Wednesday, July 16, 2014

11 Months...whaaaat.


I can't believe it's been 11 months since I went to the MTC. seems like forever yet it seems like yesterday. Time is flying!

Well, this week went by in a BLINK! Holy cow it went fast.

Monday, we had P-Day. I ended up making cupcakes and that was about it I think...then we went to dinner at Sister F's house (she made these green beans with bacon and soy sauce and brown sugar and should look them up. SUPER good!). Then we went and taught P and showed her the gospel library app and she was stoked. It was pretty great.

Tuesday, we had service at the museum then went to Lakeville to teach G (the referral we got from a member and taught her last week). She committed to baptism! Her family situation is about to get crazy, so hopefully she'll stick with it but we'll just have to be persistent because she is GOLDEN. Then we worked around Lakeville for a little while then went to Bremen. We ended up meeting this youth pastor from the Church of Jesus Christ (just not of Latter-Day Saints) and he was super nice but didn't want to take a Book of Mormon but by the end, I was pretty bold with him and told him that he couldn't say it wasn't true if he didn't read it and I promised that it would support the Bible and the only way he could tell us it didn't was if he read it. Turns out he's related to the R's too. We went to their house after for dinner. They're fun. He showed me your comments on facebook from the tornado, mom :) (Hope that wasn't against the rules & I hope I didn't say anything stupid)  Then we stopped by a less-active and finished up our church tour studies.

Wednesday, we went and taught D (the one we scraped paint for last weekend) and set up a church tour with her. Then we finally got to sit down with our investigator we have been trying to meet with for like..ever. We were able to set up a church tour with her too...she's had to move it twice but hopefully tomorrow we'll do it with her! Then we went and taught was a little rough, but by the end we got her back on track so hopefully she'll be good to go now. I don't remember what we did after that...we did some contacting and followed up and dropped some of our investigators...went to teach a less-active couple. Then we went to the H's for dinner then had YW in excellence. We both had to speak at it. Mine was on integrity and I used a lot from President Monson's priesthood session talk. Everyone should read it...super good.

Thursday, we went to the museum, had lunch, had weekly planning, went and taught a recent convert then went to the B's (branch mission leader) for dinner. Then we went and saw two less-active young women...took one of them some of the cupcakes for her birthday/her mom let me borrow a muffin tin haha :)

Friday, we had zone training in Mishawaka (I'll send you a zone picture once I get it emailed to me. (Elder H is in my zone. Does his mom ever get pictures or do I need to make sure to send one too like I had to for Elder H? (two different Elder H's – Maybe Elders H's don't like to send pictures) haha :) ) Then we worked in Lakeville on our way back and went to the R's for dinner and then contacted a referral from Brother R. They know SO MUCH about family history. They told us a bunch of stories and dates all from memory. It was crazy. I need them to teach me haha.

Saturday, we went and taught our investigator named A. She's an older lady and she said she had a Book of Mormon before but I'm not so sure it wasn't a 7th day Adventist bible....she thought that's who we were. But she made a good connection with Sister S, so that was good. I think they knew each other in the pre-mortal life because A said she knew Sister S haha. Afterward, we taught Sister S, went out to Walkerton to try a few people, saw quite a few less-actives that we needed to see for a while now, went to dinner with Sister F, went to another less-active's home, stopped by P's, and called people for the linger longer on Sunday.

Yesterday, we went to church, J & her daughter came, P's daughter woke up throwing up so they couldn't come, and a couple less-actives we had worked with came, so it was pretty solid. Relief Society was about baptism this time too, so it didn't throw J off haha :) Then we had a linger longer after church, had coordination meeting, went and found Brenda R's friend who lives up here (Brenda stopped by and saw me last week. She's up here a lot.), went to the junior R's for dinner, then went to a less-active's in Argos. Nothing too crazy...but overall a solid week.

And this morning, it's P-Day again! We were supposed to do A's church tour this morning but she bailed because of vomit too so we gave the member a church tour then went to the fair with Sister F! (Now I know why her email was so late – all that worrying for nothing) And now we're just trying to get everything else done! Woo!!!

One thought I had this week was from Alma 34: 37-38. Amulek tells us to "work out our salvation" and to "contend no more against the Holy Ghost". I loved that wording that he used. I think it's so important, ESPECIALLY as a missionary, to not contend against the Holy Ghost. It is really all about going with that first instinct and following those promptings. That is where the miracles happen. Hopefully I can help more of those happen by my obedience to the spirit.

LOVE YOU ALL! I just barely got your letter today mom, so I haven't read it yet because we came directly here to the library, so hopefully nothing too important of a question was in it! :) (I promise I sent it last Wednesday – just like usual)

Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

Pictures . . .
Shower door...Plymouth style!

There's the color of my suitcase mom. (Sent her a new huge suitcase)

 With the Johnson's goat at the fair this morning.

The goat tried to kiss me!

With the Johnson's cow.

Again with the cow. His name was Preacher Man

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