Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Already August.


Well, this week we said adios to July and rang in September with transfers! I'm still here in Plymouth and Sister C is my companion! She has been out 6 months and spent all 6 months in Lafayette, so this is all brand new to her. But it's been good so far! I'm sure this 6 weeks will fly just as fast as the other ones. We also got another set of Elders. The branch didn't even know they were for sure getting them this transfer, so they currently have no car and no apartment, so they're sleeping in the other elder's kitchen and haven't even seen their part of the area yet. It's been good though. We now have a Plymouth District. You know the work is hastening when the little ol' Plymouth Branch has 6 missionaries!

Alrighty so last Monday, I don't really remember if we did anything else for P-Day other than what we did with Sister F...I think Sister O just packed and I think I took a nap haha. Then we went to the S's for dinner (they just got baptized about 1 year ago. Bro. S is being deployed in October so he has been gone). They have 3 rambunctious little boys. They're fun. Then after that, we went and contacted a referral that a guy gave for his neighbor. It was pretty sweet cause the guy said he was an atheist/agnostic but his dad is a pastor and his grandma died a couple years ago, so he's becoming more open to bringing God back into his life. We left him with a pamphlet and then followed up with him on Friday and he became an investigator! Woo! And at his lesson on Friday, Sister C prayed for him and called him the wrong name in the prayer. God knows who she meant, right? :) We also went and saw Sister S this night so Sister O could say bye.

Tuesday, we had service at the museum, went and taught J (J's daughter) and she accepted baptism too! Hopefully we can plan their baptism for the same day. We shared a message with Sister S after cause she came to the lesson with us. Her family had been bashing on the church to her, so we helped her to know how to talk to them and how to share the gospel. She's adorable. Then we went out to Knox and Grovertown (the other time zone) to see some members and less-actives. We helped the E's a little bit to move then we went to dinner at Christo's with the K's for the last supper with Sister O and Elder Y since they got shipped out.. I had all-you-can-eat ribs. Yum. I haven't had nearly enough barbeque out here. It's good for the soul. :)

Wednesday was transfers. So we headed down to Fishers with Sister R. We had a lot of fun! So we had our transfer's weird cause I'm starting to not know a lot of the missionaries cause all the old ones are going home! hahah it's strange. But like I said, Sister C is my companion. After transfers, we went to the Kolache (remember those things we ate at the Holocaust Museum?) Factory and then headed back to Plymouth because we had a dinner appointment with the F's at 4. We stopped by before the appointment to a rest home that a lady had called from the other day and wanted to come to church. It was an interesting experience...the people there were a little...crazy..?! It was funny. Missions never cease to be interesting that's for sure! Then we went to teach the Seventh-Day Adventist lady that we found last Sunday. She's going to read the Book of Mormon. She won't commit to church or baptism, but she says she will read up and find out for herself, so we'll see where it takes us! Then we went and taught Sister S at the church and then played some charades for mutual.

Thursday, we had service at the museum like usual then we went with Sister S to teach E (the former we tracted into last week). We are going to help her clean out her storage unit next week so she can find a dress and her Book of Mormon so she can come to church. Then we weekly planned, taught J about following the prophet with Sister Flory, and then went to the S's for dinner. That night, we headed up to Lakeville to watch "Finding Faith in Christ" with a referral who had requested the video.

Friday, we had District Meeting, ate lunch at the church, then headed out to work. We found some good potentials, took retreat in a lady's house who didn't speak English during a random rain pour-down, and then we were supposed to go to North Judson for an appointment but it cancelled, so Sister S took us and we saw A. She had a rough week and didn't read the Book of Mormon so we committed her to do it, especially when she's having a hard day so it can help her. Then we taught the agnostic/atheist who I talked about earlier, then went to dinner with the H's. They just moved out from Blackfoot.

Saturday morning, we went out to Walkerton to see a couple of less-actives then we went and taught J about the 10 commandments and the Sabbath Day. J likes to be stubborn. I love it. She is coming around slowly but surely. Then we went down to Argos, weeded out a bunch of potentials in the area book that hadn't been followed up or updated in the area book, our lesson down there cancelled, we came back up to Plymouth, taught D and her husband (but they're moving out of our area :( We have to refer them to other missionaries), then had an 8:40 dinner again :)

Yesterday, we had Branch Council, went about church (faithful J came again! She's loving it more and more every week I think), had correlation meeting, went and taught Helen, who knows Brenda Rohn from Kokomo, then went out to Leiter's Ford to eat with the R's (all 6 missionaries were was crazy!). On the way back, we stopped at the Lee's. They fed me ghetto corn (it was corn from their garden but you put mayo and parmesan cheese on it...weird right?).(Yes it really is called ghetto corn) I'm glad corn is finally on.

And here we are at P-Day again! We're going bowling with the elders today I think, so that should be fun. Other than that, it's just the usual!

Something I read this morning from Helaman really stuck out to me. It's in Helaman 4:24-26. The last sentence tells the whole story: "[they had] become weak, because of their transgression". That sentence really tells us where all of our weaknesses come from in this life. We definitely are blessed with strengths but the only way that we become completely weak in everything is when we are not being obedient. The books of Alma and Helaman teach us that over and over and over again. Ether 12:27 is the remedy. Once we rely on Jesus Christ, acknowledge our weakness, and trust in Him, we become strong.

To answer letters:

It sounds like your trip was fun! We'll have to make another one to Flagstaff when I get home. And to Minnesota.

Mom, there is no excuse to not attend church meetings of any sort out there since the church is like a 2 minute walk away. One thing my mission has taught me is that because the church here some people drive like an hour to get to. :) So get to! :) Love you. (I'm not sure what question or statement I made that generated this statement – I love the 2 minute walk to our ward!!!! It's nice being that close to the church)

I could really go for a BLT. (Our main meal BLT's and corn on the cob) I miss your fried rice. The Chinese out here is just about like any Chinese buffet you go to. Pretty sure it's not even close to what Chinese actually eat.

Our district does not have any Spanish speaking missionaries, but it should.

Plymouth here is a lot bigger than Plymouth, UT. There's Walmart, Kmart, JCPenney, Kroger, Walgreens, CVS, etc. So definitely bigger than Plymouth Utah. haha :)

And yes, I made dad stop often on trips to use the bano :) (She always wanted to try every restroom – out houses included – along our route!)

LOVE YOU! Hope you all have a fantastic week!
Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

 Sister C, the Moose, and I.
Don't ask where it came from cause I have no idea. It's just on our wall haha.

Enjoying some ghetto corn!!!!

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