Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy Blueberry Festival Week!


Turns out Plymouth has one of the biggest (blueberry) festivals around...which is crazy cause Plymouth is so small...but Montgomery Gentry is coming to it. Too bad I'm a missionary. Maybe we'll be able to hear it from our apartment haha. We've been told not to try to drive anywhere in town from Thursday - Monday. So that should make things interesting! :)

Alrighty, so last Monday, we just did the usual and then we went and played volleyball and frisbee and football with the Elders. Then we went to dinner with Sister Flory. I had a darn good chimichanga. Yum. Then we went and did a Family Home Evening with the Cantero's. They loved it! I made the infamous marshmallow caramel corn. (Easy recipe: Pop 2 bags of microwave popcorn – set aside. Put 1 square butter, 1 cup brown sugar, 16 large marshmallows in microwavable bowl. Microwave for 2 mins – stir – microwave for an additional 1-1/2 mins – stir – Pour over popped popcorn – Stir – Enjoy!) It was good. We ate it all.

Tuesday was a good and busy day! We started out at the museum (we have been doing a filing project...I'm pretty sure we're keeping the people who make hanging file folders in business...) then after lunch we went to teach a potential with Sister Sch but she didn't show up so we tried a couple people but 3 strikes and we gave up. But it ended up we got back to our car and did a little finding at the perfect time cause we found a new investigator couple, M & P. They are Wesleyan (great and spacious church out here...they have 3 Sunday services and like 750 members or's huge) but they are excited about the Book of Mormon. Then we went out to North LIberty (gold mine I tell ya...) We found another 2 investigators. We've only knocked like 10 doors there, had 2 no's, and like 5 new investigators. It's crazy. We also taught D and J who we found a couple weeks ago. We're going to go out there more often. Then we went to the H's for dinner, worked a little bit in Argos, and I think that's it...

Wednesday, we spent the morning and part of the afternoon finding, met some sweet potentials and found a new investigator, A, who goes to a non-denominational church. Then we went to J's. We went through the baptismal interview questions and she is SO READY! Woooo! The changes in that woman...the Atonement is REAL. Love it. Then we had dinner at the church and then went to Young Women's and taught Sister Sch. She's giving up smoking...the Atonement really is real! She's so funny cause she keeps getting the randomest answers to prayers and she just laughs and tells us how much she is learning. It really is the simple things that make ALL the difference.

Thursday, we went to the museum (still filing), had weekly planning, taught Jmy (we were teaching the law of chastity but by the end, it turned into him being an example to his siblings by making his bed...that house is sometimes interesting haha...) then we did some finding and I totally (gracefully) biffed it in the middle of the road. All Sister C said was "Missionary Down!" haha. (I hope she wasn't hurt too bad!) It was pretty funny. Then we had a Relief Society Activity and Sister J brought us dinner. I finally had a good pork tenderloin. Guess I just had been looking in the wrong places.

Friday, we had district meeting in the morning, had lunch, then J had her baptismal interview and passed! Woot woot! Then we did more finding, taught a less active, had dinner, got ditched by a potential, then went and saw L. We had what we thought was a really good lesson with her but I guess after she posted on Facebook that "The Mormon girls just left. Really nice, but not sure I want to be a Mormon" and Sister F is her friend on Facebook and texted us and I guess all these people were saying all this stuff about how she shouldn't be a Mormon and Sister F just said "Best Decision I ever made". She's awesome. I think people forget who they have on their facebook haha. Love it.

Saturday, we taught Sister R in the morning, then taught Jul (her new baptismal date is for October 19th. Wooo!) and then we had lunch and went to a less-active's out in Bremen. She is from Utah and it was funny walking into her house because it felt just like a Mormon house. She even sells scentsy. She hasn't been active since High School and is now going to another church, but it's awesome cause she's raising her kids with basically Mormon beliefs but she just doesn't realize it yet. Someday they'll come back. Her husband is an exotic reptile breeder...crazy right? Her kids also sing I am a Child of God in their Sunday School and it confuses their teachers because it's not a song they know haha. Then we went up to the Stake County Fair. There werent too many people there from Plymouth, but the stake had a great turnout. We helped with Parking and Cupcake Walk...then we took an interesting way home cause they just opened the new 31 and didn't take the right exit haha. The GPS was so confused.

Yesterday was just a typical Sunday...Church...Correlation...took Frances to a lesson but they didn't show up...did a bunch of a couple referrals...had dinner with the McL's and Brother a new washer from an "okay Samaritan" (his words, not mine haha)...nothing too crazy.

