Monday, March 24, 2014

Transfer Time!

I can't sing about "There's a place called Kokomo..." anymore. Sad day. But I'm headed to Greencastle, which touches Plainfield, so that's pretty exciting! I'm pretty stoked! President once again ruined the secret and told me where I was going haha :) So next week that's where I'll be!

This week was great. Just a solid week all around.

Something cool I learned (I need to be better at this...) is the three doctrines that the First Vision established for sure:

1. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are two separate beings.
2. God speaks to His children.
3. The Church of Jesus Christ was not on the earth and it had to be restored.

Pretty sweet. "Jesus the Christ" is the best! Someday, I'll read the whole thing.

So for this week:

Monday was just a normal ol' preparation day. We got dominos, played pool, washed the car, grocery shopped, celebrated Elder J's last P-Day, so that was fun! It was a good day! Then we had a lesson with T then had dinner with the S's. It's always an exciting day at the S's! They are a fun, crazy family. I love it.

Tuesday was interesting....we had a ton of things set up but it was one of those days  that everything just fell through (it's pretty funny that it usually is Tuesday when that happens...) but it turned out to be a good day! We were supposed to go to a lesson with Sister D but they didn't show and none of the back-ups were home either, so she took us to Wendy's to eat. Then we taught C (investigator with baptismal date...) with J. That went well. J is just a hoot and did so well in the lesson helping C with all the logistics of baptism. Then we went to lunch at Chili's with Sister J, then we stopped by a few other people, then Sister H cooked us breakfast for dinner and we taught her then we went to sports night. So a pretty eventful day for everything falling through! Back-up plans are the best! :)

Wednesday, we had district meeting in the morning and had a birthday party for Elder J. He's legal now. And I'm 16 days older and won't let him live it down. :) It was fun. I made a cake for him (the usual yellow with chocolate frosting...the specialty.) Then we went to Steak-n-Shake for lunch. Then we went out contacting...nothing too out of the ordinary...met some sweet people...then we had dinner with Sister D then went to help Janet with some decorations for the RS Birthday dinner for Thursday.

Thursday, we taught H (one of our investigators) in the morning. She is so super sweet. I'm excited for her to come try out church. She's just so ready to have the truth! God really is preparing people to receive the gospel! Then we taught the Tuckers, had lunch, and did weekly planning. We stopped by to see the D family and then headed to the Relief Society Birthday Dinner to help decorate. We had soup and salad and dessert. It was a fun night! C came too, so that was awesome! And Sister B came too, so that was sweet. All in all, just a great activity! Relief society is great! :)

Friday, we had correlation in the morning, taught C, hopped on the bus and went to the library to do service, and rode the bus back. Then we went to teach F and C, do some studyin', and go to the P's for dinner. Their little boy is seriously cute. I'm going to miss them. They are from the Philippines and are just adorable.

Saturday, we went country road tracting! It was so fun!  We were out contacting some Amish referrals Sister H had given us. We taught a Mennonite and got a solid potential. It was so great because these people had never had missionaries knock on their door before. It was awesome. We want to do it more often. We followed up with a few members on family mission plans, had dinner at Mike's pizza with two couples from the ward, then did some contacting and taught a part-member family who is trying to get their daughter on track to be baptized, so that is sweet! Solid day.

Yesterday, we had Ward Council then church. T and C were there, so that was exciting. The ward is fellow-shipping them well and I think they enjoyed it a lot, so they are still coming! :) Then we came home and studied and then went to the D's for lunch/dinner and made a family mission plan with them. We had a few people we needed to follow up with and then finished up our studies, got transfer calls, planned, and that about sums up the day and week!

Hopefully you're all working on your missionary efforts. Pray for missionary opportunities every day. Put your faith in Heavenly Father that you can go a little outside your comfort zone and share the gospel! You can do it! :)

Love you all! Hopefully you have a fantastic week! I forgot your hopefully you didn't have any questions that really needed to be answered....

Peace and Blessin's. Spread the word.
-Sista Christensen

Playing on P-Day last week with J.

Trying on the Party hats during planning.

Me & Elder J & his cake.

I had lots this week...

Elder H, Elder C, & us at the birthday party. We're so cool.

Our district picture. Don't ask questions. haha.

Package from Sister Oldham!

County road tracting!

 With the D girls. I'm going to miss this crew.

Pretty hilarious picture of me and R.


Happy St. Patty's Day!

This week was BOMB. I loved it.

First though, I'm going to answer your letters because I haven't for a couple weeks :)

I loved your pictures from Momma's conference. I'm glad you got to meet Mark Childs! Did he sing the "Road less traveled" song? He wrote that for our mission! It's on the Christmas CD he made for us. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. I'm only super jealous you saw Elder Ballard. He's the best.

