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I love when birthdays fall on P-Day cause then I don't forget. haha It's so hard to cover the whole week in 1 day. Hope you have a great day Stac! Love you!

Well this week cruised right on by again. We cleaned out a lot of our investigators (that sounds awful) and we're trying to focus more on getting them all progressing and dropping the ones who aren't progressing. So that's been hard to do, but we're consistently picking up new ones, so it all works out.

Last Monday, we went to Plainfield for P-day then came back and visited a few people (I think that was the night the H's sent you the picture...) and FHE got cancelled because of the rain and something with Brother J's rain gutters, so we just spent the night contacting. Nothing too crazy. We helped Heaven and her mom throw some stuff in a dumpster and I think that's about it...

Tuesday, we went and set up our weekly service (I'll talk about it on Thursday) then we went out contacting. I don't really remember who we saw...that was too long ago haha. Then we went and took J (our 86 year old investigator) on a church tour. It went alright. She is such a cute lady and had a lot of questions, so that was good. I like these new church tour things. It should be good. Then we went and tried to contact a referral we had gotten and then we went to the G's for dinner. They then sent us over to a less-active, Sister R's, house. She is adorable. Her husband is catholic and she just had a rough time and stopped coming to church, but I think she's on the brink of coming back! Hopefully soon!

Wednesday, it was once again pouring outside, so we went out (thanks to my waterproof boots!) and did some contacting. We saw Sister Y and knocked a few doors then had lunch and headed out to work some more. We met a new investigator, E, on the side of the road and he ended up coming to church yesterday! Pretty sweet! Then we taught H. She had a little bit of trouble and ran into some anti, so we had to overcome that, but I think she's hopefully good now. She wasn't able to come to church yesterday because of work, so that wasn't good, but hopefully she'll be able to talk to her boss and get it off so she can still get baptized in 2 weeks. We then had dinner with the H's,  went to teach B (recent convert), went to YW, then went out finding.

Thursday, we did service in the morning. We are working at a homeless shelter for women doing cleaning stuff and just helping with whatever. The ladies there are so funny. It should be a lot of fun. We tried to see a less-active that afternoon but she ended up having a yard sale so we did some other contacting, found a new potential named C who wants to come to church. Then we worked on weekly planning, had dinner, taught L (the minister...we're dropping him) and did church tour studies with the elders.
Friday, we went to district meeting, did some tracting, met with K (director of Spiritual Life) at DePauw so Sister McC could meet her, went and taught E with Sister K and then A with Sister H. Then Sister J took us to dinner and we did some tracting!

Saturday, we did some contacting in the morning, went to the Branch Activity (don't worry...I started a water fight.) then we did some more contacting, had dinner, then went to Brownsburg with Sister K and Sister H for Stake Conference. It was so fun because I got to see a ton of people from Plainfield! (Schmalfeldts, Meachams, Dolans, Hormans, Pfeils, etc.). Plus that was my first stake conference on the mission. Just my luck that I can make it 10 months without one. But it was so great. It was all about missionary work. We didn't get back til about 10:20, so we hurried off to bed!

Sunday, we had Stake Conference in the morning then did some contacting and went to see B (we gave him a break for a week) and overcame some concerns there so hopefully he'll be at church this Sunday! Then we went and taught C (investigator...we're also dropping her. She is working 12 hour days and doesn't know when her next day off will be :( ) Then we taught Sister A and the H's and then that was it!

This morning, we did our laundry, Sister McC needed a haircut, did our shopping, washed the car, and now we're emailing and probably going to go to Brownsburg to play. And that should about do it for this week!

Thanks for the package! I loved it all! And thanks for the letters! I think I answered all the questions...hopefully. Let me know if I didn't haha :)

Invitation for this week (stealing it for Stake Conference): Pray to know your role in the hastening of the work. Then write me and tell me how it goes! :)

Peace and Blessin's!
-Sista Darc

They found a turtle at the church.
Reminded me of Kentucky when Zach threw the turtle I found.
(There was a turtle incident when we were visiting Grandma & Grandpa Christensen in Kentucky when they were serving a mission. Zachary threw a turtle and Darcie apparently has not forgotten about it!)

 Walking on Water!
Thank you H's for the picture! 

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