Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy July 4th!


Can't believe it's July and time to celebrate America...and most importantly, Grandpa's Birthday! And Happy Birthday to Jared and Tammie this week too! And if I missed anyone else, I'll look at my birthday list when I get home and send a card haha. Turns out we get to stay out til 10:30 for festivities on Friday cause we only have half a p-day today and we'll get the rest Friday. So that'll be fun!

Okay so last Monday, we had P-Day, did basically the usual then just hung around the apartment because we're exiled with not much to do here in Plymouth haha. But it was good. Then we had dinner with the S's, a part-member family in the ward. Brother S joined the church back in Germany and he's married now to a catholic woman and they are both super sweet! We had fun! Then it was pouring and lightning so we went and saw a recent convert.

Tuesday, we had an awesome day. We went and did service at the museum and then we had lunch, went contacting, we were going to a lesson with F but the lesson cancelled so F came tracting with us and we found a family to teach and then got a new investigator who recently lost her husband. It was super sweet! Then we went to dinner with Sister S then headed out to Walkerton to do some contacting. We ended up finding 2 new investigators out there too (one was drunk and he believes we started as a bacteria and basically we just become new entities as we keep continuing to die). So it was a pretty sweet day!

Wednesday, we went and taught J with Sister S (Sister S was able to come last minute because our member got sick and it ended up to be super sweet!) and J is so on track! She re-started the Book of Mormon and says she is understanding it more this time than the first time she started and she even prayed to help her understand. We're so excited for her. She came to church with 2 of her kids yesterday too. She's on a baptismal date for August 31st, hopefully sooner, but super exciting! Then we went to lunch with Sister S, went contacting, went out to the edge of our boundary in Tippecanoe to eat with the F's then came back and did some more contacting then went to the church to teach a less-active during YW.

Thursday, we worked at the museum, had lunch, weekly planned, went and taught a recent convert, went to dinner in Culver at a place called Papa's. It was SUPER good. Sister R took us. She works at the Culver academy, which is a boarding school. It is a beautiful campus right on the lake. Then we taught P that night. She committed to come to church (and was going to but we messed can read about the story on Sunday).

Friday, we had District Meeting, went and taught Sister Sh, went out to Walkerton to try to find a less-active, did some tracting, and taught Sister L, who came to church on Sunday, which was super sweet! Then we went visiting teaching with Sister R and had dinner with them. Then we met up with the Sister Training Leaders for exchanges, so I went up to South Bend with Sister B.

Saturday, me and Sister B partied in South Bend. We did a church tour with some members because the investigator didn't show up, taught an investigator from Puerto Rico with some members after lunch (he has so much real intent it's ridiculous...I wish all investigators could have that!) then we taught a less-active family, found a new investigator in that same neighborhood, and taught another investigator, who is this sweet black lady who I swear came right out of the help. She used to be a nurse and just loves the gospel. It's so great. Then we had dinner and came here to Plymouth to exchange back.

Yesterday, we had personal study then we headed over to P's to meet her for church so she could follow us. We were about 10 minutes after 9 because of studies and grabbing everything, and when we got there, her car was gone and she wasn't answering her phone, so we figured she must have left and went to someone's house for the night or something. Turns out (we found out later that night) that she was all ready to come to church and had left at 9:10 to go find the church because she thought we forgot and didn't take her phone with her :( It was a bummer. But hopefully she'll come next week. We have apologized a lot. Hopefully she's not mad. So we went to church, J came!!!!, we had coordination, took Sister S to go to another lesson with our investigator, who is Sister S's step-grandson, but he was sleeping so we taught his grandma instead. Sister S's son was there too, so she got to give him a pamphlet! It was super sweet! Then we did contacting, had dinner, went to try a lot of people with a member and no one was home so we went to talk to Sister Sh with Sister B and taught a 17 year old boy who has been living at her house who got kicked out recently and needs the gospel! It was super sweet! Then on the way walking back to our apartment, we met some people and found another new investigator (6th of the week!). It was a good day, even though we didn't get to have P come to church.

And it's Monday again. Crazy.

To answer questions:

I actually gave my quote board to Heaven for her baptism Mom, but I loved the new quotes! I'll hang them up anyway! (I sent her a 4x6 frame that she can add quotes to - I'll have to send her another one – Hummmm another package)

Sister O is from Blackfoot. She has been in Plymouth for 2 transfers and this is her 3rd. She used to be companions with Sister McC.

I haven't heard much about the tornado. I don't think anyone as far as missionaries go was affected. (Had a tornado touch down last week in Plainfield – the area where she served first)

Happy Tour de France day tomorrow dadio! :) (she knows how much her Dad loves the Tour De France)

Hope you all have a fantastic week!


-Sista Darc

Me and Sister B

Me, Sister McK, Sister O, and Sister B

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