Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Showers bring May Flowers...this week!


I still can't believe it's May this week...what in the world.

Welp...this week was a pretty good week. Monday was a pretty much normal day...nothing too exciting. We went to FHE Monday night at our Branch Mission Leader's house. That was about it.

Tuesday, we did some service at the Waters nursing home in the morning, taught B, taught L (they're both doing pretty well. Not too sure on coming to church, but they're both reading the Book of Mormon!), had to go to Carmel again, came back, had dinner, and I don't really remember what we did that night...I think we tried a few people...don't really remember.

Wednesday, we were supposed to have a lesson with a lady that morning and we had confirmed the night before but when we showed up she was like "Oh wasn't it Thursday?" Irritating. Then she didn't show up on Thursday either. But it's all good. Agency just makes things interesting! :) After that, we had lunch, did a a lot of contacting (And yes, PC means Personal Contacting so it's meeting someone outside or on campus or something instead of TC which is tracting contact, which is knocking on their door.) (I had asked her that question, I wasn't sure), met with a sweet YSA less-active whose mom actually lives in Utah. We were looking for the less-active's sister so we emailed her mom and ended up contacting this other daughter who is now here at DePauw. Pretty sweet. Then we did some more contacting, had dinner, held the church service at the Waters (nursing home), and did some more follow-up with a few people.

Thursday, we had our appointments fall through in the morning but we found some sweet people out tracting. one guy told us his name was Mike the Sinner. Always interesting tracting. :) Then we went down to Cloverdale and saw a less-active and did some more tracting then went to the Hales for dinner and celebrated Elder M's birthday. He's a whole 19 years old now! :) Then we stopped by another less-active's house and then went to teach an investigator but he didn't show so we taught the members who were going to come with us.

Friday, we had District Meeting in Plainfield, came back and taught L, PC'd (personal contacting) on campus, had dinner, and weekly planned. Nothing too exciting.

Saturday, we spent the morning helping with the Church Building Clean-Up then had lunch with the Branch after. Then we taught B, taught a less-active, went to teach and investigator with a member but the investigator cancelled when we got to her house, went and did some contacting, went to Brother J's for dinner, went to see Sister J, and tried a few people after that.

Sunday, we had church, I played the organ and a little boy came up after and said "You had some problems today didn't you?" and I said "What do you mean? I hit wrong notes?" "Yes." "Well, it's my second time playing the organ, so will you forgive me?" "I guess..." haha it was so funny. I loved it. The kids in this branch are so great. After lunch and finishing up studies, we headed out to the middle of nowhere (aka Quincy) to try a former who wasn't home but taught one of her neighbors, so that was sweet. Then we went to the E's for dinner which turned out to be eventful because their granddaughter had a big cement table top fall on her ankle and leave some pretty big gashes but on the bright side, Brother E sang us some Garth Brooks! :) Then we taught another investigator last night.

And here we are, back at Monday....I hope I don't bore you with my details...hopefully it's informative and slightly interesting. I try to add the funny things that happen. :) It'll be a good journal for the future, right?! :) Two journals is better than one!

This week, something I loved was the thought from Priesthood Session that said who you are is not who you can become. Which I love. Because in that statement it tells the power of the Atonement. And tying back to the Because of Him video (please watch if you haven't already), with Jesus Christ, we have an infinite amount of chances to start again and again and again. Thank heavens for clean slates!

I love you all and I'm grateful for all of you! I miss ya and pray for all of you!
Peace and Blessin's.
-Sista Darc


Elder M's birthday at the Hales

District Pictures. On the back, Elder H, Elder M,
Elder S, and Elder DC
On the front, Me, Sister T, Sister H, and Sister B

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