Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Showers bring May Flowers...this week!


I still can't believe it's May this week...what in the world.

Welp...this week was a pretty good week. Monday was a pretty much normal day...nothing too exciting. We went to FHE Monday night at our Branch Mission Leader's house. That was about it.

Tuesday, we did some service at the Waters nursing home in the morning, taught B, taught L (they're both doing pretty well. Not too sure on coming to church, but they're both reading the Book of Mormon!), had to go to Carmel again, came back, had dinner, and I don't really remember what we did that night...I think we tried a few people...don't really remember.

Wednesday, we were supposed to have a lesson with a lady that morning and we had confirmed the night before but when we showed up she was like "Oh wasn't it Thursday?" Irritating. Then she didn't show up on Thursday either. But it's all good. Agency just makes things interesting! :) After that, we had lunch, did a a lot of contacting (And yes, PC means Personal Contacting so it's meeting someone outside or on campus or something instead of TC which is tracting contact, which is knocking on their door.) (I had asked her that question, I wasn't sure), met with a sweet YSA less-active whose mom actually lives in Utah. We were looking for the less-active's sister so we emailed her mom and ended up contacting this other daughter who is now here at DePauw. Pretty sweet. Then we did some more contacting, had dinner, held the church service at the Waters (nursing home), and did some more follow-up with a few people.

Thursday, we had our appointments fall through in the morning but we found some sweet people out tracting. one guy told us his name was Mike the Sinner. Always interesting tracting. :) Then we went down to Cloverdale and saw a less-active and did some more tracting then went to the Hales for dinner and celebrated Elder M's birthday. He's a whole 19 years old now! :) Then we stopped by another less-active's house and then went to teach an investigator but he didn't show so we taught the members who were going to come with us.

Friday, we had District Meeting in Plainfield, came back and taught L, PC'd (personal contacting) on campus, had dinner, and weekly planned. Nothing too exciting.

Saturday, we spent the morning helping with the Church Building Clean-Up then had lunch with the Branch after. Then we taught B, taught a less-active, went to teach and investigator with a member but the investigator cancelled when we got to her house, went and did some contacting, went to Brother J's for dinner, went to see Sister J, and tried a few people after that.

Sunday, we had church, I played the organ and a little boy came up after and said "You had some problems today didn't you?" and I said "What do you mean? I hit wrong notes?" "Yes." "Well, it's my second time playing the organ, so will you forgive me?" "I guess..." haha it was so funny. I loved it. The kids in this branch are so great. After lunch and finishing up studies, we headed out to the middle of nowhere (aka Quincy) to try a former who wasn't home but taught one of her neighbors, so that was sweet. Then we went to the E's for dinner which turned out to be eventful because their granddaughter had a big cement table top fall on her ankle and leave some pretty big gashes but on the bright side, Brother E sang us some Garth Brooks! :) Then we taught another investigator last night.

And here we are, back at Monday....I hope I don't bore you with my details...hopefully it's informative and slightly interesting. I try to add the funny things that happen. :) It'll be a good journal for the future, right?! :) Two journals is better than one!

This week, something I loved was the thought from Priesthood Session that said who you are is not who you can become. Which I love. Because in that statement it tells the power of the Atonement. And tying back to the Because of Him video (please watch if you haven't already), with Jesus Christ, we have an infinite amount of chances to start again and again and again. Thank heavens for clean slates!

I love you all and I'm grateful for all of you! I miss ya and pray for all of you!
Peace and Blessin's.
-Sista Darc


Elder M's birthday at the Hales

District Pictures. On the back, Elder H, Elder M,
Elder S, and Elder DC
On the front, Me, Sister T, Sister H, and Sister B

Wednesday, April 23, 2014



I hope you all had a fantastic Easter holiday filled with the spirit of Jesus Christ and all he has done for us! Hopefully you all watched the #BecauseofHim video. If not, go watch it! :) (yes watch the video!!!)

This week flew by! It was fun!