Tell Jeff hello for me! I can't believe he's home already! (Jeff Chadwick just returned from serving in the Farmington New Mexico Mission)

I loved your thoughts about forgiveness. We're only hurting ourselves when we don't forgive. I love that Mormon Message. I've talked about it in a few lessons.

I'm jealous of the cheesecake. I bet it was fantastic. It's okay. Birthdays just come and go, so it's all good :) You took care of me from 1500 miles away! :) (Darcie and I used to order a cheesecake from Juniors in New York City to share for our birthdays each year. Chuck has been able to replicate a very similar version. He has become an excellent cheesecake maker!)

Congrats to Jeff on the weddin'! Good for him. Is he still in Treetown? (My nephew Jeff has recently married Annette Christensen. We wish them the best!)

Yeah if Donna is out here and wants to take me and my comp. out in May, just give President a call and then he'll let me know! (My friend Donna has a daughter living in Indiana. Hopefully when she visits Darcie will be near where her daughter lives)

I was thinking it was strange that the McCammons didn't send me a card. Tell them to send it now and we'l just celebrate late! :) Was the zip code or something wrong? (Tammie sent her something for Christmas but it was just returned to Tammie last week!)

Sounds like March Maddness is heatin' up. Who's #1 this year? Who's going dancing? Anyone from Utah? (Cant take the love of sports out of this kid!)

Alright. I think that's it. Now for this sickkkkk week we had. Things are happenin' in Koko! Just in time for transfers...bummer. haha :) But it's awesome.

So Monday was just a norm p-day. We played some pool, shopped, did the usual. We had dinner with the P's that night and had egg rolls again (seriously...they're the best) and pizza their son's 10 month birthday. They love birthdays. It's the greatest. Then we taught the M's while picking up laundry.

Tuesday, we went and saw a less-active sister in the morning then that afternoon we went and taught our new investigator and gave her a baptismal date of April 26th! I'm so stoked! She just needs happiness in life and the gospel is the one sure place you can find it! Love it! She's awesome. That afternoon, we rode the bus and went up to do service at the library (we meet the coolest people on the bus. They all want to talk to us. We get the whole bus going.) then went to the Hines for dinner. After that, we went to sports night and we won in chair soccer! But I got pretty torn up and bruised. haha :)

Wednesday, it was snowing so we were going to have district meeting but the Frankfort Elders couldn't get here so we did weekly planning then went out visiting people with Sister H. She's just the cutest. Then we went to the T's and taught them and then made crepes at their house for dinner because Sister T had never had crepes. They are SUPER good with Cookie Butter P.S. :) That night, we went to mutual and ate pancakes with the YW and talked about personal progress. I love the Young Women. They're the best. Then we taught a less-active couple after mutual.

Thursday, we had District Meeting in Frankfort in the morning then went to lunch then we came back and went a' contacting! It was great! I love talking to people...weirdly. Who woulda thought I would love talking to strangers about the gospel?! :) It's so great. And Sister W is loving it too. Don't worry, I taught her well :) She's pretty nervous about transfers and getting a new companion. I think she'll be fine. :) That night, we taught Sister H, went out for frozen yogurt with the Isaacs and then the D's fed us and we finished up studies.

Friday, we had a bus and talk with everyone day! It was so great! We rode up and saw Sister B then rode the bus and PC's around town and found some solid potentials! Super sweet! Then we had taco night at the G's. Sister G makes the best nachos and tacos. Then we went and had pie and taught F and C! They are so funny! We celebrated my birthday late.

Saturday, Sister W and I both had a cold...yuck. But we helped a lady move, taught our investigator with a baptismal date again, taught another investigator, got a bunch of appointments for next week, had dinner at Rally's courtesy of Sister H, and then studied. Awesome day, but bummer we were sick.

Yesterday, we had PEC and church...that was pretty much the norm... then we went and visited members since it was freezing and we both didn't feel great haha :) The H's fed us dinner and we had Tofu tacos and Chocolate Avocado Pudding bars...they were so good. I'll send you the recipe when she gives it to me. Surprisingly, tofu wasn't too bad. Then we studied last night since we didn't have time earlier.

And that's about it. We're celebrating Elder J's last P-Day today and getting Dominos courtesy of you and Heather haha. It should be a good day!

And that's about it. I guess it maybe didn't sound like too exciting of a week, but it was so great! Miracles are happenin' in Kokomo I tell ya!

Did you all set a date yet to find someone for the missionaries to teach? Get on it if you haven't! :) Let me know if you have! I wanna hear about it!

Love you all! Have a fantastic week! Be good and spread the word! :)

-Sista Darc

Me and Sister W in our matching Koko shirts!

I love this lady! Happy Birthday to me! :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I'm wearing flats again!


