Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy June!


Summer is here. And don't worry, we finally got an AC! WOOOO! It's just a little baby window unit one, but it works pretty well in our little apartment. I'm very, very thankful. No me gusta humidity! :)

Alrighty. So to answer questions that were asked in previous letters I didn't answer (I haven't got your letters yet for this week) (I didn't get mine sent until Thursday and Chuck's letter was lost at Stacy's house. Good news though Stacy found it and mailed it for us)

Yes I like coupons mom. You basically know what I buy (triscuit was good, contact solution, claratin, etc.) so whatever works!

I can't believe Brenden (Oxborrow) is home. Crazy Crazy. That whole group that left at the same time is all getting like Jacob (Rees, is home), Steven (Christensen, is home), Landon (Hobbs, not sure) and all them right?

And chair soccer is basically you have a chair and you have to guard it and if it gets hit, you have to sit down and try to throw the ball at other people's chair and if you hit theirs you are back in. It's not hard on the chairs :) (I just asked her what chair soccer was. Asked her if it was hard on the chairs.)

And question for you...what is Donna's daughter's name that lives in Eagle Creek? I was trying to ask the Zone Leaders who serve there if they knew her but I don't know her name. (One of my high school friends has a daughter living in Indiana)

Alright so last week, I already covered Monday and part of Tuesday...The rest of Tuesday we basically just went out contacting, taught a member, went finding in Cloverdale and got some referrals so that was sweet, then that night I headed to IUPUI (Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis) with Sister M for exchanges. Oh this was the day I also accidentally hit a cat. It didn't die, but it lost some fur hahaha. Whoops....(Man I thought she said a car!!!!)

Wednesday, I was on campus at IUPUI and basically we spent the whole day just talking to people. It was super fun! It was hot and we walked probably about 6 miles because the Sisters were about out of miles so we walked a lot but it was way fun! I actually saw a member from Greencastle who was there on campus going to the dentist too, so that was crazy. We met some awesome people on campus. That night, a member fed us (he was running late so he grabbed everything he could out of his freezer and we microwaved it hahaha) and we went to institute then Sister McC and Sister G came and we exchanged back and headed back to Greencastle.

Thursday, we started weekly planning then went to lunch with our 86 year young investigator named J at the Putnam Inn. She's adorable. She might be adding me on Facebook, so if she does, add her. She's coming on a church tour with us too this week. She'll be baptized; she just doesn't know it yet! :) Then we went and taught another investigator D (a member was supposed to come but cancelled). She is struggling right now. We found her at just the right time. She knows a member and we're just going to keep plugging along with her. Then we finished up weekly planning, went to the H's for dinner, then went out to the middle of nowhere (aka Roachdale) to see a less-active we had been trying to see forever. She's adorable. She just had a baby about 3ish months ago and wants to come back to church to have something solid to raise her daughter in. So she should be coming back soon!

Friday, we had district meeting in Plainfield, went to lunch at Chick-fil-a, went out contacting, picked up our air conditioner, found a new investigator named A (he's cool...not going to lie), a guy came and installed our AC, we had dinner, then I don't really remember what we did that night....

Saturday, we had all our appointments fall through so we went out contacting all day and it turned out to be a pretty good day. We saw Sister J and a couple less-actives and taught a couple other people...nothing too  crazy or exciting, but just a solid day. We went out to the boonies contacting cause we had a lot of miles left so we could.

Sunday, we tried to wake B up for church (he didn't come...ugh) and then went about church (I didn't teach anything this week but I played the organ and piano again! :) ) then we had lunch (took a nap since it was fast Sunday), finished studies, taught a former investigator we just picked up and after being taught for like 6 years, she FINALLY understands why we have to say that we believe that the gospel was restored through Joseph Smith. Now she's hung up on the Law of Chastity, but she already quit smoking, so it's all good. She's progressing, little by little but at least it's progression! :)

Then we stopped by the M's for Elise's graduation open house and ate some Mexican food (I tell ya...Brother M makes the BEST) then we went out to our part-member family's house and set baptismal dates with the 3 kids who are getting baptized! June 28th! Wooo! We're so excited. Hopefully I'll still be in Greencastle by then. Then we saw the S's after that and that wrapped up the day.

And here we are at Monday again. We did laundry at Sister H's this morning (her husband is in Africa) and then we grocery shopped and now we're here.

Thought for this week is a logical epiphany I had about Joseph Smith and the reason he's needed. I mean, God could have just made a church of Jesus Christ pop up on the side of the road by His own power, but no one would have went to it cause no one was there to tell about it, right? So He called a servant and prophet to be able to spread the word and hold the authority to be able to spread the gospel to the Earth and get the restored-gospel-ball rolling. It's a simple epiphany, but it just made it all come together. Simple doctrine is the best. :)

LOVE YOU ALL! Hope you have a fantastic week!
Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

Sister M and I walking back from campus

Me and Indy.
It was too bright I had to put on my sunglasses
we got for free that day on campus haha.

Me and Sister G 

 I was pretty excited about the AC.

We asked A for water and he brought this. We drank it. Turns out it was just a tea bottle filled with water hahaha. We asked him first and he thought we were crazy.

 Package from Donna. Me and Sister McC are twinkies! :)
(Thanks Donna, she loved the package – You are too sweet!)

Crazy referral house we went to. hahaha. Gotta love backwoods Indiana.

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