Tuesday, February 11, 2014



I hope ya'll know how much I love ya!

And I hit my 6 month mark on Valentine's day. It's flown by far too fast. Wooaaaah. Crazy.

So this week was just fast. And super solid. It was so great. It seems like Monday was yesterday.

So on Monday, we did our P-Day stuff then went and played pool at the Elder's apartment complex. J came and chatted with us too. It was fun. And chill. Then we had dinner with the S's that night and then met with another member family after that. Nothin' too out of the ordinary!

Tuesday, we were going to an appointment with Sister D but the people we were going to had pneumonia so we ended up going to see one of Sister Ds' friend. It was so sweet! I love when the members share the gospel with their friends! It's so much more successful, cause let's be honest...not many people listen to random people knocking on their doors :) We then tried another one of our investigators after that with the R's but he was a no-show.  Then we went and did service at the library, went and saw a few people, then it started snowing so we got grounded and headed back to the apartment because it was dark so we just did stuff around the apartment and called people and I made brownies for Zone Meeting (I'm converting the mission to my brownies one zone meeting at a time :) ) (Darcie could always make delicious brownies)

Wednesday was awesome. We were grounded again so we hopped on the bus and rode it up to go get some maps from the Chamber of Commerce. We ended up finding a new investigator on the bus (he even started the conversation with us) and then we were getting off the bus and heading up the road and this guy called to us from across the parking lot and asked us if we went to church and so we told him we did, taught him a little bit, and he came to church with us yesterday! So sweet! Miracles happen my friends! :) Then we met a Mennonite guy on the bus ride home who said he was moving to Colorado to sell Marijuana because the government is paying a lot for it right now. Pretty funny. Oh the people you meet on the bus. I love it.  Then we went and followed up with some people that night and just did some contacting!

Thursday, Sister W wasn't feeling too swell so she tried to sleep it off, then we had weekly planning, then we went to see Sister H, our investigator M before he leaves for Florida, and picked up pizza with my giftcard from Dominos (Thanks for dinner!). (Christmas gift) Then we went to our Relief Society activity. Brother B gave the presentation about the psychology with the Word of Wisdom. It was pretty sweet. And Brother B is just funny. So it was great. They had a really good turn out.

Friday, we headed off to Lafayette to go to Zone Training. It was great. They're always awesome. They all loved the brownies too. haha :) Then we had lunch at Jimmy John's (this one was pretty fast...not quite as fast as St. Geezy's (the Jimmy John's in St. George is really fast) but still pretty good) then we came back, studied, had dinner with the B's, took a less-active a birthday card, and went to a part-member family's house. They're so awesome. Their kids are like angels. They don't fight. Like legitimately. EVER. It's so crazy. The little girl said a prayer when we left and said thank you for sending these lovely ladies and that she didn't like tornados or bandits or fire so to please keep them away. SO CUTE. Then we finished up study that night and wrapped up the day!

Saturday, we taught the T's in the morning, went contacting in the afternoon but not many people were home for some reason, had a lesson with our investigator we found on the bus that afternoon, had dinner with the S's (part-member family...I think I talked about them before) and had Chili with elbow macaroni in it (Weird right? But pretty good!) Then we visited F that night. He's still in the rehab center from his stroke so we went to check on him.

Sunday was great. We went to Ward Council then went with the H's to pick up the guy from the bus stop for church. He enjoyed it. We should be teaching him this week and hopefully he'll come to church again. He's from Queens. He's awesome. Then after church, we had lunch then studied then we went out to visit people...nothing too crazy. Then we had dinner with the H's, went to visit C since she's been bored without Frank and ended up teaching her friends that were there and played a round of trouble with them. Then we finished up studies and called it a night. Oh and we got our "You're Staying" transfer text. Relief. :) (Her and Sister W are companions for another 6 weeks)

And today, it's P-Day once again. This week was just crazy cause it went so fast and nothing too crazy happened but it was just good. I love being a missionary! :)

I love you all! Have a fantastic week and a fantastic Valentine's Day! Share the love of Jesus Christ with all your friends. It's the best kind you can share! TPLoC! (The Pure Love of Christ).

Love you!
Peace and Blessin's!
Sista Christensen

 Get on Facebook and go to R C and tell him I found him in the Ensign! It was crazy! And tell him to email me!
(Darcie worked with R at AFY – He is on the left)

District Pictures. Me, Sister W, Elder H, Elder C, Elder C, and Elder J (in the Wheelchair.) We are all staying here for another transfer in the same district! It's going to be sweet! :)

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