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I hope you all had a fantastic Easter holiday filled with the spirit of Jesus Christ and all he has done for us! Hopefully you all watched the #BecauseofHim video. If not, go watch it! :) (yes watch the video!!!)

This week flew by! It was fun!

Monday, we had the regular ol' preparation day....I don't think anything out of the ordinary happened. That night, we went to the H's for dinner then had FHE at Brother J's house (our Branch Mission Leader). We were able to have a couple people there and talk about General Conference, so that was sweet. Then we were supposed to have an appointment that night, but the guy didn't show up :( But we contacted him again and have another appointment with him, so there's still hope! :) I can't remember what we did after that...hmm...too long ago...

Tuesday, we taught our investigator who has a baptismal date. He's so prepared, he's just afraid of the change, which is understandable. We're working through it. But it's so sweet to see the light bulb. SO GREAT. (Let's help her by keeping him in our prayers – Thanks!) Then we picked up the Plainfield sisters and headed to Brownsburg for a church tour training with President and the assistants. I'm excited for our church tours to start up. It'll be great. Then we went and had an appointment with a lady that works at the spiritual life center on campus and then we had Passover Dinner with the Elders and all the Indy YSA missionaries at the C's house (Ian is the one who reminds me of Devan and his mom is not a member). It was the strangest thing, but it was definitely a cool experience! I'll send the pictures once Sister C sends me them!

Wednesday, we headed out, met the Plainfield Sisters, and carpooled to Fishers for a Sister's Specialized Training. It was super great! We had a bunch of trainings (definitely inspired trainings!) and had homemade Cafe Rio food and did zumba and 20 Second Workout (you should be proud dad. I've been doing it every morning. It's called Tabata officially, but it's the same as 20 second. I like it!). It was a fun day. Definitely needed it. Then after dinner, I headed to Indy with Sister G for exchanges. We went to dinner at the church (one of the YSA cooked for us) with some investigators and members (I got to see J from Plainfield who got baptized while I was there!) and then we went to institute, which was super fun. I've missed institute.

Thursday, we spent time PC'ing on IUPUI (pronounced ew-ee-poo-ee hahaha) , taught some sweet investigators, exchanged back, then here in Greencastle, we had dinner, taught our investigator who used to be a minister (he likes to talk...a lot. But we did get to invite him to read the Book of Mormon! :) ) and then taught E. She's too funny. We woke her up from her was 8:00 haha. She kills me.

Friday, we had District Meeting here in Greencastle, Sister T got proposed to by someone we contacted, did some contacting, taught 2 of our progressing investigators (who are just awesome...hopefully we can help them to keep keeping commitments! They're recognizing the Spirit and the blessings, so hopefully they keep going.). Then we had dinner with the E's then taught Sister J that night.

Saturday, we taught a new investigator we had found who actually moved into a less-active's house that we were looking for, taught T (recent convert), did some contacting, taught an investigator who is Apostolic and isn't really very open. Then we had dinner at the M's and did some more contacting.

Sunday, we had Church and I played the organ. Everyone said I did really well. They didn't believe me when I said I'd never played before haha. I didn't do the foot pedals, but I'm getting the hang of the keys! :) It was a good Easter service. Then we finished up our studies, went to the E's (who sent you those pictures) and then went contacting. Then we did weekly planning.

And here we are at Preparation Day once again. Only one more Preparation day and then I'll know my fate for next transfer! Crazy, crazy! It's flown by!

This week, I was thinking a lot about conference about what Bishop Stevenson said. He said something along the lines of If we put our trust in the Savior, how can we fail? I loved that and I know that it's true. Regardless of how hard things are and how crazy life is, if we put our trust in Him, we won't be let down. He has our backs 100% as long as we are obedient. What more could we ask for?! :)

Well, love you all! I hope you have a fantastic last full week of April (remember that one time 2014 is almost half over? WHAT!?) and hopefully it's full of sunshine and happiness...and flowers. Let's be honest, Spring rocks. :)
Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc
The temple looks super good!

Happy Easter in my new scarf! :)

Some Pictures I received from Members in Indiana!
Love it!

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