That's right. My ankles have finally seen the sun once again! It's like 50 degrees outside today. It's pretty great. And daylight savings made it light until 8ish, so that means we can go contacting when people are actually home...HAPPY DAY! :) So stoked.

This week was crazy crazy! We were only in our area for like 2 days. So it was insane. But here goes nothin'!

So Monday, was great! We went to Applebee's and then the R's made me a Sugar Cream Pie and J made me brownies and then we went to the P's /M's and they made me a cheesecake pie. It was pretty sweet. It was a good birthday! That night, we drove to Lafayette for exchanges and stayed the night there.

Tuesday, we were both on Purdue campus. It was pretty sweet! I miss the college atmosphere! It's weird that everyone is my age too that we talk to, so that's different, but definitely fun and you're able to relate. I was able to promise a lot of people that if they took time for God, they would be more successful and better able to survive school. Pretty sweet. We found a new investigator, taught a recent convert, taught a girl who is getting baptized on the 29th, ate with two members in one of the cafeterias (I ate some fish called was strange haha). It was a fun day! I definitely love campus! Go Boilermakers! (You better be wearing your hat Dad! I wanted the one that said Boiler Up, Hammer Down, but it looked like a women's hat haha).

Wednesday, we had Specialized Training for trainers and trainees in Fishers. It was SO GOOD. I got to see Sister O'B and Sister R and Sister H. It was super fun and was just the training we needed (I think I always say that...but for real I mean it!). I loved it! That night, it was snowing, so we ate with some members then just finished up our studies.

Thursday, we had weekly planning in the morning, painted for a member who is moving, ate with J, taught Sister H, then taught another member that night.

Friday, we had Zone Training in Lafayette from 11-2 then we had car inspections so all the rest of us had a snowball fight while the cars were being checked. It was epic. I was exhausted after haha. Then we went to a Chinese buffet for lunch (that was a fiasco in itself...darn elders. haha) and then we came back, went contacting, had dinner, went and taught Frank and Cathy and that was about it I think....

Saturday was a super good day! I loved it. We had correlation in the morning then we had a lesson with an investigator we had just found at our apartment complex then we went and followed up with a few people and got 2 more new investigators, taught the Tuckers, did some more contacting, then went to T M's for a dinner with his friends. He fed us cow stomach soup. You know, I don't think the cow stomach would have tasted so bad if it didn't smell so bad. Holy nasty. But Elder C wouldn't try it if I didn't try it, so I had to eat some. The texture wasn't bad, just the smell. Ick. We also had normal food, so that's good :) Then we had a discussion after about the gospel and about what missionaries do. It was pretty sweet. They all just had random questions and we were able to hopefully answer their questions. They committed to letting the Mormons in when we knock, so that's good :) Then we followed up with a member that night after that.

Sunday, we had Ward Council and then church. No luck with getting investigators there, but hopefully next week. We've gotta get someone progressing this week! I have faith :) We finally found new investigators, so that should help :) I love missionary work, even if it is frustrating! After church, we had a meeting then we studied and went and visited a few people, had dinner with the P's and finished up our studies! Time is just flying by! I swear we don't have time to accomplish all the things we need to! It's crazy!

And here we are on Monday again. Week 5 of the transfer. CRAZY! Where in the world is time going!?!?!?

I have a commitment for ya'll this week. It's from Elder Christensen's book. (If you haven't read it YET even though I've told you a million times, read it and do it! Please! :) ) It's called the Principle of Desperation. I want you all to set a date in the next few months that you'll find someone for the missionaries to teach. Set it out of faith and then put your trust in God that he'll provide a way for you to accomplish it (1 Nephi 3:7). Don't make excuses. Be desperate to find someone. Make sure God can trust you to invite ANYONE He puts in your path. The busier you are, the more faith you'll just have to put in God that he'll help you to accomplish this. Missionary work is a commandment and is part of your baptismal covenant (stand as a witness, take His name upon you). Will you all do this? K thanks. It's something I'm working on to. We just need more faith and courage to open our mouth. Why should we be scared to share something we love? Even if they say no, so what? YOU SUCCEED WHEN YOU INVITE. There's my commitment. I wouldn't be a good missionary if I didn't leave you with one! :)

I think that's about it for this week. I can't believe it's the 10th already. Man alive.

Keep it real! Be righteous!


Peace and Blessin's
-Sista Christensen


With my presents the other missionaries got me

With J on my Birthday (she made me brownies and got me cookie butter!)


Sister O'B and her posterity!
 (She has 3 trainees then all of us have our trainees now.)

With Sister V on exchanges

Monday, March 3, 2014



Watch out world. I'm legal. I guess that doesn't mean anything since I don't drink... but it's a good thought anyway. :)
Well this week again passed in a flash. Oh my goodness. Everyone keeps telling me that my mission will keep going faster and faster but I really can't imagine it going any faster than this! It's crazy!

