Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm wearing flats again!


That's right. My ankles have finally seen the sun once again! It's like 50 degrees outside today. It's pretty great. And daylight savings made it light until 8ish, so that means we can go contacting when people are actually home...HAPPY DAY! :) So stoked.

This week was crazy crazy! We were only in our area for like 2 days. So it was insane. But here goes nothin'!

So Monday, P-Day...Birthday...it was great! We went to Applebee's and then the R's made me a Sugar Cream Pie and J made me brownies and then we went to the P's /M's and they made me a cheesecake pie. It was pretty sweet. It was a good birthday! That night, we drove to Lafayette for exchanges and stayed the night there.

Tuesday, we were both on Purdue campus. It was pretty sweet! I miss the college atmosphere! It's weird that everyone is my age too that we talk to, so that's different, but definitely fun and you're able to relate. I was able to promise a lot of people that if they took time for God, they would be more successful and better able to survive school. Pretty sweet. We found a new investigator, taught a recent convert, taught a girl who is getting baptized on the 29th, ate with two members in one of the cafeterias (I ate some fish called pangasius...it was strange haha). It was a fun day! I definitely love campus! Go Boilermakers! (You better be wearing your hat Dad! I wanted the one that said Boiler Up, Hammer Down, but it looked like a women's hat haha).

Wednesday, we had Specialized Training for trainers and trainees in Fishers. It was SO GOOD. I got to see Sister O'B and Sister R and Sister H. It was super fun and was just the training we needed (I think I always say that...but for real I mean it!). I loved it! That night, it was snowing, so we ate with some members then just finished up our studies.

Thursday, we had weekly planning in the morning, painted for a member who is moving, ate with J, taught Sister H, then taught another member that night.

Friday, we had Zone Training in Lafayette from 11-2 then we had car inspections so all the rest of us had a snowball fight while the cars were being checked. It was epic. I was exhausted after haha. Then we went to a Chinese buffet for lunch (that was a fiasco in itself...darn elders. haha) and then we came back, went contacting, had dinner, went and taught Frank and Cathy and that was about it I think....

Saturday was a super good day! I loved it. We had correlation in the morning then we had a lesson with an investigator we had just found at our apartment complex then we went and followed up with a few people and got 2 more new investigators, taught the Tuckers, did some more contacting, then went to T M's for a dinner with his friends. He fed us cow stomach soup. You know, I don't think the cow stomach would have tasted so bad if it didn't smell so bad. Holy nasty. But Elder C wouldn't try it if I didn't try it, so I had to eat some. The texture wasn't bad, just the smell. Ick. We also had normal food, so that's good :) Then we had a discussion after about the gospel and about what missionaries do. It was pretty sweet. They all just had random questions and we were able to hopefully answer their questions. They committed to letting the Mormons in when we knock, so that's good :) Then we followed up with a member that night after that.

Sunday, we had Ward Council and then church. No luck with getting investigators there, but hopefully next week. We've gotta get someone progressing this week! I have faith :) We finally found new investigators, so that should help :) I love missionary work, even if it is frustrating! After church, we had a meeting then we studied and went and visited a few people, had dinner with the P's and finished up our studies! Time is just flying by! I swear we don't have time to accomplish all the things we need to! It's crazy!

And here we are on Monday again. Week 5 of the transfer. CRAZY! Where in the world is time going!?!?!?

I have a commitment for ya'll this week. It's from Elder Christensen's book. (If you haven't read it YET even though I've told you a million times, read it and do it! Please! :) ) It's called the Principle of Desperation. I want you all to set a date in the next few months that you'll find someone for the missionaries to teach. Set it out of faith and then put your trust in God that he'll provide a way for you to accomplish it (1 Nephi 3:7). Don't make excuses. Be desperate to find someone. Make sure God can trust you to invite ANYONE He puts in your path. The busier you are, the more faith you'll just have to put in God that he'll help you to accomplish this. Missionary work is a commandment and is part of your baptismal covenant (stand as a witness, take His name upon you). Will you all do this? K thanks. It's something I'm working on to. We just need more faith and courage to open our mouth. Why should we be scared to share something we love? Even if they say no, so what? YOU SUCCEED WHEN YOU INVITE. There's my commitment. I wouldn't be a good missionary if I didn't leave you with one! :)

I think that's about it for this week. I can't believe it's the 10th already. Man alive.

Keep it real! Be righteous!


Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Christensen


With my presents the other missionaries got me

With J on my Birthday (she made me brownies and got me cookie butter!)


Sister O'B and her posterity!
 (She has 3 trainees then all of us have our trainees now.)

With Sister V on exchanges

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