Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference is the!

Oh what a week. General Conference was THE BEST. Oh my goodness. I have so much to work on! :) But one thing's for sure, the Church is true and is led by men (and women) that are following Jesus Christ. I love it.

Well this week was pretty sweet. Monday was just a regular P-day...we basically just did the normal stuff then wrote letters and cleaned and such...pretty lame but whatever. :) That night, we taught some members and less-actives and I think that's about it...
Tuesday, we went tracting, had lunch, met with the Elders to go over the ward directory, met with an investigator whose husband is the most anti- I've ever met in my that was interesting. She's super sweet and open hearted though, so we are going to teach her in a member's home. Then we taught our investigator who is progressing and keeping commitments! Yahoo! She's so great and really just wants to know truth. She's awesome. Then I don't remember what we did that planner says something that I don't think we I don't know. haha :)

Wednesday, we had an awesome lesson with our investigator that we met last week. We took a member with us and it was SO SOLID. He is the most prepared person I've met. It's so awesome. I love people who recognize that's something's missing but they have felt the spirit and just are so hungry. It's the best. Then we had lunch, did some contacting, went and taught a recent convert who just cracks me up, went to dinner at the W's (I can't remember if I told you about them...they make everything from literally everything...cheese, sausage, everything. It's the best.) Then we went to Young Women's and went and visited with a member.

Thursday, we had weekly planning in the morning then Sister T had a doctor's appointment and then we did some contacting and visited with members and had dinner with the B's (they are such a fun family! They are having twins in October!) and taught our progressing investigator again with a recent convert. It was sweet!

Friday, we had to take our car in to get a recall checked, went to Zone Training in Plainfield, taught our investigator who is from China, went to the M's for dinner (they are some of the most funny people I've ever met.) and then we went to a party that this investigator invited us to. Have you heard of Uppercase living mom? You should look it up for vinyl ideas. They are actually based out of Salt Lake. You should look it up and see. They have cute stuff.

Saturday, it was conference. So that was awesome. We taught some members and investigators too in between and after and then had 8:00 the mission life! :)

Sunday was about the same as Saturday. We taught our investigator before conference then watched the morning session with her then we ate with a family at the church and then watched the other session then met with a less-active and a member that goes to the YSA ward (he reminds me of Devan Tueller! He's super funny!)

And here we are at Monday again. Crazy Crazy.

Something cool I learned this week, especially from conference, is that we need to love and have charity or we are nothing. I loved Elder Holland's talk about God not being a comfortable God. It's so true. We need to continually repent and improve and do our best to follow Jesus Christ's example.

To answer questions: Yes I saw Kokomantis and Story Book Express but I didn't ever find the steer and stump. I have seen the Buzz Bomb and I think I saw the Bony Fish...where is it at again? (When Chuck and I travel we check out an online guide to offbeat tourist attractions. Usually they are just off the freeway. We've seen some pretty interesting and fun things – check it out. These are attractions in Indiana)

Sounds like March Madness was sweet. I'll be home for it next year! :) (This girl loves basketball – with her gone I was actually the bracket winner this year!)

Love you all! Hope you have a fantastic week!
Peace and Blessin's.
Love you,
Sista Darc.


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