And here we are at P-Day. Wooo!

A thought from this week was from 4 Nephi 1:15-16. When the Nephites were righteous, just like it says in these verses, they were filled with the love of God. When we are filled with that charity, we have no reason to commit sin or have contention. I think this verse explains why they always say if we have not charity, we have nothing. So always strive to have that pure love of Christ!

I forgot dad's letter and mom didn't send one (in my defense – I did send her an email just not a handwritten letter) I don't think there's any questions...and nothing specific I need or you're off the hook this week...

Love you all! Hope you have a fantastic week and if you started school this week, good luck! I had a dream last night about starting school. I was with Sister Caldwell and we could not find our class. Typical...haha. Good thing I'm not starting school today!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc


I think I forgot to send this picture the other week...this is when I got my haircut.

Becky R brought me a lobster from Maine!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Missin' the fair!


Helloooo everyone! :) Hope you had a great week. And everyone going to the fair, eat lots of good food for me. And for the fam, have a great week! I'll miss being there, but you can just eat cheesecake dip and swim for me! :)

So this week flew by. It was a little crazy and a little frustrating because we had so many member presents set up and for whatever reason we just couldn't get them to happen, but it's been a great week nonetheless, which is what I love about life. Even though we have negative situations sometimes, the good ALWAYS overtakes the bad, but it's all based on your attitude. :)

So last Monday, we had a regular ol' P-Day. We didn't do too much other than haircuts, shopping, and hangin' out at the apartment. Today we'll hopefully go play some volleyball or somethin' with the elders, so that should be more fun :) Then after P-Day, we headed out to the R's for dinner. We had some Weight Watchers burritos and some not so Weight Watchers homemade oreos. YUM. Elder J ate 8 burritos (3 points a piece) and 6 oreos (5 points a piece).(the points are used in keeping track when you are on Weight Watchers)  Needless to say, there weren't many left after haha. Then we stopped in Argos and taught a potential that we hadn't been able to catch for a while. So that wrapped up the night.

Tuesday, we had service at the museum, had lunch, went out to North Liberty and found a new investigator (that place is golden I tell ya) and taught our investigator we found last week then we stopped by a less-active in Walkerton, came and had dinner, then went out to the middle of nowhere in Knox with Sister F to see a less-active.

Wednesday, we got to see D, our investigator, before she moved to Wyatt (she added me on facebook so if there's a D you can add her). We got her all referred to the Mishawaka Sisters, so hopefully she'll listen and be more receptive in her new situation because the one she was in wasn't so good. We also saw some formers and did some contacting, and then headed to teach Jul. It ended up that she just started doing this baton class, so we didn't get to see her but we chatted with J and the member we had with us. Then we had dinner and headed back with Sister H to teach J. She's doing so good! She's just quit smoking as of yesterday, so she's going to be clean for 2 weeks before her baptism! Woot! She's awesome. Then we went and taught Sister S during Young Women's (she's seeing miracles from praying on her works! If you don't do it, start!).

Thursday, we worked at the museum, ate, had weekly planning, then went to teach A with Sister S. It was such a powerful lesson about the Atonement. A was so funny with the Plan of Salvation pamphlet. We gave it to her probably like 2 months ago but she finally sat down and read it and she said she got to the last page and she wanted it to not end so she read it over and over. Adorable. She's still stubborn about church and praying out loud, but she committed to pray to know if it was true, so we're makin' progress! Then we tried some people with Sister F but no one answered, so we picked up Sister S and she took us all to dinner at a place called Symphony. It was pretty good! Then we stopped by and saw the E's on the way home. Their new house looks good!

Friday, we had district meeting in the morning then we went and finished pulling Sister S's weeds then had a lesson with her. (Seriously Mom and Dad, you should come get that puppy. It would make a great running dog and is just adorable. And it loves me.'s free! :) PLEAASSSEEE! :) haha )(She wants us to make a trip to Indiana to get this dog that she has fallen in love with - it's the same dog in the picture from last week) then we went and contacted a bit, went out for Chinese with the K's, then went to Lakeville to work a bit. Then we met up with the South Bend Sisters to exchange! So I headed up to South Bend with Sister McK!

Saturday, we had such a fun day. We just laughed. Sister McK is dang funny. We ended up having a miracle too because an investigator was supposed to be coming to a baptism so we had a member with us, but the investigator didn't show up but we ended up giving a group church tour to both of the little boy's non-member grandparents. It was so sweet!  We also got to teach a few other awesome investigators and we got to teach A again (the lady that's straight from the Help that I taught last time on exchanges) and we ate Cold Stone for dinner. The lady at Cold Stone totally gave the worst nametag stare then proudly claimed she was an atheist haha. It was great. I love being a missionary. The reactions we get are seriously priceless.

