Friday, May 30, 2014

May is flyin' by!

Can't believe school gets out this week....crazy crazy. I think I always say something along those lines when I get on here.
So I forgot your letters at home again...blast. But yes I loved the package. It was great. I know you asked me another couple questions in the letter....I don't remember what it was though.

Alrighty. This week was good, cruised right by...nothing too out of the ordinary, nothing too crazy, nothing too bad, so that's good, right?
Last Monday, we just had our half P-Day so we proselyted all day after that. We saw a less-active, did some finding, went to the G's for dinner (Brother G has the craziest conversion story...he was told by the spirit to go to this random room on campus and it was late at night and sit in a certain desk and ended up finding a Book of Mormon under the chair...then a guy tried to kill him after he committed to about Satan trying to keep him from joining!), then went to Brother J's for FHE. We watched Joseph Smith Prophet of the Restoration. H came. It was so good. She loved it. I'm excited for her baptism!

Tuesday, we taught B in the morning. He got a priesthood blessing and it was awesome. He really felt the spirit. After the lesson, he went to work and ended up flooding the floor and he didn't even get mad about it cause he said the blessing had made him feel better and he thought that the tank overflowing might represent something like God cleansing the earth with the flood. Funny funny. Did he come to church? NO. But we're getting there haha. One step at a time. :) Then we went out to Coatesville and taught a member then tried a bunch of less actives and potentials then had dinner with Sister J. I don't remember what we did after that... haha.
Wednesday, we did a bunch of contacting in the morning and helped a less-active pick up some sticks out of her yard, went and taught our 86 year old investigator J who is interested in the Book of Mormon. She has awesome stories. I love it. Then we met with H and then had dinner with the H's and then taught B, a recent convert who we hadn't been able to meet with in a while. Then we went to YW and then taught the K's.
Thursday, we went out to the middle of nowhere to find a less active, figured out she had moved, so we went to her new house and shared a message with her then we did weekly planning and then went to the W's for dinner. Sister W knows a ton about herbs and natural remedies for stuff, so I asked her about allergies and turns out Stinging Nettle is an antihistamine...crazy right? So she gave me some pills. Weird...haha It's working alright. I think the pollen is just crazy high right now! I sound like I have a cold. Then we taught L (who used to be a minister) with Sister J and I thought they were going to fight, but it turned out well in the end. Always interesting on the mission! :)
Friday, we had District Meeting in the morning then we went and did a lot of contacting...don't really remember specifics. I think this was the day we heard someone yell "Hey, get me a 6-pack of beer!" and the reply "Okay I will. Do you need any marijuana?" Reply back: "Nope. I got plenty of that." hahaha. Oh man. Gotta love hoosiers. Then we had dinner with Sister J again then we went out to Bainbridge to do some contacting. We met some funny people out there. One was a youth pastor who pastors in Ohio (he drives 170 miles there twice a week to do it) and another believes Jesus is an alien who comes from a world who knows all the best technology. Pretty funny.
Saturday, we didn't have many set appointments other than B in the morning, so we spent the day contacting and seeing less-actives. I don't really know if anything crazy happened, but it was a solid day. We ate dinner with the E's and had a barbeque, just in time for Memorial Day! :)

Sunday, we went to Church (I taught Primary and Relief Society), went to see a former and some less-actives after church, and I think that's about it...
Yesterday was super fun. We went to play tennis with the M's then we did our normal stuff then we went out to "hike" to Fern Cliffs. It was probably about a mile, but nothing really steep cause there's nothing really steep in Indiana. But I did climb up to that log to sit on...the picture doesn't look like it, but it was up there quite a ways haha. Then we went to the M's for dinner and played games with them for FHE and taught a lesson then we dropped off Sister K's temple clothes and shared a message with them and that wrapped up the night!
And today is Tuesday. We went and played BINGO this morning then we did our church tour studies and now we're here emailing! Exciting stuff! :)
Thought for this week is in Alma 7:13. So the Spirit and God KNOW all things, but only Jesus Christ has FELT all things so that he can have his "bowels filled with mercy" (vs. 12) and be able to succor us and give us the ability to overcome spiritual and physical death. Pretty sweet. We have a Savior who lives and DEFINITELY loves us. Infinitely and completely.
I love you all! Hope to hear from all of you! :) Have a fantastic week! Well, less than a week cause I'll be on Monday.
Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc



All these are at the temple

One of them is with the YW that were there for baptisms

Hike to Fern Cliffs.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I'm halfway. And I survived Hump Day. It's all downhill from here! :) I'm going to make a list of 9 things I've learned so far on my mission in honor of 9 months.

1. The Church is true. I knew this before, but there is something in every single day if not multiple things in a day that testify that this Church is true. The fullness is back. There is no way that this gospel would spread through a bunch of 18-20 whatever year olds if it wasn't true.

