Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy St. Patty's Day!

This week was BOMB. I loved it.

First though, I'm going to answer your letters because I haven't for a couple weeks :)

I loved your pictures from Momma's conference. I'm glad you got to meet Mark Childs! Did he sing the "Road less traveled" song? He wrote that for our mission! It's on the Christmas CD he made for us. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. I'm only super jealous you saw Elder Ballard. He's the best.

Tell Jeff hello for me! I can't believe he's home already! (Jeff Chadwick just returned from serving in the Farmington New Mexico Mission)

I loved your thoughts about forgiveness. We're only hurting ourselves when we don't forgive. I love that Mormon Message. I've talked about it in a few lessons.

I'm jealous of the cheesecake. I bet it was fantastic. It's okay. Birthdays just come and go, so it's all good :) You took care of me from 1500 miles away! :) (Darcie and I used to order a cheesecake from Juniors in New York City to share for our birthdays each year. Chuck has been able to replicate a very similar version. He has become an excellent cheesecake maker!)

Congrats to Jeff on the weddin'! Good for him. Is he still in Treetown? (My nephew Jeff has recently married Annette Christensen. We wish them the best!)

Yeah if Donna is out here and wants to take me and my comp. out in May, just give President a call and then he'll let me know! (My friend Donna has a daughter living in Indiana. Hopefully when she visits Darcie will be near where her daughter lives)

I was thinking it was strange that the McCammons didn't send me a card. Tell them to send it now and we'l just celebrate late! :) Was the zip code or something wrong? (Tammie sent her something for Christmas but it was just returned to Tammie last week!)

Sounds like March Maddness is heatin' up. Who's #1 this year? Who's going dancing? Anyone from Utah? (Cant take the love of sports out of this kid!)

Alright. I think that's it. Now for this sickkkkk week we had. Things are happenin' in Koko! Just in time for transfers...bummer. haha :) But it's awesome.

So Monday was just a norm p-day. We played some pool, shopped, did the usual. We had dinner with the P's that night and had egg rolls again (seriously...they're the best) and pizza their son's 10 month birthday. They love birthdays. It's the greatest. Then we taught the M's while picking up laundry.

Tuesday, we went and saw a less-active sister in the morning then that afternoon we went and taught our new investigator and gave her a baptismal date of April 26th! I'm so stoked! She just needs happiness in life and the gospel is the one sure place you can find it! Love it! She's awesome. That afternoon, we rode the bus and went up to do service at the library (we meet the coolest people on the bus. They all want to talk to us. We get the whole bus going.) then went to the Hines for dinner. After that, we went to sports night and we won in chair soccer! But I got pretty torn up and bruised. haha :)

Wednesday, it was snowing so we were going to have district meeting but the Frankfort Elders couldn't get here so we did weekly planning then went out visiting people with Sister H. She's just the cutest. Then we went to the T's and taught them and then made crepes at their house for dinner because Sister T had never had crepes. They are SUPER good with Cookie Butter P.S. :) That night, we went to mutual and ate pancakes with the YW and talked about personal progress. I love the Young Women. They're the best. Then we taught a less-active couple after mutual.

Thursday, we had District Meeting in Frankfort in the morning then went to lunch then we came back and went a' contacting! It was great! I love talking to people...weirdly. Who woulda thought I would love talking to strangers about the gospel?! :) It's so great. And Sister W is loving it too. Don't worry, I taught her well :) She's pretty nervous about transfers and getting a new companion. I think she'll be fine. :) That night, we taught Sister H, went out for frozen yogurt with the Isaacs and then the D's fed us and we finished up studies.

Friday, we had a bus and talk with everyone day! It was so great! We rode up and saw Sister B then rode the bus and PC's around town and found some solid potentials! Super sweet! Then we had taco night at the G's. Sister G makes the best nachos and tacos. Then we went and had pie and taught F and C! They are so funny! We celebrated my birthday late.

Saturday, Sister W and I both had a cold...yuck. But we helped a lady move, taught our investigator with a baptismal date again, taught another investigator, got a bunch of appointments for next week, had dinner at Rally's courtesy of Sister H, and then studied. Awesome day, but bummer we were sick.

Yesterday, we had PEC and church...that was pretty much the norm... then we went and visited members since it was freezing and we both didn't feel great haha :) The H's fed us dinner and we had Tofu tacos and Chocolate Avocado Pudding bars...they were so good. I'll send you the recipe when she gives it to me. Surprisingly, tofu wasn't too bad. Then we studied last night since we didn't have time earlier.

And that's about it. We're celebrating Elder J's last P-Day today and getting Dominos courtesy of you and Heather haha. It should be a good day!

And that's about it. I guess it maybe didn't sound like too exciting of a week, but it was so great! Miracles are happenin' in Kokomo I tell ya!

Did you all set a date yet to find someone for the missionaries to teach? Get on it if you haven't! :) Let me know if you have! I wanna hear about it!

Love you all! Have a fantastic week! Be good and spread the word! :)

-Sista Darc

Me and Sister W in our matching Koko shirts!

I love this lady! Happy Birthday to me! :)

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