Yesterday, we had Branch Council and Church, President and Sister Cleveland came to church too so that was fun. J didn't make it to all of church, but she made it by the end of sacrament because of some family issues. It was just what she needed though. She's adorable. Then we had correlation, did a lot of contacting, tried to get a member present but the investigator wasn't there so we taught the member and stopped by S's (7th day Adventist from a few weeks ago...) then went out to the R's again for dinner. I solicited a fish dinner from them cause they went fishing this weekend. YUM. I ate WAY too much. Then we stopped by and saw J to see how her smoking for the day was going. She's done. WOO!

And that about wraps it up!

Something I loved from my studies from this morning was from Richard G. Scott's talk from Conference. He said, "How can each of us become such a significant influence? We must be sure to sincerely love those we want to help in righteousness so they can begin to develop confidence in Gods love. For so many in the world, the first challenge in accepting the gospel is to develop faith in a Father in Heaven, who loves them perfectly. It is easier to develop that faith when they have friends or family members who love them in a similar way." If we learn to have charity and love all those we serve, they're a lot more likely to want what we have because they know it's a gospel and life filled with love which helps them to build that relationship with their Heavenly Father.

Oh and funny story I forgot to tell you. A Sister at transfers came up to me and she's like "You don't know me but I've been reading your blog and I'm so excited to meet you!" :) I thought you were the only one who read it, Mom! :) haha

To answer questions:

At Zone Training, the Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders do the training. President or the Assistants can come, but all of the zones do their zone training all on the same day (every 2nd Friday of the month), so they can't be at all of them. Zone Conference (once every other transfer) is when President and the Assistants do all the training.

I touch some of the Fosburgh's animals. I don't really like holding any.

The packing tape works fine for now to laminate. I don't do it with too many things.

I'm jealous of that tennis facility. I WANT IT. (Saw a fabulous home with an indoor tennis court at the Salt Lake Parade of Homes)

The Ogden Temple looks gorgeous! I'm excited to see it someday!

LOVE YOU ALL! Have a great week! Especially for everyone going back to school next week! Enjoy it! :)

Peace and Blessin's

-Sista Darc


Monday, August 18, 2014

1 year.


Holy hannah. Where did that year go? President just wrote a letter and said "let's finish 2014 strong" and I realized we only have 4 months left in this year. When did that happen? I've learned a LOT in this year. I wish I could name them all. But that would take FOREVER (said Sandlot style). But I think back to that day I tucked and rolled right into the MTC and haven't looked back yet. I now know that what they say about never regretting these 18 months is true. I love this work!

So last Monday, we ended up playing sand volleyball with the Elders. We were going to go bowling, but it turns out that just about everything in Indiana is closed on Mondays, so we went and bought a volleyball and the Elders didn't have P-Day clothes, so they played in their proselyting clothes. Pretty funny. We had fun. It's raining today though, so we'll see if sand volleyball happens. So after volleyball, we went out to Culver and Grovertown (other time zone), contacted a bit and went to the F's for dinner. They have lizards and a tarantula and snake and chickens and who knows what else. They're a great family. And we had good, homegrown food! Love it!

Tuesday, we had service at the Museum and then we ate lunch and went out contacting! We found a couple new investigators, got to see a less-active we hadn't been able to contact, thought our dinner was at 6 and it turned out it was at 5:30 with the H's, so that was fun, and then we did some work in Argos that night. I can't remember if anything else exciting happened...

Wednesday, we went and saw a former investigator in the morning. I'm not really sure what his motivation is, but he says he wants to learn, we just haven't figured out how to help him keep commitments. We're working on that. Then we taught J with F (F got baptized in March...I think I talked about her before. She's awesome and such a hipster.) It was SUCH A GOOD LESSON! Oh my goodness. Spirit...hardcore. I loved it. We talked about the Atonement and all I have to say is it is REAL. Super sweet. So then, we had lunch, went and did Personal Progress with a less-active/recent convert and then she went to drop off a Book of Mormon with us to a new investigator, so that was good. Then we...umm...I don't really remember. We ended up working by the church for a while and then the H's took us to dinner (the ones from Blackfoot) and we went to YW and helped them with Personal Progress.

