the road. All Sister C said was "Missionary Down!" haha. (I hope she wasn't hurt too bad!) It was pretty funny. Then we had a Relief Society Activity and Sister J brought us dinner. I finally had a good pork tenderloin. Guess I just had been looking in the wrong places.

Friday, we had district meeting in the morning, had lunch, then J had her baptismal interview and passed! Woot woot! Then we did more finding, taught a less active, had dinner, got ditched by a potential, then went and saw L. We had what we thought was a really good lesson with her but I guess after she posted on Facebook that "The Mormon girls just left. Really nice, but not sure I want to be a Mormon" and Sister F is her friend on Facebook and texted us and I guess all these people were saying all this stuff about how she shouldn't be a Mormon and Sister F just said "Best Decision I ever made". She's awesome. I think people forget who they have on their facebook haha. Love it.

Saturday, we taught Sister R in the morning, then taught Jul (her new baptismal date is for October 19th. Wooo!) and then we had lunch and went to a less-active's out in Bremen. She is from Utah and it was funny walking into her house because it felt just like a Mormon house. She even sells scentsy. She hasn't been active since High School and is now going to another church, but it's awesome cause she's raising her kids with basically Mormon beliefs but she just doesn't realize it yet. Someday they'll come back. Her husband is an exotic reptile breeder...crazy right? Her kids also sing I am a Child of God in their Sunday School and it confuses their teachers because it's not a song they know haha. Then we went up to the Stake County Fair. There werent too many people there from Plymouth, but the stake had a great turnout. We helped with Parking and Cupcake Walk...then we took an interesting way home cause they just opened the new 31 and didn't take the right exit haha. The GPS was so confused.

Yesterday was just a typical Sunday...Church...Correlation...took Frances to a lesson but they didn't show up...did a bunch of a couple referrals...had dinner with the McL's and Brother a new washer from an "okay Samaritan" (his words, not mine haha)...nothing too crazy.

And here we are at P-Day. Wooo!

A thought from this week was from 4 Nephi 1:15-16. When the Nephites were righteous, just like it says in these verses, they were filled with the love of God. When we are filled with that charity, we have no reason to commit sin or have contention. I think this verse explains why they always say if we have not charity, we have nothing. So always strive to have that pure love of Christ!

I forgot dad's letter and mom didn't send one (in my defense – I did send her an email just not a handwritten letter) I don't think there's any questions...and nothing specific I need or you're off the hook this week...

Love you all! Hope you have a fantastic week and if you started school this week, good luck! I had a dream last night about starting school. I was with Sister Caldwell and we could not find our class. Typical...haha. Good thing I'm not starting school today!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc


I think I forgot to send this picture the other week...this is when I got my haircut.

Becky R brought me a lobster from Maine!

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