Monday, June 30, 2014

Happy July 4th!


Can't believe it's July and time to celebrate America...and most importantly, Grandpa's Birthday! And Happy Birthday to Jared and Tammie this week too! And if I missed anyone else, I'll look at my birthday list when I get home and send a card haha. Turns out we get to stay out til 10:30 for festivities on Friday cause we only have half a p-day today and we'll get the rest Friday. So that'll be fun!

Okay so last Monday, we had P-Day, did basically the usual then just hung around the apartment because we're exiled with not much to do here in Plymouth haha. But it was good. Then we had dinner with the S's, a part-member family in the ward. Brother S joined the church back in Germany and he's married now to a catholic woman and they are both super sweet! We had fun! Then it was pouring and lightning so we went and saw a recent convert.

Tuesday, we had an awesome day. We went and did service at the museum and then we had lunch, went contacting, we were going to a lesson with F but the lesson cancelled so F came tracting with us and we found a family to teach and then got a new investigator who recently lost her husband. It was super sweet! Then we went to dinner with Sister S then headed out to Walkerton to do some contacting. We ended up finding 2 new investigators out there too (one was drunk and he believes we started as a bacteria and basically we just become new entities as we keep continuing to die). So it was a pretty sweet day!

Wednesday, we went and taught J with Sister S (Sister S was able to come last minute because our member got sick and it ended up to be super sweet!) and J is so on track! She re-started the Book of Mormon and says she is understanding it more this time than the first time she started and she even prayed to help her understand. We're so excited for her. She came to church with 2 of her kids yesterday too. She's on a baptismal date for August 31st, hopefully sooner, but super exciting! Then we went to lunch with Sister S, went contacting, went out to the edge of our boundary in Tippecanoe to eat with the F's then came back and did some more contacting then went to the church to teach a less-active during YW.

Thursday, we worked at the museum, had lunch, weekly planned, went and taught a recent convert, went to dinner in Culver at a place called Papa's. It was SUPER good. Sister R took us. She works at the Culver academy, which is a boarding school. It is a beautiful campus right on the lake. Then we taught P that night. She committed to come to church (and was going to but we messed can read about the story on Sunday).

Friday, we had District Meeting, went and taught Sister Sh, went out to Walkerton to try to find a less-active, did some tracting, and taught Sister L, who came to church on Sunday, which was super sweet! Then we went visiting teaching with Sister R and had dinner with them. Then we met up with the Sister Training Leaders for exchanges, so I went up to South Bend with Sister B.

Saturday, me and Sister B partied in South Bend. We did a church tour with some members because the investigator didn't show up, taught an investigator from Puerto Rico with some members after lunch (he has so much real intent it's ridiculous...I wish all investigators could have that!) then we taught a less-active family, found a new investigator in that same neighborhood, and taught another investigator, who is this sweet black lady who I swear came right out of the help. She used to be a nurse and just loves the gospel. It's so great. Then we had dinner and came here to Plymouth to exchange back.

Yesterday, we had personal study then we headed over to P's to meet her for church so she could follow us. We were about 10 minutes after 9 because of studies and grabbing everything, and when we got there, her car was gone and she wasn't answering her phone, so we figured she must have left and went to someone's house for the night or something. Turns out (we found out later that night) that she was all ready to come to church and had left at 9:10 to go find the church because she thought we forgot and didn't take her phone with her :( It was a bummer. But hopefully she'll come next week. We have apologized a lot. Hopefully she's not mad. So we went to church, J came!!!!, we had coordination, took Sister S to go to another lesson with our investigator, who is Sister S's step-grandson, but he was sleeping so we taught his grandma instead. Sister S's son was there too, so she got to give him a pamphlet! It was super sweet! Then we did contacting, had dinner, went to try a lot of people with a member and no one was home so we went to talk to Sister Sh with Sister B and taught a 17 year old boy who has been living at her house who got kicked out recently and needs the gospel! It was super sweet! Then on the way walking back to our apartment, we met some people and found another new investigator (6th of the week!). It was a good day, even though we didn't get to have P come to church.

