Monday, August 18, 2014

1 year.


Holy hannah. Where did that year go? President just wrote a letter and said "let's finish 2014 strong" and I realized we only have 4 months left in this year. When did that happen? I've learned a LOT in this year. I wish I could name them all. But that would take FOREVER (said Sandlot style). But I think back to that day I tucked and rolled right into the MTC and haven't looked back yet. I now know that what they say about never regretting these 18 months is true. I love this work!

So last Monday, we ended up playing sand volleyball with the Elders. We were going to go bowling, but it turns out that just about everything in Indiana is closed on Mondays, so we went and bought a volleyball and the Elders didn't have P-Day clothes, so they played in their proselyting clothes. Pretty funny. We had fun. It's raining today though, so we'll see if sand volleyball happens. So after volleyball, we went out to Culver and Grovertown (other time zone), contacted a bit and went to the F's for dinner. They have lizards and a tarantula and snake and chickens and who knows what else. They're a great family. And we had good, homegrown food! Love it!

Tuesday, we had service at the Museum and then we ate lunch and went out contacting! We found a couple new investigators, got to see a less-active we hadn't been able to contact, thought our dinner was at 6 and it turned out it was at 5:30 with the H's, so that was fun, and then we did some work in Argos that night. I can't remember if anything else exciting happened...

Wednesday, we went and saw a former investigator in the morning. I'm not really sure what his motivation is, but he says he wants to learn, we just haven't figured out how to help him keep commitments. We're working on that. Then we taught J with F (F got baptized in March...I think I talked about her before. She's awesome and such a hipster.) It was SUCH A GOOD LESSON! Oh my goodness. Spirit...hardcore. I loved it. We talked about the Atonement and all I have to say is it is REAL. Super sweet. So then, we had lunch, went and did Personal Progress with a less-active/recent convert and then she went to drop off a Book of Mormon with us to a new investigator, so that was good. Then we...umm...I don't really remember. We ended up working by the church for a while and then the H's took us to dinner (the ones from Blackfoot) and we went to YW and helped them with Personal Progress.

Thursday, we had service, had lunch, did weekly planning, then we went and taught Jy. It was a short and sweet lesson. There's a lot of kids and distractions and he's only 9, so we keep it simple :). Then we had dinner and went and saw some members who just moved around the corner from us so we got to see how it's all looking since we helped them paint! It looks good!

Friday, we had zone training in Mishawaka, so we headed up there and had a meeting. It was good. Lots of role playing, lots of learnin'. It was great. Then we went to Panera for lunch. I love that place. Then we headed back and tracted some in North Liberty (like 25 miles from Plymouth so we don't get up there too much) and then we went to Culver (Like 26 miles from N. Liberty) for dinner with the K's. Then we had a lesson with J (Like 20 miles from the K's haha) with Sister M. It was a good lesson too. I just love J. She's so great. I'm excited for her baptism.

Saturday, we met with a Sister who is coming back to church, then we found a new investigator, then we went and taught Jul with F. I made some super cute Plan of Salvation cutouts for her and even laminated them (and by laminate, I mean I missionary laminated them with packing tape hahahaha). Then we ate, gave Sister S a church tour, picked some weeds for her, then went to Sister F's parent's for dinner. I have been craving pork chops with pork chop gravy and so she made it for me. SUPER good. (We had the same dinner on Sunday) Yum. Then we had some black raspberry and dark chocolate ice cream (Private Selection from Kroger...try it. It's amazing.) And we had good sweet corn (more like Utah's. I loved it.). Sister F basically had to roll us out after. Then we went and tried a few less-actives after. Sister V's son called me the mean sister cause I'm loud and straightforward. hahahaha it was really funny. Now I'm known as the mean one.

Then comes Sunday. I made crepes, we had studies, church (J and Jul and a bunch of less-actives were there! And Jul and Jo went to primary for the first time and loved it!), had correlation, were supposed to have a church tour but he didn't show up so we taught Sister H then we had dinner then went and saw Sister S and Sister F happened to show up too. So it was fun.

Now it's P-Day. Once again. Crazy.

A thought I loved this week was actually from church yesterday in the Joseph Fielding Smith lesson. He says, "We should not and must not follow the marriage [and Sister Christensen adds, ANY] practices of the world. We have greater light than the world has, and the Lord expects more of us than he does of them." It's so true. The principle of accountability is so key for us because we have the knowledge. We have to be obedient and diligent and accountable because WE KNOW. I love it.

To answer questions from letters:

The Elders still don't have a place to live.

The museum we volunteer at is the Marshall County Museum. Just has a bunch of stuff from the county. They have a sign from the Lincoln Highway that points to Grantsville, so that's a claim to fame haha :)

Jul is 9. (J's daughter)

Frames with sayings? Like the little ones? I can always give stuff away if you send it. I have a request to not send candy, unless you make it (batch of carmels or toffee even though it's not Christmas? :) ). I could use some more Cliff Bars (the Sierra Trail mix are way good!), maybe like almonds or dried fruit or something. I still have cookie butter and trader joe's chocolate and peanut butter, so I'm covered there. :) I could use a coupon for Contact Solution in the near future. (I'm bad – I already had sent her a box loaded with candy bars with sayings attached. So I hope she still loves me)

And no, Brookston isn't very close to me. It's a few counties over. It's closer down to Lafayette. (I had sent her an article about a young boy who had taken a school bus for a joy ride – it was in Brookston, IN)


Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

Pictures: There's a zone picture that's supposed to be getting sent to me, so I'll send it when I get it. (She sent it right after)

With the K's dog that they have a Notre Dame cheerleading outfit for and like 7 other outfits. Super funny. Poor dog

Sister S sent this picture. Darcie wants us to come and get this dog for her. She added this in one of her emails today: It will be big. It's a lab and something's ADORABLE. Dad and Brady could have a running partner. Dad answered that Brady has dogs they could run with. So the answer is NO DOG!

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