Monday, March 24, 2014

Transfer Time!

I can't sing about "There's a place called Kokomo..." anymore. Sad day. But I'm headed to Greencastle, which touches Plainfield, so that's pretty exciting! I'm pretty stoked! President once again ruined the secret and told me where I was going haha :) So next week that's where I'll be!

This week was great. Just a solid week all around.

Something cool I learned (I need to be better at this...) is the three doctrines that the First Vision established for sure:

1. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are two separate beings.
2. God speaks to His children.
3. The Church of Jesus Christ was not on the earth and it had to be restored.

Pretty sweet. "Jesus the Christ" is the best! Someday, I'll read the whole thing.

So for this week:

Monday was just a normal ol' preparation day. We got dominos, played pool, washed the car, grocery shopped, celebrated Elder J's last P-Day, so that was fun! It was a good day! Then we had a lesson with T then had dinner with the S's. It's always an exciting day at the S's! They are a fun, crazy family. I love it.

Tuesday was interesting....we had a ton of things set up but it was one of those days  that everything just fell through (it's pretty funny that it usually is Tuesday when that happens...) but it turned out to be a good day! We were supposed to go to a lesson with Sister D but they didn't show and none of the back-ups were home either, so she took us to Wendy's to eat. Then we taught C (investigator with baptismal date...) with J. That went well. J is just a hoot and did so well in the lesson helping C with all the logistics of baptism. Then we went to lunch at Chili's with Sister J, then we stopped by a few other people, then Sister H cooked us breakfast for dinner and we taught her then we went to sports night. So a pretty eventful day for everything falling through! Back-up plans are the best! :)

Wednesday, we had district meeting in the morning and had a birthday party for Elder J. He's legal now. And I'm 16 days older and won't let him live it down. :) It was fun. I made a cake for him (the usual yellow with chocolate frosting...the specialty.) Then we went to Steak-n-Shake for lunch. Then we went out contacting...nothing too out of the ordinary...met some sweet people...then we had dinner with Sister D then went to help Janet with some decorations for the RS Birthday dinner for Thursday.

Thursday, we taught H (one of our investigators) in the morning. She is so super sweet. I'm excited for her to come try out church. She's just so ready to have the truth! God really is preparing people to receive the gospel! Then we taught the Tuckers, had lunch, and did weekly planning. We stopped by to see the D family and then headed to the Relief Society Birthday Dinner to help decorate. We had soup and salad and dessert. It was a fun night! C came too, so that was awesome! And Sister B came too, so that was sweet. All in all, just a great activity! Relief society is great! :)

Friday, we had correlation in the morning, taught C, hopped on the bus and went to the library to do service, and rode the bus back. Then we went to teach F and C, do some studyin', and go to the P's for dinner. Their little boy is seriously cute. I'm going to miss them. They are from the Philippines and are just adorable.

Saturday, we went country road tracting! It was so fun!  We were out contacting some Amish referrals Sister H had given us. We taught a Mennonite and got a solid potential. It was so great because these people had never had missionaries knock on their door before. It was awesome. We want to do it more often. We followed up with a few members on family mission plans, had dinner at Mike's pizza with two couples from the ward, then did some contacting and taught a part-member family who is trying to get their daughter on track to be baptized, so that is sweet! Solid day.

Yesterday, we had Ward Council then church. T and C were there, so that was exciting. The ward is fellow-shipping them well and I think they enjoyed it a lot, so they are still coming! :) Then we came home and studied and then went to the D's for lunch/dinner and made a family mission plan with them. We had a few people we needed to follow up with and then finished up our studies, got transfer calls, planned, and that about sums up the day and week!

Hopefully you're all working on your missionary efforts. Pray for missionary opportunities every day. Put your faith in Heavenly Father that you can go a little outside your comfort zone and share the gospel! You can do it! :)

Love you all! Hopefully you have a fantastic week! I forgot your hopefully you didn't have any questions that really needed to be answered....

Peace and Blessin's. Spread the word.
-Sista Christensen

Playing on P-Day last week with J.

Trying on the Party hats during planning.

Me & Elder J & his cake.

I had lots this week...

Elder H, Elder C, & us at the birthday party. We're so cool.

Our district picture. Don't ask questions. haha.

Package from Sister Oldham!

County road tracting!

 With the D girls. I'm going to miss this crew.

Pretty hilarious picture of me and R.


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