Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Woaaaahhh we're halfway there!


Well, transfer week is always chaos, but it turned out to be a solid week!

Monday, I got to play tennis which was bomb. Brother M and I are both out of shape haha but we had a lot of fun. There's another guy in the branch who wants to play with us too, so we have a few more tennis Mondays coming up! Other than that, we had a pretty much normal P-Day...nothing too exciting. That night, we did some contacting, was supposed to have FHE but Brother J was sick, so we just spent the night finding.

Tuesday, we taught B in the morning (super great church tour with a couple from the Branch....but he still didn't come to church yesterday. Blast.) Then we went to teach a less-active then we taught L. She is open but just afraid to make a choice to "be a mormon". Which is one of the concerns we get a lot. They feel like they can't still learn and look into other religions if they are Mormon. But it's all good. Then I don't remember who we visited after that....but we went to the H's for dinner and then went to see Sister J and the K's so Sister T could say bye.

Wednesday, we had transfers, so we were in Fishers for most of the day. And now I'm here with Sister McC! (Sister McC's dad was raised in Garland and her Grandparents still live there) Like I said, she was companions with Sister W. Pretty crazy. haha. When we got back to Greencastle, we taught H (she's the one who was going to school at ISU) then had dinner then went to YW then went to the B's for milkshakes then went contacting and found some solid potentials. Pretty sweet day. Oh and Sister H brought me a note from Kelsee! (Darcie was a peer tutor to sweet Kelsee in Middle School) It was so sweet! Can you get me her address Mom? I would love to write her back.

Thursday, we went and taught a potential, went to teach D (the one with the non-denominational congregation) with Brother H then went tracting then taught L (the minister) with Sister J...he likes to talk. A lot. I definitely know why he was a minister! :) Then we had dinner with the W's and went and taught a less-active!

Friday, we had district meeting in the morning, went tracting and found a new investigator, stopped by a less-active, had dinner with Sister J, found some more solid potentials (2-2-4ing brings miracles I tell ya) and then taught the K's again so they could meet Sister McC.

Saturday, we taught B again in the morning, had weekly planning, taught an investigator from campus (he's catholic...he prayed about taking the Book of Mormon during the lesson...pretty awesome guy. Too bad he's moving for the summer...darn campus...), had dinner, went out to the middle of nowhere to try to find a potential and member and couldn't find either of them and we thought about knocking some doors but it was seriously backwoods Indiana and I think someone may have come out with a

shotgun haha. Seriously...it was like hick haven. I loved it. And they had a hilarious sign (see pictures). Then we taught the S's (they're the ones who lived in Tooele and he actually worked in Corinne for a while).

Sunday, (HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM! I LOVE YOU! :) ) We went to branch council then went about church. Then we had lunch, finished up studies, went contacting (no one taking the bait on Mother's Day...) then went to the H's for dinner then skyped (which you knew...) and then we knocked a few doors on our way home.
Pretty solid week.

So my thought today is about the gift of discernment (which we should all pray for...look up Elder Bednar's talk called "Quick to Observe"). He says "Discernment is so much more than recognizing right from wrong. It helps us distinguish the relevant from the irrelevant, the important from the unimportant, and the necessary from that which is merely nice." So sweet! We all should desire this gift!

Love you all! I hope you have a fantastic week! We have Zone Conference and I get to go to the temple this week...so it's going to be GREAT! :)
Peace and Blessin's.
-Sista Darc
The cute picture one of the H's kids drew of me and Sister T. Adorable.

Elder H and I at transfers. (My friend Marcene's son)

Sister R, Sister O'B, and I. (Sister O'B was Darcie's first companion in Indiana & shared an apartment with Sister R & Sister H in her first area)
Sister O'B goes home in 2 transfers, so I might not see her again! :(

Sister H and I. (Darcie's MTC companion)She got transferred :(
It was a good transfer in the same district!

My dear Sister W and I. (Another former companion)

The sign in Hillbilly USA. Hilarious.

Sister McC (her new companion) and I in the library
because we forgot to take a picture earlier...haha.

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