And it's Monday again. Crazy.

To answer questions:

I actually gave my quote board to Heaven for her baptism Mom, but I loved the new quotes! I'll hang them up anyway! (I sent her a 4x6 frame that she can add quotes to - I'll have to send her another one – Hummmm another package)

Sister O is from Blackfoot. She has been in Plymouth for 2 transfers and this is her 3rd. She used to be companions with Sister McC.

I haven't heard much about the tornado. I don't think anyone as far as missionaries go was affected. (Had a tornado touch down last week in Plainfield – the area where she served first)

Happy Tour de France day tomorrow dadio! :) (she knows how much her Dad loves the Tour De France)

Hope you all have a fantastic week!


-Sista Darc

Me and Sister B

Me, Sister McK, Sister O, and Sister B

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I'm in Plymouth! (Chuck told her we would be in Plymouth on the 4th of July to see the rodeo – Of course that is Plymouth, UT not Indiana!)


Yep.. I'm exiled. And the Branch I'm in has 2 different time zones in it...crazy right? So we have to calculate the time when we are going to go to that section. Confusing. But it seems like a great branch! President K is the Branch President. He volunteered to be the Branch President and doesn't even live in the boundaries. He's pretty gung-ho about missionary work, so that's awesome. Especially cause there are TONS of less-actives here.

So on Monday, we had just a regular old P-Day...went to Plainfield to play and got Jimmy Johns so I finally got to use part of my gift card! :) Then that night, we tried to see some investigators but none were home so we ended up talking to a lady who was walking down the road. It was super sweet! Then we went to FHE at Brother J's. I was so sad to leave these people. I love them. But hopefully I'll be back! :) Then that night, we stopped by to see Sister J and Sister S before I left.

Tuesday, we went to play BINGO in the morning, tried to see B but he didn't answer, went out to try a potential but she was busy, so we tracted! It was fun. And hot! This humidity is killer! But I'll live. :) Then we got to go out to the W's and help them with their house. I sanded and Sister McC stained cabinets. It was fun! We got to do it with the W's less-active son and non-member daughter-in-law, so that was sweet. Then we saw Tracy and went to the Merrell's for dinner. President H had just got back from Africa so we went to say bye and update him on the past 3 weeks. Then we went to the S's to say bye to them. They gave me a bunch of candy, so now I'm really stocked up for the rest of my mission Mom! :) (I sent her lots, and lots of candy in her hump day, half way through the mission day, package – dont eat it all at once Darcie)

Wednesday was transfers. We had to pick up a bike and some luggage for the Plainfield Elders and then headed to Fishers! I was excited I got to see Sister O'B (Darcies trainer) one last time cause she goes home next transfer :( After transfers, we hopped in with Sister J and came back to Plymouth! With a pit stop in Logansport for Ice Cream and coney dogs. Then we went and saw some investigators and went to YW. Nothing too crazy.

Thursday, we did service at the museum (cleaning and such), had weekly planning, taught our investigator P whose husband is a member but he lives in Mexico currently. Then we had a Relief Society activity. It was sweet! I got to talk and teach a lady who had come with a member. She claims she's catholic but she knows the Catholics aren't right because of the whole sin-all-week-confess-Sunday. So we got to talk about repentance and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was awesome.

Friday, we had district meeting in Mishawaka. Elder E is my District Leader. When we got back, we went to lunch with the K's, knocked some doors, had dinner and a lesson with an investigator (who was a member referral...super sweet!) and then taught a less-active.

Saturday, we basically just did a ton of tracting and PCing. Nothing too exciting, nothing too horrible. Just a day of contacting! We met with one of our investigators, J. He doesn't really have too much real intent...not sure why he's meeting with us, but he says he knows the Book of Mormon is true, so it's strange. But his grandma is getting interested, so we'll hopefully be teaching her soon! We went and taught a member that night in Bremen. They're converts of about 4 years. Brother R was a Chemical Engineer at Eli Lilly, so that's pretty sweet. I need to get a job there. (Darcie's major is Biological Engineering at Utah State University-she's was even on the library wall)

Sunday, we had Branch Council, church, missionary coordination, stopped by the hospital to see a member, went out contacting, saw a couple less-actives and talked to a bunch of people. And that's about it...