Monday, we packed. That was pretty much like 1/2 of our p-day. Sister J also took us out to McCallisters (kind of like Panera or Paradise) then polished our shoes for us. And she got us a shoe polishing kit so she doesn't have to do it again :) She's a sweetie. She also gave us a bottle of Gazebo Greek dressing from Pennsylvania. OH MY GOOOOODNESS. It's so good. You should see if you can order a bottle to try it. She let us try a bunch of amish food from where they used to live in Pennsylvania. It was the best. That night, we ate with the L's and played Dominos again. We tried to play Elder J's version of Mexican Train...he does not even know how to do it. :) haha. It was fun though.

Tuesday, we picked up some more boxes from the Hines for moving then we went to lunch with Sister D and one of her friends who we've been stopping by (the one with the puppy named Darcie...and I told her to spell it just like my name. So it really is my puppy haha). Then we went and sang and played the piano at an Assisted Living that one of the members that lives there. It was super fun. We're going to do it more often! Then we did service at the library, dropped off a few birthday cards, did a little contacting, went to dinner at the Phipps and Muggs then we went to sports night for the ward and played a little kickball and dodgeball. Kickball turned into "kick it to Sister W cause she can't catch" haha It was pretty funny. She was havin' a rough go at catching it. :)

Wednesday, we had district meeting in Frankfort then went to lunch at Wendy's (again...I'm sick of it haha Thanks for the Jimmy John's gift card. Maybe I can convince them to go there now!) then we came back, went with a member to visit some of our investigators, went tracting, went to dinner at the D's, then we went to the M's for Sister M's birthday.

Thursday, we went and saw Sister H (she's the one in the nursing home whose husband is in the bishopric) and she is just so funny. She was telling us all sorts of stories. I loved it. Then we had to take the car in to get the tires checked, had weekly planning, then went to get ice cream with some people from McCall who had come into town and called President to see if they could take us out (tell the Cobbley's sorry...guess they could have came. Tell them to come over again! :) ) Then we had dinner with the P's that night and then we helped someone pack to move.

Friday, we woke up at 6:30 and just started packing and cleaning. At 11:30, we packed up the H's trailer and moved. They were/still are working on our apartment, but it looks good! I'll have to send you pictures next week because I forgot to take them. Plus we're not all unpacked yet. :) We had to do our check-out for the other apartment too, so by the time that was all done and we finally ate, it was time to go to a play that some members of the ward were in and they invited us to. It was hilarious. It was "The 12 daughters of Hercules". They all did so good. And it was super funny. I think they were excited we came.

Saturday, we went and helped with a service project to clean someone's house with the ward, had lunch, went with Sister D to see a couple of our investigators, studied, went to follow up with a few people, went and saw a member who has been in the hospital, had dinner with the M's for Bro. M's birthday then went to gamenight for the ward. I played some Apples to Apples (funny story...we had the green card of "dirty" and we were playing with a bunch of 12 and under people and I was the judge and Sister Wilkinson put down "Richard Nixon" and I laughed so hard but all these kids didn't even know who it was...pretty funny. Maybe I am getting old. One of them also didn't know who Dolly Parton was...) and Skip-Bo. It was great.

Yesterday, we were grounded so we rode with the D's to church, had awesome meetings like usual (a lot about prayer and the fact that we can all get answers regardless of our circumstances), went to choir practice with Sister D so we could get a ride home, went to teach the S's, went to teach the Tuckers (she gave me a game of farkle for my birthday...have you played that game?) and then taught Sister H. And that about wraps up Sunday!

And now it's Monday. And I made us crepes this morning (with Nutella on them that Bro. D got us as a housewarming gift and cookie butter, which was amazing)  and then studied then opened presents and now here we are! We're planning on going to lunch (possibly Applebee's....only if they'll sing and give me free dessert) and then do the usual p-day stuff...ya know... that's about it I think! Then we have to drive to Lafayette tonight to go on exchanges tomorrow. We're blitzing Purdue. I'm stoked!

Well, thanks so much everyone for the Birthday Love! I love ya'll. A lot. And miss ya. A lot. But I could be serving no one better than the Lord, so you'll just have to wait a year to see me! :)

Peace and blessin's.
-Sista Christensen

My Aggie cookies courtesy of Zach and La. They were fantastic.

I was so excited about my book! And yes grandma, I still can't smile normal for a picture! haha.

Just awkward pictures all over the place...I'm just too cool. Sister W was dying at all my faces.

My lazy eye and smile and for some reason I have to put my head up when I am sending you pictures of my scarf hahahaha Some day, maybe I'll be able to take a normal haha :)