Thursday, we had service, had lunch, did weekly planning, then we went and taught Jy. It was a short and sweet lesson. There's a lot of kids and distractions and he's only 9, so we keep it simple :). Then we had dinner and went and saw some members who just moved around the corner from us so we got to see how it's all looking since we helped them paint! It looks good!

Friday, we had zone training in Mishawaka, so we headed up there and had a meeting. It was good. Lots of role playing, lots of learnin'. It was great. Then we went to Panera for lunch. I love that place. Then we headed back and tracted some in North Liberty (like 25 miles from Plymouth so we don't get up there too much) and then we went to Culver (Like 26 miles from N. Liberty) for dinner with the K's. Then we had a lesson with J (Like 20 miles from the K's haha) with Sister M. It was a good lesson too. I just love J. She's so great. I'm excited for her baptism.

Saturday, we met with a Sister who is coming back to church, then we found a new investigator, then we went and taught Jul with F. I made some super cute Plan of Salvation cutouts for her and even laminated them (and by laminate, I mean I missionary laminated them with packing tape hahahaha). Then we ate, gave Sister S a church tour, picked some weeds for her, then went to Sister F's parent's for dinner. I have been craving pork chops with pork chop gravy and so she made it for me. SUPER good. (We had the same dinner on Sunday) Yum. Then we had some black raspberry and dark chocolate ice cream (Private Selection from Kroger...try it. It's amazing.) And we had good sweet corn (more like Utah's. I loved it.). Sister F basically had to roll us out after. Then we went and tried a few less-actives after. Sister V's son called me the mean sister cause I'm loud and straightforward. hahahaha it was really funny. Now I'm known as the mean one.

Then comes Sunday. I made crepes, we had studies, church (J and Jul and a bunch of less-actives were there! And Jul and Jo went to primary for the first time and loved it!), had correlation, were supposed to have a church tour but he didn't show up so we taught Sister H then we had dinner then went and saw Sister S and Sister F happened to show up too. So it was fun.

Now it's P-Day. Once again. Crazy.

A thought I loved this week was actually from church yesterday in the Joseph Fielding Smith lesson. He says, "We should not and must not follow the marriage [and Sister Christensen adds, ANY] practices of the world. We have greater light than the world has, and the Lord expects more of us than he does of them." It's so true. The principle of accountability is so key for us because we have the knowledge. We have to be obedient and diligent and accountable because WE KNOW. I love it.

To answer questions from letters:

The Elders still don't have a place to live.

The museum we volunteer at is the Marshall County Museum. Just has a bunch of stuff from the county. They have a sign from the Lincoln Highway that points to Grantsville, so that's a claim to fame haha :)

Jul is 9. (J's daughter)

Frames with sayings? Like the little ones? I can always give stuff away if you send it. I have a request to not send candy, unless you make it (batch of carmels or toffee even though it's not Christmas? :) ). I could use some more Cliff Bars (the Sierra Trail mix are way good!), maybe like almonds or dried fruit or something. I still have cookie butter and trader joe's chocolate and peanut butter, so I'm covered there. :) I could use a coupon for Contact Solution in the near future. (I'm bad – I already had sent her a box loaded with candy bars with sayings attached. So I hope she still loves me)

And no, Brookston isn't very close to me. It's a few counties over. It's closer down to Lafayette. (I had sent her an article about a young boy who had taken a school bus for a joy ride – it was in Brookston, IN)


Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

Pictures: There's a zone picture that's supposed to be getting sent to me, so I'll send it when I get it. (She sent it right after)

With the K's dog that they have a Notre Dame cheerleading outfit for and like 7 other outfits. Super funny. Poor dog

Sister S sent this picture. Darcie wants us to come and get this dog for her. She added this in one of her emails today: It will be big. It's a lab and something's ADORABLE. Dad and Brady could have a running partner. Dad answered that Brady has dogs they could run with. So the answer is NO DOG!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Already August.


Well, this week we said adios to July and rang in September with transfers! I'm still here in Plymouth and Sister C is my companion! She has been out 6 months and spent all 6 months in Lafayette, so this is all brand new to her. But it's been good so far! I'm sure this 6 weeks will fly just as fast as the other ones. We also got another set of Elders. The branch didn't even know they were for sure getting them this transfer, so they currently have no car and no apartment, so they're sleeping in the other elder's kitchen and haven't even seen their part of the area yet. It's been good though. We now have a Plymouth District. You know the work is hastening when the little ol' Plymouth Branch has 6 missionaries!

