Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I survived transfer week!


Here I am in a new area! I love Greencastle already. It's just a branch out here, but the members are awesome. They are good to us and are doing solid missionary work. DePauw (University) is also in Greencastle, so we'll get to work on campus a lot, so I'm pretty excited about that. It was spring break this past week, so most students were gone. But this week we should be able to get on campus more. I think it's going to be a sweet area. I'm pretty excited. Especially since the Plainfield missionaries are in our district, which is SISTER H!(her MTC companion) Super sweet. Plus they're teaching some of the people Sister O'B (her trainer and first companion) and I found so that's pretty fun. I'm excited. Hopefully some of them will get baptized so I can go.
Well...I successfully forgot my planner at home... so you won't get as many details...I have forgotten it more than once already this week...this new area thing is throwing me off I guess..
So Monday, was the last P-Day with my dear Sister W. We got to say bye to Elder J and went shopping and got haircuts and got to see some members and such before I headed off. It was a good day. It was pretty funny because Sister W was having a harder time with me having to say bye to members than for me to say bye. She was pretty nervous about a new companion too. She'll do great though, so it's all good.
Tuesday, we taught a lot of people..I can't remember who...haha but we did see a lot and say goodbye to a lot of people...went to sports night for the last time...and I think that's it...
Wednesday, we went to transfers in Fishers. It was a long day (just like transfers always are) but it was fun to see everyone and I got my new companion, Sister T. She was actually companions with Sister H! She's from Mesa and has been here for 3 months and has been out 6 months.
Oh and P.S. We have a Chevy Cruze now so and I decided you should get one. (I have always told her that I wanted a Cruze) They drive so nice. I'm answering your question finally, just like 7 months late haha :)
Thursday, we just met members and organized and went finding. We found a solid new investigator who just needs guidance. I'm stoked. I don't remember what else we did this day...
Friday, it was about the same as Thursday except we had district meeting, so that was fun. Our district leader is Elder H from West Point. He went to Syracuse High School and is actually best friends with the Greenhalgh twins who I know from AFY(Adventures for Youth – she worked one summer at BYU-I) and saw in the MTC. Crazy small world in the Mormon world I tell ya.
Saturday...basically the same. This is super lame since I don't have my planner...hmm...we did weekly planning...contacted...I don't remember what else...Oh and we watched the RS broadcast. It was so great. Didn't you all just love it? I think they're trying to tell us that we're Children of God and need to keep our covenants...yeah? :) I loved all of the 8 years and above being included. I thought it was so great.
Sunday, it was fun to meet all the members. I'm excited about this branch. We finished up weekly planning and worked and just did the usual the rest of the day.
Today, we're just doing the usual P-Day stuff. We did laundry this morning at Sister H's house (Branch President's wife) and now we're just going to go shop and clean and whatever else.
Sorry for the lame descriptions of days...There's a reason we have planners....
To answer your letter ma...

Don't even worry about the cookies. We get so many desserts. It's fine. (I'm a cheapskate and didn't buy cookies for her on transfer day!)

PLEASE HOOK ME UP WITH DAVID (Archuleta). He looks so good. haha :) (I sent her a picture of him) But seriously. Tell him to wait for me. (Like I will ever see him in person!)
Congrats to Francisco (Rebekah Rees) and Ashlyn (Johnson) ! Isn't Ashley Warburton in Toronto? That'll be sweet!
Sounds like you had fun with all of the fam! I'm sad I missed out! We'll have to do it again next year! I can't believe how big all the kids are getting...they're all going to be taller than me. And sassy. Ugh. haah :)
I love you all! A lot! And miss ya! And pray for ya!
Something cool I learned in studies this week was in the war chapters in Helaman. I love the simple promise that if we rely on God, regardless of whether we're rich or poor, he will prosper and protect us. That's what brings true happiness. That's the ONLY thing that brings true happiness.
I also loved in this month's ensign the article about that little girl Preslee that drowned. The quote in there is "It's not what happens to us that matters. It's how we react to what happens to us that really matters." (that wasn't accurate...but you get the idea...)

-Sista Darc

With Sister H's Dog Chewy. I'll miss that dog.

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