2. Miracles happen and people can change. This is the Lord's work and He is preparing people. And it blows my mind every time. The Atonement is REAL!

3. Happiness is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ (that's why I laugh so much. :) ) Obedience is what brings true and lasting happiness.

4. Hoosiers love to talk. A lot. About dogs. And cats. And they love to smoke like it's no one's business, hence the lack of teeth. BUT I love them. A lot.

5. I miss Christensen cooking. A lot.

6.  NOTHING is better than being an answer to someone's prayer. It is evidence that the spirit guides us in everything we do if we are listening.

7. I want to be a member missionary. And be that cool lady that the missionaries always want to take to lessons or eat dinner at my house.

8. I've learned a whole lot about who I want to be and who I don't want to be.  And I've learned I have a long ways to go in patience :)

9. Life is about obedience, diligence, and having fun. Heavenly Father wants us to be happy and if we are willing to work, ANYTHING is possible. And you can be happy while doing it!
I could keep going, but there are 9 things for now.

Well this week has been pretty great so far. We had a lot of success and saw some miracles.
Monday, we had P-Day, went to Brownsburg and I beat like 10 Elders in 2 rounds of chair soccer, we came back, saw a few people, went to FHE at Brother J's (our investigator H came!) then did a little more contacting.

Tuesday, we had a lesson with B. He still just has a lot of fear. I think it's really fear of divine potential and the fact that he can be happy (crazy as it seems). He's just gotta jump. Our member we took with us jokingly poured out B's coffee. It's a good thing B's not offended easily haha. Then we went to lunch with M and H who are both now back in China. They're adorable and I'm going to miss them. They were laughing about all my questions about China. I have no idea what China is like, so I was asking them everything. Then we went and made hair flowers with the people at the Waters. (Assisted Living or nursing home facility I think) They crack me up. But make me never want to get old. Then we went 2-2-4ing and went to the H's for dinner then went to see a less-active and went out to the boonies to find a referral. She lives in the funniest little cabin with a whole bunch of random animal skulls and signs and such outside her house. Seriously...backwoods Indiana is crazy.

Wednesday, we had pretty much all our appointments fall through, but it ended up being a super solid day of tracting and trying potentials and less-actives, so that was good. Then we taught Heaven. We were planning on teaching H the Word of Wisdom. When we got there, she had cookies and was making tea for us. We asked her what kind of tea and she said green tea so we told her no thanks. Then we proceeded with the lesson, she read the paragraph in the pamphlet about not drinking tea and all the sudden got so sad because she loves tea. But we talked about the blessings and she said "I'm going to finish this cup" so she did and then she went and poured out the rest of the pot. Talk about a miracle! It was so awesome. Her testimony is already so strong. Then we went tracting in the POURING rain but had a tender mercy and found a lady we set up an appointment with who is SO PREPARED. I'll talk about her on Friday. Then we went to Young Women's then went and taught our new investigator C. She is super sweet. Hopefully she's reading the Book of Mormon and we'll get to teach her again this week.

Thursday, we had Zone Conference in Brownsburg. It was so great. Then we came back after, had dinner with the E's then did contacting that night I think...I don't really remember...
Friday, we taught B in the morning then we went and taught the lady we had found in the pouring rain. She doesn't have a solid church she goes to right now and we taught her the Restoration and it answered so many of her questions. She had a lot of questions about infant baptism, God being loving, and where we go after this life. Luckily, we have answers to all of those :) SUPER SWEET! Then she gave us a gallon of milk too. Miracles happen! :) Then we had weekly planning, had dinner with the M's, saw Sister S, hunted down a few more things we needed for the temple, and I think that was about it....

Saturday = TEMPLE DAY! So great! We headed down to Louisville at about 5:15, did two sessions, did some sealings, then we ate pizza at the Stake Center because the Youth did baptisms that day too. Then we headed on back. I'm severely disappointed in Southern Indiana. Everyone told me it was more hilly than up here....they lied. haha. Their hills are like speed bumps. Someday I'll see a mountain again :) After we got back, we went to stop by H's then went and taught Sister J.

Sunday, we went about church, came home, finished up studies, went and taught the lady we met with two Sundays ago (J...she's 80...interested in Book of Mormon) and she had read all the way to Moroni because she thought we wanted the book back! She loves how simple the Book of Mormon is but she says they're not going to change. We taught her about the principle of eternal marriage ("time and all eternity" vs. "til death do you part") and her mind was BLOWN. It was so amazing. She understands that authority has to come from Jesus Christ and basically that her pastor doesn't have it, but she just says they're old. Someday she'll decide to change! :) Then we saw Sister J again cause she made us cornbread, went and stopped by B's because he didn't come to church again, then went and taught I (who we had passover with -  he wanted to know if his cat who just got ran over would be resurrected).
And today, it's P-Day again. Crazy, crazy. Time flies when you're having fun.
LOVE YOU ALL! Do missionary work! :)
Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc
With M and H at lunch.