Alrighty so last Monday, I don't really remember if we did anything else for P-Day other than what we did with Sister F...I think Sister O just packed and I think I took a nap haha. Then we went to the S's for dinner (they just got baptized about 1 year ago. Bro. S is being deployed in October so he has been gone). They have 3 rambunctious little boys. They're fun. Then after that, we went and contacted a referral that a guy gave for his neighbor. It was pretty sweet cause the guy said he was an atheist/agnostic but his dad is a pastor and his grandma died a couple years ago, so he's becoming more open to bringing God back into his life. We left him with a pamphlet and then followed up with him on Friday and he became an investigator! Woo! And at his lesson on Friday, Sister C prayed for him and called him the wrong name in the prayer. God knows who she meant, right? :) We also went and saw Sister S this night so Sister O could say bye.

Tuesday, we had service at the museum, went and taught J (J's daughter) and she accepted baptism too! Hopefully we can plan their baptism for the same day. We shared a message with Sister S after cause she came to the lesson with us. Her family had been bashing on the church to her, so we helped her to know how to talk to them and how to share the gospel. She's adorable. Then we went out to Knox and Grovertown (the other time zone) to see some members and less-actives. We helped the E's a little bit to move then we went to dinner at Christo's with the K's for the last supper with Sister O and Elder Y since they got shipped out.. I had all-you-can-eat ribs. Yum. I haven't had nearly enough barbeque out here. It's good for the soul. :)

Wednesday was transfers. So we headed down to Fishers with Sister R. We had a lot of fun! So we had our transfer's weird cause I'm starting to not know a lot of the missionaries cause all the old ones are going home! hahah it's strange. But like I said, Sister C is my companion. After transfers, we went to the Kolache (remember those things we ate at the Holocaust Museum?) Factory and then headed back to Plymouth because we had a dinner appointment with the F's at 4. We stopped by before the appointment to a rest home that a lady had called from the other day and wanted to come to church. It was an interesting experience...the people there were a little...crazy..?! It was funny. Missions never cease to be interesting that's for sure! Then we went to teach the Seventh-Day Adventist lady that we found last Sunday. She's going to read the Book of Mormon. She won't commit to church or baptism, but she says she will read up and find out for herself, so we'll see where it takes us! Then we went and taught Sister S at the church and then played some charades for mutual.

Thursday, we had service at the museum like usual then we went with Sister S to teach E (the former we tracted into last week). We are going to help her clean out her storage unit next week so she can find a dress and her Book of Mormon so she can come to church. Then we weekly planned, taught J about following the prophet with Sister Flory, and then went to the S's for dinner. That night, we headed up to Lakeville to watch "Finding Faith in Christ" with a referral who had requested the video.

Friday, we had District Meeting, ate lunch at the church, then headed out to work. We found some good potentials, took retreat in a lady's house who didn't speak English during a random rain pour-down, and then we were supposed to go to North Judson for an appointment but it cancelled, so Sister S took us and we saw A. She had a rough week and didn't read the Book of Mormon so we committed her to do it, especially when she's having a hard day so it can help her. Then we taught the agnostic/atheist who I talked about earlier, then went to dinner with the H's. They just moved out from Blackfoot.

Saturday morning, we went out to Walkerton to see a couple of less-actives then we went and taught J about the 10 commandments and the Sabbath Day. J likes to be stubborn. I love it. She is coming around slowly but surely. Then we went down to Argos, weeded out a bunch of potentials in the area book that hadn't been followed up or updated in the area book, our lesson down there cancelled, we came back up to Plymouth, taught D and her husband (but they're moving out of our area :( We have to refer them to other missionaries), then had an 8:40 dinner again :)

Yesterday, we had Branch Council, went about church (faithful J came again! She's loving it more and more every week I think), had correlation meeting, went and taught Helen, who knows Brenda Rohn from Kokomo, then went out to Leiter's Ford to eat with the R's (all 6 missionaries were was crazy!). On the way back, we stopped at the Lee's. They fed me ghetto corn (it was corn from their garden but you put mayo and parmesan cheese on it...weird right?).(Yes it really is called ghetto corn) I'm glad corn is finally on.

And here we are at P-Day again! We're going bowling with the elders today I think, so that should be fun. Other than that, it's just the usual!

Something I read this morning from Helaman really stuck out to me. It's in Helaman 4:24-26. The last sentence tells the whole story: "[they had] become weak, because of their transgression". That sentence really tells us where all of our weaknesses come from in this life. We definitely are blessed with strengths but the only way that we become completely weak in everything is when we are not being obedient. The books of Alma and Helaman teach us that over and over and over again. Ether 12:27 is the remedy. Once we rely on Jesus Christ, acknowledge our weakness, and trust in Him, we become strong.

