Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy 8 Months!


Can you believe it's been 8 months? What in the world? Time flies when you're spreading the word! :)

So last Monday, we had just a regular P-Day...we're so exiled in's lame. haha :) So we basically just did laundry and shopping and hung out. :) Then that night, we went and taught a less-active and then I don't remember what we did after that. We were supposed to go to a Branch FHE thing, but it ended up no other women were going, so we couldn't. But today we will so that should be fun!

Tuesday, we went and did service at the park to help make Easter baskets for their Easter Egg Hunt. Then we did a bunch of contacting and taught a lady whose husband is super anti :( And she says it's causing problems so we don't get to teach her anymore. I was bummed, but someday she'll be baptized! :) Then we taught another investigator who used to be a minister. He's legit. He's willing to learn, but he definitely knows a LOT about the Bible. That night, we had a lesson with a part-member family and taught them. They should be getting baptized in hopefully June or July. They made super good food too. So it made for a good night. Then we got lost on the way home. Felix has been wanting to take me on roads through the middle of fields that say no trespassing and then there was another road that was closed. So that made it interesting. Good ol' crazy Indiana roads. I miss roads running on a square.

Wednesday, we had to go to Carmel in the morning for an appointment for Sister T, we got to see the temple (it looks super good! The stake center is going up fast too!), and then we came back and did some contacting and taught our Recent Convert Emily, then we went to Food for Thought at the Spiritual Life Center on DePauw campus. The Reverend on campus gave a little speech/discussion thing. It was pretty fun. They gave us free food. We got to meet some sweet people. Then we went and did a church service at a nursing home and then we went out to teach a member.

Thursday, we went contacting, had a meeting with President H to go over some info, went to teach T (recent convert), went to meet the director of spiritual life at DePauw, went to teach another less-active, had dinner at the H's (they're the ones with the big family and he teaches physics at DePauw) then we taught a few people that night. Pretty solid day.

Friday, we had District Meeting, went to lunch, got super lost in Coatesville in the most confusing neighborhood I've ever been in, taught a member, contacted a referral, came back, had dinner, did some contacting, and I think that's about it....

Saturday, we helped with the Easter Egg Hunt with handing out prizes, and pretty much just spent the day contacting people and teaching a member...we did weekly planning that night...and I think that's about it...I can't remember...oh we did get a hold of our investigator that we needed to and he should be at church this next week! He's the one that I said was super prepared...he wants to give up smoking and really just wants to change. I'm super stoked for him. He knows what the spirit is and he just really is hungry for truth. It's so awesome to see. LOVE IT.

Sunday, we had Branch Council, went about church (I gave a talk on what I learned at General Conference. I love speaking in church still!  :) ), had correlation (our branch mission leader forgot and so we went to his house), had lunch, finished studies, went to Cloverdale to meet with a member and pick up our dinner, went to find a less-active we were looking for and ended up finding this lady who actually used to live in Plainfield and knew one of the members there that I knew and she just needs the gospel. She's awesome. It's cool how tender mercies like that happen. God's hand is definitely in this work. Then we taught another member last night.

And here we are at Monday again.
Solid week. I love the work.

To answer questions from letters:
Sounds like March Madness was SICK! I love underdogs. It sounds like that's what the 'ship was this year.

Good work reading PMG dadio! I like your insights! Keep up the good work! (notice she did not say good job mom – I haven't learned how to study yet!)

Yes I got my gift card mom. Thanks! I bought slippers to wear around the apartment with them. No foot fungus for me!

I did see the bony fish now that I think about it. Good ol' Plainfield.

Crazy about all the news. Everyone needs to stop getting married! :)

Yes we can go to the temple once every 6 months now. My only problem now is that Sister T has gone and I haven' I don't know how they're going to work all that...maybe my next companion won't have gone yet...we'll see I guess!

I miss Maddox food. Sister S made us homemade breakfast this morning and it was the best. I miss your cooking ma and grandma!

Well, invite for this week is to look up and share it! It's a video of Christ's life and the importance of Easter. Happy Easter this week P.S. Make sure to use the hashtag #BecauseOfHim! (We have already viewed this video – it is wonderful!)

Love you all! Keep the faith! Miss you!
Peace and blessin's
Sista Darc

Pictures (I took 2 this time! :) )

At the Easter Egg Hunt with the Elders
(Elder H and Elder M)

We found a cockroach in our apartment this morning. 
I trapped it and fumed it with
some of our antibacterial spray. 
It was nasty. I swear this apartment is ghetto haha :)

I hope he's the only one there is!
(I think that is wishful thinking!)

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