Monday, we had the regular ol' preparation day....I don't think anything out of the ordinary happened. That night, we went to the H's for dinner then had FHE at Brother J's house (our Branch Mission Leader). We were able to have a couple people there and talk about General Conference, so that was sweet. Then we were supposed to have an appointment that night, but the guy didn't show up :( But we contacted him again and have another appointment with him, so there's still hope! :) I can't remember what we did after that...hmm...too long ago...

Tuesday, we taught our investigator who has a baptismal date. He's so prepared, he's just afraid of the change, which is understandable. We're working through it. But it's so sweet to see the light bulb. SO GREAT. (Let's help her by keeping him in our prayers – Thanks!) Then we picked up the Plainfield sisters and headed to Brownsburg for a church tour training with President and the assistants. I'm excited for our church tours to start up. It'll be great. Then we went and had an appointment with a lady that works at the spiritual life center on campus and then we had Passover Dinner with the Elders and all the Indy YSA missionaries at the C's house (Ian is the one who reminds me of Devan and his mom is not a member). It was the strangest thing, but it was definitely a cool experience! I'll send the pictures once Sister C sends me them!

Wednesday, we headed out, met the Plainfield Sisters, and carpooled to Fishers for a Sister's Specialized Training. It was super great! We had a bunch of trainings (definitely inspired trainings!) and had homemade Cafe Rio food and did zumba and 20 Second Workout (you should be proud dad. I've been doing it every morning. It's called Tabata officially, but it's the same as 20 second. I like it!). It was a fun day. Definitely needed it. Then after dinner, I headed to Indy with Sister G for exchanges. We went to dinner at the church (one of the YSA cooked for us) with some investigators and members (I got to see J from Plainfield who got baptized while I was there!) and then we went to institute, which was super fun. I've missed institute.

Thursday, we spent time PC'ing on IUPUI (pronounced ew-ee-poo-ee hahaha) , taught some sweet investigators, exchanged back, then here in Greencastle, we had dinner, taught our investigator who used to be a minister (he likes to talk...a lot. But we did get to invite him to read the Book of Mormon! :) ) and then taught E. She's too funny. We woke her up from her was 8:00 haha. She kills me.

Friday, we had District Meeting here in Greencastle, Sister T got proposed to by someone we contacted, did some contacting, taught 2 of our progressing investigators (who are just awesome...hopefully we can help them to keep keeping commitments! They're recognizing the Spirit and the blessings, so hopefully they keep going.). Then we had dinner with the E's then taught Sister J that night.

Saturday, we taught a new investigator we had found who actually moved into a less-active's house that we were looking for, taught T (recent convert), did some contacting, taught an investigator who is Apostolic and isn't really very open. Then we had dinner at the M's and did some more contacting.

Sunday, we had Church and I played the organ. Everyone said I did really well. They didn't believe me when I said I'd never played before haha. I didn't do the foot pedals, but I'm getting the hang of the keys! :) It was a good Easter service. Then we finished up our studies, went to the E's (who sent you those pictures) and then went contacting. Then we did weekly planning.

And here we are at Preparation Day once again. Only one more Preparation day and then I'll know my fate for next transfer! Crazy, crazy! It's flown by!

This week, I was thinking a lot about conference about what Bishop Stevenson said. He said something along the lines of If we put our trust in the Savior, how can we fail? I loved that and I know that it's true. Regardless of how hard things are and how crazy life is, if we put our trust in Him, we won't be let down. He has our backs 100% as long as we are obedient. What more could we ask for?! :)

Well, love you all! I hope you have a fantastic last full week of April (remember that one time 2014 is almost half over? WHAT!?) and hopefully it's full of sunshine and happiness...and flowers. Let's be honest, Spring rocks. :)
Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Darc
The temple looks super good!

Happy Easter in my new scarf! :)

Some Pictures I received from Members in Indiana!
Love it!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Happy 8 Months!