To answer letters:

It sounds like your trip was fun! We'll have to make another one to Flagstaff when I get home. And to Minnesota.

Mom, there is no excuse to not attend church meetings of any sort out there since the church is like a 2 minute walk away. One thing my mission has taught me is that because the church here some people drive like an hour to get to. :) So get to! :) Love you. (I'm not sure what question or statement I made that generated this statement – I love the 2 minute walk to our ward!!!! It's nice being that close to the church)

I could really go for a BLT. (Our main meal BLT's and corn on the cob) I miss your fried rice. The Chinese out here is just about like any Chinese buffet you go to. Pretty sure it's not even close to what Chinese actually eat.

Our district does not have any Spanish speaking missionaries, but it should.

Plymouth here is a lot bigger than Plymouth, UT. There's Walmart, Kmart, JCPenney, Kroger, Walgreens, CVS, etc. So definitely bigger than Plymouth Utah. haha :)

And yes, I made dad stop often on trips to use the bano :) (She always wanted to try every restroom – out houses included – along our route!)

LOVE YOU! Hope you all have a fantastic week!
Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

 Sister C, the Moose, and I.
Don't ask where it came from cause I have no idea. It's just on our wall haha.

Enjoying some ghetto corn!!!!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hoosiers are really large...


You'll get the title when you read the picture description...

Well, this week pretty much FLEW by. I don't know where it went and I don't really feel like anything too astounding happened this week, but we taught a lot and weren't slacking I guess we must have been working hard...haha it just went so fast.

Let's see...Monday was weird with interviews. Already talked about that day.

Tuesday was super off too with it being P-Day...After P-Day, we went out to Leiter's Ford for dinner with the R's then stopped in Argos on the way back to work. We found a new investigator named H out there. He is awesome. He is Wesleyan (The Wesleyan Church is an evangelical, holiness Christian denomination in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Namibia, Asia and Australia. Wikipedia) and wasn't quite sure about us, but we told him about the Book of Mormon and he said "Oh yeah, I know about the Mormons" so I asked him to explain what we believed and how our church started and he couldn't really answer, so he finally accepted to read the Book of Mormon. Pretty sweet. We found him like right before we needed to go home. Diligence works! :)

Wednesday, we finished up our P-Day since we had had to do it in segments with service and dinner and such, then we went out to work. I don't really remember a lot of what we did....just a lot of contacting. Miracle of the day was we went to try a potential, which we actually were going to go do something else because no one was home in the area, but I thought we should try this last one and we ended up meeting a former at that same address. She had been thinking about us right before, so it was kinda crazy! We set up an appointment with her, so hopefully that goes well! That night, we had a cookout for Pioneer Day. And no, the cookout was on Wednesday not Thursday just because that's activity night at the church. It was fun! J came and I think made some friends since it was more of a casual thing, so that was good. We also had a former there who we had been trying to see, so that was super sweet! Good ol' Pioneer Day.

Thursday, we had service, lunch, then weekly planned. Then we went and taught Jmy, went to Culver to dinner with Sister R, and then just contacted after. I got a huge Zucchini from some members, so that was sweet. :) I've been cooking it up with sweet potatoes and broccoli. You should be so proud, mom :). (I am proud)

Friday, we had District Meeting in Plymouth in the morning, went out to try some potentials, had a lesson with A (who is loving the Book of Mormon by the way. We gave her a baptismal date and she's pretty good with it so far other than she feels like it's soon, but she's being stubborn about church, so we will work on that :) ). Then we went to Chinese with Sister F and Sister R, then went and taught our Spanish speaking investigator who is possibly a member with Sister B. She's been reading the Book of Mormon (or should I say Libro de Mormon...). We need Spanish missionaries. Or I need to learn Spanish pronto.

Saturday, we had a meeting in Elkhart for the stake in the morning, studied, had lunch, then went to teach J. She's doing so good. Her daughter is now going to be taught too, so that's exciting! She's now talking about "When she is baptized" instead of "If she is baptized". Then we went and helped a family who is moving to paint (I had it all over me...I am so skilled in painting...) then we went out to Walkerton to visit some less-actives that the branch had assigned us to go see then we had an 8:45 dinner... #missionlife. It was awesome. I love being so busy you don't have time to eat. (Maybe I had better try this method)

Sunday, we had church (J was there, as usual! She's awesome.) And I got to play the organ, so that was new. Mind you, it's just one of those piano things that also makes the organ noise because we have sacrament in what will eventually be the primary room when the expansion is done (no one in Utah has any idea what the difference between a phase 1 building is because only Phase 3's exist out there which are basically only Stake Centers here...haha). Then we had coordination meeting after church then went to the McL's for dinner, contacted a referral, who turns out to be a 7th day Adventist who is willing to read the Book of Mormon to find out what our religion is all about. Then we went to see L because we hadn't heard from her. And we got transfer calls. I'm here in Plymouth for 6 more weeks! Wooo!