Woaaaahhh we're halfway there!


Well, transfer week is always chaos, but it turned out to be a solid week!

Monday, I got to play tennis which was bomb. Brother M and I are both out of shape haha but we had a lot of fun. There's another guy in the branch who wants to play with us too, so we have a few more tennis Mondays coming up! Other than that, we had a pretty much normal P-Day...nothing too exciting. That night, we did some contacting, was supposed to have FHE but Brother J was sick, so we just spent the night finding.

Tuesday, we taught B in the morning (super great church tour with a couple from the Branch....but he still didn't come to church yesterday. Blast.) Then we went to teach a less-active then we taught L. She is open but just afraid to make a choice to "be a mormon". Which is one of the concerns we get a lot. They feel like they can't still learn and look into other religions if they are Mormon. But it's all good. Then I don't remember who we visited after that....but we went to the H's for dinner and then went to see Sister J and the K's so Sister T could say bye.

Wednesday, we had transfers, so we were in Fishers for most of the day. And now I'm here with Sister McC! (Sister McC's dad was raised in Garland and her Grandparents still live there) Like I said, she was companions with Sister W. Pretty crazy. haha. When we got back to Greencastle, we taught H (she's the one who was going to school at ISU) then had dinner then went to YW then went to the B's for milkshakes then went contacting and found some solid potentials. Pretty sweet day. Oh and Sister H brought me a note from Kelsee! (Darcie was a peer tutor to sweet Kelsee in Middle School) It was so sweet! Can you get me her address Mom? I would love to write her back.

Thursday, we went and taught a potential, went to teach D (the one with the non-denominational congregation) with Brother H then went tracting then taught L (the minister) with Sister J...he likes to talk. A lot. I definitely know why he was a minister! :) Then we had dinner with the W's and went and taught a less-active!

Friday, we had district meeting in the morning, went tracting and found a new investigator, stopped by a less-active, had dinner with Sister J, found some more solid potentials (2-2-4ing brings miracles I tell ya) and then taught the K's again so they could meet Sister McC.

Saturday, we taught B again in the morning, had weekly planning, taught an investigator from campus (he's catholic...he prayed about taking the Book of Mormon during the lesson...pretty awesome guy. Too bad he's moving for the summer...darn campus...), had dinner, went out to the middle of nowhere to try to find a potential and member and couldn't find either of them and we thought about knocking some doors but it was seriously backwoods Indiana and I think someone may have come out with a

shotgun haha. was like hick haven. I loved it. And they had a hilarious sign (see pictures). Then we taught the S's (they're the ones who lived in Tooele and he actually worked in Corinne for a while).

Sunday, (HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOM! I LOVE YOU! :) ) We went to branch council then went about church. Then we had lunch, finished up studies, went contacting (no one taking the bait on Mother's Day...) then went to the H's for dinner then skyped (which you knew...) and then we knocked a few doors on our way home.
Pretty solid week.

So my thought today is about the gift of discernment (which we should all pray for...look up Elder Bednar's talk called "Quick to Observe"). He says "Discernment is so much more than recognizing right from wrong. It helps us distinguish the relevant from the irrelevant, the important from the unimportant, and the necessary from that which is merely nice." So sweet! We all should desire this gift!

Love you all! I hope you have a fantastic week! We have Zone Conference and I get to go to the temple this it's going to be GREAT! :)
Peace and Blessin's.
-Sista Darc
The cute picture one of the H's kids drew of me and Sister T. Adorable.

Elder H and I at transfers. (My friend Marcene's son)

Sister R, Sister O'B, and I. (Sister O'B was Darcie's first companion in Indiana & shared an apartment with Sister R & Sister H in her first area)
Sister O'B goes home in 2 transfers, so I might not see her again! :(

Sister H and I. (Darcie's MTC companion)She got transferred :(
It was a good transfer in the same district!

My dear Sister W and I. (Another former companion)

The sign in Hillbilly USA. Hilarious.

Sister McC (her new companion) and I in the library
because we forgot to take a picture earlier...haha.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!


I still can't believe it's feels like I skyped you yesterday...we haven't heard anything about what the rules are for phone calls this time, so I will probably be calling you Saturday sometime, so keep your phone on ya! :) I'm guessing it will be the same as last time, but we'll see.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone! I love you all!

Alright. Well this week was pretty solid. We found 3 new investigators and had members at most all of our lessons, so that's always a good sign! :) I love Greencastle. There's something in the water I tell ya...which I actually found out was true...they like have to put something extra in the water here because the source must be gross or something, so water is really expensive here. So there really is something in the water.