Can you believe it's been 8 months? What in the world? Time flies when you're spreading the word! :)

So last Monday, we had just a regular P-Day...we're so exiled in's lame. haha :) So we basically just did laundry and shopping and hung out. :) Then that night, we went and taught a less-active and then I don't remember what we did after that. We were supposed to go to a Branch FHE thing, but it ended up no other women were going, so we couldn't. But today we will so that should be fun!

Tuesday, we went and did service at the park to help make Easter baskets for their Easter Egg Hunt. Then we did a bunch of contacting and taught a lady whose husband is super anti :( And she says it's causing problems so we don't get to teach her anymore. I was bummed, but someday she'll be baptized! :) Then we taught another investigator who used to be a minister. He's legit. He's willing to learn, but he definitely knows a LOT about the Bible. That night, we had a lesson with a part-member family and taught them. They should be getting baptized in hopefully June or July. They made super good food too. So it made for a good night. Then we got lost on the way home. Felix has been wanting to take me on roads through the middle of fields that say no trespassing and then there was another road that was closed. So that made it interesting. Good ol' crazy Indiana roads. I miss roads running on a square.

Wednesday, we had to go to Carmel in the morning for an appointment for Sister T, we got to see the temple (it looks super good! The stake center is going up fast too!), and then we came back and did some contacting and taught our Recent Convert Emily, then we went to Food for Thought at the Spiritual Life Center on DePauw campus. The Reverend on campus gave a little speech/discussion thing. It was pretty fun. They gave us free food. We got to meet some sweet people. Then we went and did a church service at a nursing home and then we went out to teach a member.

Thursday, we went contacting, had a meeting with President H to go over some info, went to teach T (recent convert), went to meet the director of spiritual life at DePauw, went to teach another less-active, had dinner at the H's (they're the ones with the big family and he teaches physics at DePauw) then we taught a few people that night. Pretty solid day.

Friday, we had District Meeting, went to lunch, got super lost in Coatesville in the most confusing neighborhood I've ever been in, taught a member, contacted a referral, came back, had dinner, did some contacting, and I think that's about it....

Saturday, we helped with the Easter Egg Hunt with handing out prizes, and pretty much just spent the day contacting people and teaching a member...we did weekly planning that night...and I think that's about it...I can't remember...oh we did get a hold of our investigator that we needed to and he should be at church this next week! He's the one that I said was super prepared...he wants to give up smoking and really just wants to change. I'm super stoked for him. He knows what the spirit is and he just really is hungry for truth. It's so awesome to see. LOVE IT.

Sunday, we had Branch Council, went about church (I gave a talk on what I learned at General Conference. I love speaking in church still!  :) ), had correlation (our branch mission leader forgot and so we went to his house), had lunch, finished studies, went to Cloverdale to meet with a member and pick up our dinner, went to find a less-active we were looking for and ended up finding this lady who actually used to live in Plainfield and knew one of the members there that I knew and she just needs the gospel. She's awesome. It's cool how tender mercies like that happen. God's hand is definitely in this work. Then we taught another member last night.

And here we are at Monday again.
Solid week. I love the work.

To answer questions from letters:
Sounds like March Madness was SICK! I love underdogs. It sounds like that's what the 'ship was this year.

Good work reading PMG dadio! I like your insights! Keep up the good work! (notice she did not say good job mom – I haven't learned how to study yet!)

Yes I got my gift card mom. Thanks! I bought slippers to wear around the apartment with them. No foot fungus for me!

I did see the bony fish now that I think about it. Good ol' Plainfield.

Crazy about all the news. Everyone needs to stop getting married! :)

Yes we can go to the temple once every 6 months now. My only problem now is that Sister T has gone and I haven' I don't know how they're going to work all that...maybe my next companion won't have gone yet...we'll see I guess!

I miss Maddox food. Sister S made us homemade breakfast this morning and it was the best. I miss your cooking ma and grandma!

Well, invite for this week is to look up and share it! It's a video of Christ's life and the importance of Easter. Happy Easter this week P.S. Make sure to use the hashtag #BecauseOfHim! (We have already viewed this video – it is wonderful!)