Today, we shopped and cleaned and here we are! I'm still working on unpacking...haha but it's all good!

A quote I loved this week from President Monson's Priesthood Session talk was actually from Jabari Parker. "Be the same person in the dark as in the light." or something along those lines. So true. I love it.

LOVE YA'LL! Hope you have a fantastic week!
Peace and Blessin's!
-Sista Darc

An added note from one of her emails yesterday:  Did I ever tell you that I was grateful for all those times you made me call people so I'd learn how? And for teaching me how to clean (like how you have to change a vacuum bag regularly) and work and cook? Oh and I think I told you about the insurance card. (One of her companions went to the doctor and had no idea what an insurance card was or what you were supposed to do with one.- apparently I made her carry and use her insurance card) Even though I complained at the time, I'm grateful! :) (A mission brings out gratitude – Love to see her growth)

Family Home Evening with Bro. J, the Elders, J (their investigator) and H! I'll miss these folks!

Brother F made me deviled eggs!

With the M's 

With T

 Sister O and I with the temple!

 The gold dome! We drove through South Bend on our way to Mishawaka.
(Darcie, Stacy, Scott, Ellie and I got in trouble at this building. We were apparently too noisy!- What!!!)

Touchdown Jesus. Will you find out where first down Moses is and give me an address so I can go find him?
(First down Moses – from Wikipedia - If you walk to the left side of the library, youll find another iconic statue, this one depicting Moses pointing upward to heaven while berating the Israelites for falling into idol worship. The statue was created in 1962 by the Croatian American artist Joseph Turkalj (1924-2007).  Naturally, this statue also has a nickname: “First Down Moses.”)

 Former District

Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm leaving the land of the blessed :(


Well, it's been a good run Greencastle! I can say that this has probably been the area I've learned the most in so far and seen the most blessings and miracles. I love it here. I can't wait to come back. But the new adventure is going to be great! I'm excited! :) Except for the fact I have to pack...yuck. haha:)

Well, last Monday, we did the norm and went to Brownsburg for P-Day and played. Then we were going to go to Coatesville but we felt like we needed to go get H to go to FHE. She was reluctant at first, but she came and she had so much fun! It was such a miracle because she needs a lot of encouragement and positive influence in her life just because of her family situation. It was awesome. It didn't give us much other time to do anything else, but it was great.

Tuesday, we saw B in the morning. He's finally getting the idea of keeping commitments. He's just got to decide for himself what his priorities are. Then we had another lesson scheduled but she didn't show up so we took the member to go visit another one of our potentials and it was great! She needed our visit, so it was sweet! Then we had another appointment that fell through and I don't remember what we did instead....haha but I know it was something good! Then we saw our investigator D. Hopefully she will be coming to church soon. Then we had dinner with the H's, went to the M's to teach them, and did Church tour studies with the Elders.

Wednesday, we saw another investigator in the morning. She's finally understanding the importance of the gospel and of the commandments. She was struggling with the concept of the Law of Chastity because she said commitment isn't related to marriage, but we were able to overcome her concerns and now she just has to decide when to get married. Hopefully soon! We went down to Cloverdale that afternoon and met a pastor who just really wanted to bash on us. It was frustrating, but all in a day's work right? I'm really excited to see those people in the next life and see what they say haha :) It'll be great. Then we went through the baptismal interview questions with H, had dinner at the M's, then did some contacting that night. Nothing too crazy.

Thursday, we did service at the Homeless Shelter, had lunch, weekly planned, went and taught K (from New Mexico who was taking the discussions) and set up another appointment with her because she wants to know why Mormons are so happy (woooo!). Super sweet. Then Brother J fed us and we headed to Cloverdale again to try some less actives and PC a little bit.

