Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I'm in Plymouth! (Chuck told her we would be in Plymouth on the 4th of July to see the rodeo – Of course that is Plymouth, UT not Indiana!)


Yep.. I'm exiled. And the Branch I'm in has 2 different time zones in it...crazy right? So we have to calculate the time when we are going to go to that section. Confusing. But it seems like a great branch! President K is the Branch President. He volunteered to be the Branch President and doesn't even live in the boundaries. He's pretty gung-ho about missionary work, so that's awesome. Especially cause there are TONS of less-actives here.

So on Monday, we had just a regular old P-Day...went to Plainfield to play and got Jimmy Johns so I finally got to use part of my gift card! :) Then that night, we tried to see some investigators but none were home so we ended up talking to a lady who was walking down the road. It was super sweet! Then we went to FHE at Brother J's. I was so sad to leave these people. I love them. But hopefully I'll be back! :) Then that night, we stopped by to see Sister J and Sister S before I left.

Tuesday, we went to play BINGO in the morning, tried to see B but he didn't answer, went out to try a potential but she was busy, so we tracted! It was fun. And hot! This humidity is killer! But I'll live. :) Then we got to go out to the W's and help them with their house. I sanded and Sister McC stained cabinets. It was fun! We got to do it with the W's less-active son and non-member daughter-in-law, so that was sweet. Then we saw Tracy and went to the Merrell's for dinner. President H had just got back from Africa so we went to say bye and update him on the past 3 weeks. Then we went to the S's to say bye to them. They gave me a bunch of candy, so now I'm really stocked up for the rest of my mission Mom! :) (I sent her lots, and lots of candy in her hump day, half way through the mission day, package – dont eat it all at once Darcie)

Wednesday was transfers. We had to pick up a bike and some luggage for the Plainfield Elders and then headed to Fishers! I was excited I got to see Sister O'B (Darcies trainer) one last time cause she goes home next transfer :( After transfers, we hopped in with Sister J and came back to Plymouth! With a pit stop in Logansport for Ice Cream and coney dogs. Then we went and saw some investigators and went to YW. Nothing too crazy.

Thursday, we did service at the museum (cleaning and such), had weekly planning, taught our investigator P whose husband is a member but he lives in Mexico currently. Then we had a Relief Society activity. It was sweet! I got to talk and teach a lady who had come with a member. She claims she's catholic but she knows the Catholics aren't right because of the whole sin-all-week-confess-Sunday. So we got to talk about repentance and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was awesome.

Friday, we had district meeting in Mishawaka. Elder E is my District Leader. When we got back, we went to lunch with the K's, knocked some doors, had dinner and a lesson with an investigator (who was a member referral...super sweet!) and then taught a less-active.

Saturday, we basically just did a ton of tracting and PCing. Nothing too exciting, nothing too horrible. Just a day of contacting! We met with one of our investigators, J. He doesn't really have too much real intent...not sure why he's meeting with us, but he says he knows the Book of Mormon is true, so it's strange. But his grandma is getting interested, so we'll hopefully be teaching her soon! We went and taught a member that night in Bremen. They're converts of about 4 years. Brother R was a Chemical Engineer at Eli Lilly, so that's pretty sweet. I need to get a job there. (Darcie's major is Biological Engineering at Utah State University-she's was even on the library wall)

Sunday, we had Branch Council, church, missionary coordination, stopped by the hospital to see a member, went out contacting, saw a couple less-actives and talked to a bunch of people. And that's about it...

Today, we shopped and cleaned and here we are! I'm still working on unpacking...haha but it's all good!

A quote I loved this week from President Monson's Priesthood Session talk was actually from Jabari Parker. "Be the same person in the dark as in the light." or something along those lines. So true. I love it.

LOVE YA'LL! Hope you have a fantastic week!
Peace and Blessin's!
-Sista Darc

An added note from one of her emails yesterday:  Did I ever tell you that I was grateful for all those times you made me call people so I'd learn how? And for teaching me how to clean (like how you have to change a vacuum bag regularly) and work and cook? Oh and I think I told you about the insurance card. (One of her companions went to the doctor and had no idea what an insurance card was or what you were supposed to do with one.- apparently I made her carry and use her insurance card) Even though I complained at the time, I'm grateful! :) (A mission brings out gratitude – Love to see her growth)

Family Home Evening with Bro. J, the Elders, J (their investigator) and H! I'll miss these folks!

Brother F made me deviled eggs!

With the M's 

With T

 Sister O and I with the temple!

 The gold dome! We drove through South Bend on our way to Mishawaka.
(Darcie, Stacy, Scott, Ellie and I got in trouble at this building. We were apparently too noisy!- What!!!)

Touchdown Jesus. Will you find out where first down Moses is and give me an address so I can go find him?
(First down Moses – from Wikipedia - If you walk to the left side of the library, youll find another iconic statue, this one depicting Moses pointing upward to heaven while berating the Israelites for falling into idol worship. The statue was created in 1962 by the Croatian American artist Joseph Turkalj (1924-2007).  Naturally, this statue also has a nickname: “First Down Moses.”)

 Former District

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