And here we are again. It's Monday. We did the usual this morning then Sister F took us out to Bob Evans since Sister O is leaving and then we went to a candy store then we took pictures (see below...)

Something I learned and loved this week was from our "Zone Meeting" with the Stake Leaders and WML/BML on this past Saturday. President Jones used a quote, not sure where it came from, but it said "When we don't commit, we will not come to understand. If we don't understand, then we will fear. When we fear, then we marginalize." I thought that was so great when it comes to missionary work. When we are really committed, as a full time missionary or as a member missionary, to finding those who need the gospel, we will do our best to understand how we can succeed. When we understand our purpose, we don't have to fear. When we have faith and get rid of fear, we don't marginalize or avoid doing the work. I think that's one of the biggest problems in missionary work is that sometimes, we're just not committed enough to it. Hopefully, we can more fully commit ourselves each day to better understand our purpose, and to keep ourselves out of the comfort zone because that is where miracles happen. Life begins at the edge of the comfort zone!

To answer questions (hopefully I get them all mom...I remembered your letter since it just came this morning):

That is ridiculous that there are 220 counties in Indiana. I knew there were a lot but not that many...woo wee... We cover like 5 of them here in this area. (Yes there are 220 counties in Indiana – I learned that at the Mother's Retreat)

There are like 280 missionaries now in the mission I think? Haven't heard an official number lately. (Wow – gotta hand it to the Mission Presidents and their wives – that is a huge responsibility)

It depends on who you are how long your interview is. Mine are usually only like 10 but sometimes people's go for 30 or so. Just depends. (I had asked her how long her interviews with the president are)

Sister O's mom's name is S R. That's probably why you couldn't find her. (That didn't help me find her)

Yes I do remember Elder P. We were in the same zone for the first few months of my mission. Glad he's doing well. The mission misses him! (I had told her I had seen his mother at the Mother's retreat)

I can always take more music as long as it's good and missionary-worthy! haha. One of those CD cases that holds more than one CD (like the zip up ones...) would be nice (probably just like the dollar store or something has one) because my stack of like 10 CD's takes up a lot of space and I don't know where to put them... Yes I do remember the Nashville Tribute Band. I love their "Work" CD. What one did you get?

The hardest thing on my mission...hmm...I would say the hardest thing is really people's agency. You never know if the reason they don't accept or come to church or read or whatever it may be is because of your own failing in teaching, inviting, understanding, etc. or if they're just not ready or if they're just not willing. Everything else isn't too bad. I love the work, it's just hard when you know something will bless someone so much but they're not willing to put in the work to actually see the good consequences.  Hopefully that makes sense. Did that answer the question? I can't say there's a specific event that was "the hardest". It's just overall the disappointment when people aren't willing to work for what's worth the most.

Love you all! Thanks for all you do for me! And just for being you! :)

Peace and Blessin's.
-Sista Darc


Elder Y, Elder R, Elder E, & I. 

District. Sorry Elder E and Elder R got cut off a bit...
The water in the washing machine in the morning. I thought I was going to a place where the water was supposed to be sanitary. Needless to say, my white clothes were a little rust colored since I didn't realize the water was that color until after I had started it filling up and putting stuff in...I think it all came out though.

Hoosiers are abnormally least their chairs are.

Chair again...good ol' Plymouth...

Tryin' to karate kid it on the arm...

Surfin' on the arm...

A few extra pictures – Thanks Sister S!!!!

Happy Pioneer Day!


Turns out Mormons here remember to celebrate pioneer day too, so we get to have a cookout tomorrow! :) Yaye!

It's been a crazy, good week. We had 10 Member Presents cancel (either the member had to cancel last minute or the investigator cancelled) so that made things interesting. But it ended up still being great!

Last Monday, you already heard about the morning. Then after P-Day, we finished up studies since we had had that church tour and then we went to the McLiver's for dinner (pronounced Mc-Leever...not Mc-Liver haha but they said if McDonalds ever makes a liver sandwich named the McLiver, he's suing.)

