Friday, May 30, 2014

May is flyin' by!

Can't believe school gets out this week....crazy crazy. I think I always say something along those lines when I get on here.
So I forgot your letters at home again...blast. But yes I loved the package. It was great. I know you asked me another couple questions in the letter....I don't remember what it was though.

Alrighty. This week was good, cruised right by...nothing too out of the ordinary, nothing too crazy, nothing too bad, so that's good, right?
Last Monday, we just had our half P-Day so we proselyted all day after that. We saw a less-active, did some finding, went to the G's for dinner (Brother G has the craziest conversion story...he was told by the spirit to go to this random room on campus and it was late at night and sit in a certain desk and ended up finding a Book of Mormon under the chair...then a guy tried to kill him after he committed to about Satan trying to keep him from joining!), then went to Brother J's for FHE. We watched Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration. H came. It was so good. She loved it. I'm excited for her baptism!

Tuesday, we taught B in the morning. He got a priesthood blessing and it was awesome. He really felt the spirit. After the lesson, he went to work and ended up flooding the floor and he didn't even get mad about it cause he said the blessing had made him feel better and he thought that the tank overflowing might represent something like God cleansing the earth with the flood. Funny funny. Did he come to church? NO. But we're getting there haha. One step at a time. :) Then we went out to Coatesville and taught a member then tried a bunch of less actives and potentials then had dinner with Sister J. I don't remember what we did after that... haha.
Wednesday, we did a bunch of contacting in the morning and helped a less-active pick up some sticks out of her yard, went and taught our 86 year old investigator J who is interested in the Book of Mormon. She has awesome stories. I love it. Then we met with H and then had dinner with the H's and then taught B, a recent convert who we hadn't been able to meet with in a while. Then we went to YW and then taught the K's.
Thursday, we went out to the middle of nowhere to find a less active, figured out she had moved, so we went to her new house and shared a message with her then we did weekly planning and then went to the W's for dinner. Sister W knows a ton about herbs and natural remedies for stuff, so I asked her about allergies and turns out Stinging Nettle is an antihistamine...crazy right? So she gave me some pills. Weird...haha It's working alright. I think the pollen is just crazy high right now! I sound like I have a cold. Then we taught L (who used to be a minister) with Sister J and I thought they were going to fight, but it turned out well in the end. Always interesting on the mission! :)
Friday, we had District Meeting in the morning then we went and did a lot of contacting...don't really remember specifics. I think this was the day we heard someone yell "Hey, get me a 6-pack of beer!" and the reply "Okay I will. Do you need any marijuana?" Reply back: "Nope. I got plenty of that." hahaha. Oh man. Gotta love hoosiers. Then we had dinner with Sister J again then we went out to Bainbridge to do some contacting. We met some funny people out there. One was a youth pastor who pastors in Ohio (he drives 170 miles there twice a week to do it) and another believes Jesus is an alien who comes from a world who knows all the best technology. Pretty funny.
Saturday, we didn't have many set appointments other than B in the morning, so we spent the day contacting and seeing less-actives. I don't really know if anything crazy happened, but it was a solid day. We ate dinner with the E's and had a barbeque, just in time for Memorial Day! :)

Sunday, we went to Church (I taught Primary and Relief Society), went to see a former and some less-actives after church, and I think that's about it...
Yesterday was super fun. We went to play tennis with the M's then we did our normal stuff then we went out to "hike" to Fern Cliffs. It was probably about a mile, but nothing really steep cause there's nothing really steep in Indiana. But I did climb up to that log to sit on...the picture doesn't look like it, but it was up there quite a ways haha. Then we went to the M's for dinner and played games with them for FHE and taught a lesson then we dropped off Sister K's temple clothes and shared a message with them and that wrapped up the night!
And today is Tuesday. We went and played BINGO this morning then we did our church tour studies and now we're here emailing! Exciting stuff! :)
Thought for this week is in Alma 7:13. So the Spirit and God KNOW all things, but only Jesus Christ has FELT all things so that he can have his "bowels filled with mercy" (vs. 12) and be able to succor us and give us the ability to overcome spiritual and physical death. Pretty sweet. We have a Savior who lives and DEFINITELY loves us. Infinitely and completely.
I love you all! Hope to hear from all of you! :) Have a fantastic week! Well, less than a week cause I'll be on Monday.
Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc



All these are at the temple

One of them is with the YW that were there for baptisms

Hike to Fern Cliffs.

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