Friday, we had Zone Training in Plainfield then we had lunch then came back and taught E....I think I talked about him last week. He loved the Plan of Salvation (but then who wouldn't) and he came to church again yesterday! Then we had a hot dog cookout with the E's and then saw Sister J after that.

Saturday, we taught B again in the morning then we went and pulled weeds for a member and her husband. It was a lot of fun! I hadn't worked in the garden for a while! I'm a little sore from hoeing, but it's all good. Then we went and saw the McC's (they're not able to come to church because of Bro. McC's health. He loves to be stubborn and say he doesn't like being a mormon and tries to test us but I just sass him right back and he loves it and just laughs haha). Then we had dinner and I don't really remember what we did Saturday night....It was so long ago haha.

Yesterday, H had her baptismal interview, we went about church, I winged it teaching the youth Sunday School about the priesthood, had lunch and studied, took H her bike so she could get home from work, went to Cloverdale to see a less-active and follow up with a lady, went and contacted a referral, went to the K's for dinner/breakfast (WAFFLES! :) ) and toured their farm and their house that they're building in a slaughterhouse (it's all on the W's property...Sister W is the K's daughter). Then we made H's baptismal program plans with her. And that wrapped up the night!

Now it's P-Day and that's about it.

I can't believe Erin is graduated. Tell her congrats! And tell Kathryn to send me a postcard from France and I'll send her one from Indiana! :) (Erin & Kathryn Christensen – Darcie's friends from 12th Ward)

It sounds like hockey and basketball are exciting. How's the series now? (She misses her sports – too bad both series are over now)

Flagstaff will be fun! I'm jealous! Tell Kaya and Deven Hi and write me a letter and send pictures when you go! Even if it's not for a month! (We are going to take Gracie May & Julian to see them in a few weeks – can't wait!!!)

Mmmmmm Salmon. Next year. (She is talking about the famous Garland Fire Department Salmon fry they hold the first Saturday in June – If you have not had the opportunity to attend this you really should – you can actually drink the butter sauce it is so good)

My commitment for this week is to read Profile of a Prophet by Hugh B. Brown. It's legit. This Church is true.
LOVE YOU ALL! Have a great week!
Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc
 Me and my sweet friend Jane
(86 years young who's reading the Book of Mormon!)

 Eagle Creek Oompa Loompas.



I love when birthdays fall on P-Day cause then I don't forget. haha It's so hard to cover the whole week in 1 day. Hope you have a great day Stac! Love you!

Well this week cruised right on by again. We cleaned out a lot of our investigators (that sounds awful) and we're trying to focus more on getting them all progressing and dropping the ones who aren't progressing. So that's been hard to do, but we're consistently picking up new ones, so it all works out.

Last Monday, we went to Plainfield for P-day then came back and visited a few people (I think that was the night the H's sent you the picture...) and FHE got cancelled because of the rain and something with Brother J's rain gutters, so we just spent the night contacting. Nothing too crazy. We helped Heaven and her mom throw some stuff in a dumpster and I think that's about it...

Tuesday, we went and set up our weekly service (I'll talk about it on Thursday) then we went out contacting. I don't really remember who we saw...that was too long ago haha. Then we went and took J (our 86 year old investigator) on a church tour. It went alright. She is such a cute lady and had a lot of questions, so that was good. I like these new church tour things. It should be good. Then we went and tried to contact a referral we had gotten and then we went to the G's for dinner. They then sent us over to a less-active, Sister R's, house. She is adorable. Her husband is catholic and she just had a rough time and stopped coming to church, but I think she's on the brink of coming back! Hopefully soon!

Wednesday, it was once again pouring outside, so we went out (thanks to my waterproof boots!) and did some contacting. We saw Sister Y and knocked a few doors then had lunch and headed out to work some more. We met a new investigator, E, on the side of the road and he ended up coming to church yesterday! Pretty sweet! Then we taught H. She had a little bit of trouble and ran into some anti, so we had to overcome that, but I think she's hopefully good now. She wasn't able to come to church yesterday because of work, so that wasn't good, but hopefully she'll be able to talk to her boss and get it off so she can still get baptized in 2 weeks. We then had dinner with the H's,  went to teach B (recent convert), went to YW, then went out finding.