Tuesday, we started out the morning giving A a church tour with Sister R. It was awesome! She accepted a baptismal date for August 17th, so hopefully we can see her often enough to make it. She's super sweet, just in a crazy family situation right now, so the gospel is definitely needed in her life! Then we went to the museum for service, had lunch, finished up studies, then we went out to Walkerton to visit some newly returning members. She just got her patriarchal blessing, so she was on cloud 9 and says she's going to find us someone to teach! Then we went out contacting and went to dinner at Pizza Hut with Sister S. I think that was the first time I've ever eaten there to be honest...haha. Then we went and saw two less-actives that night.

Wednesday, we went to see P but she was sleeping so we talked to her friend, who just recently got out of rehab and taught her and she became a new investigator, so that was sweet. Then we tried some formers and potentials, had lunch, and went out contacting in this little country town called Inwood. We started by knocking a door that looked like someone was home, but no one answered and their massive dog just about ate us. So we went on down the road tracting. On our way back to the car, we decided to knock that same first door we knocked because there was a car at home. Turns out, L, who lives there, has never been committed to a church because she doesn't feel she's found one that really was true. She is now committed to be baptized on September 7th. Miracles happen when we follow the spirit! Super sick! Then we went to the F's for dinner then went to YW and taught a less-active during it.

Thursday, we had service at the museum, had lunch, started weekly planning, went and saw P's friend S again, went out contacting and set up an appointment (which fell through) with a former who didn't realize we were Mormons for like 10 minutes because he had only met Elders before then proceeded to tell us he had a lot of discrepancies with Mormons so we needed to come back so we could answer his questions about the Urim and Thummim, had dinner, then went to the Relief Society Activity and taught Sister S how to use a mouse so she could index :) She's adorable.

Friday, we went out tracting then had District Meeting here in Plymouth. Then we ate lunch at the church, went and taught J (she's doing so good! She knows there is a Spirit World now which is HUGE coming from a former JW!), went to see Bro. F, who is in a nursing home/rehab, with the F's and turns out he's converting all the nurses, and then went to Knox for dinner. Since Knox is in a different time zone (everyone should look up the boundaries of the Plymouth Branch...they're huge...and yes we have two time zones), we thought that we were supposed to have dinner at 5 our time and 4 their time, but turns out it was supposed to be 6 our time, 5 their time. So we went and visited a less-active out there nearby and then went to dinner at Sister B's with the K's. Then we went and taught our investigator who doesn't speak much English, but it turns out she was supposedly baptized into our church when she was 8 or 9 but her grandma talked her out of staying active after 2 or 3 years. I swear there's never a dull moment on the mission.

Saturday, we finished up weekly planning in the morning, went on an exchange with a member and saw our investigator A (she's LOVING the Book of Mormon) and Sister S, had lunch, went up to Lakeville and La Paz contacting...taught a couple JW's who know the R's from the Branch and they actually took a card, went and taught the J's, and tried a couple people with Sister S since our appointment didn't show. Then we had dinner at Sister S's...she may have sent you a picture mom. Not really sure if she did.

Sunday, we had branch council, P slept instead of came to church, J came, we went about it...nothing too new...had correlation, then went out workin! We got to see L that day with Sister F (that's when she added you on facebook because we were in L's house just waiting while she went out to her backyard and sold a pony...I tell ya...never a dull moment) then went to the R's for dinner.

Yesterday, we taught J again in the morning, went to Penguin Point with Sister S, contacted, then headed to Mishawaka for interviews. President was only like 1 1/2 hours behind instead of 2 1/2 like my previous 2 interviews, so that was good :) Then we went to the R's for dinner and stopped by the K's (who are recently returning too) and then headed home for the night.

And that's about it for this week I think! It's been great! I can't believe there's only one week left in this transfer. It's just flown. So fast. It's been going so fast that I haven't even remembered to take very many pictures haha :) I'll try to be better :) Luckily, I got the Zone Picture!

My scripture from this week is Proverbs 10:4. I love how straightforward it is. If we are lazy, we are poor, which could be literally poor in money, but it could also be poor in spirit, poor in success, poor in miracles, etc. But if we are DILIGENT (everyone go study the Preach my Gospel definition of diligent), we will be rich, whether it be in money, spirit, miracles, success, love, etc.

To answer questions:

No, we haven't heard about what the iPad situation is. (I asked if we needed to buy her an iPad)

Sister Blaisdell's name must have been in the other area book in Koko cause I don't remember ever seeing it. But that's sweet! The only record I've found with a missionary I recognized was Tom Shaffer.

LOVE YOU ALL! Have a fantastic last full week of July! And Happy Pioneer Day!

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

 Zone Picture