Love you all! Keep the faith! Miss you!
Peace and blessin's
Sista Darc

Pictures (I took 2 this time! :) )

At the Easter Egg Hunt with the Elders
(Elder H and Elder M)

We found a cockroach in our apartment this morning. 
I trapped it and fumed it with
some of our antibacterial spray. 
It was nasty. I swear this apartment is ghetto haha :)

I hope he's the only one there is!
(I think that is wishful thinking!)

Monday, April 7, 2014

General Conference is the!

Oh what a week. General Conference was THE BEST. Oh my goodness. I have so much to work on! :) But one thing's for sure, the Church is true and is led by men (and women) that are following Jesus Christ. I love it.

Well this week was pretty sweet. Monday was just a regular P-day...we basically just did the normal stuff then wrote letters and cleaned and such...pretty lame but whatever. :) That night, we taught some members and less-actives and I think that's about it...
Tuesday, we went tracting, had lunch, met with the Elders to go over the ward directory, met with an investigator whose husband is the most anti- I've ever met in my that was interesting. She's super sweet and open hearted though, so we are going to teach her in a member's home. Then we taught our investigator who is progressing and keeping commitments! Yahoo! She's so great and really just wants to know truth. She's awesome. Then I don't remember what we did that planner says something that I don't think we I don't know. haha :)

Wednesday, we had an awesome lesson with our investigator that we met last week. We took a member with us and it was SO SOLID. He is the most prepared person I've met. It's so awesome. I love people who recognize that's something's missing but they have felt the spirit and just are so hungry. It's the best. Then we had lunch, did some contacting, went and taught a recent convert who just cracks me up, went to dinner at the W's (I can't remember if I told you about them...they make everything from literally everything...cheese, sausage, everything. It's the best.) Then we went to Young Women's and went and visited with a member.

Thursday, we had weekly planning in the morning then Sister T had a doctor's appointment and then we did some contacting and visited with members and had dinner with the B's (they are such a fun family! They are having twins in October!) and taught our progressing investigator again with a recent convert. It was sweet!

Friday, we had to take our car in to get a recall checked, went to Zone Training in Plainfield, taught our investigator who is from China, went to the M's for dinner (they are some of the most funny people I've ever met.) and then we went to a party that this investigator invited us to. Have you heard of Uppercase living mom? You should look it up for vinyl ideas. They are actually based out of Salt Lake. You should look it up and see. They have cute stuff.

Saturday, it was conference. So that was awesome. We taught some members and investigators too in between and after and then had 8:00 the mission life! :)

Sunday was about the same as Saturday. We taught our investigator before conference then watched the morning session with her then we ate with a family at the church and then watched the other session then met with a less-active and a member that goes to the YSA ward (he reminds me of Devan Tueller! He's super funny!)

And here we are at Monday again. Crazy Crazy.

Something cool I learned this week, especially from conference, is that we need to love and have charity or we are nothing. I loved Elder Holland's talk about God not being a comfortable God. It's so true. We need to continually repent and improve and do our best to follow Jesus Christ's example.

To answer questions: Yes I saw Kokomantis and Story Book Express but I didn't ever find the steer and stump. I have seen the Buzz Bomb and I think I saw the Bony Fish...where is it at again? (When Chuck and I travel we check out an online guide to offbeat tourist attractions. Usually they are just off the freeway. We've seen some pretty interesting and fun things – check it out. These are attractions in Indiana)

Sounds like March Madness was sweet. I'll be home for it next year! :) (This girl loves basketball – with her gone I was actually the bracket winner this year!)

Love you all! Hope you have a fantastic week!
Peace and Blessin's.
Love you,
Sista Darc.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I survived transfer week!


