Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm leaving the land of the blessed :(


Well, it's been a good run Greencastle! I can say that this has probably been the area I've learned the most in so far and seen the most blessings and miracles. I love it here. I can't wait to come back. But the new adventure is going to be great! I'm excited! :) Except for the fact I have to pack...yuck. haha:)

Well, last Monday, we did the norm and went to Brownsburg for P-Day and played. Then we were going to go to Coatesville but we felt like we needed to go get H to go to FHE. She was reluctant at first, but she came and she had so much fun! It was such a miracle because she needs a lot of encouragement and positive influence in her life just because of her family situation. It was awesome. It didn't give us much other time to do anything else, but it was great.

Tuesday, we saw B in the morning. He's finally getting the idea of keeping commitments. He's just got to decide for himself what his priorities are. Then we had another lesson scheduled but she didn't show up so we took the member to go visit another one of our potentials and it was great! She needed our visit, so it was sweet! Then we had another appointment that fell through and I don't remember what we did instead....haha but I know it was something good! Then we saw our investigator D. Hopefully she will be coming to church soon. Then we had dinner with the H's, went to the M's to teach them, and did Church tour studies with the Elders.

Wednesday, we saw another investigator in the morning. She's finally understanding the importance of the gospel and of the commandments. She was struggling with the concept of the Law of Chastity because she said commitment isn't related to marriage, but we were able to overcome her concerns and now she just has to decide when to get married. Hopefully soon! We went down to Cloverdale that afternoon and met a pastor who just really wanted to bash on us. It was frustrating, but all in a day's work right? I'm really excited to see those people in the next life and see what they say haha :) It'll be great. Then we went through the baptismal interview questions with H, had dinner at the M's, then did some contacting that night. Nothing too crazy.

Thursday, we did service at the Homeless Shelter, had lunch, weekly planned, went and taught K (from New Mexico who was taking the discussions) and set up another appointment with her because she wants to know why Mormons are so happy (woooo!). Super sweet. Then Brother J fed us and we headed to Cloverdale again to try some less actives and PC a little bit.

Friday, we had Zone Training in Plainfield then we had lunch then came back and taught E....I think I talked about him last week. He loved the Plan of Salvation (but then who wouldn't) and he came to church again yesterday! Then we had a hot dog cookout with the E's and then saw Sister J after that.

Saturday, we taught B again in the morning then we went and pulled weeds for a member and her husband. It was a lot of fun! I hadn't worked in the garden for a while! I'm a little sore from hoeing, but it's all good. Then we went and saw the McC's (they're not able to come to church because of Bro. McC's health. He loves to be stubborn and say he doesn't like being a mormon and tries to test us but I just sass him right back and he loves it and just laughs haha). Then we had dinner and I don't really remember what we did Saturday night....It was so long ago haha.

Yesterday, H had her baptismal interview, we went about church, I winged it teaching the youth Sunday School about the priesthood, had lunch and studied, took H her bike so she could get home from work, went to Cloverdale to see a less-active and follow up with a lady, went and contacted a referral, went to the K's for dinner/breakfast (WAFFLES! :) ) and toured their farm and their house that they're building in a slaughterhouse (it's all on the W's property...Sister W is the K's daughter). Then we made H's baptismal program plans with her. And that wrapped up the night!

Now it's P-Day and that's about it.

I can't believe Erin is graduated. Tell her congrats! And tell Kathryn to send me a postcard from France and I'll send her one from Indiana! :) (Erin & Kathryn Christensen – Darcie's friends from 12th Ward)

It sounds like hockey and basketball are exciting. How's the series now? (She misses her sports – too bad both series are over now)

Flagstaff will be fun! I'm jealous! Tell Kaya and Deven Hi and write me a letter and send pictures when you go! Even if it's not for a month! (We are going to take Gracie May & Julian to see them in a few weeks – can't wait!!!)

Mmmmmm Salmon. Next year. (She is talking about the famous Garland Fire Department Salmon fry they hold the first Saturday in June – If you have not had the opportunity to attend this you really should – you can actually drink the butter sauce it is so good)

My commitment for this week is to read Profile of a Prophet by Hugh B. Brown. It's legit. This Church is true.
LOVE YOU ALL! Have a great week!
Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc
 Me and my sweet friend Jane
(86 years young who's reading the Book of Mormon!)

 Eagle Creek Oompa Loompas.

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