Monday, was a pretty lame P-Day. We just hung around...wrote letters...I took a nap...that's about it. This being exiled thing stinks haha. The night ended pretty well. We just did some proselyting and had FHE with our Branch Mission Leader so that was fun. Nothing too crazy.

Tuesday was long, but good. We met a lot of people and talked to a lot of people, it was just a lot of contacting time cause no one we thought would be home was. But it turned out great (tender mercies!) Then that night, we taught our part-member family out in the middle of no where...then I don't remember what we did that night...probably just contacting haha.

Wednesday, we had a lesson with a former that we just picked back up. He is super open and his only real objection at this point is that supposedly there is no "evidence" of the Book of Mormon. He's just a little afraid of change (seems to be like that in most of our investigators right now :) ) but he was excited to meet with us again and learn more. Then we had another lesson with a referral out in the middle of no where, so we rode with a member out there, taught her and she is actually a former too (her husband was a member) and just doesn't really have an understanding of the doctrine even though she took the lessons 6 times. Hopefully we'll get to meet with her more. After that, we stopped by an event at DePauw at the Spiritual Life Center then we went to the M's for dinner, stopped by Young Women's, and visited a few more potentials.

Thursday was crazy! We saw Sister S (less-active who just got knee surgery), taught B (he still wants to be baptized, he just for some reason is scared to come to church. We're going to take him on a church tour this week so hopefully that will help. He's cool with the Word of Wisdom too...just has to quit smoking and coffee, but he wants to. So that's always good!), taught L (she is willing to be baptized but isn't quite sure about the "being Mormon" part of baptism), taught a less-active named A, went down to Cloverdale for an appointment but he didn't show so we tracted around there and found a new investigator. His wife recently died and he was mad at God but now he is just waiting for God to take him (he's only 60 mind you...) and he says if God doesn't take him in the next year, he'll go back to church. HAHA! We're going to get him to church before that year :) Then we had dinner with the H's, went and saw another less-active, tried a few other people...don't really remember anything specific...

Friday, we had Zone Training in Plainfield for most of the day. We weekly planned after, so it was not too crazy of a day as far as news goes.

Saturday, we taught B again in the morning, went to teach another investigator but she didn't show so we went and ate at the member who came with us house and shared a message with them. Then we went and saw Sister S again, did quite a bit of contacting, was supposed to have a dinner appointment with an investigator but they weren't home when we got there...ate dinner...contacted some more and taught a less-active cause our appointment cancelled...and I think that's about it. Solid Saturday.

And the best day of the week...the SABBATH! :) We had our regular church meetings (I played the organ again. They all like how fast I play even if I hit wrong notes haha)(she always wants to speed up the hymns) then we had "lunch" but it was fast Sunday so I took a nap, finished up studies, went and taught a new investigator we found who is 80 but looks like she's 60 and is interested in the Book of Mormon. She is SO COOL. I love her already. Then we went and visited a less-active couple who just moved from Utah. They showed us his sister's ashes, talked about their washing machine for like 10 minutes, fed me jello with whipped cream (haven't had that in a while...P.S. Sister T doesn't eat dairy, gluten, or sugar, so that's why I said fed me.), and are just hilarious. I love it. Then we went to dinner at Sister J's, took B his Birthday Card, and finished our studies and waited for transfer calls. By 10:30, they still hadn't called so we just went to bed and by 11:30 they still hadn't so Sister T texted President and I guess the Assistants had forgotten about us! :) Sister T was so nervous it was hilarious. I probably would have just waited until morning. (she is patient like her dad and go right to sleep – I would be like Sister T, nervous) Crazy life as a missionary. Our fate all weighs on one call or text every 6 weeks. haha :)

Then this morning, I played tennis with Brother M. It felt so good. Just what I needed. I am still doing pretty well even for not playing forever and not having my own racquet. I made Brother M run a lot. He wasn't used to that. haha but it was a ton of fun! Then we might run to Plainfield cause Sister T has some stuff to return. But that's about it!

My thought for this week comes from our "Adjusting to Missionary Life" pamphlet. It says "Make the deliberate choice to believe in the Lord's forgiveness. Trust that Christ's Atonement is sufficient, EVEN for you!" I love that. Lots of times, we talk about the Atonement generally instead of personally. Christ's Atonement is for YOU. He knows exactly what we need, how we feel, and where we need to go. I love it. Pray to feel that power in your life. It can get us through anything!
LOVE YOU! I'm excited to talk to you this week! Keep up your missionary efforts and read every day! :)
Peace and Blessin's.
-Sista Darc

Buffalo Bison Zone Pictures...SICK.

Super Heros!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter she sent earlier in the week –
it took me a while to get it.
(Notice the color of the castle – yes I am slow!!!)