Thursday, we did service in the morning. We are working at a homeless shelter for women doing cleaning stuff and just helping with whatever. The ladies there are so funny. It should be a lot of fun. We tried to see a less-active that afternoon but she ended up having a yard sale so we did some other contacting, found a new potential named C who wants to come to church. Then we worked on weekly planning, had dinner, taught L (the minister...we're dropping him) and did church tour studies with the elders.
Friday, we went to district meeting, did some tracting, met with K (director of Spiritual Life) at DePauw so Sister McC could meet her, went and taught E with Sister K and then A with Sister H. Then Sister J took us to dinner and we did some tracting!

Saturday, we did some contacting in the morning, went to the Branch Activity (don't worry...I started a water fight.) then we did some more contacting, had dinner, then went to Brownsburg with Sister K and Sister H for Stake Conference. It was so fun because I got to see a ton of people from Plainfield! (Schmalfeldts, Meachams, Dolans, Hormans, Pfeils, etc.). Plus that was my first stake conference on the mission. Just my luck that I can make it 10 months without one. But it was so great. It was all about missionary work. We didn't get back til about 10:20, so we hurried off to bed!

Sunday, we had Stake Conference in the morning then did some contacting and went to see B (we gave him a break for a week) and overcame some concerns there so hopefully he'll be at church this Sunday! Then we went and taught C (investigator...we're also dropping her. She is working 12 hour days and doesn't know when her next day off will be :( ) Then we taught Sister A and the H's and then that was it!

This morning, we did our laundry, Sister McC needed a haircut, did our shopping, washed the car, and now we're emailing and probably going to go to Brownsburg to play. And that should about do it for this week!

Thanks for the package! I loved it all! And thanks for the letters! I think I answered all the questions...hopefully. Let me know if I didn't haha :)

Invitation for this week (stealing it for Stake Conference): Pray to know your role in the hastening of the work. Then write me and tell me how it goes! :)

Peace and Blessin's!
-Sista Darc

They found a turtle at the church.
Reminded me of Kentucky when Zach threw the turtle I found.
(There was a turtle incident when we were visiting Grandma & Grandpa Christensen in Kentucky when they were serving a mission. Zachary threw a turtle and Darcie apparently has not forgotten about it!)

 Walking on Water!
Thank you H's for the picture! 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy June!


Summer is here. And don't worry, we finally got an AC! WOOOO! It's just a little baby window unit one, but it works pretty well in our little apartment. I'm very, very thankful. No me gusta humidity! :)

Alrighty. So to answer questions that were asked in previous letters I didn't answer (I haven't got your letters yet for this week) (I didn't get mine sent until Thursday and Chuck's letter was lost at Stacy's house. Good news though Stacy found it and mailed it for us)

Yes I like coupons mom. You basically know what I buy (triscuit was good, contact solution, claratin, etc.) so whatever works!

I can't believe Brenden (Oxborrow) is home. Crazy Crazy. That whole group that left at the same time is all getting like Jacob (Rees, is home), Steven (Christensen, is home), Landon (Hobbs, not sure) and all them right?

And chair soccer is basically you have a chair and you have to guard it and if it gets hit, you have to sit down and try to throw the ball at other people's chair and if you hit theirs you are back in. It's not hard on the chairs :) (I just asked her what chair soccer was. Asked her if it was hard on the chairs.)

And question for you...what is Donna's daughter's name that lives in Eagle Creek? I was trying to ask the Zone Leaders who serve there if they knew her but I don't know her name. (One of my high school friends has a daughter living in Indiana)

Alright so last week, I already covered Monday and part of Tuesday...The rest of Tuesday we basically just went out contacting, taught a member, went finding in Cloverdale and got some referrals so that was sweet, then that night I headed to IUPUI (Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis) with Sister M for exchanges. Oh this was the day I also accidentally hit a cat. It didn't die, but it lost some fur hahaha. Whoops....(Man I thought she said a car!!!!)