Here I am in a new area! I love Greencastle already. It's just a branch out here, but the members are awesome. They are good to us and are doing solid missionary work. DePauw (University) is also in Greencastle, so we'll get to work on campus a lot, so I'm pretty excited about that. It was spring break this past week, so most students were gone. But this week we should be able to get on campus more. I think it's going to be a sweet area. I'm pretty excited. Especially since the Plainfield missionaries are in our district, which is SISTER H!(her MTC companion) Super sweet. Plus they're teaching some of the people Sister O'B (her trainer and first companion) and I found so that's pretty fun. I'm excited. Hopefully some of them will get baptized so I can go.
Well...I successfully forgot my planner at home... so you won't get as many details...I have forgotten it more than once already this week...this new area thing is throwing me off I guess..
So Monday, was the last P-Day with my dear Sister W. We got to say bye to Elder J and went shopping and got haircuts and got to see some members and such before I headed off. It was a good day. It was pretty funny because Sister W was having a harder time with me having to say bye to members than for me to say bye. She was pretty nervous about a new companion too. She'll do great though, so it's all good.
Tuesday, we taught a lot of people..I can't remember who...haha but we did see a lot and say goodbye to a lot of people...went to sports night for the last time...and I think that's it...
Wednesday, we went to transfers in Fishers. It was a long day (just like transfers always are) but it was fun to see everyone and I got my new companion, Sister T. She was actually companions with Sister H! She's from Mesa and has been here for 3 months and has been out 6 months.
Oh and P.S. We have a Chevy Cruze now so and I decided you should get one. (I have always told her that I wanted a Cruze) They drive so nice. I'm answering your question finally, just like 7 months late haha :)
Thursday, we just met members and organized and went finding. We found a solid new investigator who just needs guidance. I'm stoked. I don't remember what else we did this day...
Friday, it was about the same as Thursday except we had district meeting, so that was fun. Our district leader is Elder H from West Point. He went to Syracuse High School and is actually best friends with the Greenhalgh twins who I know from AFY(Adventures for Youth – she worked one summer at BYU-I) and saw in the MTC. Crazy small world in the Mormon world I tell ya.
Saturday...basically the same. This is super lame since I don't have my planner...hmm...we did weekly planning...contacted...I don't remember what else...Oh and we watched the RS broadcast. It was so great. Didn't you all just love it? I think they're trying to tell us that we're Children of God and need to keep our covenants...yeah? :) I loved all of the 8 years and above being included. I thought it was so great.
Sunday, it was fun to meet all the members. I'm excited about this branch. We finished up weekly planning and worked and just did the usual the rest of the day.
Today, we're just doing the usual P-Day stuff. We did laundry this morning at Sister H's house (Branch President's wife) and now we're just going to go shop and clean and whatever else.
Sorry for the lame descriptions of days...There's a reason we have planners....
To answer your letter ma...

Don't even worry about the cookies. We get so many desserts. It's fine. (I'm a cheapskate and didn't buy cookies for her on transfer day!)

PLEASE HOOK ME UP WITH DAVID (Archuleta). He looks so good. haha :) (I sent her a picture of him) But seriously. Tell him to wait for me. (Like I will ever see him in person!)
Congrats to Francisco (Rebekah Rees) and Ashlyn (Johnson) ! Isn't Ashley Warburton in Toronto? That'll be sweet!
Sounds like you had fun with all of the fam! I'm sad I missed out! We'll have to do it again next year! I can't believe how big all the kids are getting...they're all going to be taller than me. And sassy. Ugh. haah :)
I love you all! A lot! And miss ya! And pray for ya!
Something cool I learned in studies this week was in the war chapters in Helaman. I love the simple promise that if we rely on God, regardless of whether we're rich or poor, he will prosper and protect us. That's what brings true happiness. That's the ONLY thing that brings true happiness.
I also loved in this month's ensign the article about that little girl Preslee that drowned. The quote in there is "It's not what happens to us that matters. It's how we react to what happens to us that really matters." (that wasn't accurate...but you get the idea...)

-Sista Darc

With Sister H's Dog Chewy. I'll miss that dog.