Wednesday, I was on campus at IUPUI and basically we spent the whole day just talking to people. It was super fun! It was hot and we walked probably about 6 miles because the Sisters were about out of miles so we walked a lot but it was way fun! I actually saw a member from Greencastle who was there on campus going to the dentist too, so that was crazy. We met some awesome people on campus. That night, a member fed us (he was running late so he grabbed everything he could out of his freezer and we microwaved it hahaha) and we went to institute then Sister McC and Sister G came and we exchanged back and headed back to Greencastle.

Thursday, we started weekly planning then went to lunch with our 86 year young investigator named J at the Putnam Inn. She's adorable. She might be adding me on Facebook, so if she does, add her. She's coming on a church tour with us too this week. She'll be baptized; she just doesn't know it yet! :) Then we went and taught another investigator D (a member was supposed to come but cancelled). She is struggling right now. We found her at just the right time. She knows a member and we're just going to keep plugging along with her. Then we finished up weekly planning, went to the H's for dinner, then went out to the middle of nowhere (aka Roachdale) to see a less-active we had been trying to see forever. She's adorable. She just had a baby about 3ish months ago and wants to come back to church to have something solid to raise her daughter in. So she should be coming back soon!

Friday, we had district meeting in Plainfield, went to lunch at Chick-fil-a, went out contacting, picked up our air conditioner, found a new investigator named A (he's cool...not going to lie), a guy came and installed our AC, we had dinner, then I don't really remember what we did that night....

Saturday, we had all our appointments fall through so we went out contacting all day and it turned out to be a pretty good day. We saw Sister J and a couple less-actives and taught a couple other people...nothing too  crazy or exciting, but just a solid day. We went out to the boonies contacting cause we had a lot of miles left so we could.

Sunday, we tried to wake B up for church (he didn't come...ugh) and then went about church (I didn't teach anything this week but I played the organ and piano again! :) ) then we had lunch (took a nap since it was fast Sunday), finished studies, taught a former investigator we just picked up and after being taught for like 6 years, she FINALLY understands why we have to say that we believe that the gospel was restored through Joseph Smith. Now she's hung up on the Law of Chastity, but she already quit smoking, so it's all good. She's progressing, little by little but at least it's progression! :)

Then we stopped by the M's for Elise's graduation open house and ate some Mexican food (I tell ya...Brother M makes the BEST) then we went out to our part-member family's house and set baptismal dates with the 3 kids who are getting baptized! June 28th! Wooo! We're so excited. Hopefully I'll still be in Greencastle by then. Then we saw the S's after that and that wrapped up the day.

And here we are at Monday again. We did laundry at Sister H's this morning (her husband is in Africa) and then we grocery shopped and now we're here.

Thought for this week is a logical epiphany I had about Joseph Smith and the reason he's needed. I mean, God could have just made a church of Jesus Christ pop up on the side of the road by His own power, but no one would have went to it cause no one was there to tell about it, right? So He called a servant and prophet to be able to spread the word and hold the authority to be able to spread the gospel to the Earth and get the restored-gospel-ball rolling. It's a simple epiphany, but it just made it all come together. Simple doctrine is the best. :)

LOVE YOU ALL! Hope you have a fantastic week!
Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc

Sister M and I walking back from campus

Me and Indy.
It was too bright I had to put on my sunglasses
we got for free that day on campus haha.

Me and Sister G 

 I was pretty excited about the AC.

We asked A for water and he brought this. We drank it. Turns out it was just a tea bottle filled with water hahaha. We asked him first and he thought we were crazy.

 Package from Donna. Me and Sister McC are twinkies! :)
(Thanks Donna, she loved the package – You are too sweet!)

Crazy referral house we went to. hahaha. Gotta love backwoods Indiana.